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  • Benefits

    Automate Business Processes

    Utilize one platform with one development environment to easily assemble contextual workflows connected to a single system of record.

    Connect Your Enterprise

    Leverage the value of all your enterprise-wide systems and data by integrating process workflows people to people, people to system, or system to system.

    Provide Modern Experiences Users Love

    Provide all users with one familiar and engaging way to use applications on any device with a consumer-grade experience that drives productivity.

    Accelerate Your Application Development

    Safely scale out app development beyond IT with development-ready tools, templates, scripts and integrations to simplify the development, testing, and delivery of applications.

    Increase ROI with Every New App You Deliver

    Use and reuse universal components, platform services, APIs, integrations, and mainstream Web technologies to deliver incremental value with each new application you develop.

    Accelerate Time to Value

    Enable your people to create meaningful applications to route work throughout the enterprise with a subscription-based, multi-instance, cloud Platform that provides high availability, elevated security and control, as well as day-one compliance.

    ServiceNowPlatformThe IT Challenge

    Traditional application development and delivery is insufficient in meeting the demanding requirements of a business that needs to move fast. Regardless of industry or markets served, every business has a number of key business processes which are still executed manually. This results in higher business costs due to support for multiple legacy solutions and redundancies due to lack of process integration across systems, data, and people. Productivity is lost when repetitive manual processes and disconnected applications are executed with inconsistent outcomes, no reusability of resources, and users that become frustrated with legacy experiences. Reliance on IT presents additional challenges to the business as IT, for a variety of legitimate reasons, cannot respond fast enough. Business units, outside of IT, need to participate in quickly developing their own easy and cost effective applications that let the business innovate and respond to business demands on its own timetable.

    The ServiceNow Platform

    The ServiceNow Platform is a single mobile and web application development platform with simple contextual workflows that takes advantage of customizable and reusable integrations to data and other applications. The platform provides a single data source for the entire enterprise eliminating the complexity of information silos. Application-based solutions can be rapidly built on the ServiceNow Platform by delegating development to anyone in the enterprise, even outside IT, regardless of skill and experience levels. The ServiceNow Platform enables everyone to deliver a modern and engaging user experience using codeless tools to develop applications to meet the demands of todays digital businesses.

    Comprehensive Tools to Develop and Deliver Service Apps

  • Configuration Management Database (CMDB)Build and maintain a single system of record to gain actionable insight and understand the impact of changes on configuration items while accelerating resolution of incidents and problems.

    Delegated Development Enables IT to safely scale app development to nonadmin users across the enterprise, while maintaining control and governance over the platform, app resource and data access, and developer permissions.

    Automated Testing Framework Reduce application testing timeframes and eliminate risks by allowing customers to automate their own custom tests to validate functionality prior to production deployments.

    Workflow Remove bottlenecks and integrate the processes and activities between people and systems. Organizations can create end-to-end automation of previously manual or disconnected processes that drive your business.

    Platform, Data Sheet

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