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  1. 1. Benefits Of Cloud Technology ComputingWith reports of remarkable growth (and glowing revenue forecasts), cloud computing seems to havetaken a firm hold of the industry. There is now a steady stream of migration from the old server hostmodels to this new paradigm in Internet and online business.Among organizations, there seems to be acompetition on how to better realize the promises of cloud computing as had been predicted. Theenterprising ones are already even developing and streamlining it to extract more innovative uses. As aresult, small businesses and startups in particular are able to deliver speed and agility, streamlineoperations, as well as improve other areas like customer engagement, etc. And to think that these arejust the initial benefits of the new business model.The most obvious benefit, of course, is reduction ofcosts. Businesses save time at set-up because cloud computing becomes functionally faster than the rest,not to mention its fast recovery.Cloud Computing CompaniesOperational costs are also reduced together with the cost of setting up the system. You pay only for whatyou use, meaning the costs are directly proportional to your necessities. This lowers the needed upfrontcapital and gets the business going faster and earlier.Cloud computing lets SMEs (and larger enterprises)deliver fast initial build of key applications, and add more functionality just as fast to help drive customerengagement. Moreover, these are all enabled with the minimum of costs and very little use of ITbandwidth.The cloud has had such a big impact on the world of business due to the elimination ofhardware, physical server space and purchasing software applications to perform IT needs, and thefuture is a positive one as solutions dealing with intrinsic faults or other issues continue to result in animproved service for users.Cloud Computing ServicesSecurity is also a major selling point for businesses, now there are solutions available to make the levelof security and privacy of your cloud as effective as the standard dedicated server.These days, estimatessuggest that it is possible for SMEs to build applications about five times as fast as before. The mostattractive part is that these would run at half the costs of using traditional software platforms.In todayscontext, the best custom application development platforms enable developers to adapt applications tothe specific needs of their organizations. These needs sweep across several business functions fromemail marketing to financial services to customers and more.The focus, therefore, is the use of opensystems (as opposed to proprietary ones) in developing application platforms. The open system enablesthe developers to be productive in languages they are familiar with, including skill sets widely-used inthe industry like Java and Ruby.Cloud Computing BenefitsWith cloud computing, you do not need to have a team to handle system updates and back-ups everynow and then. Automation takes care of these intricate tasks. It is actually the biggest attraction to the
  2. 2. technology. Internal resources are freed up and automation helps in this release of internal resourcesthat are needed in other high-priority work.The system can develop complete applications without thecost and the complex business of buying and maintaining on-premises infrastructures. This setup speedsup the overall processes, delivering fast responses needed for an IT business. Moreover, the initialtechnology is easy to install.Another bonus is that the implementation is remotely done.These days,cloud computing might be regarded as revolutionary. In the future, it might be considered the standardand state-of-the-art.Cloud Computing For Small BusinessToday, people are still concerned on some of its aspects, like security issues, for instance. The good thingis that the system is still being fine-tuned. Cloud computing might just be the wave of the computingfuture.Cloud computing can bring you an IT infrastructure thats quick, receptive and has the ability tochange the way you run your business by removing current working obstacles, enabling businessoperations to operate a lot more resourcefully and providing you with access to all the cloud technologywhich is the most up-to-date you can get.Most modern companies know something about cloudcomputing these days, even if they havent yet incorporated it into their business structure. Theyunderstand its a series of services that allows them to use applications and share resources over theinternet. As services improve and issues get smoothed out with experience and time, the cloud isstarting to catch the attention of home computer users as well as all kinds of businesses.


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