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Take a look at the pros and cons of the 5 best shopping carts, to help you decide which one is most suitable for your business.


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2. Best 5 eCommerce Cart ReviewWith cloud computing being the new wave, smart phones and tablets have madeonline shopping extremely easy, fueling the growth of the eCommerce sector.According to Forrester Forecasts, revenue from internet-based retail sales in theUS alone is expected to reach $248.7 billion by 2014. So, its no wonder that moreand more businesses are getting their products online.During the process of setting up a website, sooner or later one is faced with thequestion of which shopping cart to use. Obviously, cost is an important aspect toconsider, but there are other equally important features such as ease of installation,design, administration, security, shopper friendly interface, customization, paymentgateways and of course, customer support.Most of the leading shopping carts are more or less on par in terms of functionality,although one many differ from the other to a small extent in terms of a particularfeature. Here is a look at the pros and cons of the 5 best shopping carts, to helpyou decide which one is most suitable for your website. TechAhead 2012 3. 1) osCommerceAn Open Source Software, osCommerce was one of the first ever shopping cartsto be introduced. Although it does not have advanced features like some of theothers, it is suitable if you have a basic shopping cart in mind and is an excellentoption as a DIY solution for minimizing start-up costs. TechAhead 2012 4. 1) osCommerceProsCons As a free shopping cart so6ware, it is If you arent a technology whiz, installing cost eec:ve. add-ons to customize the shopping cart can prove expensive as you will have to hire developers. As an open source so6ware that has It lacks a graphic template system, which been around for many years, there is a makes it dicult to modify the design of large community that contributes to its the website once it is installed. modica:ons. It can be customized. Being an Open Source So6ware, you cant rely on free 24x7 customer support like with other paid so6ware. TechAhead 2012 5. 2) MagentoAlthough it is one of the newer shopping carts, Magento has become popularbecause of the ease with which design modifications can be made. There arearguments about it being more developer-friendly than shop owner-friendlybecause it is stronger on back end features. TechAhead 2012 6. 2) Magento ProsCons The Community Edition is free. The Professional and Enterpriseeditions are expensive compared toother licensed shopping carts. The company is quick with updating Its complex coding means a lot morecode or fixing bugs.time and money needs to be spent oncustomization.It has many add-on modules that Since it is heavily layered, it runs muchmake basic customization easy.slower than other shopping carts.It is well-organized at the back-end Being relatively new, technicalwith excellent admin panels and code. documentation is limited, making itdifficult to modify programming. The Professional and Enterprise For the Community Edition, you have toeditions come with technical support. rely on community support in case youface an issue. TechAhead 2012 7. 3) CS CartThis is a standalone licensed application, which means that you have to pay for itsuse. However, it is easy to install and is packed with features that make it apopular option for a shopping cart. It comes in basic, professional and multi-vendor editions. TechAhead 2012 8. 3) CS CartProsCons Although it is a licensed applica:on, CS-Cart is As a novice, you may nd making modica:ons and aordable with prices star:ng from $295 if you buy customizing your site dicult and :me consuming as directly from the company (slightly lower if you buy you rst have to familiarize yourself with the from a reseller). The Community Edi:on is free for applica:on. 12 months. It has a host of features that makes customiza:on You will need to hire an expert to help with easy without having to deal with codes. modica:ons, which will add to your costs. During the one-year subscrip:on period, you get Due to complex architecture, the website works free updates. much slower than with simpler applica:ons. Flexible, allowing easy upgrades when the business Since it is not Open Source, the bank of expert grows, without having to rebuild the site from developers and range of add-ons are limited. scratch. Along with the one-year licence, you get free 24x7 customer support. It has an SEO add-on that helps increase your sites visibility in searches. TechAhead 2012 9. 4) Zen CartSince this application has been developed by people with experience inecommerce, it focuses on making the process easy for novices rather thandevelopers. While it uses OsCommerce as the base, it is independent of it, whichmeans contributions from OsCommerce cannot be installed on Zen Cart.However, it has a nice set of features for creating a fancy online store. TechAhead 2012 10. 4) Zen Cart ProsConsIt is cost-effective as it is free. Integration of add-ons is difficult.It comes packed with features, right It is not easy to make upgrades on theout of the box, so you dont really need website as you have to rebuild fromadd-ons.scratch.It allows easy customization. It lacks in automatic marketing toolssuch as new customer emailregistration, compared to othershopping carts. Access to a large community of Slows down when a larger number ofdevelopers. products (more than 1000) are added tothe website. More mature and stable than othercarts since it is based OsCommerce. TechAhead 2012 11. 5) VirtuemartEarlier known as PHP Shop, Virtuemart is an Open Source application that workswith Joomla! It comes with basic features, which can be extended using add-onsand modules to customize the site. TechAhead 2012 12. 5) Virtuemart Pros Cons Easy installation and simple to use. Still evolving and lacks certain readilyavailable functionalities. Provides Search Engine Optimization Dependent on Joomla for functioning.since it works with Joomla! Templates can be modified and Requirement of knowing Joomla fordeveloped easily. modifications and customization. Easy to upgrade. TechAhead 2012 13. ConclusionIt is evident that each of these shopping carts has advantages anddisadvantages. You need to decide which one is best for you depending onbudget and features that you consider most important. If you have a specificfunctionality in mind such as being able to import data from an Excel sheet, besure to verify if the shopping cart system offers it before you install it and startwork on your website. TechAhead 2012 14. Thank youReach Us: www.twi[ TechAhead 2012