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  • 7/30/2019 Beumer Palletizing Technology En


    BEUMER palletizing technology:

    quick, gentle and sae stacking.

    Conveying technology Loading technology Palletizing technology Packaging technology Sorting and distribution technology

  • 7/30/2019 Beumer Palletizing Technology En


    BEUMER palletizing technology

    The very best in stacking quality.

  • 7/30/2019 Beumer Palletizing Technology En


    A matter o act or BEUMER:

    superior perormance.

    For over 30 years, BEUMER has been

    designing and developing innovative

    packaging technologies or a vast range

    o products. Whether or the building

    materials and cement industry, or indi-

    vidual and bulk products in the chemical

    industry, or humus soils, peat and er-

    tilizers or or the oodstus and animal

    eed segment the BEUMER product

    programme has always been character-

    ised by rst-class stacking quality and

    extreme reliability.

    The wide variety o tasks demands a

    graduated and comprehensive range o

    products and services. With the BEUMER

    robotpac and BEUMER paletpac lines,

    BEUMER oers ideal solutions or secure

    transportation. With superior perormance

    levels o up to 5,000 packaging units

    per hour.

    BEUMER palletizing technology

    simply efcient.

    The BEUMER research and development

    division constantly analyses, redesigns,

    modies or upgrades all systems and

    machines to meet the latest customer

    and market demands. One actor is

    always at the ocus o our attention:

    system eciency, or example actory

    testing by BEUMER reduces commis-

    sioning times ater delivery to our cus-

    tomers and allows a aster and more

    eective start o ull production.

    BEUMER everything rom a single


    By request, we deliver as general con-

    tractor complete concepts containing

    everything rom product lling and pal-

    letizing to packaging according to your

    wishes and coordinated to ull your

    precise needs. Qualied engineering,

    ast and reliable local service and opti-

    mised spares logistics complete the

    picture and guarantee maximum oper-ational capability.

    BEUMER paletpac 1800

    Bond 3x 5x 6x 7x 8x 10x

    Packing pattern

    paletpac 600 360 600 450 600 720 500 550 550 650

    paletpac 1250 800 1250 1200 1400 1500 1400 1350 1200 1600

    paletpac 1800 1200 1800 1350 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800

    Summary o palletizing capacities

  • 7/30/2019 Beumer Palletizing Technology En


    BEUMER palletizing technology

    Modular construction that leaves nothing

    to be desired.

  • 7/30/2019 Beumer Palletizing Technology En


    BEUMER paletpac 2500

    Bond 4x 5x 6x 7x 8x 10x

    Packing pattern

    paletpac 2500 1300 2200 1800 2500 2500 2100 2500 2500 2600

    paletpac 2500 A 1400 2500 2600 2500 2500 2500 2500 2500 2600

    Summary o palletizing capacities

    BEUMER service or satisfed

    customers. Worldwide.

    Our technical customer service supports

    you locally regarding matters o installa-

    tion, operational commissioning as well

    as the maintenance and repair o all your

    acilities and systems, and assumes re-

    sponsibility throughout the entire opera-

    tional lie cycle. I you should have anyurgent questions, you can o course take

    advantage o the BEUMER Hotline too

    ast and reliable, around the clock.

    BEUMER palletizing technology

    Outstanding eatures: always a touch


    In addition to their systematic pro-

    gramme management, BEUMER pal-

    letizing also stands out because o sev-

    eral special eatures. For example, ouroperation mode division eature allows

    BEUMER: adaptable palletizing


    The pressures o international competi-

    tion increase rom day to day. In order to

    maintain a competitive edge in the mar-

    ket, businesses need high-perormance

    systems that ull the demands on mod-

    ern machines and systems or instance,

    extended running times under maximum


    BEUMER palletizing technology pro-vides ideal system solutions, perectly

    tailored to meet the customers specic

    requirements and ully compliant with

    the various wide-ranging product prop-

    erties o the goods to be packaged.

    Thanks to modular construction, individ-

    ual machines can be simply and quickly

    upgraded at any time, and without any

    problems, to cope with uture increased

    production demands.

    BEUMER experts know what matters.

    Experienced specialists, who really know

    everything about the technologies in-

    volved as well as specic customer re-

    quirements or the palletizing o a wide

    range o materials, are responsible or

    the design and construction o our ma-

    chines and systems. Gentle handling o

    packaging units and an ideal appear-

    ance o the palletized load units

    guarantee secure transportation

    and positive customer


    the individual control o each separate

    component o a palletizer and ensures

    that any aults are quickly ound and

    remedied. The system components not

    aected by the ault are automatically

    returned to deault positions rom which,

    ater the ault has been remedied, nor-

    mal operation can be resumed automat-

    ically. This eature prevents the occur-

    rence o subsequent aults.

  • 7/30/2019 Beumer Palletizing Technology En


    BEUMER paletpac

    Stacks o impressive and

    efcient solutions.

    BEUMER paletpac-product range

    With bar or clamp turning device:

    BEUMER paletpac 600BEUMER paletpac 1250

    BEUMER paletpac 1800

    BEUMER paletpac 2500 with additional

    timing conveyor and second pusher

    High-perormance line with bar turning:

    BEUMER paletpac 3000 with double

    bar turning device

    BEUMER paletpac 4000 with bag

    stream splitting and mobile bar turning


    BEUMER paletpac

    5000 with bagstream splitting and double pusher

    Special eatures:

    Programme or all typical packing


    Particularly gentle bag handling

    Low noise and low wear characteristics

    thanks to the latest power train


    Easy operating with diagnostics system

    Fast parameter settings or optimisation

    and adjustment to variable bag and

    pallet sizes

  • 7/30/2019 Beumer Palletizing Technology En


    BEUMER paletpac: gentle handling

    and perect appearance.

    In case o need, BEUMER paletpac

    systems oer persuasive solutions with

    perormance rates o between 600 and

    5,000 bags per hour regardless o thebag type, paper, PE or PP, and the lling

    o granulates, salts or ertilizers. They

    are characterised by gentle product

    handling, outstanding stacking qualities

    and extreme reliability, and are constantly

    being upgraded to meet the wide-ran-

    ging demands o changing markets.

    The unique system expertise at BEUMER

    ensures optimum machinery congur-

    ations with appropriate options or all

    technical and unctional requirements,even in the eld o peripherals.

    BEUMER paletpac the right pal-

    letizing system or every package.

    Product-specic properties and individual

    customer requirements are essential rea-

    sons behind the constant and ongoing

    development o the BEUMER paletpac

    System. At the same time, the ocus is

    also on dierentiating eatures such as

    palletizer perormance, the various drive

    train components as well as the use obar or clamp turning devices. The latest

    sensoring technologies, optimum elec-

    tronic control systems and simple oper-

    ation complete the picture and make the

    BEUMER paletpac line the ideal palletiz-

    ing system or the most demanding cus-

    tomer requests.

    BEUMER paletpac 5000

    Bond 4x 5x 6x 7x 8x 10x

    Packing pattern

    Bag length (mm) 600 600 600 600 400 500 450 450 400

    Bag width (mm) 400 400 300 300 300 330 300 300 300

    max. bag height (mm) 180 180 170 170 150 150 150 150 150

    Layer dimensions


    1200 x


    1200 x


    1200 x


    1200 x


    1200 x


    1160 x


    1200 x


    1200 x


    1200 x


    Perormance (bags/h) 2800 4000 3600 4000 4000 4000 5000 5000 5000

  • 7/30/2019 Beumer Palletizing Technology En


    BEUMER robotpac

    From robot to palletizer.

  • 7/30/2019 Beumer Palletizing Technology En


    We stack things in your avour.

    The BEUMER robotpac palletizes and

    depalletizes a wide variety o packaging

    units rom bags and boxed packages

    to cartons and trays at rates o up to 900units per hour, depending on the version

    selected. The geometrical precision and

    stability o the palleted stacks ensure

    problem-ree storage and guarantee se-

    cure integration into serially connected

    packaging systems.

    Thanks to the integration o advanced

    control elements in the BEUMER

    robotpac system, it is also possible

    to palletize assorted sizes and orms

    o unit loads this is the BEUMER wayo order picking.

    Upgrade whenever you need.

    Depending on their size and type, more

    packaging units can be lited and

    moved simultaneously to increase the

    palletizing perormance.

    The specially designed liting modules,such as ork grippers, suction grippers,

    pallet grippers, tool changers, etc. can

    be exchanged at any time. For example,

    the additional installation o a pallet

    gripper module makes automatic empty

    pallet eed possible without the need or

    a separate empty pallet stacker. With

    the appropriate module installed, the

    BEUMER robotpac can also be em-

    ployed as an automatic depalletizer.

    The control unctions o the BEUMER

    robotpac are perormed by a 4-axis

    continuous path control system, and is

    characterised by its outstanding ease o

    operation and its adaptability to changing

    situations in use. Complex procedures

    with varying basic parameters are reliably

    and eciently absolved.

    Flexibility is our strong point.

    The fexibility o the BEUMER robotpac

    makes it ideal or every palletizing task.

    The hard-wearing, tried and tested ma-

    chine components in combination with

    electro-mechanical power transmission

    guarantee secure operations.

    In combination with the BEUMER

    packaging technology, the BEUMER

    robotpac also oers all-round solutions

    to meet any requirements o the despatch

    departments o the building, chemical,

    oodstus and animal eed industries.

  • 7/30/2019 Beumer Palletizing Technology En


    Intelligent solutions rom

    the intralogistics experts.

    BEUMER worldwide.

    We are always there when you need us!

    Worldwide service.

    Our service managers regular

    inspections ensure:

    Sustained operational capability

    o your equipment

    Reduction o downtimes

    Exchange o experience

    Qualication o the maintenance team

    Continuous product optimisationOptimum spares stocking

    Fault correction / BEUMER Hotline.

    Qualied worldwide support at short


    Online ault correction

    Worldwide availability o service


    Short-notice deployment option

    Rapid action on the ground service

    Technical consulting.

    We can advise and train your sta, either in

    our own training centre or in your company.

    This ensures:

    Optimum equipment and system


    Qualied evaluation o equipment


    Long-term optimisation strategies

    Maintenance and repairs.

    Personnel specically qualied or your

    equipmentBasis or extreme operational reliability

    Qualication o your personnel in the

    context o maintenance

  • 7/30/2019 Beumer Palletizing Technology En


    We know the way. Worldwide.

    As one o the international leaders in

    the manuacture o intralogistics or the

    conveying, loading, palletizing, packaging,

    sorting and distribution technologies, we

    know the routes your products take and

    their respective specic properties. Thisknowledge is integrated into the develop-

    ment and construction processes o all

    our equipment and systems. The proximity

    to our customers in every part o the world

    is maintained and ensured by a global

    sales and service network.

    Our workorce o around 900 people, an

    annual turnover o 150 million EUR, our

    own subsidiaries and holding companies

    on each continent and representatives in

    over 70 countries are the solid oundationo our export-orientated activities.

    Our presence on the ground ensures

    individual adaptation to regionally vary-

    ing requirements. Location-relevant

    solutions are the result o our constant

    close cooperation with our customers.

    Our corporate philosophy.

    Family spirit is a undamental actor in

    the success o BEUMER as a globally

    operating concern. Shareholders, execu-

    tive management and sta are essential

    members o a community in which

    constructive cooperation is a signifcant

    element representing our corporate

    philosophy. The owners commitment

    to considerable reinvestment in the

    company is a prerequisite or securing

    the uture, and is the basis o the suc-

    cess-orientated partnerships between

    our company and our customers.

  • 7/30/2019 Beumer Palletizing Technology En







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