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  • About Ewen Chia

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  • Rethinking The Sales Marketing

    Funnel: A Structured Selling Method

    Today's internet marketplace is flooded with web site marketing products and services! And as the

    producers of these products and services aggressively

    compete for consumers on the internet, the noise

    from all the advertising makes it nearly impossible to

    discern one product's benefit from another's. We are

    an over communicated society! The authors of the

    book Positions (Al Ries and Jack Trout) state that in

    2001, the per capita consumption of advertising is

    equal to $376.62 per year. "If you spend $1 million a

    year on advertising, you are bombarding the average

    consumer with less than a half cent of advertising,

    spread out over 365 days; a consumer already

    exposed to $376.61 & worth of other advertising!"

    And as the noise from internet marketing has gotten

    louder over the last decade, we find ourselves asking,

    how can one be noticed and heard in the overcrowded

    internet marketplace? Since communication is the

    problem, we need to take more time to communicate

    while distinguishing ourselves from the other

    advertisers. We do this by differentiating ourselves as

    someone who is courteous, truthful, reliable, stable,

    and into the relationship for the long haul. We need to

    develop and habitually use a means of building

    relationships in a frequently changing marketplace.

    Not Markets, But Customers

  • In previous years, Tom Peters and Nancy Austin told

    us their research discovered a sustainable strategic

    advantage observed in some organizations which was

    the group's obsession with customers. It was not

    markets, not marketing, not strategic positioning, just

    customers. A market has never been observed paying

    a bill. Customers do that!

    Ultimately, it all boils down to a perceived,

    appreciated, and consistently delivered follow-up,

    service, and quality to customers. Sales is the

    outcome of talking with customers in a marketplace

    based upon good communication principles and

    relationship building, whereby you eventually sell your

    product or service.

    The Apathetic Salesperson

    I am going to share with you a little story I once

    heard. This is a story about four salespeople. Their

    names were Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and

    Nobody. There was an important sale to be made and

    Everybody was sure Somebody would do it. Anybody

    could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got

    angry about that because it was Everybody's job.

    Everybody thought Anybody could do it, but Nobody

    realized that Everybody wouldn't do it. So, Everybody

    blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody

    could have done.

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  • Many salespeople are playing a numbers game and

    attempt to increase their odds of "winning" by picking

    only the "cherry" accounts, the immediate decision

    purchases. However, they are not producing "double

    win" situations with long-term stability.

    Sales research has shown that, when considering all

    possible salespeople, 48 percent of them will give up

    after the first call and 25 percent more will quit after

    the second call. The salespeople are simply apathetic

    to the buyer's need for a long-term relationship.

    The Center for Marketing Communications in

    Princeton, New Jersey has determined the typical flow

    of 1000 leads. Of the leads studied, it was determined

    that only 266 of the prospects are going to purchase

    in the next twelve months, 114 of these leads will get

    requested literature late or not at all, and 192 of the

    leads will receive no salesperson contact.

    After a careful inspection of many businesses and

    their sales practices, the following general

    observations can be made:

    people who say they are interested in your product or

    service are interested

    companies have trouble getting their request

    literature fulfillment out on time

    salespeople treat leads apathetically

    sales costs and intense competition continue to rise

  • profit margins are continuing to diminish

    Choosing a System for Building Your Relationships

    So, what do we need? What is successful today? How

    can we excite and attract people? How can we

    increase business through more sales?

    First, we want to build a positive relationship. While

    being truthful and sincere in our representations, we

    want to make commitments and be able to fulfill

    them. Instead of short-term relationships marked with

    interruptions, broken promises, deception, and

    discourteous treatment, we want to be recognized for

    longevity, stability, truthfulness, courteous treatment,

    and fulfilled commitments. More importantly, we

    should design a system so that if we don't fulfill a

    commitment, the computer will for us! This is just a

    matter of structure and a clearly defined sales


    There are at least three basic models by which we

    establish relationships and design our structured sales

    pattern: 1) Passive Systems, 2) Offensive Systems,

    and 3) Assertive Systems.

    Passive Systems are what most people use to build

    relationships. For example, they do some advertising

    and then wait for a response such as a phone call.

    Sometimes they do a long letter which typically makes

    up most of the junk mail and email we are

    accustomed to receiving. A long letter attempts to tell

  • you nearly everything you could possibly want to

    know about the product or service, and frequently

    closes with "Please call if you have any questions or

    interest." In this respect, a Passive System is much

    like a retail environment in which we sit back and wait

    for somebody to walk through the door.

    Offensive Systems are very much dependent upon

    face-to-face meetings. This method uses repeat visits

    to obtain attention. The visits eventually become

    interpreted as interruptions. Sometimes the Offensive

    System needs the use of a trick to get past the

    receptionist or the use of foods, giveaways, etc., to

    get attention. For example, a title insurance company

    might require its sales staff to make sixteen sales

    calls each per day. The complete strategy might be

    visit-visit-visit, going from one real estate office to the

    next, and buying donuts to get attention. However,

    this eventually becomes interpreted as a constant


    What we would really like to establish is an Assertive

    System: a proactive way to maintain relationships by

    means of a well-defined sales sequence of events that

    each new prospective and existing customer must

    pass through.

    The strategy of the Assertive System is to build sales

    systematically, which provides longevity. Our intent

    here is to remove the peaks and valleys of sales

    contracts and subsequently cash flow. Our strategy

    should also develop a relationship with each new

  • prospect and continuing customer through multiple

    contacts and communications.

    We intend to keep the salespeople focused on the

    long-term relationship through a well-defined selling

    sequence. In this way, the sales managers can assist

    their selling staffs' efforts in attaining superstar sales


    The Assertive System builds a professional image in

    the mind's eye of the prospect and the customer. The

    Assertive System ensures that literature and other

    requests are attended to in a timely manner, which

    demonstrates your ability to fulfill your commitments.

    Most importantly, the Assertive System makes sure

    that each prospect and customer is processed with the

    selling sequence so that no lead falls through the


    In general, most of us would prefer to buy from our

    friends and close acquaintances. We sometimes use

    our friends as consultants. We trust their

    recommendations because we have a relationship with

    them. We build relationships with clients in the same

    manner that we start relationships with our friends. It

    usually starts with a commitment we make together,

    and then we keep our commitment; we follow

    through. In other words, we don't usually go out of

    our way to make friends with people who don't keep

    their commitments with us. And it is no different in


  • Therefore, we want to structure a system that will not

    allow people to fall through the cracks. If we don't

    follow through by delivering that brochure that

    customer asked for last week, then we begin to tear

    down the relationship. The customer will begin to feel

    that he or she cannot depend on or trust in you.

    How to Start an Assertive Sales System

    The Assertive System is relatively easy to implement

    because most of us intuitively know how we would like

    to treat and tend to our customers, as well as how we

    like to be tended to. The sales sequence cannot be

    open-ended in that we cannot be all things to all

    people. So margins and limits must be defined and set

    so that the structure takes a form that is perceivable

    and obtainable. You can begin by concentrating on

    your most favorite customer. Take the time and

    actions to do all the steps necessary to properly,

    attentively, and assertively manage your customer's


    You have five stages of development that must be

    controlled and attended to. Picture yourself putting

    your customer on a conveyor belt at the beginning

    when he or she raises a hand and says "I'm interested

    in something you can do for me." Your job is to keep

    this person from falling of the conveyor belt as it

    passes through the stages of:

  • introduction to a new service or product

    obtaining an appointment to review the product or


    post-appointment comparisons and decisions

    obtaining products or services, with post-purchase


    customer satisfaction, with requests for other

    products and services, and

    referrals to their friends

    In short, you must take your customer from "I'm

    interested..." to "How many..." and this means

    impeccable follow-up with an eye for detail.

    Concentrate on each stage of development as a

    mutually exclusive task and write down all the things

    you would do for this favorite customer. Do this for

    each of the five stages of development. Be sensitive,

    too, and aware of opportunities where an action on

    your part will reinforce and improve your relationship

    with the customer. Your list of things to do in each

    stage should include letters of communication for

    staying in touch as well as cover letters for special

    requests and literature requests. Your list of things to

    do will also include status checks and phone calls to

    the customer to confirm or note changes of status and

    decision making.

    This is the premise of an Assertive System and will

    help you define your sequence of events in the course

    of a sale. There is much more to the implementation

    of your structured selling method, which includes time

  • management techniques, the use of a personal

    planner, production procedures, and most importantly

    a personal commitment to develop and stay with new


    Depending on the volume of people you attempt to

    pour through your sales sequence, the use of simple

    Personal Information Manager (PIM) computer

    software similar to Rolodex card files can effectively

    be superseded by real Customer Relationship

    Management (CRM) software that provides for

    automated sales-track processes. However, a

    computer-assisted Assertive System requires an eye

    for detail and past experience in preparation so as not

    to come across to the customer as a computer-

    contrived relationship! Also, a computer sales system

    should automa...