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  • 1. Better than Unions THE GREAT GAME OF BUSINESS Enlightened Business Leadership Business Basics Education Power tools in the workplace

2. Were all in this together

  • Poor communication and conflicting objectives result from ignorance about how business works
  • Practical real timebusiness basics education , motivation, and wise use of power tools can stamp out harmful ignorance in the work place
  • Power tools are:
  • (1) risky if operated in ignorance, or
  • (2) effective if skills are developed

3. Information Age Technologies 4. Globalization 5. The Pursuit of Excellence 6. Continuous Improvement 7. Enlightened Business Leadership Interactive Management High-Involvement Management Theory O (Ownership Style of Management) Highly Effective Management Common Sense Management One-Minute Management Open Book Management Firing On All Cylinders The Power of People Honest Business I-Power The Goal The Game of Work The Great Game of Business 8. Impact on TraditionalManagement 9. STRENGTHEN YOUR COMPANYBY Growing employees intobusiness people who are

  • accountable
  • self-reliant
  • team players

10. Turn employees into business people by getting them into the game of business by stamping out ignorance in the workplace 11. 12. 1.How well do your employees understand profit, how your business makes money,and how they can help it make more? 13. 2. How strongly do they personally want toachieve and work to achieve businessobjectives and the critical numbers? 14. 3.How well do they know the rules of thegame of business, and how turned on arethey to produce better results, in lesstime, at lower cost? 15. 4.How well do they follow the action, keepscore, and work together to win againstthe competition? 16. Special programs can backfire

  • Information and communications technologies and continuous improvement programscan either be power tools in the hands of business peopleor risky in the hands of people who do not understand business
  • To strengthen and build business and take advantage of power tools for continuous improvement, companiesmust stamp out ignorance in the workplace
  • And it is best donein fun, more effective ways

17. Use Power Tools Wisely

  • All businesses need improvement
  • Technology advances, competition, and economic stressesdemand accelerated improvement
  • Power tools accelerate for better or for worse
  • Use them wisely byturning employees into accountable, team-playing business people

18. Smartly Play the Game

  • Educate and motivateeveryone in the company byplaying the game of business
  • 1 - Know the rules of business2 - Keep score and follow the action3 - Equitably share the rewards
  • Meet needs better, make more money, and have more fungetting desired results by smartly playing the game of business

19. What are your objectives?

  • How do you respond to the following? Success for us depends on improving our performance in these key areas of our business.

20. What keeps you up at night or w hat do you mull over and over?

  • Improving productivity?
  • Producing more, better, in less time?
  • Lowering costs and expenses?
  • Motivating employees?
  • Getting real buy-in?
  • Retaining employees?
  • Getting a life?
  • Surviving?

21. Whatever your business objectives:

  • Real financial statements measure success
  • Success requires effective teamwork
  • Effective teamwork requires educational training
  • Educational training needs practice, drill, & rehearse

22. What is it like being a traditional employee?

  • Not knowing whats going on
  • Not seeing the big picture
  • Not knowing the rules of the game
  • Not knowing the score
  • Feeling left out of the action

23. Most people want improvement

  • Closed-book management and workplace ignorance is like an iron curtain that retards the rose of progress

24. Remove the Iron Curtain of Ignorance

  • Economics and competition are forcing it
  • Blindfolded employees cannot compete
  • They only assume, guess, and gossip

25. Who has the keysto unlock the doors,to open up the gameand get em playing? 26. For your people to improve, their education and motivation must improve For your company to improve, your people must improve 27. People your ultimate edge

  • Your greatest assets
  • The only assets capable oflearning & improvement
  • People can make moremoney for the business
  • Improve their real time education and motivation

28. Dramatically Accelerate Learning --------- Remove every barrier 29. Blindfolds & barriers frustrate understanding & performance

  • Without freedom, youve got prisoners or slaves
  • Who either submit in fear and do the minimum
  • Or work to get free
  • Or hide behind a union

30. Blindfolded people need help getting around

  • Ongoing traditional supervision is slower, more costly, a drain on resources
  • Self-reliance is a gain
  • Self-reliant business people without bottleneck bosses can reduce cycle times, lower costs, and produce better results

31. Build individual accountability & self-relianceandgroup effort

  • Capitalize on thepower of positive peer pressure , towork better, in less time, and at lower costthan will ever be possible with traditional supervision

32. Keeping people in the dark

  • Costs too much
  • Slows everything down
  • Produces poorer results

33. Whether it results from ignorance, fear, preoccupation with privacy, ego, or just tradition

  • Ongoing competition to improve wont let you keep putting up with your people working in the dark

34. How much is it costing you to carry, push, or pull employees because they are in the dark? 35.

  • Putpower toolsin the hands of educated and motivated business people
  • Avoid the hot air and danger of ignorance

Change Management Tools 36. ITS NOT ENOUGH TOCHANGE PROCESSES MINDS MUSTCHANGE 37. Best results come whenmind, heart, and spirit all get in gear

  • Mind
  • Heart
  • Spirit

38. Capture that combination in a critical mass of team playersand create a management system of business people capable of perpetual improvement 39. H ow do you besteducate and motivate the people in your company? 40. Do Your People Know the Score?

  • Are your numbers just for bosses and bean counters?
  • What a difference it makes to know the score!
  • Imagine not knowing the score in any game!

41. Make it Fun

  • Business is serious, but it can be fun
  • Turn it into the best game in town
  • Get everyone in on it
  • Asking Whats the score?
  • Simplify to the most critical #s
  • Set up a scorecard & scoreboards
  • See the $$$ in the action

42. To Be a Winner Learn to Keep Score

  • CFO may first laugh it off
  • But notice the football pools
  • With detailed record keeping
  • Open up scorekeeping
  • Include a bonus system
  • Get them into the game
  • Make great improvement

43. Games Make Learning Fun

  • Education should not be boring
  • Games are learning tools
  • Simple scorecard & scoreboards
  • Address company priorities
  • Improve company financials

44. Three Types of Games

  • Greatest is the overall real game of business itself
  • Mini-games solve work-related problems
  • Educational toys are useful, but no substitute for the real thing

45. Why we work smarter and harder at games

  • We are really involved
  • We see the big picture
  • We have more choice
  • Goals are better defined
  • Scorekeeping is better
  • Feedback is more frequent
  • Rules dont change in the middle ofthe game


  • Meet Needs
  • Make Money
  • Have Fun Improving

47. You think theyre not interested in the numbers?

  • A mental challenge?
  • Dont understand them?
  • Not used to seeing them?
  • None of their business?
  • Just make it a game to improve the score, to win, and see what happens
  • Make it real totheirbottom line and they willlearn to earn

48. Why avoid transparency and keep them in the dark?

  • Worried about competition?
  • Are professional spo