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1. A GLIMPSE ATVIRTUAL PRIVATESERVERS 2. A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is avirtualized server. VPS is one of different types of web hosting accounts you canchoose, to host your website. In order to have a website on the internet, you have tohave your website files on a web server. Putting up and handling a server is difficultand also expensive. Acquiring web hosting allows someone to rent space on a webserver, making it easier to host a website online because all they need to do is uploadtheir site files. 3. The working of a Virtual Private ServerIt starts with a single machineOne machine is usedto create severalVirtual servers.Each virtual serveris created for use bysingle account.Every container has itsown software.Hosting software iskept separate from allthe software runningon the VPS. 4. After selecting a VPS hosting firmThe hosting companyvirtualizes their server.You have access to yoursection only, but splitthe costs of the serverwith other clients.You will get a targetamount of bandwidth,disk space, RAM andCPU power. 5. Benefits of VPS hosting Split physical server into several virtual servers without having to buyextra hardware. Offers the advantages of a dedicated server at low cost. Allows installing of a wide range of server software. Guaranteed resources which you will not get with shared hosting. VPS are upgradeable. 6. VPS offers to levels of supportUn-Managed Fully ManagedIn un-managed support, thehosting company is responsiblefor the hardware and networksupport and the virtualizationenvironment, but the client willbe responsible for installing,configuring and upgrading theoperating system and thesoftware.Hosting company manages allhardware, network, virtualizationsoftware, operating system andcontrol panel software issues. Theclient is only responsible forinstalling the software they want. 7. Things to consider while choosing a VPS solution Are you upgrading from shared hosting? Will the dealer provide the proper relocation tools? How fast do you need the VPS solution? How expandable is the VPS solution? What if you want to add more than one hosting server? Does the host allow you to easily upgrade from VPS to dedicatedserver when you need more power? 8. is a foremost supplier inVPS hosting. provides dependable service at a remarkably good price. Theyare always updated with the latest operating system. 24/7 technical support is alsoavailable at Virpus.