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  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story





    Complete Story text



    Email: defiancecript!"otmail#com

    Le$al St%ff:

    All Text contained "erein "a &een ori$inally collected and compiled &y

    Eyteinn B'ornon and i located at t"e (e& addre

    (((#"i#i)*ey&'orn)+rondor)text(e"tml, and "a &een %ed (it" permiion#

    T"i -A. i t"e reprod%ction of t"e aid compilation, it "a &een reformatted

    for /A0E-A.S#

    Copyri$"t 1223 Orp"e%#

    T"i -A. may &e not &e reprod%ced %nder any circ%mtance except for peronal,

    pri4ate %e# 5t may not &e placed on any (e& ite or ot"er(ie ditri&%ted

    p%&licly (it"o%t ad4ance (ritten permiion# 6e of t"i $%ide on any ot"er (e&

    ite or a a part of any p%&lic diplay i trictly pro"i&ited, and a 4iolation

    of copyri$"t#

    All trademar+ and copyri$"t contained in t"i doc%ment are o(ned &y t"eir

    repecti4e trademar+ and copyri$"t "older#


    0ic"ael Dorn "o%ld portray /orat" in a Betrayal At Krondor mo4ie#




    89 5nto a dar+ ni$"t

    19 S"ado( of t"e Ni$"t"a(+

    9 T"e Spy$la and t"e Spider

    39 0ar+ed for deat";9

  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


    One &y one "e tended t"e (incin$ oldier p%rple (o%nd, titc"ed, al4ed,

    &anda$ed, did ("at little "e co%ld in t"e leapin$ $olden "alo of fireli$"t#

    -ort%nately for "i roadide patient, "e co%ld do more t"an mot#

    -in$er lic+ (it" al%m ointment, "e (or+ed fer4ently to tie off a cat$%t cord,

    t"en &r%"ed t"e in'%ry (it" a li$"t to%c" t"at to t"e %ntrained eye (o%ld eem

    only a friendly pat F ot"er (o%ld reco$niGe t"e telltale "and $et%re a a

    ma$ical (ard a$aint infection#HDone,H O(yn i$"ed, (ipin$ "i "and in a r%t colored clot"#

    HNo $%arantee, t"o%$"# T"e titc"e may "old all t"e (ay to La0%t and t"en

    a$ain, p%" too "ard and yo% co%ld &e &leedin$ li+e a t%c+ pi$ on 0id%mmerH#

    HYo% did F fine,H Sei$ne%r Loc+lear replied, milin$ appro4al &efore

    rollin$ do(n "i lee4e# H5tll car &%t it $ood for a no&le rep%tation#

    Let t"e +in$dom fol+ +no( "e int retin$ on "i la%rel and it impree t"e

    ladie# 5ll &e %re to loo+ yo% %p in Ti&%rn if e4er 5 need titc"in$ %p

    a$ain#HT"e &oy accepted t"e compliment (it" a "%m&le nod ("ile "e pac+a$ed a(ay

    t"e ret of "i medical %pplie, "i t"o%$"t foc%ed intead on a t"ird man

    ("o l%mped in t"e "ado( acro from t"em# Depite t"e manacle t"at &o%ndt"e tran$er "and and t"e ditance t"at eparated t"em, t"e &oy felt

    dreadf%lly expoed, "i a4en%e of ecape limited "o%ld Loc+lear

    el4enFloo+in$ prioner decide to li&erate "imelf#


  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


    t"at "ad follo(ed t"em from t"e Nort"land, "i eye "ad a &alef%l loo+ in t"em

    t"at eemed omet"in$ &et(een "atred and ra$e# Se4eral time "e $lanced &ac+ at

    t"e corpe t"at lay &e"ind t"em in t"e d%t, "i t"o%$"t %n$%ea&le from "i



    Do yo% (i" to &%ry "imI

  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


    0EET5N/ MA0ES 5N TE SE

  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story



    Still on me# 5t all yo%r# 5 can find my o(n (ay into t"e palace# 5m $oin$ to

    creep aro%nd a ("ile lon$er do(n "ere and ee if 5 can %nra4el t"i partic%lar



    S%it yo%relf# 5, for one, am anxio% to $et o%t of t"i "ole# Come and $et me

    for &rea+fat tomorro( after 54e po+en to rince Ar%t"aJ

    Enterin$ Krondor alace

    T"e $ate (%n$ open#

    Re4olted &y t"e t"ic+ cent of excrement in t"e c"am&er, Loc+lear "atened to

    t"e ladder affixed on t"e far (all and acended it filt" lic+ r%n$# Be"ind

    "im, /orat" and O(yn rel%ctantly did li+e(ie, $affin$ on t"e noxio% 4apor int"e "aft#

    HT"i i not"in$,H Loc+lear $r%nted, "o4in$ %p(ard a$aint a $ratin$#

    HAll t"e (indo( in t"e palace are open ri$"t no(# Yo% o%$"t to mell it in t"e(inter#H

    Dar+ne %rro%nded t"em a t"ey lit"ered o%t of t"e pri4y, t"eir only

    impreion of t"e c"am&er pro4ided &y t"e faint flic+er of ditant fireli$"t#

    Ten yard &efore t"em t"e "all 'oined (it" an ela&orate colonnade tretc"in$ in

    eit"er direction#HSome"o( 5 "adnt pict%red my firt 4iit to Krondor li+e t"i,H O(yn

    i$"ed, fallin$ &lindly into tep &e"ind /orat" and t"e Sei$ne%r#


  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


    5 expected a m%c"#

  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


    effect, not t"e leat of ("ic" co%ld lead to a dir%ption of trade &et(een o%r

    t(o (orld# 0y Emperor of T%ran%anni (o%ld &e mot dipleaed if o%r riftF

    ma+in$ ecret (ere eiGed &y &ar&arian in (arfare#H

    /orat" $lo(ered at t"e T%rani ma$ician# HTradin$ a$reement not

    (it"tandin$, t"e 0ored"el (atc" yo%r &order, Ni$"t"a(+ py on yo%r imperial

    co%in and &efore t"e no( t"ere "all &e an army come to t"e Kin$domJ eed my

    (ord rince of KrondorJ Yo% m%t prepare yo%r troopJH

    An$er fla"ed in t"e t"%nder"ead of Ar%t"a eye a "e roe to "i



  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story



    Yo%r "i$"ne, if yo% $i4e me lea4e, 5 &elie4e 5 can find t"e e4idence of

    Dele+"an intent# 5 (ill need omeone to accompany me to Romney and %pplie

    for my 'o%rney and a mall parcel of $old#



  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


    5 "a4e a fe( t"in$ 5 need to conider alone#H

    Readin$ t"e offer a a polite dimial, t"e (orn co%ncil mem&er &e$an

    to file o%t t"e door, mot $lad to &e on t"eir feet a$ain follo(in$ t"e $r%elin$

    eion# A %$ paed &y, "o(e4er, Ar%t"a na$$ed "i lee4e and dre( "im &ac+

    to t"e ta&le# H5f yo% dont mind, 5 (o%ld "a4e yo%r co%ncil, co%in %$#H

    HCertainly,H %$ replied, re%min$ "i eat# H5 am all attention#H


    A 5 ee it, Dele+"an co%ld "a4e only t(o potential tar$et for attac+ into t"e

    Kin$dom: i$"catle###


    ### and Nort"(arden#


    i fortre at SarF Sar$ot" i t"ree "%ndred mile to t"e Nort" and 5 do%&t "e

    "a t"e reo%rce to defend a line t"at lon$#


    So an attac+ at Nort"(arden eem %nli+ely#


    Lea4in$ i$"catle###


  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


    Enterin$ t"e Blac+ S"eep Ta4ern

    E4en a t"ey t"re( t"e door open, Mame &it &ac+ t"e imp%le to 4omit# Kin$dom

    oldier lay cattered a&o%t t"e room, eac" lyin$ in "i o(n coa$%latin$ pool of

    &lood# No("ere did t"ere appear to &e anyone %nto%c"ed &y m%rdero% "and###


    T"e Spy$la and t"e Spider

    Coppery mell of &%rnin$ fle" filled t"e air#

    Em&er leapt from t"e f%neral pyre into t"e $ro(in$ d%+, 'oined t"e (in+in$

    point of li$"t t"at (o%ld later &ecome a &laGe of crytalline tar# Aro%nd t"e

    flame 4illa$er $at"ered in dar+ clot, t"eir face o4er(ritten (it" &lan+,%nreada&le expreion# Li+e mot" to a candle t"ey drifted near and mo%rned and

    t"o%$"t and niffed# T"ey "ad come to (atc" t"e flame feed#

    /orat" fat"omle $reen eye nictitated in t"e fireli$"t a "e t%rnedand $aGed at O(yn ("o flinc"ed %ncomforta&ly at "i ide#

    HT"ere can &e no %neaier leep t"an a (arrior m%rdered in "i c%p,H

    /orat" aid, "i 4oice only li$"tly lo%der t"an t"e pittin$ "i of corc"ed

    &one# HT"ey nipped at t"e "eel of t"e Ni$"t"a(+, &e certain of t"at#H

    HSo yo% t"in+ (ere $ettin$ cloeIH O(yn a+ed#/orat" &e$an to pea+, &%t "i (ord con$ealed on "i lip a "i eye

    loc+ed (it" t"e &%rnin$ $aGe of Sei$ne%r Mame#


    54e "ad it (it" yo%r myterio% "alfFan(er, 0ored"elJ No( for t"e a+e of

    yo%r contin%ed $ood "ealt", 5 (ant to "ear ome explanation fat ("y yo% (ere

    "ere in Romney a ixFmont" &efore yo% made yo%r appearance at t"e 5nclindel


    /ORAT:T"e only explanation, Sei$ne%r, i t"at yo% are mita+en# 5 "a4e ne4er &een

    o%t" of t"e 5nclindel###


  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story



    5f 5 "ad ca%e to milead yo% or yo%r rince, 5 (o%ld "a4e fo%nd a far le

    con4ol%ted mean of conf%in$ t"e royal anity# Loo+ ele("ere for yo%r enemie,


  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


    told t"i, "e "a tationed an army o%tide of t"e Dim(ood to a(ait my (ord

    a&o%t t"e attac+,H Mame aid, fini"in$ "i note# -ixin$ "i $aGe on /orat", "e

    "anded it firmly o4er# H5 (ant yo% to ma+e %re t"at it $et t"ere# 5m $oin$ to

    "a4e to tr%t yo%#H

    O(yn $aped# HB%t ("at a&o%t### H

    H54e $ot to $o to Nort"(arden# 5f t"ere are Ni$"t"a(+ in Baron /a&ot

    catle, (e tand a $ood c"ance of loin$ it in an attac+# 5 "a4e to en%re t"at

    doent "appen#

    HRemem&er, Ar%t"a i o%tide t"e Dim(ood foret near Set"anon#

  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


    (ill find it i of $reat 4al%e#H

    HAnd (o%ld it "a4e name, t"i t"in$IH

    HYe, my lord# 5t name i /orat"JH Nara& neered pridef%lly a "e

    a(aited "i leader praie, a(aited t"e (ord t"at (o%ld retore "i place in

    0ored"el fa4or and recind t"e order of deat" on "i "ead# er"ap "e (o%ld e4en

    "a4e a place amon$ t"e ne( lord###

    Dele+"an l%n$ed from "i t"rone, "i raGor ed$ed $a%ntlet tillin$ a

    &loody eam acro Nara& face a "e la"ed "im &ac+(ard#

    HYo%4e (rec+ed e4eryt"in$, yo% do$JH Dele+"an &ello(ed#

    HB%t### 5 "a4e &ro%$"t &ac+ t"e enemy of t"e Nort"landJH Nara&p%ttered, &lood drippin$ from "i torn lip# H

  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


    die for "i diloyalty#


    Since yo% c"ooe to remain ilent, 5 "all "a4e yo%r ton$%e and feed it to my

    rat# a4e &ac+ yo%r mea$e, py# 5t (ill do yo% little $ood in yo%r $ra4e#

    Dele+"an tal+ed a(ay#

    Still rattled &y "i interro$ation, O(yn tried to collect "i f%GG coated

    t"o%$"t into a co"erent ("ole# T"an+f%lly, "i (it "ad pro4ided t"e lie aneeded, &%t only narro(ly "ad "e a4oided t"e imp%le to tell e4eryt"in$ "e +ne(#

    5t (a almot a if "e (a &ein$ prodded, coerced, &e(itc"ed###


    Atoni"ed "e "ad &een %na(are of it at t"e time, t"e &oy loo+ed a$ain at t"e

    &%l+y (arrior ("o no( tood ("iperin$ o4er /orat" limp form# At firt "e

    &elie4ed Dele+"an (a incantin$ a pell, one per"ap intended to coerce t"etr%t" from "i 4ictim, &%t after a fe( moment it &ecame clear t"e (arlord (a

    con4erin$ (it" "i &arely concio% friend#

    HNoJH /orat" croa+ed, "a+in$ "i "ead#H### plan### %nf%lfilled,H Dele+"an ("ipered finally# A&r%ptly "e


    5t (a too m%c" to a&or

    E4en if t"e e4ent %nf%rlin$ &efore "im (erent openly damnin$, O(yn "adeen eno%$" to +eep "im (immin$ in a ea of do%&t, all of t"em centerin$ on

    t"e loyalty of "i friend and tra4elin$ companion#

  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


    0eetin$ -inn o%t" of t"e 5nclindel Brid$e

    A man approac"ed t"em#

    Still &reat"in$ "ea4ily from t"eir fi$"t, O(yn &arely mana$ed to (a4e a

    $reetin$ at t"e Kin$dom oldier ("o l%m&ered to(ard t"em#

    -5NN:Boy, yo%re '%t a&o%t t"e l%c+iet ("ore on 54e e4er laid eye on#

    5f (e "adnt of "eard t"e commotion do(n t"e pa, 5 t"in+ t"oe $o&lin (o%ld

    "a4e &een "a4in$ no&le te( a&o%t no(# Nearly too+ o%t yo%r friend "ere %ntil 5

    een t"at "e appeared to &e fi$"tin$ at yo%r ide# No( 5 dont +no( ("at yo%

    t"in+ yo%re doin$ in t"e Nort"land (it" t"ee 0ored"el#


  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


    5nclindel a# T"e 'o%rney o%t" to yo%r camp "ere o%tide t"e Dim(ood too+

    many lon$ day &%t (e mo4ed (it" $reat "ate a o%r mea$e i 4ital#


    ery interetin$ tale, &%t "o( do 5 +no( a (ord of it i tr%eI o( can 5 &elie4e

    t"at t"i croll yo% "a4e $i4en me i t"e $en%ine article and not a for$ery

    tr%mped %p &y Dele+"anI


    5 (a 4ery explicit (it" yo% &efore, /orat"# 5 ref%e to act %ntil 5 "a4e (ordfrom Sei$ne%r MameJ


  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


    C"apter ;

  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


    a4e yo%### learned anyt"in$ a&o%t t"e attac+I


    Only t"at t"ere ix companie of em o%t creepin in t"e (ood ome("ere, &%t

    5 dont +no( exactly ("ere yet# 5 t"in+ t"ey4e $ot t"eir o(n ma$ician, too#


    0a$icianIJ T"e Baron (ill &e orry to "ear t"at, 5ll (a$er#

  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


    oon a (e are fini"ed cleanin$ %p "ere, 5 (ill ta+e t"e ret of o%r companie

    to en$a$e "im t"ere#

    CATER =


    %$ concentrated on t"e torm#

  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


    o%e 0in(ana&i, rei$n of t"e fifty t"ird Li$"t of ea4en###


    5 t"ere omet"in$ yo% need to ee me a&o%t 0a+alaI 5 am### &%y#


    B%yI Yo% "a4e &een &e"a4in$ li+e a needra &%ll (it" a &%rr in "i &itJ 5 came

    to a+ ("at "a %$ of Stardoc+ o ditracted t"at "e cannot find time to meet

    (it" "i aociate ma$icianI a "i rep%tation o inflated t"at a mem&er of

    t"e T%rani Aem&ly i no lon$er (ort"y of "i attentionI


    5 am orry# er"ap yo% are ri$"t, 54e '%t &een 4ery preocc%pied#


    5 find myelf o&eed (it" t"i torm# All (ee+ 54e felt it &%ildin$ o4er t"e

    Bitter Sea and all t"e ("ile 5 "a4e %pected t"ere i more to it t"an i

    immediately percepti&le# 5t doent feel nat%ral# a4e yo% een it li+eI


    5 "a4e een it matc" in detr%ction# A 5 recall, yo% created far more "a4oc inT%ran%anni ("en yo% dir%pted my Emperor 5mperial /ame# Se4eral city &loc+

    detroyed, co%ntle li4e lot, t"e

  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


    5 t"o%$"t for a ("ile t"at "e intended for % to contact t"e ma$ician named

    0acro, &%t it (o%ld &e a feat impoi&le for e4en %$ to accompli"# 0acro

    left 0id+emia lon$ a$o and all "e left &e"ind (ere "i (ritin$###


  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story



  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


    friend (rat"# HYo% cantJH

    H5 (a /orat" of t"e Clan Ardanien,H "e pat, "i 4oice t"ic+ (it" an

    a$ele contempt# Color drained from "i face a "e $ripped e4er more ti$"tly

    t"e (ord at "i ide# H5 am /orat" and 5 formally ret%rn to t"e Elede"el and

    (ear fealty to A$laranna, .%een of El4e and to Toma, rince Conort and

  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


    Bell tolled in t"e to(er of Nort"(arden#

    M%&ilant $%ard "o%ted from t"e (all, lapped &ac+, exc"an$ed (ar torie

    only day old# Already a &ard (a millin$ t"ro%$" t"e cro(d, $at"erin$ name and

    place, cri&&lin$ t"em do(n a fat a "e co%ld# Toni$"t t"ey (o%ld $at"er,

    and t"ey (o%ld drin+, and t"ey (o%ld pay old Tamney t"e 0intrel eac" time "e

    an$ t"eir name#Litenin$ to t"e $eneral "%&&%& driftin$ in t"ro%$" an opened "%tter,

    Sei$ne%r Mame allo(ed "imelf a $rim mile a "e dropped do(n to ("ere Ar%t"a

    and Loc+lear conferred o4er a &attle map#

    HBy day end, 5 (arrant t"at Dele+"an (ill "a4e died on t"e (ord point

    of e4ery man "ere,H Mame aid# H5t a "ame "e (ant really leadin$ t"at


    H5ndeed,H Ar%t"a a$reed, "i eye "ro%ded a "e &rooded a&o%tomet"in$# H5 (o%ld li+e to a+ "im a fe( %etion#H

    H5 lea4e for i$"catle at noon# E4en t"o%$" t"e 0ored"el "a4e t%rned

    from "ere, 5 am certain t"at t"e firt of t"em (ill &e %pon o%r troop t"ere &y%n%p tomorro(# -ort%nately, my army (ill &e t"ere to $reet t"em# Still, 5 (i"

    5 +ne( ("at t"ey (ere %p to#H

    Ar%t"a $lanced %p, tartled, a a pa$e &oy +idded into t"e c"am&er#

    HYo%r pFpFardon my lordJH t"e &oy t%ttered# HT"ey "a4e capt%red t"e

    0ored"el raidin$ leaderJH

  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story



  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


    acc%tomed to "a4in$ t"e +ind of command t"at "e "a and %ddenly lot it### H

    He co%ld &e in 4ery dire dan$er,H /orat" aid, fini"in$ t"e t"o%$"t#

    Leanin$ o4er, "e fetc"ed O(yn taff from ("ere it lay dicarded in t"e and#

    H5 t"in+ t"at ma+e o%r 'o%rney all t"e more %r$ent#H


    Somet"in$ in"a&ited t"e col%mn#

    Alerted a m%c" &y a feelin$ t"at t"ey (ere &ein$ o&er4ed a &y t"e tran$e

    li$"t ("ic" t"ro&&ed (it"in t"e pillar, O(yn felt t"ey "o%ld exercie ca%tion

    in dealin$ (it" t"e alien r%in#


  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


    5n &etter condition t"an t"e ot"er in t"e circle, it reflecti4e %rface (a

    not a pitted &y t"e &lat of t"e and a t"e ot"er "ad &een# Stro+in$ it

    %rface, O(yn mar4elled at t"e amo%nt of (or+ it m%t "a4e ta+en t"e craftmen

    to ma+e#

    H5 (onder ("at t"i place (a ori$inally,H O(yn a+ed, not expectin$

    t"e mental reply ("ic" flooded "i ene#

    Yo% tand in t"e r%in of KarGeen 0a%+, once t"e "i$" temple of t"e

    e4en $od of Timirianya# Once, t"ee col%mn (ere only ym&ol of t"e $od,

    crafted &y t"e a4ani artian ("o (ere t"e er4ant of D"ata4an# No( t"ey are

    t"e 4eel (it"in ("ic" (e "a4e ta+en ref%$e#HRef%$eI

  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


    c%p for yo%I And ("y "o%ld 5 tr%t a &odile omeone ("o claim to "a4e

    imprioned t"e one (e loo+ forIH

    Yo% are (ie to %etion, t"e 4oice replied, &%t it i mine alone to

    +no( t"i tr%t"# Yo% may do a 5 a+ and &rin$ to me t"e C%p of Rlnn S+rr or yo%

    may peri" in t"e deolation of Timirianya# T"e c"oice i yo%r# 5 (arn yo%

    "o(e4er it (o%ld &e an %n(ie deciion to %tiliGe it po(er# %$ already "a

    learned t"i leon#


  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


    e (a %na&le to come and "e ent % after yo%# e $a4e % t"e pell ("ic" yo%

    left to "im###


    6na&le to comeI

  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


    0acro, &%t ince "e (a intr%mental in a4ertin$ catatrop"e t"ere, 5 cannot

    &elie4e "e (o%ld &e reponi&le# Anot"er i a ma$ician ("om 0acro once told me

    of, named Na+or t"e 5alani &%t a$ain, 5 "a4e reaon to &elie4e t"e Nort"land

    (o%ld "old little interet for "im# T"e only ot"er ("o (o%ld &e capa&le are

    El$"ar and 0a+ala, &%t El$"ar "a &een %ite &%y (it" "i t%dent at



  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


    yo% (i" from t"e $od of TimirianyaI

    H5 came "ere in earc" of my da%$"ter, /amina# A ma$ician, a a4ani &y

    yo%r term, &ro%$"t "er "ere a$aint "er (ill# 5t i important t"at 5 find "er

    and ret%rn to my "ome to a4ert a poi&le catatrop"e# -orce are $at"erin$ to

    tamper (it" t"e Lifetone#H

    -or a moment t"ere (a ilence, t"e only motion in t"e air made &y t"e

    rap of t"e and mo4in$ in t"e deert# T"en, %ite a&r%ptly, D"ata4an 4oice


    Yo%r da%$"ter i ca$ed &y anat"FTiandn# T"ey &elie4e "er an omen t"at

    AlmaFLod+a "a "eard t"eir plea and i preparin$ t"e (ay for "er ret%rn#H5 "e in any dan$erIH %$ a+ed# H5 t"ere omet"in$ yo% may do for


    No, D"ata4an replied# S%c" a my po(er once (ere, t"ey are limited,

    part of t"e price (e paid for contin%ed exitence#

    HYo% ex"a%ted yo%r eence ("en yo% crytaliGed t"e manna to dri4e off

    t"e al"er%#

  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


    al(ay %ppoed t"at yo%r $ift (o%ld +eep yo% afe from "arm, &%t 5 ee my

    pride in yo% ometime &order on t"e dan$ero%ly arro$ant#

  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


    yo% didnt die in "i place#

    Loc+lear eye fla"ed protet, &%t %ddenly "e reac"ed for "i (ord

    a t"ree fla"e appeared in t"e (ood###

    HSpell(ea4erJH Loc+lear "o%ted#

    Dili+in$ t"e fact t"at t"ey (o%ld &e at a diad4anta$e a$aint a

    ma$ical opponent (it"o%t atr%, Mame teeled "imelf a "e $ra&&ed for "i



    Stay yo%r (ord, Sei$ne%r# 5 &elie4e it i till conidered r%de in t"eKin$dom to +e(er yo%r friend#


    D%+e %$J Ne4er "a4e 5 &een "alf o relie4ed to ee a friendly face#

  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story



    T"ey (ill &e (aitin$ for me#



    Before (e mo4e any f%rt"er, 5 am of a mind to prepare yo% for ("at (e are $oin$

    to enco%nter# Located in t"ee c"am&er i an artifact +no(n a t"e Lifetone,crafted &y t"e ancient al"er%# 5t "a po(er &eyond e4en my compre"enion, &%t

    (e +no( t"at it (a crafted for t"e p%rpoe of $reat detr%ction# 5t (a t"i

    t"at t"e fale 0%rmandam% o%$"t to ac"ie4e d%rin$ t"e /reat 6priin$#


  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


    &%t %ic+ly %$ m%ttered a fe( (ord and t"e door "immered a(ay into

    not"in$ne# Beyond lay a 4at c"am&er, and 0a+ala (a (aitin$ for t"em#


    5 "oped more for yo%, 0a+ala#

  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


    "a4e# 5t m%t &e eternally loc+ed a(ay "ere and it exitence m%t die o%t (it"

    t"at mall "andf%l of % t"at "a4e loo+ed %pon it# Yo% (ill pea+ to none of t"e

    Aem&ly a&o%t ("at yo% "a4e fo%nd "ere or yo% "all an(er to me#


    5 cannot in $ood concience +eep %c" a ecret#

  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


    arried &y a "ado(y aailant /orat" &ac+ed into t"e c"am&er, "i (ord

    flyin$ in a defeni4e arc &efore "im# Repeatedly, raGorFli+e fit fla"ed o%t

    of t"e dar+ne to c"allen$e "im, &%t "e +illf%lly t%rned t"e attac+ to "i

    ad4anta$e# -indin$ t"e r"yt"m of "i opponent, "e feinted ri$"t ("en "e (a

    expected to mo4e left and a (arrior &arreled pat "im#

    HDele+"anJH O(yn exclaimed#

    Tripped %p &y /orat", t"e 0ored"el leader cra"ed to t"e $ro%nd,

    narlin$ all t"e ("ile in la4erin$ f%ry# Attemptin$ to rie, "e la"ed %p(ard

    (it" "i $a%ntleted fit &%t &r%tally /orat" tepped inide "i $%ard and

    deli4ered a rain of "ea4y +ic+ %ntil t"e older (arrior fell %iet#H5 %$$et yo% lie till,H /orat" napped, (ipin$ ri4%let of &lood from

    "i face# H5 may decide to +ill yo% yet#H

    H5 "ear yo%,H Dele+"an croa+ed, "i 4oice (ea+# -or a lon$ moment "e

    remained c%rled in a &all, "i &reat" tearin$ ra$$edly from "i t"roat a "e

    clenc"ed and %nclenc"ed "i fit#

  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


    dra$on and (a t"e mar+ of le$end# 5ntantly, a c"ant roe amon$ t"e 0ored"el

    (arrior, many of t"em fallin$ to t"eir +nee in ectatic re4erence#

    H5 "a4e ret%rned, O my c"ildrenJH 0%rmandam% "o%ted from t"e

    &attlement, re4ealin$ a $litterin$ (ord of $old, it "ilt et (it" tone of

    lapi# Hidden deep in t"e c"am&er of eart" &elo( o%r feet, rince Ar%t"a

    o%$"t to +eep t"i (ord from me, from %, t"e +ey to o%r f%t%reJ -or ten year

    "e imprioned me in t"e &o(el of t"i "ell a$aint my (ill, &%t yo% "a4e freed

    me,H "e aid, (eepin$ t"e air (it" t"e (ord# HTen year a$o 5 promied yo% t"e

    da(nin$ of a ne( a$e# 5 (a repaid (it" a&andonment# B%t today 5 am free,

    &eca%e yo% ("o follo(ed Dele+"an &elie4ed in o%r dream# Yo% "a4e demontratedyo%r (ort"ine and loyalty, and a a re(ard yo% "all all &ear (itne to t"e

    deat" of t"e Lord of t"e

  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


    "arne t"e po(er of t"e artifact, a%min$ it "ad any po(er at all###


    T%rnin$, t"e 0ored"el

  • 8/13/2019 Betrayal at Krondor Story


    H5 "all "a4e to tal+ (it" t"em# A (ellFrepected mem&er of t"e Aem&ly

    of 0a$ician named oc"opeppa already +no( omet"in$ of t"e e4ent and "e (ill

    "elp me a%a$e t"eir fear,H %$ aid# HT"an+f%lly t"ey "a4e t"eir "and tied

    (it" anot"er &ot"erome indi4id%al at t"e moment#H

    Satified, Ar%t"a aid "i fare(ell and mo4ed off to &e of aitance

    in e4ac%atin$ t"e remainin$ oldier from t"e area, fearin$ t"at ome mi$"t

    &ecome too c%rio% and dico4er t"in$ &et left %nfo%nd#