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Beyond Tomorrow A Mobile Story [email protected]

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1. Beyond Tomorrow A Mobile Story [email protected] 2. 2.3 MillionMobile Developers World Wide 3. 1.5 Million Android Device Activations PER DAY 9.2 Million Apple AppStore Downloads PER DAY 4. $68 Billion in 2013 $143 Billion in 2016 5. If you are to think BEYOND TOMORROW there have never been a better time 6. BEYONDTOMORROW Easier to start anything than ever Platforms Tools Financial Backing Knowledge 7. Wearables a. Watches WEARABLES #1 8. BEYOND TOMORROW 9. BEYOND TOMORROW 10. Develop for Apple Watch Develop for Android Wear 11. Wearables #1 b. Smart Glasses 12. BEYOND TOMORROW 13. WEARABLES #1 Develop for Microsoft HoloLens Windows 10 Universal Apps + HoloLens SDK Follow 14. IOT : Internet of Things Internet of Things #2 Mobile as a gateway 15. IOT : Internet of Things Internet of Things #2 Kura by Eclipse IoTivity HomeKit 16. BigData and Analytics Provide more customized experience Empower existing functions Big Data #3 in mobile context 17. Track Time Review Mobile Analytics case study Big Data #3 18. Track Time Review Track Time Review Mobile Analytics case study Big Data #3 19. Ready to Use Services Frameworks and Platforms BaaS Services: Crash reporting, Ads, Push Ready Services #4 20. Ready Services #4 21. Software Empowering Hardware Tesla example Cloud APIs to manage cloud itself Whats next for mobile? Software > Hardware #5 22. Hybrid Mobile Technologies Hybrid Tech #6 Embedded Native Mobile Web Hybrid Yesterday Native Hybrid Today 23. Privacy Privacy #7 Privacy is most challenged Privacy has a cost 24. Health and Research We need is what we lack! HealthKit Health Devices Research Play to Cure: Genes in Space Health #8 25. Health and Research Play to Cure Health #8 26. Automotive Industry Automotive #9 27. Automotive Industry Automotive #9 28. Automotive Industry Automotive #9 29. What do you think? #10 30. Any Questions? 31. GO. EXPLORE! THANK YOU! BEYOND TOMORROW A MOBILE STORY