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IntroductionToday we cannot even imagine to believe this world working without wordpress. A wordpress based website and blog shares valuable knowledge with the readers on the web. On can find out that almost half of the web is covered by these wordpress based websites and blogs. Wordpress uses a number of plug-ins to cherish its functionality in terms of interactivity with reader and also in making them permanent visitors. Here is a fantastic range of plug-ins in upcoming slides.

List of PluginsHere is a list of commonly used interesting and useful wordpress plugins: Audio player plugins Social media plugins Analytics plugins Comments plugin Light box plugin SEO plugin Slider plugin Security plugin Ecommerce plugin

Wordpress Audio Player PluginsWordpress Audio Player plugin is a plugin that enables you to create responsive HTML5 audio player for your WordPress websites and blog.Here are good audio plugin for your website.

Wordpress MP3 PlayerWordPress mp3 Player plugin is an HTML based wordpress plugin which can be used to embed an mp3 audio file on your wordpress based website. Check out this nice mp3 player plugin.

Wordpress Audio Player PluginIf you want to add audio files to your WordPress in more stylish and efficient way? Here are the best wordpress audio player plugin.One of the best audio players for wordpress: simple player plugin.

WP Music PlayerYou can also create playlists by selecting multiple audio files after embedding wp music player in your wordpress blog.This plugin allow you to set up great music for visitors on your website: compact audio player.

Wordpress HTML5 Audio PlayerHere is a simple wordpress HTML5 Audio player available to be integrated in your wordpress website to enjoy music and other audio streaming files.One of the best html5 audio players for your website on wordpress.

Wordpress Social Media PluginsWordPress Social Media plugin is a lightweight WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly add social sharing.You can install plugin as social media feather for you website.

Wordpress Social Network PluginWordpress social network plugin let's you to add icons for RSS, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube and other so many famous social networks.If you are searching for such plugins, try out symposium pro.

Social Media Widget For WebsiteSocial media widget for website helps you to add additional functionality to your blog and website by which the visitors can share the stuff on website on different social networks.Good social media widget for your site.

Wordpress Social Media Share PluginWordpress social media share plugin is a professional plugin to be used for social networking. The link below guides about wordpress social media share plugin in detail: social media share.

Social Sharing PluginSocial sharing is getting very common nowadays. People desire to share information from your blogs and websites to their social networks. Allow them by adding social sharing plugin on your blog.Try social share toolkit on your website.

Wordpress Analytics PluginsWordpress analytics plugins are very informative when it comes to show the stats of your blog or website. You can add wordpress analytics plugin to show performance of your blog.One of the best plugins about analytics is GA.

Wordpress Google Analytics DashboardWordpress google analytics dashboard provides you a complete dashboard to show your visitors trend on the website.Try out this dashboard for your website.

Google Analytics on WordpressHere is the best plugin to play around with Google dashboard. Google analytics on wordpress shows graphs, charts and other statistical data to know the performance of your day to day activities.Nice plugin with whis feature is: google analytics plugin.

WP Google AnalyticsGoogle analytics is a complete solution to see the day to day performance of the website and blog. You can add wp google analytics plugin to your blog and enjoy the freedom of analysis and reports.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WordpressGoogle analytics dashboard for wordpress shows you complete summary on the dashboard and details in the inner pages.

Analytics Tracking CodeIt is basically an analytics tracking code that works all around the website and comes up with the results. For details, see link below: tracking code manager.

Comment Plugin WordpressComment plugin wordpress usually make the web page heavier which affects its loading time. New comment plugin wordpress is extremely lightweight and runs great with in the code. Try out disqus for your website.

Comments Plugin WordpressTraditional comments plugins wordpress becomes hard to crawl for google crawler, one has to select comments plugin wordpress very careful that do not affect the crawlers performance on the website.

Comments Wordpress PluginComments are important to know the feedback of the visitors, in order to know how they think you are doing. Comments wordpress plugin is easy to incorporate and operate with your blog.

Wordpress Spam FilterAs the name indicates, it is a wordpress spam filter which confidently filters the spams from your wordpress blog. It is indeed useful for your wordpress performance. One of the best plugins is combating comment spam plugin.

Wordpress Spam BlockerWordpress spam blocker is an extremely powerful plugin which helps you to clean up your wordpress application no matter a blog or a website. Good plugin for this purpose is akismet.

Lightbox Wordpress PluginLightbox wordpress plugin is a perfect plugin for viewing photos and videos. It is created especially for images and media files that are not easy to handle otherwise. Simple lightbox for your website.

Light Box in JqueryLight box in jquery is an overlay images on the current page. It is very light in code and achieving the aimed functionality.Try out lightbox in jquery.

Responsive Lightbox WordpressToday it is hard to believe a web application which work as un-responsive. Similarly responsive lightbox wordpress is changing the wordpress world for today and tomorrow. Responsive lightbox plugin is what you need.

Mobile LightboxMobile lightbox is same like web application lightbox in j-query, we have mobile lightbox which adds functionality to the web application to make it more trendy. For this purpose, check out light responsive lightbox plugin.

Light Box Plugin in WordpressNow offering light box plugin in wordpress for more functionality and ease of use for bloggers and wordpress programmers.

Best Seo Plugin WordpressSEO plugin usually make the web page heavier which affects its page loading time. New and best seo plugin wordpress is extremely lightweight and runs great with in the code. Squirrly seo plugin is what you need.

Wordpress Best Seo PluginUsually it becomes hard to crawl for google crawler, one has to select wordpress best seo plugin wisely that improves SEO performance of the website.

Wordpress Seo ToolsSearch engine optimization gives you a boost to rank best in search engine rankings, for this opt for best wordpress seo tools today.Try out all in one seo pack. Plugins that will help you.

Best Seo Plugins for WordpressThere is a huge range of SEO plugins on the web, but all you need to do is to select the best seo plugins for wordpress to get the best results.

Wordpress Slider PluginsThe wordpress slider plugins with a very beautiful, responsive, modern and configurable slider skin and design are accessible at: simple ssp slider plugin.

Wordpress Slider Plugin FreeThere are a number of free plugins that add value to your blog and website, one such is wordpress slider plugin free.

Jquery Slider GalleryFrom jquery slider gallery a huge list of jquery content slider, vertical image slider, thumbnail sliders and many more are in the crew to help.One of the best plugins is jj nextgen.

Slideshow Plugin WordpressSlideshow plugin wordpress is one of the most fascinating plugin from wordpress list of plugins. This can be customized from the gallery as per requirements. Great and cool slideshow plugin for your website.

Wp Slider PluginA widely used plugin named as wp slider plugin is equally useful like SEO and other chat plugins. Slider plugin adds view of slides as and when required for functionality.

Wordpress Two Factor AuthenticationWordpress two factor authentication is an advanced type of authentication which allows the web user to authenticate themselves before getting into the functionality of website.Duo wordpress is what you need.

Wordpress Security ScannerFor hardening the security, we can use wordpress security scanner which performs the job of detecting security vulnerabilities and performs remedies accordingly. Great plugin for your security is asgard plugin.

Wordpress Exploit ScannerWordpress exploit scanner searches the files and database of your website for signs of suspicious activity. Try out one of the best such exploit plugins.

Wordpress Security CheckIt is a very useful plugin named as wordpress security check plugin which provides some extra step to all those web users who wants to go to next level with your website, such as logging in. Ultimate security check will help you out.

Wp Security PluginWp security plugin provides fool proof security to your website from all external threats such as malwares, viruses, thefts and even sometimes from hacking as well.

Wordpress Security AuditWordpress security audit shows you complete auditing report about the security of your wordpress website. Try out securemoz plugin.

Ecommerce Wordpress PluginsEcommerce wordpress plugins are powerful wordpress plugins that empo