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Recaps Matthew Conser, Broker with Conser Commercial's work with the Benton Habitat for Humanity to assist them in a land swap transaction. This transaction greatly improved Habitat's ability to grow and continue to achieve its mission to provide affordable housing for those in need.


  • 1. ConserCommercialA subsidiary of Conser Realty & Associates 1

2. Benton Habitatfor Humanity 2 3. Client Needs More space to house, inventory, office, and affordable housing builderoperations was a necessity for growth. 3 4. Client Needs More Enclosed and Covered Space to protect and preserve HabitatsReStore inventory from Oregons wet weather. Stay within the land-constrained City of Corvallis, OR4 5. Client Needs Existing Location was a Long-Term Liability; It had significant soilcontamination, and cleanup issues resulting from previous use as a drycleaning location and had very limited Parking for customers. 5 6. MatthewConser, CCIMSuggested andorchestrated a landSwap Agreement forBenton Habitat forHumanity.Leveraged thiseconomic cycle toHabitats advantage;Trade up to abigger/better propertybefore it sells.Solution 6 7. 1. Structure a cash-free land-swap amenable to all stakeholders.2. Complete a Prospective Purchasers Agreement with the DEQ.3. Make it happen, before the preferred property sells to anotherChallenges 7 8. 1. Kept all stakeholders engaged.2. Overcame Bank and Private Lender resistance.3. Convince the Habitat Board.4. Utilized a DEQ regulation to Habitats advantage, the P.P.A.Cash-Free Swap 8 9. 1. A PPA is the Gold standard for acquiring a previously contaminated site.2. All parties benefited, including the Oregon Dept. of Environmental Quality (DEQ).ProspectivePurchasers Agreement9 10. 1. Moved from 2.13 acres to 3.3 acres with abundant parking.2. At the corner of a State Highway with traffic signals.3. Left behind 1940s era buildings for 1980s and newer buildings.4. Increased from 12,000 sq. ft. covered area to 22,000 sq. ft. covered area.Results 10 11. Habitat will thrive and grow with more retail space. Both Swap Properties cannow be put to more productive use. Habitat can continue their mission ofproviding more affordable housing to those in need. A win-win-win deal.Benefits11