best african foods for weight loss

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Best African Foods For Weight Loss

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  • Best African Foods For

    Weight Loss

  • You always find various diet plans and foods from

    around that help you lose weight. But, have you ever

    heard of any diet plans or foods related to Africa that

    actually help you lose weight and maintain a healthy


    Although underrated and pretty undiscovered, African

    foods and diet plans are extremely beneficial and

    healthy, and as an African Dietitian myself, I highly

    recommend you try these foods in your diet plan. Here

    are a few things you can try

  • PlantainThese are lesser sweet, big and yet starchy

    fruits that belong to the banana family. Just like

    bananas, plantains are amazing source of

    resistant starch, and can be eaten whether its

    ripe or unripe.

    I recommend roasting, baking or boiling, and

    pairing it with leafy green vegetable such as

    spinach and collard greens, for a fiber rich and

    filling meal.


  • SalmonSalmon is rich in monounsaturated and

    polyunsaturated fatty acids, which could help

    speed up weight loss: a recent report found that

    members who ate more MUFAs lost an

    average of 9 pounds, while the individuals who

    ate an essentially low-fat diet picked up an

    average of 6 pounds.

    Salmon is also rich in omega 3 fatty acids,

    which is helpful for reducing inflammation in the

    body and protecting against heart disease.

  • OrangeOranges are low in calories and contain a lot of

    fiber, helping you to feel full for a longer

    duration of time.

    You can try different kinds of oranges like blood

    oranges, and caracara oranges. Each variety

    is equally delicious and packed with disease

    fighting antioxidant vitamin C.

  • Chili Pepper Chili pepper contains a sort of chemical

    compound called capsaicin and that actually

    can increase your bodys ability to burn fat (as

    much as 90 extra calories following a meal).

    You can add it to many kinds of foods like;

    omelets, moimoi, jollof rice, pepper soup etc.

    The best part is that it increases the taste of the

    food and enhances flavors.