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  • Best Practices in Employer Branding

    Best practices in planning, implementing and

    measuring a real brand strategy.

    @TheCarrieCorbin @americanair

    Carrie Corbin, Head of Talent Attraction & Employer Brand

    Mom | Employer Brand | Strategist | Speaker | Advisor |

    #Soonergirl | #wino | @americanair | #proudtobeAA

  • A little about me....

    My background

    My current role & responsibilities

    Expectations for today

    Why am I not talking about American Airlines???

  • Employer Brand or Recruitment Marketing?

  • What branding is not….

  • The People:

    • Job seekers (Candidate Experience)

    The Product:

    • Jobs

    The Promotion:

    • Ads, commercials, campaigns, etc.

    The Place:

    • Promotion channels based on the target market (people)

    The Stakeholders:

    • Hiring managers, Recruiters

    Conversion Point/Metric:

    • Applications/Hires


    • Short-term, campaign-based

    The People:

    • All class of workers

    The Product:

    • EVP / Culture / Work experience / Careers / The company

    The Promotion:

    • Brand strategy & activation, Recruitment marketing

    The Place:

    • The workplace, External channel strategy

    The Stakeholders: HR, TA, TM, D&I, Corp Comm, Marketing, Community Relations

    Conversion Point/Metrics: External brand sentiment, internal EE sentiment, EE engagement, EE performance, Internal applies/Hires, External applies/Hires, Employee advocacy, Customer experience, Customer advocacy

    Employer Brand or Recruitment Marketing?

  • “Everyone ends up somewhere.

    Few people end up somewhere on purpose.”

    ~Craig Groeschel



  • Purposeful Journey

    Source: Research report from HRO Today and Hudson RPO, How to Launch a Successful Employer Brand: Building on the Practices of Top Employer Brands

    Do you have a well-defined employer brand or are you just managing your recruitment marketing?

    Do you have a defined EVP that:

     truly aligns with your culture  and answers the #WIFM for the job seeker and employee?

  • you must also BE KNOWN as a great place to work!

    It’s no longer enough to just BE a good company to work for,

    The CUSTOMER experience will never be greater

    than the EMPLOYEE experience.

    Universal Truths in Employer Brand

  • The Elephant in the Room… Who owns your employer brand?

  • Quiz: Who really owns your employer brand?

     The employee  The job seeker  HR  Talent Acquisition  Talent Management  Organization Development  Marketing  Internal Communications  The CEO  All of the above?

  • Typical EB Objectives: Discuss

    Define Employer Value Proposition (EVP) Secure long-term recruitment needs Improve engagement & retention Differentiate from competitors Build employer brand on a level Enhance appeal as employer among current employees Formulate measurable goals and targets for ongoing employer brand work

    • Marketing / Talent Acquisition • Talent Acquisition

    • HR/ OD / TM? • Talent Acquisition? Leadership? • Talent Acquisition? Leadership? Org Development? • Talent Management / Org Development / Leadership?

    • HR? ? ? ? (don’t laugh… but seriously, who?)

  • Employer Brand “The What”

    Brands are relationships

    The strength of the brand is a reflection of the depth

    of the relationship – stronger brands are more long-

    lasting and spark powerful emotions

  • Brand Perception Questions to ask yourself • Does my company have a sexy consumer product? • If you’re a B2B brand, do job seekers even know who you are? • Are job seekers attracted to my consumer brand or my employer brand? • If job seekers are attracted to our company’s innovative product, does that equal a good employer brand? • Where does our culture and our employee experience fit in?

    Something to think about…. Universum’s Most Attractive Employers

    • Google, Microsoft, Apple (Engineering) • Google, Apple, E&Y (Business)

    (Tech beating consulting for business!) Glassdoor Best Places to Work:

    • Bain & Co, Facebook, BCG LinkedIN Most In Demand Employers

    • Google, Apple, Facebook,19.htm,19.htm,19.htm,19.htm

  • Your image as an employer, most commonly defined as the sum of the company's efforts to communicate to existing and prospective staff

    what makes your company a uniquely desirable place to work.

    Employer Brand

  • The Good

    The Bad

    The Uniquely You

    Employer Brand

  •  Current employees – the strongest relationship  Contingent employees - the most overlooked  Former employees – less intense  Prospective employees – least intense, but

    biggest beneficiary

    Your employer brand (n) is defined by how

    you are perceived by - and the relationships

    you have with - your employees (whether

    actively managed or not).

    ….and goes beyond recruiting to intersect with your talent management and the entire employee experience and beyond.

  • What are the components of a Brand Strategy?


    Includes Brand Positioning, Architecture,

    and EVP)


    How you look – the distinctive visual

    presence for your brand across all touch points.


    How you speak. Your brand’s authentic




    How you engage your audience – creation &

    implementation of communication across

    all media.


    How you keep it all on track – utilizing various management tools to

    define & monitor brand success metrics & act as brand “guardians”

  • Employer Brand


  • Before you start....

    What’s the current state of the business and business needs/problems you are solving for?

    Determine ownership & stakeholders:  Who owns the strategy?  Who are the leaders that need to buy-in and champion?  What business units are impacted by Employer Brand

    activities  What resources will you need in order to be successful? Develop actionable and measurable goals, objectives and


    NOTE: Producing measurable business impacts should be an EB goal

  • Typical Employer Brand Objectives

    Wait.... What’s missing?

    Objectives are still employer centric....

    We need to ‘adjust’ that narrative through our process.

  • PLAN: Research, Audit & Assess:

    Needs analysis

    Competitive analysis

    Current state/gap analysis

    Candidate experience audit

    Career site audit

    Job posting audit

    Social media audit

    Review site audit

    Focus groups/ surveys

    DEVELOP: Strategy & Define EVP

    Key differentiators


    Brand pillars

    Employer narrative


    Brand personality/ Theme

    Candidate experience journey

    Candidate persona’s

    Brand activation

    Creative concept development

    Visual imagery development

    Employer brand guidelines


    Content & channel strategy

    Internal /external

    Communication strategy

    Talent attraction/ recruitment marketing

    Social media strategy

    Brand advocacy strategy


    Define key metrics

    Manage and measure

    Ensure ownership & action plan


    What does an end-to-end Employer Brand Strategy look like?

  • Research: Needs Analysis

    Assess current strategy (alignment with organizational goals and objectives) Engage stakeholders: HR, Brand, Communication, Leadership, etc Define your target audience Assess current EVP perceptions: internal & external Market research:

    – Competitive Analysis: Who is best in class and why? – What are candidate expectations around best in class? How does client candidate

    experience compare? – What is the value prop to the organization for investing in building your employer



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