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  • 1.Location-Based Mobile Couponing:A Typology and Check List digitalmobil GmbH & Co. KG - Bayerstr. 16a - 80335 Mnchen!

2. CouponsClassical Marketing Instrumentdo on-site marketing Kick-off in Germany in 2001 after Rabattgesetz (law governing discounts) is liberalised 3. Location-Based Mobile CouponingPerception in Germany 68% of consumers interested in mobile coupons 56% of coupon novices interested (haven t used print or onlinecoupons) issuer of mobile coupons are seen as innovative (63%) consumer oriented (43%) Source: arcardo, lb-lab, respondi 4. Location-Based Mobile CouponingAdvantages for Consumers easy to handle no cutting out or printing out no storing and remembering always with you always up-to-date relevant categorised sorted according to distance from consumer s location 5. Location-Based Mobile CouponingCandidates for Mobile Couponing Campaigns retailers restaurants service sector brands 6. Location-Based Mobile CouponingAdvantages for Businesses easy to handle cheap trackable instruments for customer acquisition customer retention attracting impulse buyers 7. Location-Based Mobile CouponingMeans of Transportation SMS QR-codes plus mobile landing pages mobile advertising apps, apps, apps 8. Location-Based Mobile CouponingMethods of Redemption EAN-code QR-code number code just show coupon 9. Location-Based Mobile CouponingLocation-Based Social Media 10. Location-Based Mobile CouponingLocation-Based Social Media: Foursquare Friends Offer: Check in with x friends at the same place and time Newbie Special: Available after rst check in Mayor Offer: Available for the mayor Loyalty Special: Check in x times at venue to get it 11. Location-Based Mobile CouponingCouponing Platforms 12. Location-Based Mobile CouponingCouponing Platforms 13. Location-Based Mobile CouponingIndividual Solutions 14. Location-Based Mobile CouponingIndividual Solutions 15. Location-Based Mobile CouponingCheck-List for Businesses technological requirements at POS integration in electronic Point of Sale necessary? scanners good enough to read from smartphone displays? how secure does it have to be? how trackable does it have to be? the human factor: employees need to be aware and know whatto do offers must be available! do on-site marketing 16. Check-in: Location-based Social MediaOn-Site Marketing 17. digitalmobil: Full Service Agency for Mobile SolutionsPortfolio Strategy Concept Design Technology iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch) Android BlackBerry OS Windows Phone 7 mobile Browser 18. digitalmobil: Full Service Agency for Mobile SolutionsCustomers 19. Bernd Lindemann [email protected] +49 / (0) 89 7 41 17 -