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MBA Class presentation on bharat forge


Bharat Forge

Bharat Forge By Group 5 Abhishek Debnath, Akhil Sidana

FORGING PROCESSForging is a manufacturing process involving the shaping of metal using localized compressive forces. A metal is shaped by compressive forces.

Company InformationFounded in: 1961

Founded by: Nilkanthrao Kalyani

Businesses: I) AUTOMOTIVE (main): Passenger Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles, SUV.

II) INDUSTRIAL: Power , Oil & Gas, Locomotive & Marine, Aerospace, Metals & Mining, Construction, General Engineering.

Forging Industry in IndiaThe Indian Forging Industry has emerged as a major contributor to the manufacturing sector of the Indian Economy. Briefly, it is categorized into four sectors- large, medium, small and tiny.

The industry was previously more labor intensive but now with increasing globalization it is becoming more capital intensive.

Total investment in the large and medium sectors is US$600 millionMost of them are suppliers to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the automobile sectorsIndustrys major markets are USA, Europe and ChinaBharat Forge : Indias No. 1 Forging Company

MANUFACTURING UNITS AND PRODUCTSWith manufacturing facilities spread across 12 locations and 6 countries, four in India, three in Germany, one each in Sweden, Scotland, USA and two in China.

the company manufactures a wide range of safety and critical components for passenger cars, SUVs, light, medium & heavy commercial vehicles tractors and diesel engines.

The company also manufactures specialized components for the aerospace, power, energy, oil & gas, rail & marine, mining & construction equipment, and other industries.

It is capable of producing complex large volume parts in both steel and aluminum.

clients OF BHARAT FORGEIts customer base includes virtually every global automotive OEM and Tier I supplier.

Toyota, BMW, General Motors, Volkswagen, Audi, Renault, Ford, Volvo etc.

STP AnalysisSegmentation:Bharat Forge is primarily a metal forming company and hence it segments the market where there is a need for formed metal such as the automotive industry and in the non-automotive industry such as Power, Oil and Gas, Locomotive and Marine, Aerospace, Metals and Mining, Construction and General Engineering.Targeting:In this segments it targets every global OEM and Tier 1 Suppliers. Daimler Chrysler, Toyota, BMW, General Motors, Volkswagen, Audi, Renault, Ford, Volvo, Caterpillar - Perkins, Iveco, Arvin Meritor, Detroit Diesel, Cummins, Dana Corporation, Honda, Scania and several others source their complex forging requirements including machined crankshafts, front axle beams and steering knuckles from Bharat Forge.Positioning: It has positioned itself as the provider of the different types of formed metal equipment which is of the highest standard and which uses innovative technology to meet the specific needs and requirements of the major global companies in varied industry. Designing engineering and product developmentBharat forge offers end-to-end solutions to its global customers, based on its extensive technology, product design and product development expertise.

THE DESIGN & ENGINEERING FACILITY COMPRISES :State-of-the-art CAD / CAM / CAE infrastructure for 3D modeling, NC tool path generation and FEA analysis to accelerate response time in developing new parts.Metal flow simulation software "DEFORM" & "FORGE " for virtual manufacturing and a specialized preform design software "Vera Cad" for design optimization and process validation to develop new parts right the first time.High-end CAM software, like "WORKNC", "UG-NX" for generating NC tool paths for high-speed die cutting and "NC SPEED" for tool path optimization to reduce turnaround time in die manufacturing

Value analysis and value engineering (VAVE)

Light Weighting

Vision for innovation

Joint VenturesBharat Forge Limited, the flagship company, of the Kalyani Group, and Elbit Systems Land and C4I Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Elbit Systems Ltd., on Feb. 7, 2013 announced a strategic co-operation in India through the establishment of a new Joint Venture Company (JVC), to address the Indian Ministry of Defense and other potential Indian government customers requirements for the most advanced artillery and mortars systems solutions.

Bharat Forge on February 19, 2015 announced a joint venture with Israel's Rafael Advanced Defense Systems for manufacturing high-tech defense components.

The Kalyani Group announced the 51:49 defense joint venture with Rafael. The deal comes within months of the government's move to allow 49% FDI in defense manufacturing. The 51:49 joint venture will make Spike anti-tank guided missiles for the Indian armed forces and will involve transfer of technology from Rafael.Channel strategyThey are the direct suppliers of all the automotive and non-automotive companies They provide customized solutionsThey use the traditional channels of distribution and only offline distribution channel strategies to the OEM and Tier 1 Suppliers

REVENUE:As per their latest annual report, their total revenue for the year 2014 is Rs. 35,139.72 crores and net profit is Rs. 3,999.29 crores

Swot analysisStrengths:


High Economies of scaleStrong and trusted BrandsTechnology and manpower cost advantage

Over-dependence on Automobile segmentLack of in-house R&DLess focus on small forging equipment



High demand in automobile industryDemand in Nuclear, Power and Refinery sectors Access to better technology & work practices across globe

Rising input costs, particularly steel & electrical power.Demand for new products, especially from foreign OEMs which may not match by Economic Order Quantity.


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