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  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)



    95 Churchill Way

    Taunton, Somerset TA1 3QX



    "Pilot - Part 1"

    Written by

    Jonathan Leach

  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)



    "Pilot - Part One"


    Fade In:


    We have an exposition shot, showing it to be New JerseyShore, The camera focuses on emerging fog coming in fromthe sea and engulfing the boardwalk. We here slurs anddrunken shouting, as it cuts to two DRUNKS walkinghaphazardly down the sea front.

    It cuts to a close up of one of the drunks, leaning against

    a tree undoing his belt. It pans in on his face, as wehear him start to urinate, giving a sigh of relief. Wehear the second DRUNK singing, as the camera cuts to him,standing on the wall singing out to the sea, which iscovered in fog.

    DRUNK2(singing badly)

    Somewhere... beyond the sea, somewherewaiting for me.


    (turning arounddoing up his flies)Shut your stupid ass up. Gotta gethome, just... gotta, remember theway.

    He looks around for something to lean on, then just fallsto the floor. DRUNK2 finds this amazingly funny, and sooncollapses from laughing, DRUNK 1 starts laughing as well,trying to hide it from his friend. As the fog engulfsboth of them, the loud laughing from DRUNK 2 suddenly stops.DRUNK1 looks up, stifling his laughter.

    DRUNK1 (cont'd)(speaking throughslight laughter)

    Hank, you're such an ass.

    DRUNK1 looks around, still laughing slightly. He squintsthrough the fog, which is getting thicker and thicker, afaint scream is heard, the camera cuts to his point ofview, and suddenly his friends face appears, made fromshadow in the mist. DRUNK1 looks quizzically at it.

    DRUNK1 (cont'd)



  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    The face opens its mouth and erupts with thunderousbellowing, DRUNK1 starts screaming and panicking, scramblingto his feet but falling over promptly. He turns on hisback as the shadows from the face start reaching for him,he scrambles onto his knees and starts crawling, gettingto his feet eventually and running, looking back every sooften. The bellowing stops. DRUNK 1 turns around,

    obviously out of breath, he turns around again and findshimself face to face with the shadowy silhouette of HANK.There's a pause, before the bellowing starts again andDRUNK1 starts screaming. The camera then pulls back, aswe realise that it was all on the TV, the title comes upon the television "Ghosts of Jersey".


    The camera then cuts to CARLI PIERCE sitting on the end ofher bed, leaning on her hand watching the TV, not impressed.



    She picks up the remote and turns off the TV, then throwsthe remote in to the lap of a the big purple teddy bear,sitting by the television.

    PIERCE (cont'd)(sighing and talkingto the bear)

    How disappointing.

    She grabs some clothes that are draped over her bed. AndReaches over to her iPod, before heading out the door.

    CUT TO:


    Carli's dad is sitting at the kitchen table, reading thepaper, most of the headlines and sub headings being aboutstrange things happening locally. Carli pours herself a

    glass of orange juice, and leans on the counter to drinkit. Her dad turns around raises his eyebrows, acknowledgingshe's there, then turns back to his paper. Carli half smilesbriefly, before it fades into a look of slight depression.The camera holds on the silence of the room.

    CUT TO:

  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    Carli is wearing a purple sports bra and shorts, with herhair tied back into a ponytail. There is a close up of heriPod, as she puts on a particular song: "New Slang". Sheputs in her ear phones and starts jogging. It becomes amontage as she jogs, the credits begin to appear.

    CUT TO:


    She turns a corner, and starts jogging by a long wall, shejogs past a dark alleyway, and her the music skips. Shestops and looks at her iPod, she looks confused, then looksup to find herself at the corner she had just turned,looking up the long concrete wall she had previously runpast. She looks worried and begins to walk, looking

    carefully at the path, pausing at the alleyway where hermusic had skipped. She looks down the dark alley, shetakes one step down it before shaking her head, puttingher headphones back in and continuing with her jogging.

    CUT TO:


    We see a close-up of the school's main entrance, thebuilding looks old and dirty. The camera pans down as

    Carli Pierce starts walking down the path way, she bumpsinto middle aged man. He turns around quickly, blustering.This is Keller.

    KELLERI'm so sorry-

    Keller stops talking suddenly, as he is distracted by themarking over Carli's left eye. She gives him a strangelook, snapping him back to reality, he smiles.

    KELLER (cont'd)(organizing his

    thoughts)Yes, yes. I'm sorry.

    PIERCEIt's okay... really.

    Carli turns around and walks towards the main doors, pullinga slightly weirded-out expression. Keller stays a whileand stares after her, before shaking his head and walkingin the opposite direction.

    CUT TO:

  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    Carli swings her locker open, She takes out her ear phonesand wraps them round her iPod then places it carefully onthe lower shelf of her locker, she looks at it for a second,before pulling out a sketchbook from her locker and slammingthe door closed.



    Carli is sitting on the steps outside the college, it'sraining. Her sketchbook is resting across her knee, witha sandwich resting on top of it, she watches as people runpast her, hoods up, and sketchbooks over heads. She takesa bite out of her sandwich, and sighs.

    CUT TO:


    Carli is leaning on her hand, sketching with the other,not really paying attention to what she's doing. She'sgazing out the window, watching people walk past. Hereyes narrow as she watches, from a distance, a tall mandressed in black walks slowly and calmly down a pathway.He is quite a distance away from the window, walkingcompletely upright, almost like he is trying to imitate

    how to walk normally. He suddenly stops, and turns hishead to look right at Carli, Carli lifts her head off herhand, and drops her pencil. She stares straight back athim for a few seconds, before he turns right around, andstarts running back the way he came, very very fast. Carliswallows deeply, and breaths out, she then gazes down atwhat she drew. It looked like a close up of the man shehad just seen, though his face is almost featureless, onlythe dimmest hint of any features at all. Carli looksastounded, she quickly gathers up her things and closesher book firmly.

    CUT TO:


    Carli enters the room, obviously tired. She takes herphone out of her pocket, and places it on her bedside table,she does the same with some gum, and her keys, and finallywith her iPod, she looks at it, and places it down withthe rest of her things. She then lies on her bed, staringat the iPod, before turning her head and closing her eyes.


  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    A blue swirly mist engulfs Carli's room, which is now verydimly lit, as if it were the evening. The camera zooms outthe window, and sores above all the buildings, the camerathen starts honing in on a particular destination, it zoomsacross a telephone line, scaring birds resting on it.

    Through various buildings, offices and flats, having smallglimpses of conversations before the camera turns towardsthe ground and starts zooming downwards. As it does awinding staircase appears, as well as many bookcases, thecamera starts to turn with the stairs as this mysteriouslibrary becomes more and more visible, as the camera reachesthe bottom of the staircase, it zooms to a mysterious womansitting by a fire, a book on her lap and her eyes closed.It zooms to eyes eyes, which open suddenly, she looksshocked at first, then she smiles with her eyes. This isLucille.

    LUCILLE(Still only seeingher eyes)


    CUT TO:


    Carli opens her eyes suddenly, there's a vibrating noise,she looks across to her bedside table and her phone is

    vibrating. She looks scared still, but regains hercomposure, reaches over and answers her phone.



    We here a muffled reply, Carli sighs with relief.

    PIERCE (cont'd)I'll be right down.

    She hangs up the phone, and rests her head on her hand.

    Then laughs slightly, looking around the room once morebefore grabbing her jacket and heading out once more.


    Joseph Braille is sitting in his car, spinning his phoneround in his hand. Carli enter's the passenger side door,and looks at Braille, lifting up her phone.

    PIERCEYou couldn't just ring the bell?

    BRAILLENo... what if your dad answered?


  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    PIERCEYeh... what?

    BRAILLEI'd have to... talk to him.


    Yeah, maybe.

    BRAILLEIt'd be awkward, we all know I don'ttalk to anyone that isn't you.

    Carli laughs, and puts on her seat belt. Braille startsthe engine and looks at Carli expectedly. Carli smiles atfirst, then stares back with a confused expression.

    BRAILLE (cont'd)Where are we going?

    PIERCEI don't know. Can't we just... drive?

    BRAILLE(laughing slightly)

    I guess, but with a quarter tank ofgas and not a penny to my name... wewon't be going far.

    Carli smiles, then sighs and leans back in the seat.

    BRAILLE (cont'd)You okay?



    BRAILLESomehow, I'm not convinced. Wassup?

    Carli looks as if she's about to talk, when her phonevibrates. She smiles at Braille and looks at her phone.

    PIERCEJesse wants to see me, you wannapick him up?

    Braille looks slightly perturbed, but smiles it off.

    BRAILLEYeah, sure.

  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    Braille starts the car and they drive off. The camerapans backwards to reveal the back of Lucille's head staringat the car as it drives off. Her head turns so we see herprofile, the street lights and exhaust smoke making heralmost a silhouette.

    LUCILLEHer name is Carli Pierce.

    The camera pans across to reveal the back of a man's head,he turns his head, to reveal his profile as well a ratheraverage looking, middle-aged man. His hair is recedingand he wears thick glasses, it is the man from that morning,Graham Keller.

    KELLERAnd who's he?

    Lucille shrugs.

    LUCILLEHis name's Joseph Braille, but he'sunimportant.

    Keller turns his head back to where the car had beenpreviously.

    KELLERWhat makes you think it's her?

    LUCILLEI just know.

    Keller looks uneasy about what he's about to say.

    KELLERThen we better... get her. I suppose.I mean, if you're sure?

    LUCILLEI'm sure.

    CUT TO:


    Braille is singing along to a Buddy Holly song playing onhis CD player. Carli rolls her eyes and turns the volumedown slightly.

    PIERCEWhat is this 50's crap you listento? It's just depressing.


  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    BRAILLE(Slightly offended)

    Buddy Holly was an unrecognizedgenius. And it's my car... my music.

    Braille leans over and turns the volume right up.

    BRAILLE (cont'd)(Talking louderover the music)

    He was actually quite the maverickin the 50's, anyway. Loads of hisstuff was quite risque at the time...

    PIERCEThe word "baby" is quite risque...And didn't he say he wanted to "spendthe night", before? That's a bittoo raunchy for my likings...

    BRAILLE(Laughing, hejokingly pushesCarli on theshoulder)

    I said "at the time".

    Carli looks over at Braille and smiles, But Braille's faceimmediately changes, as he slams on the breaks. Carliscreams as the car stops suddenly, both of them breathheavily as they raise their heads and gaze out the


    BRAILLE (cont'd)What the fuck...

    Illuminated by the head lights is Lucille, standing a smalldistance from the front of the car. Her loose vest topshows her right arm, completely covered in strange tattoos.She's holding a case in one hand, decorated with strangevoodoo markings. She seems almost detached from reality,not even acknowledging what nearly happened to her. BothCarli and Braille stare transfixed at her, Carli recognizingher from her previous dream. Their heads follow her as

    she walks round to the passenger door. Braille locks thedoors quickly, as she tries to open it. She stares atBraille briefly, a confused look on her face. She thenstarts to stare at Carli, who stares right back.

    BRAILLE (cont'd)(Whispering)

    What shall I do?

    Braille waits for a response, but there is none.


  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    BRAILLE (cont'd)(Louder and moreimpatient)

    What shall I do? Carli? Shall Ijust drive?

    Carli slowly lifts the lock, Braille looks on, a very

    shocked expression on his face. Lucille half smiles, andopens the door.

    LUCILLEHello Miss Pierce.

    BRAILLEYou know her?

    Carli shakes her head. Lucille exchanges the case from herright hand to her left, and reaches out to shake Carli'shand.

    LUCILLEMy name is Lucille, and it really isa pleasure to meet you.

    There's a stunned silence.


    Well, isn't that nice.

    Carli hesitantly takes Lucille's hand and shakes it slowly.

    Lucille smiles again, and takes a deep breath, she'sobviously nervous.

    LUCILLEI don't suppose you know who youare, do you?

    BRAILLEShe's Carli Pierce, you said hername like ten seconds ago.

    Carli turns around, and gives Braille a stern look.

    PIERCEJoe... shut up.

    Braille raises his hands defensively, as a sign he won'tsay another word. Carli turns back to Lucille.

    LUCILLEYou're life is a struggle, is itnot, Miss Pierce? You feel alienated,detached and lonely, do you not?You get a feeling of hopelessnessfrom this place, a feeling you can't

    seem to escape... no?


  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    PIERCE(Shrugs and laughslightly)

    Well... this is New Jersey.

    Braille laughs lightly, through his nose.

    LUCILLEI have the answer for you, MissPierce. You feel unwelcome here,because this isn't really where youbelong... you're-

    PIERCEThe answer? I wasn't aware I askeda question. As strange as it seems...Lucille... I'm actually happy.


    Happiness comes from doing what youlove, you love nothing here and younever have. What you feel isn'thappiness, it's acceptance. You'veaccepted that you can't feel happierthan you do, therefore you've decidedthis is as happy as you can be...

    There's a silence. Lucille looks uncertain what to saynext, she then gazes down at the case she's carrying andsmiles.

    LUCILLE (cont'd)I wish to show you something,something that might spark a strangefeeling of... familiarity.

    Lucille lifts up the case in one hand and takes hold ofthe handle with the other, she lifts the lid slowly, Carlileans in to see and Braille, trying to remain out of theconversation, glances over Carli's shoulder. In the caseis a skeleton forearm, red bandages wrapped around thebase, colorful beads and bracelets covering the wrist, thefine bones in the hands and fingers remaining mysteriouslyattached. The fingers twitch slightly, and drum ever so

    softly on the base of the ancient carrying case. Carlilooks up from the case, Lucille smiles expectedly.


    Who the hell are you?

    Lucille's face falls. Carli backs into her seat more,holding onto Braille's arm, who looks equally as appalled.

    PIERCE (cont'd)What the fuck is wrong with you?

    Carli leans forward and pulls the car door shut, makingLucille shut the case and move out the way.


  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    PIERCE (cont'd)Just drive, Joe.

    Braille obliges, he starts the engine and drives away.Carli watches Lucille in the wing mirror, as Lucille calmlystares after them, dusting off her pristine white vesttop. Carli sits back in her seat, and sighs.

    BRAILLEYou okay?


    Yeah, I just... wasn't expectingthat. I mean, that was an arm, thatwas a human arm...

    BRAILLECertainly looked that way.

    Braille lets out a little shudder.

    BRAILLE (cont'd)Crazy bitch. What the hell was shetalking about?

    PIERCEI... I don't know.

    BRAILLE(Looking concerned)

    Are you sure about that?

    Carli looks across at Braille slowly.

    BRAILLE (cont'd)You looked pretty in the know... whowas she?

    PIERCEI. Don't. Know, Braille.

    BRAILLEJoe, you call me Joe. Everyone else

    calls me Braille, you call me Joe.That's how it goes. Now stopbullshitting me, and tell me what'sup with you...

    Braille stops and the car, and looks at Carli expectedly.

    PIERCEIt's nothing major.

    BRAILLEJust tell me.


  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    PIERCELately, as in not lately, actually.Sort of, for a long time now... Idon't know. I can't word it right,I just sound... strange.


    Have you met her before?

    PIERCENo, no... not met. Just, strangeshit is happening, it always has. Iguess I'm just noticing it more.

    BRAILLEWhat kinda strange shit? Like, ghostsand shit?


    No, y'see, this is exactly why Ican't talk to you about it. You'llmake jokes, you'll make me feel likea freak.

    BRAILLENot to be rude, Carlz, but you are afreak. We both are, so stop beingso self conscious and just tell mestraight... if I ridicule, its justcos I care.

    Carli fidgets, and fans her self with her hands. She thenopens the window.

    PIERCEOkay. Okay...

    She looks up at Braille and takes a deep breath, Braillewaits, a concerned expression on his face.

    PIERCE (cont'd)Just, don't interrupt...

    CUT TO:


    Keller and Lucille and walking down the sidewalk, followingCarli and Braille. Keller looks annoyed, while Lucillehas on her usual distant expression.

    KELLERYou gotta take these things slow,Lucille. You can't just whip outthe skeleton arm and persuade her...

    you've had enough time to learn that.

    Lucille hugs the case close to her chest.


  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    LUCILLEThis is no skeleton arm, Mr Keller,this is the Psept or Flambeau, anancient voodoo artifact, the weaponof choice to one such as her.

    Keller, turns and stops her.

    KELLERThat, Lucille, is my point. Allthis talk of voodoo artifacts, ancientweapons... "Flambeau"s. You scaredher, we can't approach this as aprophecy, she's not a chosen one,she's not a vampire slayer... she'sCarli Pierce, seventeen years old,and scared of a raving mad woman...

    Keller starts walking again.

    KELLER (cont'd)(Calling after her)

    A raving mad woman who showed her adismembered arm. I mean, JesusChrist! What were you thinking!?

    Lucille looks confused, she holds the Flambeau closer toher, she runs to catch up with Keller.

    LUCILLEI'm actually older than this... "Mr

    Jesus" people often mention, though,I never had the pleasure of meetinghim... I hear he was the forgivingtype. I hope you can do the samewith me. I am quite removed fromthe thoughts of the young ... itwill take some time to adjust, itsbeen a long time since I wasseventeen. Rome was still in it'sinfancy.

    Keller gives her a strange look.

    KELLERI never know if you're joking ornot.

    LUCILLENot in this case, though the centurieshave developed my sense of humor.It's something I'm quite proud ofactually. Would you like to hear ajoke?

    Keller looks at her for a second.

    KELLERPerhaps another time.


  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    LUCILLEYou will have to remind me, I'll tryand think of a good one in themeantime.

    (There's a briefsilence)

    Do you follow this Jesus man, Mr

    Keller? If you're interested in theparanormal, you need look no furtherthan the Christian bible, riddledwith stories, some true, some not.Notice how the God character is somuch more wrathful in the oldtestament... obviously fatherhoodmade him address his priorities abit more.

    KELLERMore milk and honey and a lot less

    wrath, huh?

    LUCILLEThe land of milk and honey is inExodus, Mr Keller, the old testament.

    Keller rolls his eyes.

    KELLERYou really do have a story for everyoccasion don't you?

    LUCILLETwo thousand years gives you quitethe repertoire-

    Lucille suddenly stops and turns her head towards a playpark, surrounded by trees and absolutely pitch dark. Kellerstops and watches her, as she starts taking slow stepstowards the park, the angle changes back and fourth fromKeller's point of view to Lucille's point of view. Lucillehears a threatening moan emanating from the darkness ofthe park, and the dark seems to ripple, Keller hears andsees nothing.

    KELLERWhat're you doing?


    Lucille holds a finger towards Keller, indicating him tobe quiet. She takes another step closer.

    LUCILLE (cont'd)There is something here.


  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    From Lucille's point of view we see a figure leap out ofthe darkness, a tall almost 2-dimensional human shapedfigure, the same one Carl saw in the Somerstead CommonRoom. It stands almost nine feet tall, and gives theimpression of it going to great lengths to appear in theshape it is. After a second of standing still, is leapsinto a run. Lucille suddenly turns around, her eyes wide

    with terror.

    LUCILLE (cont'd)Run, Keller, run to the car. Findher before it does.

    Keller nods and starts running up the road, we see fromLucille's POV again, and Keller is running right alongside the creature. Lucille composes herself, she thensits cross legged on the ground, kicking off her sandals.She collects a handful of gravel from the park and sprinklesit around herself in a vague circle. She places the case

    in front of her and opens the lid.





    Braille and Carli are leaning into the center of the car,Braille is embracing her, rubbing her shoulder.

    PIERCEDo you think I'm crazy?

    Braille doesn't answer, he looks down at Carli and smiles.

    PIERCE (cont'd)You do.

    BRAILLENo, Carli, I don't. I think you're

    stressed, I think you're tense.When was the last time you had areally decent nights sleep?

    Carli sits up and flattens her hair.

    PIERCEI don't know, I haven't been sleepingwell. But I really don't think that's-

    BRAILLE(Interrupting her)

    I'm taking you home, you can seeJesse tomorrow, you need to sleep.


  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    A car suddenly drives past, making Carli jump and screamslightly. She holds her chest and breaths deeply, thenlooks at Braille and laughs.

    BRAILLE (cont'd)You're so jumpy at the moment, thelast thing you need tonight are any

    more scares!

    Keller suddenly and urgently knocks on the Braille's window,making Braille scream and jump with fright. Braille turnsaround and winds down the window.

    BRAILLE (cont'd)Yeah, what?


    You need to drive, you need to drive

    right now.

    BRAILLEExcuse me? Who are you?

    PIERCEYou were at my college this morning.You walked into me...

    KELLERYou need to just get out of here,now!

    Braille looks from Keller to Carli, who shrugs, then backto Keller.



    Why? Why? Because, there's, Idon't... I don't really know why.Lucille just said that-


    Lucille? I see. Y'know, maybe thatdriving idea wasn't such a bad idea.

    Carli leans forward over Braille's lap to talk to Keller.

    PIERCEWhat did Lucille say?

    KELLERShe said to find you, before... before

    it finds you.


  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    Braille is leaning on the open car window, his hand on hishead.

    BRAILLEThis is... truly insane.

    Braille starts his engine, and turns his car around.

    BRAILLE (cont'd)(Turning to Carli)

    I'm taking you home. You're not inright state of mind to listen tostalkers and crazies, Carli, I think-

    PIERCE(Interrupting in awhisper lookingpetrified)


    Carli's eyes don't move off what Braille's car is nowpointing at.

    PIERCE (cont'd)Look.

    Braille turns to look, squinting his eyes to make out whathe's looking at. Dancing around the light of his car, isthe wavy distorted shape of a man, standing quite somedistance away, light seems to dance off his pitch blackbody. He is facing the car head on, standing nine feet

    tall, dancing without moving. Braille opens his car doorand gets out, a look of complete disbelief of his face.Pierce soon gets out of the car as well. They stare at itfor a while, Keller follows their path of sight, but can'tsee anything himself.

    PIERCE (cont'd)You can see it, Joe. You can seeit, yeah?

    BRAILLEI can see it, I can see... what isit?

    Carli takes a step forward, closing the car door. Shetilts her head, the two of them continue to stare, as theghostly figure stares back.

    KELLER(Gesturing and in awhisper)

    Whatever it is you see, you have toget back in the car...


  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    Braille and Carli continue to stare, but in the blink ofan eye the figure starts running, the low moan gettinglouder and louder. Fear suddenly sets into the faces ofBraille and Pierce, and Braille slides into the car andslams the door shut.


    Carli, get in the car!

    Pierce fumbles with the door handle, but she sees that thelock is down, Braille reaches over. The figure is gettingquickly closer and closer, Braille pulls up the lock andCarli swings open the door, but the figure is close, allshe can do is stare at it looming over her. With a flashof blue light the black figure disappears, and a ghostlyblue mist settles over the area. Carli, breathing deeply,stares into the darkness, and once again illuminated bythe car beams, is Lucille, holding the Flambeau tightly inher grip. Being held by the skeletal hand is a dark flame,

    like a fire with all the color sucked out of it. She lowersthe strange looking torch and the flame extinguishes.Pierce slowly gets into the car and closes the door. Kellerwalks round and whispers to Braille.

    KELLERTake her home, Joseph.

    Keller pats Braille on the shoulder, Braille nods slowlyand starts his car again. Lucille steps out of the way,and Braille drives away, back towards Carli's house makinga clear path through the mist. Lucille and Keller exchange

    a distant look, before sighing with relief.



    Braille is just pulling up outside Carli's house. Hedoesn't take his eyes of the road, she does the same.

    BRAILLEAre you going to be okay?

    Carli shakes her head and looks at Braille, almost tearful.

    PIERCE(Embarrassed asking)

    Stay. Please.

    Braille, takes the keys out of the ignition, and nods.

    CUT TO:

  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    Braille swings the door open, and turns on the lightquickly, giving the room a quick scan before Carli comesin. Braille leans in the doorway, taking off his glassesand rubbing the bridge of his nose. Without warning Carliremoves her top and throws it on her bed, quickly putting

    a nightshirt on. Braille looks for split second but quicklyaverts his gaze.

    BRAILLE(Looking away)

    You've gotta warn a guy when you dothat. First instinct isn't alwaysto be a gentleman.

    Carli lies down on her bed and smiles.


    Shut up.

    Braille goes across to a chair by the window and slumpsdown on it, taking off his jacket and placing his glasseson the table. Carli looks across, worried.

    PIERCE (cont'd)No.

    She nods at the other side of the bed.

    PIERCE (cont'd)


    Braille nods, kicks off his boots and lies down on thebed. They both lie on their backs staring at the ceiling.

    BRAILLEYou wanna... talk?

    PIERCEWhat about?

    BRAILLEI don't know, whatever you want to

    talk about. Maybe... about what thefuck just happened.

    PIERCEIt was just my bra, Joe, deal withit-

    BRAILLENo. No, that other thing.

    Carli swallows nervously and takes a while to answer.

    PIERCE...what other thing?


  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    Braille turns his head to look at Carli.

    BRAILLEAre you kidding?

    There's a look of plea as Carli speaks.

    PIERCEI don't know what you're talkingabout.


    No, no, neither do I really.

    They both turn to stare at the ceiling again. Carli edgestowards Braille and rests her head on his shoulder andcloses her eyes. Hesitantly Braille puts his arm aroundher, a confused expression on his face, obviously not sure

    if what he's doing is inappropriate or not.

    BRAILLE (cont'd)Carli?

    PIERCE(keeping her eyesclosed)


    BRAILLEHow asleep are you?


    Not very.

    Braille swallows nervously.

    BRAILLEBecause, you know that I'm here foryou, yeah? To talk to and...

    (Swallows again)Stuff.

    Carli lights pats Braille on the chest.

    PIERCE(Almost silently)

    I know.

    BRAILLELike, with that thing that didn'thappen before. I was worried aboutyou, in fact I've never been so scaredin my life. But not for me, I wasscared something might happen to you.


    Braille shakes her softly.


  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)





    BRAILLEJust, I care about you. Quite a lotactually. So just, don't die, please.You're my best friend, my only friend

    really. And I...

    Braille looks down at Carli, who is obviously sleep.

    BRAILLE (cont'd)Carli?

    There is no response. Braille sighs, leans forward andkisses carli on the forehead. Almost completely silentlyin a sleepy whisper Carli speaks.



    Braille smiles to himself, then lies his head back down onthe pillow and closes his eyes.

    CUT TO:


    Braille's eyes shoot open looks around the room and relaxes.

    BRAILLEThank god. I'm not kidnapped.

    Braille looks down at Carli who is still asleep on hisshoulder, he stares at her a while, lifting a strand ofpurple dyed hair out of hair face and behind her ear andsmiles, his hand still on her cheek. Her eyes opensuddenly. She jumps up, Braille does soon after, notknowing what her reaction is too.

    PIERCEWhat's the time?

    BRAILLE(Looking at hiswatch)

    Half ten.

    Carli shoots out of bed, removing her nightshirt again.Braille, frustrated, looks away again and rolls his eyes.Carli puts on a black jumper.

    BRAILLE (cont'd)Can I ask what the emergency is?


  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    PIERCEI'm behind on my regime, I alreadycan't go for my jog now. Why didn'tyou wake me?

    BRAILLEI didn't think you wanted to, you

    looked so peaceful.

    PIERCE(raising an eyebrow)

    You were watching me sleep?

    BRAILLEI... no. I just, guessed?

    Carli shakes her head and laughs slightly, she pulls herhair into a tight pony tail, and brushes her side fringeback into shape. Without a word she leaves, leaving Braille

    lying on her bed.

    CUT TO:


    Carli is drinking a glass of orange juice, her dad isreading the paper as usual. Braille hops into the kitchenputting one of his boots on, with his jacket over his arm.Carli's dad turns around and looks at Braille, then looksat Carli, his eyebrows furrowed.

    CARLI'S DADDid he spend the night?


    Braille looks a little frightened.

    CARLI'S DADDo we need to have that... talk?That, safe sex talk thing?

    PIERCE(Finishing her drink)


    CARLI'S DAD(Turning back tohis paper)

    Good good.

    Carli then leaves the kitchen, towards the front door,leaving Braille standing in the kitchen.

    CUT TO:

  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    Braille walks out the front door and closes it, they bothwalk towards Braille's car.

    BRAILLEThat's why I don't like talking with

    your dad. He just pretends I'm notthere.

    PIERCEThat's what he's like with me mostof the time, don't take it personally.

    They both get the car.

    CUT TO:


    Carli is just getting out and walking away, Braille callsafter her.

    BRAILLEI need to park this beast, you gonnabe okay on your own?

    Carli turns around smiling sarcastically and gives him athumbs up. Braille looks unamused then drives off. A manin a black shirt comes running up behind Carli and taps

    her on the opposite shoulder. This is Jesse. Carli turnsright around, then hits Jesse on the chest with hersketchbook.

    JESSEDidn't see you last night? Braillenot feel like picking me up?

    They start walking together through the main doors.

    PIERCEThings came up, sorry.

    JESSEWell, I wanted to give you somethinglast night.

    Jesse pulls Carli to face him, and kisses her. Carli pusheshim back, and wipes her lips.

    PIERCEWhat is wrong with you? We're atschool.


    So? I thought you liked kissing me,am I wrong?


  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    PIERCEYou're a jerk. Not at school, okay.Just not.

    JESSE(smiling, holdingcarli's hands)

    I promise to try.

    PIERCEI want it a secret, Jesse, for now.Braille is very protective, I don'tknow how he'll react.

    JESSEBraille's my boy, he'll be happy forus. Trust me.

    Carli pulls her hands out of his, and walks away from him.

    Leaving Jesse staring after her. He furrows his eyebrowsand walks the opposite way.

    CUT TO:


    Carli enters the large room and walks over to her usualround table by the big window. There is almost no oneelse there. Carli throws her book onto the table and herbag by her seat and puts her head in her hands, she stares

    out the window, where she had seen that twisted blackfigure. Carli turns around face to face with an open voodoocase, the skeleton arm gently drumming its fingers. Lucillestands over her holding the case. Pierce just backwardsout of her chair, she stands up and sits on the windowsill.

    PIERCEWhy can't you leave me alone?

    LUCILLEBecause I have things to say to you,thing you need to listen to.

    PIERCEThat thing, that thing you said wasafter me, it's gone, okay, there'snothing else to talk about.

    (Looking down atthe arm)

    Please put that away.

    Lucille closes the case, and places it on the table. Shesits down, and indicates Carli to do the same. HesitantlyCarli obliges.


  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    PIERCE (cont'd)Can you just tell me, what's goingon?

    LUCILLEThat, unfortunately, I cannot do. Ican do my best to explain, but you

    must promise to listen with an openmind, and things might start makingsense to you.

    PIERCEWho was that man, last night?

    LUCILLEHis name is Graham Keller... he'smy, assistant, I suppose. I savedhis life in exchange for his help.He's turned out to be very reliable.

    PIERCEI didn't mean him, I mean-

    Lucille leans and takes a deep breath.

    LUCILLEAh, that. I want to tell you a story.

    Lucille reaches into her shoulder bag, and retrieves abrown leather sack, she sprinkles the red, dusty contentsin the shape of a circle on the table. With a wry smile

    and a swift movement of her hand, the circle of dustignites, and burns round. Carli stares on, fascinated.

    LUCILLE (cont'd)Do not be scared by what you see.

    When the fire burns right round the dusty circle a puff ofred smoke engulfs the common room. Rising from the middleof the table is a geyser of white smoke, in the center aredark figures, mannequins. Carli looks round the commonroom, to see if anyone is watching, the table and chairshave become disembodied from the rest of the room, floatingon a sea of darkness. Carli looks sternly at Lucille.

    PIERCEI want to stop now.

    LUCILLEI said to not be scared, just lookon, let the story unfold to you.

    Carli stares into the red smoke, and the figures suddenlyspring to life. There are three, one stands taller andhigher than the rest, the other is shrouded in black smokeand the last has a pair of wings sprouting from it's back.

    The figures then fade, as an image of the earth appears.


  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    LUCILLE'S V.O.When the world was created, a twinworld was born on the back of it, mydescendants called it the shadowworld. Though its also known as theAntiterra.

    The earth suddenly doubles, though the double appearsdarker.

    LUCILLE'S V.O. (cont'd)One was to grow and flourish throughthe use of it's own resources, theother to have the power of magic toassist it.

    The image zooms in on the space between the two worlds,shadows and black figures start leaping from one world tothe next.

    LUCILLE'S V.O. (cont'd)Though the magical creatures ofAntiterra, with their vast amountsof power, found access to the otherworld and seeked to conquer it.

    The worlds disappear, and the three figures stand tall andproud.

    LUCILLE'S V.O. (cont'd)Three angels were created to guard

    the space between worlds. Theguardian, the shadow and thetrickster. Through the years thetrickster grew impatient at seeingthe fun worldly creatures had, hehad a plan to fall to our world toplay and scare to his hearts content.Though to be of magic blood is tosacrifice your physical body if youdare enter our world. And thetrickster was cursed and trapped toremain in our world for all time.

    The figure of the winged figure jumps down and shrinkstill he disappears.

    LUCILLE'S V.O. (cont'd)Without the balance of three angels,the shadow became eager to take theguardians place. He hatched a planto invite the guardian to walk themagical realms in their physicalforms, and kill him. Though theguardian foresaw his own death andsent shreds of his spirit to this

    world, to act as heirs to his throne.


  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    Ten beams of lights eject from the tallest figure, thefigures then start walking. The shadowy figure draws aknife and stabs the taller figure. The smoke turns red.

    LUCILLE'S V.O. (cont'd)When the guardian's blood was split,it acted as a seal, trapping the

    shadow to the magical world, in amortal form. And thus making him afallen angel.

    The blood from the tall figure creates a bubble around theshadowy figure, the figure then falls to his knees and afaint scream is heard. The figures then all swirl into asymbol, the same symbol on Pierce's left eye.

    LUCILLE'S V.O. (cont'd)The Shadow, also known as Evilyn,seeks to destroy you, because you

    are the last heir to the guardian'sthrone. He cannot venture from thatworld to this himself, so he sendsagents.

    The smoke collapses in on itself, and the common room re-appears, no one in the room seems to realize what justhappened. Lucille leans forward and smiles.

    LUCILLEThe guardian is gone, so sprits canpass through the worlds, you have

    the power to stop them, Miss Pierce.

    PIERCE(Laughing and gettingup)

    This, this is ridiculous.

    Lucille gets up and holds onto Carli's wrist.

    LUCILLEWhy would you listen for as long asyou have, if you truly believe thisis ridiculous?

    There is a long silence, Lucille gestures towards the box,and with her other hand she opens the lid.

    LUCILLE (cont'd)Hold it.


    LUCILLEHold it, and if you truly don't feel

    anything, then I will leave you alone.Forever.


  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    Pierce nods, and Lucille lets go of her wrist. Piercereaches towards the Flambeau.

    PIERCEIs this the... Handle?

    Lucille nods. And Carli takes hold of the base of the

    arm. The camera then zooms into her hands as a blue mistswirls around the tendons in her hand, they lock into place,and start climbing up her arm, tracing the lines of veinsand arteries in her arm and her neck, looking terrified,it climbs over her face, and a shadow briefly washes overher eyes before the mist disappears. Carli looks at Lucillein disbelief, then looks to the Flambeau. She drops itback into the case and starts to walk away.

    PIERCE (cont'd)I didn't feel anything.

    LUCILLEYou're lying. Look at that markingover your eye, the marking of amagical being.

    Lucille pulls the hem of her top down to reveal the samedesign on her shoulder.

    LUCILLE (cont'd)The evidence is all there, why won'tyou see it?

    PIERCEThis tattoo is a result of my birthparents drunken and disorderly badparenting. Now I didn't feel a thing,so you can leave me alone.

    Lucille packs the arm back into the case and calls afterher.

    LUCILLEYou're still lying. Why? Are youscared?

    Carli stops and turns around, walking slowly back towardsLucille.

    PIERCEAm I scared? No. No, Lucille, I'mnot scared. Why would I be?

    LUCILLEYou're being sarcastic, aren't you...

    PIERCEWho are you?

    LUCILLEI'm Lucille.


  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    PIERCEI'm afraid I'm gonna need a littlemore than that, where are you from?Why are you doing this?

    Lucille looks thoughtful for a moment, before smiling.

    LUCILLEI have a proposition, Miss Pierce.If you wish it, I will never contactyou again, and that is a promise...

    PIERCESounds like a pretty good proposition-


    However, if you meet with me tonightI will give you every answer to every

    question you have. And I guarantee,you'll feel better for it...

    Pierce looks confused, but nods slowly.

    LUCILLE (cont'd)There is a dark alleyway not farfrom your home, that I believe isfamiliar to you. At then end of itis a pale green door, I will be insidewaiting, indefinitely.

    Lucille places the flambeau down in front of Pierce andwalks out of the common room, Pierce stares on until Lucilleleaves. She then picks of the voodoo case carefully, andfollows her.


    Braille is twirling his keys in his hand, looking roundfor Pierce, Jesse walks past with a group of friends andwaves. Braille reluctantly waves back.


    Who's that?

    Braille turns around, to see Keller standing behind him.

    BRAILLEJesus, what is it with you? What doyou want with me? With her?

    KELLERMy name is Graham Keller, it's apleasure, Joseph.

    Keller puts his hand out, Braille looks at him confused.But shakes his hand.


  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    KELLER (cont'd)Carli Pierce is special...

    Braille looks eager to hear more.

    KELLER (cont'd)And to be honest, I don't know a

    whole lot more than that.

    BRAILLEThen tell me what you do know...

    Keller turns around and leans on a rail, looking over thecampus.

    KELLERDid you see that thing? That thinglast night?

    Braille turns around and leans on the rail also, shakinghis head.

    BRAILLEI don't know what I saw-


    I didn't ask what you saw, I askedif you saw it.


    Well, it was pretty hard to miss.

    KELLERWell, I didn't see it. I know therewas something there, I could feelsomething there... but I couldn'tsee it. I don't know why...

    BRAILLEI'm not seeing your point.

    Keller gets up from the rail and looks down the hall tosee Lucille walking down it.

    KELLERMy point is, by it's very definitionyou cannot explain the unexplainable.This is all very real, Joseph, andan explanation wouldn't change that.

    Keller starts to walk off, following Lucille. Braillecalls after him.

    BRAILLEHow do you know my name? Can you

    explain that?


  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    KELLERI'm the new Guidance Counselor here...

    Keller looks awkwardly for a while.

    KELLER (cont'd)Drop by anytime. And all that.

    BRAILLEYeah, I'll get right on that.

    Lucille and Braille walk off, Carli suddenly links armswith Braille and drags him along with her.

    PIERCECome with me.

    CUT TO:


    Carli places Braille in a seat then sits opposite him,placing the voodoo case on the table and opening the case.


    Braille sighs, leans over and closes the lid, and takesCarli's hands in his.

    BRAILLE (cont'd)How about we avoid getting dismemberedlimbs out in the cafeteria, hmm?I'm not sure if it's an arrestableoffence, but it's certainly a policematter.

    Carli gives him an indignant look.

    BRAILLE (cont'd)You have been spending far too muchtime with that crazy Lucille chick.Why exactly do you have that?

    PIERCEShe left it with me. I need youradvice.

    Braille indicates to continue, as he leans back in hischair.

    PIERCE (cont'd)I'm struggling with this, I mean,she says I'm a demi-god or something,and while that sounds crazy... I

    can't help but feel that maybe, justmaybe, it could be true, maybe ashred of it?


  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    Braille looks like he's about to interject.

    PIERCE (cont'd)Before you say anything to undermineme, just listen. I've had troublecaring about anything my whole life,and while I know I shouldn't believe

    anything these people say to me...the only reason I don't is becausemy brain says I shouldn't... but myheart, oh god that sounds clich...Something... In this area... tellsme I should.

    Carli circles around her chest, Braille raises an eyebrowand smiles, before Carli shoots him a glare.

    PIERCE (cont'd)Please be serious. I know it's hard

    for you, but please. Advice, now.

    Braille sits up and leans forward.

    BRAILLEI didn't know you were so... depressed-


    I'm not depressed, I'm lost-


    (Interrupting her)Hey-hey-hey, listen, maybe you shouldtalk to someone. Maybe? Like me?Or maybe someone here at college? Ihear the new guidance counselor isvery reliable and not at all creepy.

    PIERCEYou don't think I should meet Lucilletonight then?

    BRAILLEWhat? Honestly? Think about this,

    Carli, this woman came into our livesyesterday, quickly followed by...y'know, that thing-

    PIERCE(Interrupting again)

    But Joe, this feeling has lasted myentire life... and its only juststarted to make sense to me-


  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    BRAILLEThe fact of the matter is, you wouldbe following a complete stranger, acomplete stranger who gave you asevered arm may I add, to an unknownlocation for unknown purposes with athousand possibilities of unknown

    hidden agendas. You'd be an idiotto go.

    Carli looks disappointed.

    PIERCEIt really is that simple, isn't it?

    BRAILLEYeah, it is.

    Carli exhales and leans back in her chair.

    BRAILLE (cont'd)Where were you supposed to meet heranyway?

    PIERCEThere's this creepy alleyway near myhouse, always been kinda curiousabout it. It just seems so...coincidental, everything does. Itall seems connected, but still, itall makes zero sense.

    BRAILLEJust, stay in tonight. Want me tostay again tonight, maybe?

    PIERCE(Shaking her head)

    I'll be okay, I just need a goodnight's sleep.

    CUT TO:

  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    Carli is lying in bed, eyes wide open, staring at theceiling. She reaches across to her phone and looks at thetime, the phone says 21:21. She throws the phone onto hertable and sighs in frustration. She stares across as thelight on her phone goes off, she then looks at the flambeau

    case which is behind her phone on her bedside table. Shesits up in bed and pulls the case onto her lap and opensthe lid, the fingers are still. She hesitantly reachesfor the handle and takes hold of it, the blue mist circleround her again, she closes her eyes this time and embracesit. She looks down as the fingers start to twitch, thepalm suddenly erupts into a blue flame, Carli drops theflambeau back into the case and recoils. Carli looks aroundher room decisively, before closing the case, and gettingout of bed.

    CUT TO:


    Carli is standing at the end of the dark alleyway, lookinginto the complete darkness before her. She's breathingheavily, and she's hugging the voodoo case to her chest.She takes a deep breath and takes the first step down thedark alleyway, before she finishes there's a hand on hershoulder, making her scream.





    Carli turns around quickly and is face to face with Braille,who is not looking overly impressed. Carli pushes himaway, and looks at him indignantly.

    BRAILLEI knew you'd come here anyway. Doyou have a death wish?

    PIERCEWhat are you doing here?

    BRAILLEI was coming to make sure you wereokay, I was worried about you, thenI saw you... here... what changed

    your mind?


  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    PIERCEThings are all together too weird tojust ignore, this feels right, Joe.

    BRAILLEYou said yourself, it was acoincidence, its all just coincidence!

    Carli furrows her eyebrows and goes to sit on the curb.Braille follows and sits next to her.

    PIERCESomething being a coincidence isn'tan explanation. Coincidences bytheir very nature are weird, shouldn't just disregard them.They could mean something...

    There's a silence between the two of them.

    BRAILLEAlright. If you choose to go, thengo. But I'm coming with you. Like,a bodyguard.


    I'm sure you'll do a lot.

    BRAILLEHey, have you ever seen such the

    perfect specimen of a man.

    PIERCEEspecially if you're not into thewhole muscles/personal hygiene thing.

    BRAILLE(Nudging Carli withhis shoulder)


    Carli gets up and dusts her trousers, she then turns toBraille.

    PIERCEI'm going home, I don't need to proveanything tonight. But this isn't mesaying you were right, I still thinkyou're wrong, about this, about mostthings actually.

    Joe gets up and smiles at her.

    BRAILLEDo you want a ride? Brought the babe



  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    PIERCENo, thanks. Need the air I think.

    They continue looking at each other for a while, Piercesmiles. Braille interrupts, feeling sort of awkward.



    Carli waits for the rest of the sentence.

    BRAILLE (cont'd)I thought I had something else tosay... but I don't, it seems.

    PIERCEYou're... so enlightening. I'll seeyou tomorrow. Drive safe.

    Braille nods and smiles, then turns away from each other.Pierce turns around and hugs Joe tightly from behind.Braille smiles and closes his eyes.

    BRAILLEWhat's this for?

    PIERCEYou were worried about me.

    They stay in the embrace for a while.

    PIERCE (cont'd)Thank you.

    They separate and have one last smile at each other beforeleaving. Braille gets back into his car, leans back andsighs, then hits the steering wheel with his palm. Helooks at himself in the rear view mirror and sorts out hishair.

    BRAILLEYou're so sad, Joe...


    Carli approaches her front door, notices a note on thedoor and tears it off. The camera shows the note, and itsays "Tried to call, no answer. Gone to New York for theweekend, dad", she sighs then goes into her house.

    CUT TO:

  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    Carli's dark kitchen looks cold and empty, she goes overto the fridge where there's money stuck to it with magnet,attached is a note simple saying "for pizza". She gets adrink of water and goes upstairs.

    CUT TO:


    Carli lies down on bed, still in her clothes. She reachesacross to her phone, it says "Missed Calls(3), dad" Shealso has a text "Braille: Good night sweet x". She smiles,then sighs and puts her phone down before closing her eyes.


    Braille is sitting in his car, looking at himself in themirror, talking to his reflection.

    BRAILLEThe things is, we're really quiteclose for friends, and I just thinkthat that's maybe because we'relike... soul mates? Or something?

    Braille's smiles fades and looks unimpressed with himself.

    BRAILLE (cont'd)You're pathetic, that's what she'llsay. She'll think you're doing somekind of joke, then make fun of yoursideburns.

    Braille puts on his radio and strokes his hands throughhis hair. Buddy Holly comes on.

    BRAILLE (cont'd)So easy for you, Buddy, you died atthe ripe age of 22, didn't have toput up with all this shit. Okay,

    Carli, I've been having these love-like feelings for someone lately-no... I don't have any other friends,that'll be too obvious. Should Isay love, Buddy? Do I love her?Awful strong word, but strong isgood, makes me seem genuine and unableto control my feelings... I think Ilove her. I want to love her.

    Braille smiles and stares into nothing.

    BRAILLE (cont'd)She makes it pretty easy.(more)


  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    BRAILLE (cont'd)Look at Chandler and Monica, friendsfirst, it works. If there's onething to live by it's Friends.

    Braille looks back at the mirror and smiles.

    BRAILLE (cont'd)I love you, Carli Pierce...

    There is suddenly a loud knock on the window, making Braillejump, he looks over and it's Jesse. He lowers the window.

    BRAILLE (cont'd)Hey, what are you doing out so late?

    JESSEOn my way to see Pierce, don't knowif you've noticed but she's a been

    acting a bit weird lately-


    I noticed. I'm her best friend, ofcourse I noticed.


    There's a bit of an awkward silence.

    JESSE (cont'd)Mind if we have a talk?

    Braille takes a deep breath, and looks at Jesse with afake smile.

    CUT TO:


    Carli starts stirring in her sleep, and her eyes flickeropen, from her point of view we see there's someone standing

    over her at the end of her bed. Wearing a pristine purplesuit, a clean white shirt cut in half by a blood red tie.His small red eyes glowing and a small smirk on his face.When her eyes flutter closed she immediately sits up inbed and looks around her room. Her breathing is heavy asshe looks around her room, she throws the covers off herselfand sits on the edge of her bed, the camera pans acrossand the purple suited man is sitting next to her. This isEvilyn.

    EVILYNHello, Carli.

    Pierce recoils to the head of her bed looking.


  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    EVILYN (cont'd)I'm sorry if I scared you, not myintention I assure you .

    PIERCE(Still scared)

    Get the fuck out of my house...

    Evilyn gets up starts examining the books on her shelf.

    EVILYNNow now, lets not let that littlescare halt formalities. My name isEvilyn Brand, and you... you are thedaughter... of him.

    PIERCEYou're Evilyn.

    EVILYNOne and only.


    Braille and Jesse are sitting in the car is a semi-awkwardsilence, Biddy Holly is still playing faintly in thebackground.

    JESSEYou like this fifties-retro stuff,


    BRAILLEI like most music to be honest, butyeh, Buddy Holly is a favorite.

    There's a another awkward silence.

    JESSEY'know, Pierce said that you werequite a good singer? You done any...good singing, lately?

    BRAILLEMusic is more of a hobby, really.Just trying to get through my artdegree at the moment.

    JESSEYeah, but art isn't really your strongpoint is it? I mean, compared to therest of the college.

    Braille turns around slightly offended.

    JESSE (cont'd)Just saying, stick with what you'regood at. Go for music.


  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    BRAILLEYou've never heard me sing, what areyou basing this on?

    JESSEI mean, like, with artists like meand Pierce, and that blonde chick in

    your class. I mean we do proper artas well, not just graphics... you'rekinda mediocre in comparison.

    Braille is looking at him in disbelief.

    BRAILLEYeh, yeh, I guess you're right.

    JESSEI'm generally right about these kindathings. I know people, as soon as I

    see them, I know them. You were atricky one, you and Pierce. Bothtricky.

    BRAILLEI can imagine. Carli is a trickygirl alright.

    Jesse takes a deep breath.

    JESSESo listen, talking of the girl...

    got some things I wanna clear withyou. Got some things to tell you...

    Braille looks confused and slightly worried.

    CUT TO:


    Pierce is sitting hunched up in bed, recoiling from Evilyn,who is pacing the room looking at books and ornaments.

    PIERCELucille said you couldn't come here,said that you were trapped.

    Evilyn smiles again.

    PIERCE (cont'd)This is a nightmare.

    EVILYNNo, no it's not. But you're quiteright, I can't venture from that

    world to this or any plane ofexistence for that matter. I'vespent quite a long time trying...


  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    Evilyn sits down next to Carli again and pats her on theknee.

    EVILYN (cont'd)And now I know how.

    Carli shakes his hand away and looks at him, disgusted.

    EVILYN (cont'd)Don't look at me that way, we'rebasically family you and I. You caneven call me Uncle Evie if you like...Though for obvious reasons I'd ratheryou didn't.

    Evilyn smiles, then gets back to his point. Standing upagain and strolling around the room.

    EVILYN (cont'd)

    But yes, you're right, I can't gofrom world to world, but I can projectan image, an avatar of myself. Withthat voodoo priestess creature tellingyou only half the story, I thought Ishould spruce up my appearance andtell you the rest. I'm based ratherheavily on that Samuel L Jacksonfellow, he exudes such a calmingcharisma, I just had to steal hislook. And the suit, the suit is mychoice... I like purple.

    Evilyn takes a look round the room, looking at the purplebear, the purple curtains and the purple bed sheet.

    EVILYN (cont'd)Do you like purple by any chance,Carli? Strange what things wind uprunning in the family.

    PIERCEYou're not my family. Just tell mestraight, what do you want?

    Evilyn gets a stern look on his face, but his smile remains.He begins to walk around the room, he pick up the purplebear and sits down it the chair, turning the bear roundand smiling.

    EVILYNNow honestly Carli, I don't have totell you a damn thing. But knowthat there is no hero in this story,your devious father was no almightyforce for good, and I, if may defendmyself, am no villain. I know want

    I want, Carli, that is all. I knowwhat I want, and I will get it.


  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    Carli reaches over to the case and opens it quickly,retrieving the flambeau and igniting the hand, still shakingand scared, she speaks.

    PIERCE(A quiver in hervoice)

    Get out, leave me the fuck alone.You are a twisted freak.

    Evilyn slowly rises, throwing the bear to one side, hissmile goes and his eye remain smug.

    EVILYNA fool shows his annoyance at one,while a prudent man overlooks aninsult. If you're not ready to listento reason then so be it, but youwill be hearing from me again.

    PIERCEReason is the enemy of faith.

    Evilyn's smile returns briefly.

    EVILYNReally? And who said that?

    Carli thinks for a moment, the flaming hand still pointingdirectly at Evilyn.

    PIERCEI... I don't remember. Somepresident.

    EVILYNIt was Martin Luther King, don't tryto outwit me, don't even try tochallenge me or talk to me like weare some kind of equal. I saw thefirst seed bloom into a forest, thefirst mountains rise from the earth,floods, famine, great creatures falland undeserving ones rise. I saw

    two histories unfold, and I knoweverything. I've seen everything.I am a god... and you, you are thebastard child of a dead fool. And Iam going to kill you.

    PIERCERight now, you are as mortal as Iam.


  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)




    Evilyn lets out a small laugh and then immediately, Evilynexpands into a mass of darkness, throwing Carli back ontoher bed, putting the flame on the hand completely out.Carli lies on her bed, putting her arms up and screaming,she looks into the bleak darkness surrounding her and isterrified.




  • 7/31/2019 Between Worlds: Episode One (Pilot)