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Best practices for your SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence 7.x upgrade. Dr. Bjarne Berg. What We’ll Cover …. Why upgrade End of support New support strategy & NetWeaver New features and capabilities Creating an upgrade strategy for the future Content Vs. Technical upgrades - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • *What Well Cover Why upgrade End of supportNew support strategy & NetWeaverNew features and capabilities Creating an upgrade strategy for the futureContent Vs. Technical upgradesUpgrades with NetWeaver Planning and Executing the upgradeThe upgrade planThe business case Staffing, duration and scope Real-world examples Wrap up Bonus material: ideas for the business case

  • *Why Upgrade end of supportMany upgrades are driven by end of support for a certain release.SAP has now created a 5-1-2 maintenance system that consists of: - mainstream maintenance - extended maintenance - customer-specific maintenance #1 reason for upgrade:Because I had to!

  • *Going forward, SAP will provide five years of mainstream (standard) maintenance, with the option to extend their maintenance coverage for a period of up to three years for small premiums over the standard maintenance rate.

    Five years of mainstream maintenance at the standard maintenance fee

    One year of extended maintenance at an additional two percent maintenance fee*

    Two more years of extended maintenance at an additional four percent maintenance fee per year*. After these eight years, customer-specific maintenance begins, providing a program of support and services uniquely tailored to individual customer requirements.

    The plan covers SAP solutions based on the SAP NetWeaver platform including mySAP SCM, SRM, PLM, CRM, and industry add-ons. The 5-1-2 maintenance strategy *check with your account executive to see what your fee may be

  • *The Bigger Picture NetWeaver ??NetWeaver is a set of solution components that provides a comprehensive architecture.All components of NetWeaver can use the same operating system release, and the same database release. All components can be run within a single physical server if it is a small configuration, thereby reducing the management of many systems & databases

  • *Why Upgrade to NW BI 7.x?One of the major reasons for upgrading your BW environment is the availability of new content and features in the next release. Let us take a look at some of the major new features of version BI 7.x:

    Web Application DesignerBI AcceleratorBEx BroadcasterBEx Query DesignerBEx Report DesignerReModeling ToolboxSecurity ChangesNew ETL InterfaceBPS Integrated PlanningPDF printReal-time data warehousingBEx Web Analyzer

    We will now take a quick look at these features

  • *Web Application Designer is improved The Web Application Designer is improved with new chart types (Heat Map, GANTT & Milestone Trend Analysis), as well as new layout elements such as tab strips.WAD also has new step-by-step wizards for maps, command editing to create Web API Commands and charts, as well as a simplified wizard for layout elements such as radio buttons, action buttons etc.

    This reduce the amount of custom coding required with the help of Command wizards, Auto complete and support for HTML tags.WAD is a key tool for all SAP BI shops and in BI 7.x the tool is simplified and more powerful.New: Integration with NW BI 7.x BEx Report Designer.

  • *Why upgrade? - BI Accelerator for BI 7.xThe SAP BI accelerator makes query response time 50-10,000 faster.

    You use process chains to maintain the HPA engine after each data loadHP, Sun and IBM have standard solutions ranging from $32K to $250K+ that can be installed and tested in as little as 2-4 weeks (+ SAP license fees)SAPBWAny toolBlades with 32 Gb are now certified by SAP

  • *New Object Types You can broadcast BEx query views and formatted reports (reports) in addition to Web applications, queries and workbooks. Reports are a new BEx object type developed within the new BEx Report Designer tool. New Output Formats New output formats are based on the distribution type you select. But, you now can broadcast web documents as PDF files. New Broadcaster features of BI 7.x

  • *New Distribution Types You can broadcast to any printer using Adobes PDF, Printer Common Language (psl) or Post Script (ps). (hint: Set up the printers under tools CCMS print).

    You to broadcast user-specific information based on attributes in the master data attributes using a distribution list in BI (bursting of emails). The information can be controlled by the system so that users only see data related to them. New Broadcaster features of BI 7.x

  • *New Broadcaster Features of BI 7.x (cont.)Exception broadcasting is now available in the Broadcaster. Create the exceptions in the query designer and select distribution type in the broadcaster. You can also use additional distributions types (subordinate) and create rules for when the exception report is monitored/ executed. Exceptions can be based on single events or levels of any performance measure.

    You can use multiple distribution types to create a setting that broadcasts over many channels (e.g., the printer and the portal).NOTE: To manage all alerts and workflow tasks from a single location, an alert is integrated with the portals universal worklist in the central alert framework of NW application server.

  • *To increase the performance of key queries, you can fill the OLAP Cache, or the MDX Cache. This is useful if you have large numbers of users accessing a query, or you have a query that accesses a high volume of data.

    The Fill Precalculation Store distribution type allows you to precalculate Web templates, and the Precalculate Value Set option allows you to fill precalculated value set variables with values for characteristic values. The precalculated value sets are then available as variable values in BEx queries.

    Old Reporting Agent scenarios still run in NetWeaver BI 7.x. However, the Reporting Agent will not be developed any further and is removed from the BI 7.x Workbench. You can now only reach the Reporting Agent using transaction code REPORTING_AGENT New Broadcaster Features of BI 7.x (cont.)

  • *BEx Query Designer gets a faceliftThe 3.5x BEx Query Designer Note: The BI 7.x BEx Query Designer This new property pane makes it easier to format and control displays than in the past. You can choose if you want the old or the new look after the upgrade

  • *Why upgrade? - BEx Report Designer This new 7.x tool was created to simplify the formatting of reports and fix many of the printing issues in previous versions of BW.

    We now get color control, header-footer control and many new features such as location control of cells and integration of pictures, charts and fixed text.For many, this tool may reduce the need for 3rd party tools to address structured reports.Source: SAP AG, 2008

  • *Why upgrade? The Remodeling Tool Box

    In the first releases of BI 7, you could not transport the new models, now you can. You can also:

    Remove, exchange, replace, add & fill dimension characteristics and key figures.

    NOTE: during (dictionary-based) conversion process, queries are not possible; aggregates will be automatically deactivated and must be rebuilt afterwardsNW BI 7.x goes a long way to address the complaints that BW is a hard to maintain environment with forever fixed models.Source: SAP AG, Richard Brown, Aug. 2008In BI 7.x you get a new tool to add characteristics and key figures to your model.In older BW versions, if you forgot to include a field in your infocube , the rework was quite substantial and often involved reloading the infocube as well.

  • *Why upgrade? - Better security featuresThere are many new security features in NW BI 7.x, and a conversion is needed (all or nothing).

    Role menus are displayed in the portal and passwords becomes case sensitive. If you want to have downwards compatibility with old passwords set the parameter login/password_downwards_compatibility >= 3(SAP Notes 862989 & 1023437) Authorizations are fundamental building blocks of the new reporting concept and security contains both the data value and hierarchy restrictions.

    The new security can be built using new RSECADMIN transactionSource: SAP AG

  • *Why upgrade? - More Authorization ObjectsYou get the ability to use much lower security granularity for developers and users!!Source: SAP AGAuthorization objects for the Data Warehousing Workbench:S_RS_DS: For the DataSource or its sub objects (BI 7.x)S_RS_ISNEW: For new InfoSources or their sub objects (NW BI 7.x)S_RS_DTP: For the data transfer process and its sub objectsS_RS_TR: For transformation rules and their sub objectsS_RS_CTT: For currency translation typesS_RS_UOM: For quantity conversion typesS_RS_THJT: For key date derivation typesS_RS_PLENQ: Authorizations for maintaining or displaying the lock settingsS_RS_RST: Authorization object for the RS trace toolS_RS_PC: For process chainsS_RS_OHDEST: Open Hub DestinationAuthorization objects for the Business Explorer:S_RS_DAS: For Data Access ServicesS_RS_BTMP: For BEx Web templatesS_RS_BEXTX: Authorizations for the maintenance of BEx textsAuthorization objects for the Admin of analysis authorizationsS_RSEC: Authorization for assignment and administration of analysis authorizationsS_RS_AUTH: Authorization object to include analysis authorizations in rolesChanged Authorization Objects:S_RS_ADMWB (Data Warehousing Workbench: Objects):

    New sub objects:CONT_ACT Installing Business Content; USE_DND - Drag & Drop to InfoAreas and application components; CNG_RUN - Attribute change run

  • *Upgrading to BI 7.x SecuritySAP has created an ABAP migration tool in SA38 (RSEC_MIGRATION) to help you upgrade security in NW BI 7.x.

    Customer exit variables for the object 0TCTAUTHH does not migrate, and you will have to manually reassign all hierarchy nodes.

    After technical upgrade, you can select new Concept (Notes: 820183 & 923176)

    New BI authorization


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