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BIBLE COMMENTARY (by Dodong Baguiz) The Two Knowledge of God A pleasant greeting to all subscribers and readers of Monitor Today (E-mail ad: monitor today – yahoo com.) GingoogCity, Mindanao, Philippines. For the first time, you shall be able to read a very rare revelation of stories and historic events wrapped with mysteries. This is purposely through wisdom in accordance with the truth that is in Jesus Christ which is difficult to openly discuss or explain why and how this writer was able to have this kind of learning or wisdom. He is so thankful to God that he has gotten into this rare heavenly opportunity. Here, we shall be able to know the two knowledge of God which constitute as one of the causes why people go into dispute in their belief and faith in one God. These two knowledge are currently used by many people but they do not fully understand them and they use these in many different wrong ways. In the whole world today, there are about twelve billions of population, and they are distributed among the many different ideologies and beliefs which originated only from five basic forms of belief and these are Christianism, Budhism, Sintoism, Hindoism and Muhamedanism. Of these five religions, Christianism is segmented into not less than twenty-two thousand groups with different systems of belief and different forms of worship to one God. Owing to this, debates grew and exist between each group and each claim that they are the true and genuine followers of God and unfortunately escalate to killings. The Philippines is a popularly known Christian country but the Filipinos are not united in their visions with certainty that there is only one God. They are not one in form despite within one sect and under only one Holy Bible. They conform to every traditional belief. Relatively, the Holy Bible has something to show wherein Jesus Christ (Mathew 25:32) said: “ALL THE NATIONS WILL BE GATHERED BEFORE HIM” and based on this, it is not surprising why Christians are not united. Aside from this, there are Christians who do not use the Holy Bible but they do believe in God. Their belief in God is based only in hidden knowledge yet wrapped with mysterious events which no one can deny the evidential truth which is part of history of Hidden Knowledge. If we take a glance at the religion (Christianism) we are in since our birth, we will come to know that same is split into two Knowledge of God. These are: ECCLESIASTICAL and ESOTERIC. These two kind of knowledge are the Open and the Hidden which both came from God and have to be correlated in order for us to arrive at the peak of these knowledge. The ECCLESIASTICAL is an Open Knowledge which came from God, it being found in the Holy Bible and other reference books that teach material knowledge from priests; pastors; those that emanated from the doctrines spread by the Scribes and Pharisees; and the people who specialized in such learning and they are known as Theologians. The ESOTERIC is a Hidden Knowledge which likewise came from God. This is embodied in a specific book popularly known as Book of Nature which, according to the said book, was not done

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BIBLE COMMENTARY(by Dodong Baguiz)

The Two Knowledge of God           A pleasant greeting to all subscribers and readers of Monitor Today (E-mail ad: monitor today – yahoo com.) GingoogCity, Mindanao, Philippines. For the first time, you shall be able to read a very rare revelation of stories and historic events wrapped with mysteries. This is purposely through wisdom in accordance with the truth that is in Jesus Christ which is difficult to openly discuss or explain why and how this writer was able to have this kind of learning or wisdom. He is so thankful to God that he has gotten into this rare heavenly opportunity.          Here, we shall be able to know the two knowledge of God which constitute as one of the causes why people go into dispute in their belief and faith in one God. These two knowledge are currently used by many people but they do not fully understand them and they use these in many different wrong ways.          In the whole world today, there are about twelve billions of population, and they are distributed among the many different ideologies and beliefs which originated only from five basic forms of belief and these are Christianism, Budhism, Sintoism, Hindoism and Muhamedanism. Of

these five religions, Christianism is segmented into not less than twenty-two thousand groups with different systems of belief and different forms of worship to one God. Owing to this, debates grew and exist between each group and each claim that they are the true and genuine followers of God and unfortunately escalate to killings.          The Philippines is a popularly known Christian country but the Filipinos are not united in their visions with certainty that there is only one God. They are not one in form despite within one sect and under only one Holy Bible. They conform to every traditional belief. Relatively, the Holy Bible has something to show wherein Jesus Christ (Mathew 25:32) said: “ALL THE NATIONS WILL BE GATHERED BEFORE HIM” and based on this, it is not surprising why Christians are not united.          Aside from this, there are Christians who do not use the Holy Bible but they do believe in God. Their belief in God is based only in hidden knowledge yet wrapped with mysterious events which no one can deny the evidential truth which is part of history of Hidden Knowledge.          If we take a glance at the religion (Christianism) we are in since our birth, we will come to know that same is split into two Knowledge of God. These are: ECCLESIASTICAL and ESOTERIC. These two kind of

knowledge are the Open and the Hidden which both came from God and have to be correlated in order for us to arrive at the peak of these knowledge.          The ECCLESIASTICAL is an Open Knowledge which came from God, it being found in the Holy Bible and other reference books that teach material knowledge from priests; pastors; those that emanated from the doctrines spread by the Scribes and Pharisees; and the people who specialized in such learning and they are known as Theologians.          The ESOTERIC is a Hidden Knowledge which likewise came from God. This is embodied in a specific book popularly known as Book of Nature which, according to the said book, was not done by human hands but purposely laid on the hands of those entrusted by God like those prophets whose names are written in the Holy Bible.          Those who teach the Hidden Knowledge are called Maestro (Teacher) or Rabbi by their followers because in the early days only the prophets were the ones who had the capacity to teach the Hidden Knowledge. The experts who were called Theosophies or those experts in the cultism knowledge are considered by their followers or students as fanatics or cults, and those who study or in the study of

cultism are considered fanatic believers.          It is so rare to find persons who study both knowledge at the same time. Those who study Ecclesiastical Knowledge are objects or targets of slander while those who study both knowledge do believe in the Ecclesiastical Knowledge of God.          Supposedly, every reliable person and qualified to teach others has two kinds of knowledge of God. Jesus Christ himself had these two knowledge which angered the Scribes and Pharisees. Example: When Jesus Christ brought a dead back to life, he said: “TALITA KUMI” (Mark 5:41) and soon afterwards the 12-year old girl was back to her life. Aside from this, there were other deeds of Jesus Christ through the Esoteric Knowledge. Example: The blind that saw, the mute that spoke, the deaf that heard, and many more mysterious happenings which angered the people, to the extent of crucifying Him.          Up to the present time, slanderous and belittling reactions are continuously aimed at people who study Ecclesiastical Knowledge and also people who are in custody of the Esoteric Knowledge are treated or considered as worthless persons.     It was explained previously that God has two kind of knowledge. These are the Hidden or Esoteric and the Open or Ecclesiastical which are

used today by many people but are not understood rightfully, or correctly or clearly. It is time that today we must go into the origin and purpose of these knowledge . . . how and where did the Open (Biblical) and Esoteric (Hidden) originate. If we try to meticulously compare their individual origins, we shall be able to know that each of their origins vary from each other. The Open started when God created man while the Esoteric (Hidden) started during the creation of the universe.            In the Book of Genesis in the Bible, this is the beginning, Genesis 1:1-3: “WHEN GOD CREATED THE UNIVERSE, THE EARTH WAS FORMLESS AND DESOLATE. THE RAGING OCEAN THAT COVERED EVERYTHING WAS ENGULFED IN TOTAL DARKNESS, AND THE POWER OF GOD WAS MOVING OVER THE WATER.” THEN GOD COMMANDED: “LET THERE BE LIGHT” – AND LIGHT APPEARED. At this point, there is something that was not explained. It is clear that when God created heaven and earth, the earth already existed but it was formless and the wind was already blowing over the water. It is clear also that in the Open Knowledge (Bible) it is not explained in the story of creation as to when heaven and earth were created by God. As to how when the earth, wind and water created, the explanation is not found in the Holy Bible.            However, under the Hidden or Esoteric Knowledge, this is what was said: “God, before He created all

things on earth, He first prepared the four vital elements needed on earth. These are WIND, WATER, EARTH and FIRE. God had said this: “ACNA TURVATE SODEM AC SODEM TEASET BUITARAP ACNE MIMJARUL LEGARA JAMUSA VINESA MATUMI EROP BUNSIRAP”. Soon afterwards, there appeared the burst of fire and wind blow.

And again God said: “CREAVIT SECTIBUS CAELUM ET TERRAM,” which means I will now begin to make the heaven and earth. God again said: “MANAOT LUMBRATE ACTIVE DENS MEA VITA DEUS SANCTE MEUS.” Afterwards, the earth, water, fire and wind grouped together. God again said, “MALQUE ATIM MIRBEATIM MACMITIM,” and soon the water regrouped into two and of different tastes.            According to the Holy Bible, in the Book of Psalms 90:2, we read, “BEFORE YOU CREATED THE HILLS OR BROUGHT THE WORLD INTO BEING, YOU WERE ETERNALLY GOD, AND WILL BE GOD FOREVER.” This clearly means that God has no beginning and no determinate end. This is the basis why people in the particular religious system known as CULT call Him INFINITO DEUS (INFINITE GOD). In this regard, there is a question: Before the earth’s existence, where did the Lord God live and what was His living condition? If the Holy Bible is to answer these questions, there is no clear answer or

explanation. However, under the Esoteric (Hidden) Knowledge, in the Book of Nature, this is what is written: Before the earth’s existence, God already existed, and He lived in His Kingdom which is also His power, and this is known also in the Esoteric Knowledge as “CIELODE CHRISTILLENO” or “Heaven of Heavens”.            Even if everything were not yet in-being except the one God and only God, the Heaven of Heavens is likened to space that nobody knows its beginning and its determinate end. The space is without content but full of light that has no beginning and no determinate end. On this, the Book of Nature has this: AAXXA AXXXA ACZA ZAAX ZAAZ ZAXAZ JIY OAFI JAAIYEI”. This means God’s wisdom or knowledge is beyond man’s comprehension or perception even by the mind.God’s condition and dwelling place before He created the universe was discussed in the past series through the hidden history wrapped in mysteries and not written in the Bible. Although the hidden facts are revealed or divulged herein, it is maybe because it is a fulfillment of what was said by Jesus Christ in Luke 12:2-3: “WHATEVER IS COVERED UP WILL BE UNCOVERED AND EVERY SECRET WILL BE MADE KNOWN. SO THEN, WHATEVER YOU HAVE SAID IN THE DARK WILL BE HEARD IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, AND WHATEVER

YOU HAVE WHISPERED IN PRIVATE IN A CLOSED ROOM WILL BE SHOUTED FROM THE HOUSETOPS,” and this is now the right time that the things purposely kept and preserved for so long a time will be revealed (only by God’s chosen one) in order to attain true and genuine faith in the Lord.            The LIGHT that has no beginning and without end as mentioned in past series was the condition of God and He Himself was God. According to hidden history, God has 1,001 names already made known to people. His very first name or name number one is “AINSOPH” which means “ONLY LIGHT IN THE HIGHEST PART OF UNLIMITED TIME AND SPACE” which, according to the Esoteric history: “happy are those who know this name because they will not suffer hardships or difficulties in their second life”.            At that time, God was alone. In His oneness, God felt lonely and was so sad. Owing to this, He inhaled so deep and uttered “JUAAHAHUHAI.” (This is the same word uttered by God when He gave Adan his breath). It was at this point when God started thinking of doing other things like sun, moon, stars, the earth and everything on it for His own amusement, recreation and entertainment. But before all these, however, God made 72 holy spirits (in hidden history, this

is known as 72 spiritual divisions) in order for Him to have Helpers in whatever He would think to do.            At the start of God’s word, the mentioned LIGHT that has no beginning and no determinate end was made small by God until it became round which, according to the hidden history, looked like a small hat from a distance. And after a short while there appeared two stripes and each formed like human eyes and sparked into wonderful and very rare kinds of light. This was followed by the forming of two holes beneath them as nose. This was also followed by the forming of a hole beneath the nose and it became mouth. At this point, the ball-like light slowly rolled down like a melting candle which served as the origin of neck, body, two hands and two legs. Soon, the ball-like light formed the resemblance or likeness of man.            At this point, the LIGHT was MAN and it was named ANIMA SULA which means “sole spirit or sole soul” and it is God’s second name or God’s name number two which was also made known to people. According to hidden (esoteric) history, it was the origin of God’s resemblance or likeness to man.            Again, in the ensuing moments, while God was thinking of many things that must be done in order to implement all His plans, there appeared on His forehead five petals of flowers and

on each point thereof appeared letters which read M.A.R.I.A. According to the hidden history, these five letters bear the very extraordinary meaning among the spiritual beings.

The word MARIA has historical meaning which form the wonder of power that has never been discovered by anyone on earth maybe because of material or earthly things that intervene in the minds of human beings. In this series, the vastness of that word through its unique power, one can claim a wonderful discovery which, however, needs trading and given prime thought by the whole human race that the word is full of miracles which have never been explained ever from the time the earth was populated by man.            These five letters bear Godly power but was never uttered by God Himself but instead called it only GUMAMELA CELIS or flower. GUMAMELA CELIS or flower was fondly called “ROSA MUNDI ET ROSA CEILO” by God which means “flower of heaven and earth”. The word MARIA is MERIAM in Syrian language meaning “HIGHEST”. Those who practice cultism, they worshiped this with reverence, believed to be a powerful word knowing that same was recorded in the highest pillar of God’s knowledge. This word MARIA has this meaning: “M - MARIS, A – AMANTISIMO, R – REXSUM, I – IMPERATOR and A – ALTISIMA.”

            To spiritual beings, the word MARIA is the sweetest. It is worshiped by them with total respect because they know that it is the sum total of the power of Infinite God, and with power beyond compare. For this word MARIA, God dedicated this: “MAGNIFICAT ANIMA MEA DOMINUM AD DOMINUM CONTRABULALER RETRIBUE CERVOTOU TOU VIVEVEFEAME IN DEO SPERAVIT CORMEUM ATEDJUTSUS SUNT ADTE DOMINE LAVAME ANIMA MEAM.”            The first thing God did was to endeavor for the creation of vital elements needed to make heaven, earth and others in order to form what is called universe. Following this, God put to work His plan to create 24-Elders that will assist Him in all His plans. After a while, God uttered: “AGAHAC JIRIUM JIURJITNUM JIURJITSUM JACJAHAHAC ROSOTAC YOPALUM MEDERAT WHEHATISET CORPUS SIOMBENET,” and afterwards, suddenly appeared tiny particles of sweat on His right forehead and He gathered them with His right middle finger, and these particles of sweat became 16 spirits that partly resembled the image of the Infinite God. The Infinite God, in the process of creating the 24-Elders, also uttered the following: “LUCJINUM” and soon after that there appeared tiny particles of

sweat on His left forehead, gathered them with His left middle finger and these became eight (8) spirits that also resembled the face of Infinite God, and finally through this miraculous event, the 24-Elders was completed.            These 24 spirits were the Helpers of Infinite God in His creation of the whole universe and man. In the Book of Genesis 1:26, God has said: “AND NOW WE WILL MAKE HUMAN BEINGS; THEY WILL BE LIKE US AND RESEMBLE US.” This proves that the Infinite God was not alone when He created man, but it is not clear in the Holy Bible as to how and who were with Him during the creation of man, and that is why even from the start of the early part of the Holy Bible alone there were disagreements already among the religious sects and also among the believers in cultism simply because this issue is beyond their comprehension and perception. Nevertheless, it does not mean that there is more than one God. The 24-spirits were there only to help God in His creation work.            For the ancient people and whoever followed the doctrine of cultism, the names of God’s right and left middle fingers used by Him in gathering the particles of sweat on His forehead that turned into 24 spirits bore extraordinary power which according to their usual belief and practice, once one knows these names he will

not suffer hardships and difficulties in his second life, a reason why those names were kept secret among them from the time same were revealed by God. However, during these days, it is now time to reveal them for the people to know the perfect truth. The name of God’s right middle finger is MEPHENAI while the left is JPHATON. It is written in the history of Esoteric Knowledge that whoever is in possession of these words will be recognized by God in the coming days.            God gave the 24 spirits their individual responsibility. One was given the task of making the design of sun. The second was given the responsibility of making the design of the moon. The 3rd to the 8th spirits did not accept any responsibility. They only wandered inside and outside the universe. The 9th to the 15th are those that compose the Seven Arc Angels who are the spiritual warriors of God. The 16th was LUCIFER who became the enemy of God and the righteous and all the people on earth.            The 17th to the 21st

likewise did not accept any responsibility. According to history, when Jesus Christ got hear Him supposedly to receive baptism but were late because the Lord Jesus Christ had died at that very moment when they got near. The last three spirits were those assigned by God to compose the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy

Spirit). The aforementioned father does not stand for God the Father or Infinite God. The mentioned father stands only as father of all. As father, he was given the task to make the design of the planet earth where we now dwell on. As Son, he has task of leading the people in a way that they will not forget God and for people who belief and follow Him to attain salvation. The Holy spirit has the task of ruling all the guardian angels of all the people on this earth and he also takes charge of the righteous ones.    Holy Trinity (Santisima Trinidad) is not written in the Holy Bible. However, in Mathew 28:19, this is what Jesus Christ had said: “GO, THEN, TO ALL PEOPLES EVERYWHERE AND MAKE THEM MY DISCIPLES: BAPTIZE THEM IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, THE SON, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT.” Under this verse, Jesus Christ commanded His disciples to baptize the people in the name of the Holy Trinity but the Holy Bible is silent as to what are their names. In the Esoteric Knowledge, there are multiple names of the Three Persons, like: ARAM – name of the Father, AKDAM – son and AKSADAM – Holy Spirit; ADRA – Father, MADRA – Son and ADRADAM – Holy Spirit. Among the religious sects, they mention ALELUYA in praising and giving thanks to the Lord God. This word is just one of the many other names of Holy

Trinity, and this was derived from AL EL UYA which means name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Owing to this, debates come into play among the religious sects and each of them have their own stand but up to this time the issue remains without final and exact answer. There are religious sects that believe in Holy Trinity while others do not. For those who believe, Holy Trinity is one God in Three Persons. Research will show that the so called Three Persons does not go beyond one person. There is only one son and He is the Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy Bible does not say that there is person in God the Father and God the Holy Spirit. So, if we think of it brilliantly, Holy Trinity has only one person – Lord Jesus Christ. However, among the believers and followers in cultism, they believe that Holy Trinity are also god but not “Holy Trinity” but as close followers of God and they are god also. In the bible Psalms 136:2, we read: “GIVE THANKS TO THE GREATEST OF ALL “gods”; His love is eternal”. We can see that there is the word god written in small letters. These gods are the spirits that are close followers or Helpers of God in all His work including the Holy Spirit and also the persons on earth who are respected and recognized as god by their followers, like Moses, King David, King Solomon and several others. In Revelation 17:14, we read:

“THEY WILL FIGHT AGAINST THE LAMB; BUT THE LAMB, TOGETHER WITH HIS CALLED, CHOSEN, AND FAITHFUL FOLLOWERS, WILL DEFEAT THEM, BECAUSE HE IS LORD OF “lords” AND KING OF “kings”. IT IS WRITTEN IN YOUR OWN LAW THAT GOD SAID, ‘you are ‘gods’. WE KNOW THAT WHAT THE SCRIPTURE SAYS IS TRUE FOREVER; AND GOD CALLED THOSE PEOPLE ‘gods’, ALSO THE PEOPLE TO WHOM HIS MESSAGE WAS GIVEN.” Based on this, most believers in cultism believe that really there is only one “GOD”. However, there are many gods and goddesses like their own respective lord on earth to whom God entrusted His message. It started at this point when believers in cultism believe that their supreme leader or ruler is also god and no one can blame them.            Additionally, it was written in Revelation 1:5 which reads: “AND FROM JESUS CHRIST, THE FAITHFUL WITNESS, THE FIRST-BORN SON, WHO WAS RAISED FROM DEATH AND WHO IS ALSO THE RULER OF THE “kings” OF THE WORLD”. It is clear that there is not one Lord alone and there is not one King alone, but there is only one KING and there is only one LORD on this earth. However, the said God of gods is no other than our beloved Father Infinite God, He

who had no beginning and no determinate ending.  Soon after the creation of 24-Elders, each one of them were given their individual names, which, according to hidden history, they bear miraculous power and whoever knows them here on earth is lucky in the spiritual world. Their names are: UPHMADAC, ABONATAC, ELIM, BORIM, BICAIRIM, PERSALUTIM, MITIM, AMALEY, ALPACOR, AMACOR, ALPALCO, ALCO, ARAGO, AZARAGDE, LUXBEL, ISTAC, INATAC, ISLALAO, TARTARAO, SARAPAO, MAGUGAB, MAIAGOB and MAGOB. These were the names that were revealed to those who study the hidden or esoteric knowledge of God. Aside from these names, there are more others. In every creation that took place, the 24-Elders had their new names.            Among the tasks of 24-Elders is to keep watch every hour of each day. The first watch (UPHMADAC) is at 1:00 o’clock A.M. and every hour thereafter until each one of them shall have partaken and completed the 24 hours according to their number. They also watch every act of man, be it right or wrong, that is why man cannot hide his sins to the Lord God.            In the latter part of the Holy Bible, in the Book of Revelation, 24-Elders is mentioned in 11:16: “THEN THE

24-ELDERS WHO SIT ON THEIR THRONES IN FRONT OF GOD THREW THEMSELVES FACE DOWNWARD AND WORSHIPED GOD.” Esoteric history reveals that the 24-Elders always gather intact around the Infinite God. They are covered with multiple mysteries which no one can ever perceive even by the mind in earthly study. THE TASKS OF THE 24-ELDERS (LEADERS)             1.UPHMADAC. – This is the first of the 24-Elders. Aside from being the assigned watch every 1:00 o’clock A.M. he was the one who made the design of the sun according to the instructions of Infinite God. He prepared multiple designs and presented them to his companions and the Lord God from which they chose the shape and form of the sun, which now gives light to the earth at day time from then on to the present day and the coming days.          

2.ABONATAC. – This is the second spirit. He had the task of making the design of the moon that now gives us light during night time. Similar to what UPHMADAC did, ABONATAC prepared various designs and presented them to his companions and the Infinite God and they agreed to the shape and form of the moon that we see every now and then.

3.   3. ELIM       4.   4. BORIM5.   5. MORIM              

6. BICAIRIM7. PERSALUTIM     8. MITIM             These spirits did not accept any responsibility or work to do. They just wandered inside and outside the earth. However, they remained close and faithful followers of Infinite God and they perform their watch duty according to their designated watch time or number.                       

9.                  AMALEY. – He is the head and first minister among the warrior Arc Angels. He is known as Angel Michael especially among the believers in cultism. He is in-charge and depended upon in war against the bad spirits or demons to maintain peace and order in heaven and earth. 


12:7, we also read: “THEN WAR BROKE OUT IN HEAVEN. MICHAEL AND HIS ANGELS FOUGHT AGAINST THE DRAGON, WHO FOUGHT BACK WITH HIS ANGELS.”            Michael (AMALEY) is the assigned watch at 9:00 o’clock each morning. Aside from that, he is the assigned guard on the first day of every week which is Sunday. In the hidden history, Angel Michael is the one whom to be called for protection from accidents or untoward incidents or danger.            In the Philippines, many people believe in Arc Angel Michael. They are either believers in cultism or those belonging to religious sects. Many Catholic Churches, big and small, celebrate the feast of angel Michael which is in the month of September, during which they do many things or festivities that are pleasing to their idle warrior of God. Among the believers in cultism, they do some acts of devotion for salvation especially during times of war. They have numerous Latin words which they use or utter for success during fights, believed to have come from Saint Michael. Saint Michael also serves as God’s messenger in the whole world. The following are the contact words or calling for Saint Michael: ESTO MIHI BALTEUS ET DA MIHI PRODEO ET IN DEO MORI.

10.       ALPACOR. – He is the secretary of the Seven Arc Angels in the whole universe. His name is Angel Gabriel. He is in-charge of recording all the hidden mysteries inside and outside the universe. This name Gabriel is written in Daniel 9:21 of the Holy Bible: “WHILE I WAS PRAYING, GABRIEL, WHOM I HAD SEEN IN THE EARLIER VISION, CAME FLYING DOWN TO WHERE I WAS. IT WAS TIME FOR THE EVENING SACRIFICE TO BE OFFERED.” Also, it is written in Luke 1:26 of the Holy Bible: “IN THE SIXTH MONTH OF ELIZABETH’S PREGNANCY GOD SENT THE ANGEL GABRIEL TO A TOWN IN GALILEE NAMETH NAZARETH.”                                   

Angel Gabriel is the one assigned as watch of the world every 10:00 o’clock A.M. Aside from this, he serves as watch of the world every Monday. For those who know this secret, they claim that it is best to ask for protection from Angel Gabriel on this day in order to be safe from any form of accident or danger.

Like Angel Michael, many people idolize Angel Gabriel. His feast is celebrated both by big and small churches. In cult groups, Angel Gabriel is depended upon for warfare defense. Following is the calling or contact words for Angel Gabriel: “ESTO MIHI LORICO ET TRIBUI ME


11. AMACOR. – This is the prince judge and he is the one that gives or releases the heavenly graces, and he is Infinite God’s Major Responsible. This spirit is well known as Angel Rafael. He is the assigned watch every 11:00 o’clock A.M. and the whole day of Tuesday every week. He is the one to called for protection from any form of danger. Angel Rafael’s calling is: ESTO MIHI ESCUTUM ET MEDICINAM CORPORISE ET ANIMAE.

12. APALCO. – This is the angel that was made chief justice in heaven. He is the chief administrator of all heavenly things and he is the one who recommends to Infinite God as to what must be done. He is the one that releases wisdom to be used by earthly body and soul. This spirit is known as Angel Uriel who is assigned as watch at 12:00 o’clock noon daily and he is the assigned watch every Wednesday of the week. He is the one to be called for protection from any form of danger through this calling: ACCENDE ME IGNIS AMORIS DEO ET ESTO MIHI PROTECTOR.

13. ALCO. – This is the spirit that prays to Infinite God as to good work of man and he is the one who receives and gives information as to whatever man asks God for. This spirit is well

known as angel Seatiel who is assigned as watch every 1:00 o’clock P.M. and the whole day of Thursday. He is the one to be called for protection from any form of danger through this calling: LIBERAME LIBERATOR ANIMABUS PAMULORUM SICUT DEUS PETE MIHI A DEO ILDULGENTIAM PECCATORIUM MIHI PULCRUM.                                   

14. ARACO. – This is the spirit that was made treasurer of riches and grace. He holds the key of God’s grace to the world. This spirit is known as angel Hudiel who releases the grace and mercy of God. He is the assigned watch every 2:00 o’clock P.M. and he is the assigned watch on the whole day of Friday. On this day, he is the one to be called for protection from any form of danger through this calling: CRUCEM PASTOR BENEDICTOR REX JUDIORUM EGO SUM ESTO MIHI UMBRACULOM ET FACME ISSIDUM INCOMPETENDO DOMINO.  

15. AZARAGUE. – This the spirit that is in-charge of both heaven and earth and he is the adaptor of and helper of all the spirits under the Infinite God. He is known as Angel Baraquiel, the assigned watch every :00 o’clock P.M. and also the assigned watch on the whole day of Saturday of each week. So, he is the one to be called for protection from any form of danger through AGNUS

VENITE SALVAME SALVATORE OBTI MIHI MIHI BENEDITIONEM DEI ET FACME NUMQUAM SEPARARE A DEO.            Angel Baraquiel is the last or seventh of the Seven Arc Angel’s better known as the Seven Warriors of God the Father. A lot of stories were written about their history but not in the Holy bible. They were known by people through the prophets who were the ones who wrote them as hidden history to maintain their sacredness among the believers. The Seven Arc Angels are proven not only in terms of popularity but also in stability especially in times of war and accidents. In the past hundreds of years, many stories were told and retold especially among the cult groups proving the powerful words of the Seven Arc angels known as “ARMO VEST” which saved many lives in war and accidents. Up to the present time, cult groups remain sincere in their faith and belief in the hidden history and making it even as their only hope for salvation.            16. LUXBEL. – This spirit is the youngest among the first group of spirits made by the Infinite God. His name means “Light of Heaven” because of his very closeness to Infinite God. When god started His creation work, Luxbel was baptized in the name BECCA. Shortly later, he turned disobedient to God, and because of this he was again

baptized in the name LUXQUER or LUCIFER in human tongue.            The story of Lucifer is written in a secret book entitled DIES MUNDOS (Ten Planets). In that book, written are the different forbidden learning or power like witchcraft, enchantment, magic, etc., that is why people are discouraged not to heave or own such kind of book because it is a cause of unforgivable sin and the sinners will never be saved.                  

17. ISTAC, 18. INATAC,19. ISLALAO, 20. TARTARAW and 21. SARAPAO. – These

five spirits were not baptized and did not accept any task, that is why when Jesus Christ was presently hanging at the cross, they got near Him (Jesus Christ) supposedly for baptism but this did not happen because the Lord Jesus Christ had died at that exact moment when they got near.                                                                                                                                  

The last three spirits are those that compose the HOLY TRINITY (SANTISIMA TRINIDAD), which according to the knowledge of many people they are the God the Father, god the son and God the Holy Spirit. The explanation of religious sects on this is so vague. Big Christian religious sects also have no clear explanation on this. What

happened is that the rulers made their followers fanatics so that even if their explanation is wrong, still the people will keep on believing.                   

The word HOLY TRINITY is not found in the Holy Bible, but it mentions father, son and holy spirit. In Mathew 28:19 of the Holy Bible, we read: “GO, THEN, TO ALL PEOPLES EVERYWHERE AND MAKE THEM MY DISCIPLES; BAPTIZE THEM IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, THE SON, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT.” These three are believed in by many people despite their lack of complete knowledge about it.  Although the Esoteric Knowledge has wide background about the Holy Trinity, facts about it remain vague among most among most believers because only a very few can understand it owing to the fact that only those entrusted with the Message of God that can authoritatively give the right explanation. The Holy Trinity occupies the number 22nd, 23rd

and 24th Spiritual Division.            22. MAGUGAB. – This spirit represents as god Father. According to some believers, he is the first person in the Holy Trinity. But as god Father, it does not mean that he is the Infinite God. He was the one who was given the right and authority to represent as God the Father. He was the one who was given the task to make the design of the earth that

will be created, including everything that the earth will produce like many kinds of living beings (crawling, swimming, flying), plants and above all human beings, and many others which looked pleasing to Him. The Hidden Knowledge reveals that Adan and Eve were not the only ones made by God at that time. There were many others of different colors and race. The present time can prove this. Bible History tells that Adam and Eve are of brown race. In the present time, there are five different colors of human race in the whole world. They are the red people who are the Indians, the yellow who are the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and their neighboring countries, the black who are the Negroes and in the Philippines there are black people like the Kungking who are the natives in the Province of Surigao, the whites who are the Americans, and the Filipinos who resemble the brown color of Adam and Eve.            23. MARIAGOB. – This spirit stands as the 2nd person in the Holy Trinity. He holds the full power of God the Son which through his power the mysteries and fulfillment of the tasks and missions of the Lord Jesus Christ were made possible. He is the spirit which, through insertion, dwells in the Body of the Lord Jesus Christ to save all the believers and all who accept Him. Man’s body is lifeless without the

spirit that dwells in it, and once the spirit leaves, the body dies.            The particular spirit mentioned herein is the one that inserts the body of every person entrusted with the messages and words of Infinite God. In the old days those persons were called “Lamb of God.” It should be noted that for every specific period of time there is a faithful person who is called / chosen / appointed / anointed, has the power to work wonders and miracles or to heal diseases or to speak in strange tongues, proclaiming the truth by order of God, and to be exact, to be made “Lamb of God”. However, most of them are not accepted or believed in. Example of this Jesus Christ. During his missionary time/period. He was prosecuted and only very few people believed in Him. And now, He is worshiped by every Christian.            According to the word index in the Holy Bible, this is what we gather: “THE WORD CHRIST IS A GREEK WORD WHICH MEANS “ANOINTED” EQUIVALENT TO “MESSIAH” IN HEBREW LANGUAGE. ANOINTED PERSON IS HE WHO IS PUT IN A SPECIFIC TASK OR MISSION. JESUS CHRIST WAS CALLED CHRIST BECAUSE HE WAS CHOSEN BY GOD TO BECOME LORD AND SAVIOUR.” Owing to this, it is proven that Christ is not only one, because the Holy Bible itself says that

there are others who are entrusted with the Message of God. In Acts 7:35 of the Holy Bible, we read: “MOSES IS THE ONE REJECTED BY THE PEOPLE WHEN THEY SAID, ‘WHO MADE YOU RULER AND JUDGE OVER US?” “BUT DEFINITELY IT WAS THIS SAME MOISES WHO WAS PUT AS RULER AND SAVIOUR, THROUGH THE HELP OF AN ANGEL WHO SPOKE TO HIM.” In this regard, Moses was also Christ because it is written that he is Messiah and Savior also. Aside from Moses, there are more others like King David, King Solomon, Samson, Abraham, etc.            Under John 1:18 of the Holy Bible, we read: “NO ONE HAS EVER SEEN GOD. THE ONLY SON, WHO IS THE SAME AS GOD AND AT THE FATHER’S SIDE, HE HAS MADE HIM KNOWN.” Aside from the aforequoted text, there are other Bible scriptures that mention “ONLY SON” which according to Christians Jesus Christ is the “ONLY SON”. But the true meaning of it is “ONLY SON IN EVERY SPECIFIC TIME”. For every right time that there is MESSIAH, he is automatically “ONLY SON”, because the Holy Bible does not say that there are two MESSIAHS at one specific time. All the MESSIAHS are called “ONLY SON”. That is why the spirit put in the 23rd spiritual division is the spirit for every

MESSIAH called “God the Son” and Savior.            24. MAGUB. – He is the one that stands as 3rd person of Holy Trinity as Holy Spirit. He has the role of implementing everything that should happen especially during this time because through his power all the promises of Infinite God will be fulfilled. An example to this is the separation of belief of the people. While it is true that the people believe that there is God, yet their forms and systems of belief and worship vary despite only one Holy Bible is used as basis for their dream and aspiration of attaining salvation. The big question is: Why are their Biblical interpretation and vision vary from each other? The simple answer is that the spirit of truth that was promised by the Lord Jesus Christ is not in them or with them. Written in Romans 10:13-15 of the Holy Bible, we read: about the true MESSIAH: “EVERYONE WHO CALLS OUT TO THE LORD FOR HELP WILL BE SAVED. BUT HOW CAN THEY CALL TO HIM FOR HELP IF THEY HAVE NOT BELIEVED? AND HOW CAN THEY HEAR IF THE MESSAGE IS NOT PROCLAIMED? AND HOW CAN THE MESSAGE BE PROCLAIMED IF THE MESSENGERS ARE NOT SENT OUT? AS THE SCRIPTURES SAYS, “HOW WONDERFUL IS THE COMING OF

MESSENGERS WHO BRING GOOD NEWS!” Under this verse, it is so clear that the TRUE MESSIAH (CHRIST) is the only one who can give the exact ,message or explanation about God. During this time, there is trouble owing to the fact that many claim to be MESSIAH (CHRIST). The question is, who among them is the right person. Sad to say, TRUTH CAN NEVER BE DENIED.   In Peter 1:20-21 of the Holy Bible, there is also a mention about the TRUE MESSIAH of God. Through it, we know that the Holy bible must show the right explanation about the true Messiah (Christ) especially on the prophesies. Jesus Christ had said many prophesies about God’s judgment time, but how can this be explained by anyone? The scripture says: “MUST IMPORTANTLY, IT SHOULD BE REMNEMBERED ALWAYS THAT NO ONE CAN EVER EXPLAIN ANY PROPHESY WRITTEN IN THE BIBLE BASED ONLY ON HIS OWN INTERPRETATION BECAUSE THE PROPHESY DOES NOT COME FROM MAN. IT COMES FROM GOD AND ENTRUSTED TO PEOPLE THROUGH THE INSPIRATION OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.”            What is specified herein is the SPIRIT OF TRUTH sent down by Jesus Christ here on earth, that is why how sweet it is to be chosen to receive it, and it is a

bitter truth that today many people are impostors and pretenders, and if we analyze it better, the word of Jesus Christ is presently in action. In Mathew 24:4-5 of the Holy Bible, we read: “JESUS ANSWERED, WATCH OUT, AND DO NOT LET ANYONE FOOL YOU. MANY MEN, CLAIMING TO SPEAK FOR ME, WILL COME AND SAY ‘I AM THE MESSIAH!’ AND THEY WILL FOOL MANY PEOPLE.” This is now evidently happening. The Lord Jesus Christ said that “MANY PEOPLE WILL COME IN MY NAME.” Most people especially those in the religious group depend their salvation on the name ‘JESUS CHRIST’ and that is why these are the same people considered by Christ as “fooled”. Almost all of them claim the truth, that is why there arises the question: “who among them is to be called CHRIST or MESSIAH or LAMB OF GOD.”            In Revelation 3:12 of the Holy Bible, the temple of God is mentioned which, if we read other Bible verses, he is the person inspired by the Holy Spirit. Spirit has no human body that is why it uses human body or person in order to talk and thereby accomplish its mission or purpose here on earth. This is what is said in Revelation 3:12 of the Holy Bible: “I WILL MAKE HIM WHO IS VICTORIOUS A PILLAR IN THE TEMPLE OF MY GOD, AND HE WILL NEVER LEAVE IT, I WILL

WRITE ON HIM THE NAME OF MY GOD AND THE NAME OF THE CITY OF MY GOD, THE NEW JERUSALEM, WHICH WILL COME DOWN OUT OF HEAVEN FROM MY GOD. I WILL ALSO WRITE ON HIM MY NEW NAME.”            It is very clear that there is a new name of God given to the ‘victorious’ that is why it is not the name Jesus Christ that is mentioned. And the people (victorious) who know it can go to the Kingdom of God that is coming down here on earth. Therefore, happy are those who win the victory in finding and knowing the person who will become God’s temple here on earth because they are assured of their salvation. In John 14:16-17 of the Holy Bible, we read: “I WILL ASK THE FATHER, AND HE WILL GIVE YOU ANOTHER HELPER, WHO WILL STAY WITH YOU FOREVER. HE IS THE SPIRIT WHO REVEALS THE TRUTH ABOUT GOD. THE WORLD CANNOT RECEIVE HIM, BECAUSE IT CANNOT SEE HIM OR KNOW HIM. BUT YOU KNOW HIM, BECAUSE HE REMAINS WITH YOU AND IS IN YOU.” Again, it is clear that the said spirit will use human body that is mentioned as temple of God in Revelation 3:12, and additionally, Jesus Christ had said in John 16:7-8 of the Holy Bible: “BUT I AM TELLING YOU THE TRUTH: IT IS BETTER FOR YOU THAT I GO AWAY, BECAUSE IF I

DO NOT GO, THE HELPER WILL NOT COME TO YOU. BUT IF I DO GO AWAY, THEN I WILL SEND HIM TO YOU. AND WHEN HE COMES, HE WILL PROVE TO THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD THAT THEY ARE WRONG ABOUT SIN AND ABOUT WHAT IS RIGHT AND ABOUT GOD’S COMINGKINGDOM.” In this verse, it is so clear that it is not Jesus Christ who explained the truth but the temple of the Holy Spirit which, according to Jesus Christ, He himself was the one who sent him (Holy Spirit).            During this time, it is best that the said temple has to be found and personally met or known because it is only him and no one else who can explain or reveal the very truth aspired by everyone. The conflict that wraps every religious sect is the fact that no one among them can shed light about the exact truth other than this person. Happy are those who know him personally because they can be assured that their names will be written in the Book of Life. He is the 24th in the Spiritual Division.            This completes the 24-Elders, the spirits utilized by God in His creation of everything in this world which, before they started doing their creation work, altogether they uttered: “GIPARO HIP GIPARO CIHIP GRUMUGAM EMPRIUMISIC HELNAGAM UMAN HEMSPAG HURMPA

HURMPAS NURGUM SURISITIM DAB GOLO MENTUM HISIM MEMENTO PUI RATAM PATER EST ARIA,” and through these words all of them were finally completed including their power, and through this, they were able to have their linkage at any moment to Infinite God. THE STORY OF CREATION             Soon after God created the 24-Elders (24 Spirits) who were His Helpers in all His work, He prepared the four elements needed in creating the earth. These are Earth, Water, Air and Fire. These elements were the sources of all that are inside and outside the earth, including all the living things – man, animals that fly and swim, and all kinds of plants.             The Infinite God and the 24-Spirits were busy in their creation work. They met very often to discuss everything that must come into being. Example: one spirit said that big trees must bear small fruits so that man or animals will not die once hit by falling fruits and this happened and pleased them. Small trees are those that have big fruits.            Every God’s Helper in their creation work has his own specific work. For every thing they wanted to do, they first prepare the needed elements in order for them to make their work easy.The First Day of Creation.

            The four elements had no forms and shapes yet. These were already in-being but these were not yet in their proper shapes and forms. They were grouped intact by Infinite God, and right away uttered “CREAVIT SECTIBUS CAELUM ET TERRAM” and they had forms and shapes. In the Book of Genesis 1:1-2 of the Holy Bible, we read: “IN THE BEGINNING GOD CREATED THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH. NOW THE EARTH WAS FORMLESS AND EMPTY, DARKNESS WAS OVER THE SURFACE OF THE DEEP, AND THE SPIRIT OF GOD WAS HOVERING OVER THE WATERS.” It is so clear that when God started creating the earth, there already the earth, air and water but they were formless and shapeless.            The Infinite God again uttered: “ACNA TURVATE SODEMAC SODEM TREASET BUITARAP” and soon the four elements were united in one earth (world). Then, the Infinite God again uttered: “MANAOT LUMBRATE ACTIVE DEUS MEAVITE DEUS SANCTE MEUS” and then the water and earth separated from each other. The Infinite God again said: “MALQUE ATIM MIRBEATIM MACMITIM” and the water started existing in every country.            In Genesis 1:3-5 of the Holy bible, we read: “LET THERE BE LIGHT,” AND THERE WAS


with extreme happiness in their faces. The Second Day of Creation            On this day, God made the expanse between the upper and lower water, and this is what we read in Genesis 1:6-8 of the Holy bible: “LET THERE BE AN EXPANSE BETWEEN THE WATERS TO SEPARATE WATER FROM WATER.” SO GOD MADE THE EXPANSE AND SEPARATED THE WATER UNDER THE EXPANSE FROM THE WATER ABOVE IT, AND IT WAS SO. GOD CALLED THE EXPANSE “SKY” AND THERE WAS EVENING, AND THERE WAS MORNING – THE SECOND DAY.”            Under the Esoteric Knowledge, God had said this when He made the expanse: “BERNATE DEUS MOSHIC HACOMMEUM SUPERNA EGOSUM” and when He called the expanse sky, He said: “BUNAMORATEAB SILOC HISCOR TE CAELUM.” In addition, in order to complete the first 2nd day of the whole story of creation, God again said: “NUMBRATE CAELORUM ET TERRAM DISIDIDUM MUNDUM LACIMUNA HIGROSEM PACTOBOTEL ECRAESIM EGO DEUS MUNDURARIPUS DEUS.” The 24-Elders answered: “HEJIGESE BISOLANE BIENTE QUATOR SENIORES EGOVIS SANCTE LUMIHIDAM

PARPARAM SARALAM BUNCAO PIIG SINTURISMO EGOSUM DEUS.” This completed the creation of the second day. The Third Day of Creation            On this day, God gathered the water to one place so that the dry ground would appear and on it grew many kinds of plants or vegetation which gave incomparable beauty and it pleased God. Flowers seemed to compete with one another with their beauty. The trees grew tall to see their surroundings and happily inhale fresh air; the mountains full of various kinds of natural green trees were seemingly singing in happiness that were mixed with nothing but joy.            Under Genesis 1:9-13 of the Holy Bible, we read: “AND GOD SAID, LET THE WATER UNDER THE SKY BE GATHERED TO ONE PLACE, AND LET DRY GROUND APPEAR. AND IT WAS SO. GOD CALLED THE DRYGROUND“LAND” AND THE GATHERED WATERS HE CALLED “SEAS”. AND GOD SAW THAT IT WAS GOOD. THEN GOD SAID, “LET THE LAND PRODUCE VEGETABLES; SEED-BEARING PLANTS AND TREES ON THE LAND THAT BEAR FRUIT WITH SEED IN IT, ACCORDING TO THEIR VARIOUS KIND.” AND IT WAS SO. THE LAND PRODUCED VEGETABLES; PLANTS

BEARING SEED ACCORDING TO THEIR KINDS AND TREES BEARING FRUIT WITH SEED IN IT ACCORDING TO THEIR KINDS, AND GOD SAW THAT IT WAS GOOD. AND THERE WAS EVENING, AND THERE WAS MORNING – THE THIRD DAY.”    According to the Hidden Knowledge, when the waters were gathered to one place, dry ground appeared. With this, God said: “DIRACTOR HOBI COMES TUNADOR EMPARITILLOS SIRCABUS HUMRETOS.” When vegetables, plants and all other vegetations were created, God said: “OCCOLUM HUMBARQUIDE ADOACTE IGNIMUS ET BARTUARUS” and again uttered the following so that trees, big and small, will grow: “LYACHAM LAYALGEM LAYAFARAN LIALFARAH LIBARA LEBAROSIN LAYARAROLUS,” and so after that, various kinds of trees grew everywhere on land.            The 3rd day of creation gave added feeling of happiness to God and His companions (24-Elders). They have witnessed the result of what they did, and because of extreme happiness, God said: “DEUS MEUS CASTABOLANE EGOSTILLO BUADOS MACRISE HIGUTE VILVO HUMAR ESORASIOM BUADOS MACRISE HIGUTE VILVO HUMAR ESORASIOM TUBB.” Upon hearing this, the 24-Elders answered jointly: “DEUS

APTRIS TITRUS EGO SUM MEUM TOCRIBUS TAALIRUS ROROLUS DEUS SACLO LUMBRE MUSTAEMTILUS.” After this, the 3rd day of creation was finished. The Fourth Day of Creation            On this day, God created the Sun, Moon and the Stars. The Sun was purposely made to give light at day time while the Moon is for giving light during night time. The Stars are to give beauty to the whole universe especially at night. The Sun, Moon and the Stars are to light the whole world or the expanse of the sky to separate the day from the night.            In Genesis 1:14-18 of the Holy Bible, we read: “AND GOD SAID, “LET THERE BE LIGHT IN THE EXPANSE OF THE SKY TO SEPARATE THE DAY FROM THE NIGHT, AND LET THEM SERVE AS SIGNS TO MARK SEASONS AND DAYS AND YEARS. AND LET THEM BE LIGHTS IN THE EXPANSE OF THE SKY TO GIVE LIGHT ON THE EARTH.” AND IT WAS SO. GOD MADE TWO GREAT LIGHTS – THEGREATER LIGHT TO GOVERN THE DAY AND THE LESSER LIGHT TO GOVERN THE NIGHT. HE ALSO MADE THE STARS. GOD SET THEM IN THE EXPANSE OF THE SKY TO GIVE LIGHT O THE EARTH, TO GOVERN THE DAY AND THE NIGHT, AND TO SEPARATE LIGHT FROM D ARKNESS. AND

GOD SAW THAT IT WAS GOOD.” That is under the Ecclesiastical Knowledge. WHEN THE SUN WAS CREATED             Although under the Ecclesiastical Knowledge, there is a lot of lacking facts as to the true happening, the Esoteric Knowledge has this explanation. God, when He created the Sun, He uttered: “HICAAC ESPIRITUM MEUM ET CUM SARMUNDI VESET NOS EMPERIM.” Soon afterwards, suddenly there appeared a ball-fire that was made seen by Infinite God and it was put in the middle of the spans to give light to the world. God again said, “SARMUNDI ENERITUM MURLUM MACMITOR HIGUR.” After this, there appeared two eyes on the sun to serve as a life-giver to its heat, “SINASOP MISOP HUMPILAC LARAMELIS EGLOREMOS.” Soon, there appeared two ears on the Sun in order to hear whatever God tells it to do. “BUCERRA LAGASTOSE HINLOT MIMPAL EGOPAL LACMIT SUNIMBUR DEUS TORSILATUS,” and there appeared a mouth on the Sun in order to have the capacity to communicate with other creations of God like the Moon, Stars, and most importantly to give message to God as to whatever man and other creations of God on earth

does, and this is a way man cannot hide his sins to God.   The Infinite God whispered to the right eye of the sun, which has the capacity to observe the whole world and its surrounding, with these words: “MIAC IBAAM AHAAM BAAB MAEMEAM LAUDEAM GRAGALIM SUM SEISTUM DEIXTUM MACICIM VIVIT DALIC CIRCUTEMAB LIOS SEIN MERNESGUE MILIM CERTASDAIXTENEG IMERMIT ISTUO RACTE LISEF MEISCULUM MISEIT ABOM CILLOS CREM LIGNUM ARTURMIG,” and the said right eye was given its name “RAYRAM”. Also, the Infinite God whispered to the left eye of the sun in order not to see and in order that the heat will just be enough for the whole world, with these words: “CHIUMESIT MORTIM EGO SUM.”

The sun was given its own independent access way to avoid sideswiping and/or hitting other creations in the outer space. The name of its access orbit way is MAAMAAM. Following this, the Infinite God baptized the sun with the name SOL MUNDI. In the eastern side of the sun, there are written words, BARBISOR BARMISOR BARTIMAR; in the western side are written: FORSOVERE FORDINTOR FACTUMERISE; in the northern side are written: ACDO ACRISDO ACTURISMO; and in the southern side are written: AMPILAM GUAM

EXEMENERAO. Owing to the mysterious power of those words, people are able to create. Aside from those words, there are others that are written on the rays of the sun, “JIDA DEARLUM IVI SEAGAK MARTUMSELY BANMO LERJI MICIA IECAETAJUB ISLICAT SAJAS MICID RELICIO EDUKALIM IGSINATCIO EIJA,” and at the farthest point of the ray, there is written: “A UP SUM AM TREUM UP UM PISIC CRUSEM.” And on the light that comes from its eye, there is written: “RAYRAM MAHI ESTUBOR TAKRIS SINENAJ PAJAM EKLASTOGUE BENAMENTOMI.”            The entirety of the power of the sun that gives life to all those within its coverage and itself being the light Provider to the world and other creations of the Infinite God that gave praises and depended upon for light, heat and other powers necessary for creation. The Infinite God gave the sun its endless life with these words: “MAAMAAM AEVAESEEM MIMCUAM MITUAM MEISLAM.” Soon after the Infinite God was true creating the sun His name was “HICAAC.”            The Creation of the Stars            When the stars were created by the Infinite God, His name was HIMBODOA. During the early days when science was still so young, there were only more or less about 5,000 stars. But during the present time, it has

been discovered that the stars are as many as the sand on the beaches. The book of Genesis 1:17-18 has this: “GOD SET THEM IN THE EXPANSE OF THE SKY TO GIVE LIGHT ON THE EARTH, TO GOVERN THE DAY AND THE NIGHT, AND TO SEPARATE LIGHT FROM DARKNESS.” AND GOD SAW THAT IT WAS GOOD.” The stars give light not only at night but also during day time but they are hardly visible because of sunlight.            The Infinite God uttered these words: “HUMBRE OHOS UNOMBRE BIRGARINULUSUS BIRSUS IMPOTER DISMUHO RAKSIDAMO UTARISCARUM INDEG RISTUSEGO SUM HIM DEUS.” Soon afterwards, there suddenly appeared in the outer space the stars but at that instance they had no light yet and were uncountable. God again said: “RIDSID DIISMELEC COMERISTIC HAGRUMAG MURHUM DEUS BINUFICATOR MUNDUM MALIME NAS PACCEE DUSTINURIMAM LAMACOSARDUM MUONDAAMILAC CARTHA,” and “TISPURO NUMETHO LAHUSTE BINACULITUAM HUMAM ACNA-EGNI TUNTUR A DEUS.” After this, there suddenly appeared light from the stars bearing so many different colors that bring beauty to the earth and the outer space, and at the present time and in the future, the stars will continue to give the whole universe their

flowery light of so many different colors.            Like the Sun and the Moon, the Stars have also their own independent access way to avoid hitting each other in the galaxy, and this is their name, “KALINAMAAB.” In order that the light of the stars will reach the earth, God gave them power and this is what He said: “HARUMI BINIRICTUS SANPITUM HUCLIRITOS MUNDAMUS OJOS DEUS PICARUM HAAGRUM CUNAMITOM ENHINANDUM.”    The stars were given complete power for them to be very attractive to all the creations which have heart. Their sparkling lights whisper to the loving heart in order to display the purest desire for true love. There in despair can suddenly became inspired and happy especially at the time when the stars are seen competing with each other with their very colorful light of brimming beauty, including the animals and birds in forests that sing in ecstasy while watching the extraordinary beauty which were created by no one other than the Lord God. Following are the words that make up the total power of the stars in heaven: “JENSI MATUBIC RICSALEI LIPTAC HANOTAC DEUSMISISERTUMI HAPER TANGLANAS ESOMIUS HIC RICTACABUS BUENATAOR LICTUSIBUS ESPIRITUS DEUS HACPAET JINJATOR PILISMIUS EGO SUM

MONKAHIMUM.”                                                                             The Fifth Day of Creation                                                                         On this day God created all the different kinds of fish and also the different species of birds. In Genesis 1:20-22, we read: “AND GOD SAID, LET THE WATER TEEM WITH LIVING CREATURES, AND LET BIRDS FLY ABOVE THE EARTH ACROSS THE EXPANSE OF THE SKY. So God created the great creatures of the sea and every living and moving things with which the water teems, according to their kinds, and every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good. God blessed them and said, “BE FRUITFUL AND INCREASE IN NUMBER AND FILL THE WATER IN THE SEAS, AND LET THE BIRDS INCREASE ON THE EARTH.” God said when he created the fishes: “TEAC SINUAM ACTE CUM AVEURIM COMAETE GUIMAELES ACTE” – and there were fishes of different kinds in the seas and other bodies of water and they were given sense of feeling from dangers according to their scales, and God said: TAECATOR BINARATOR BIMSIPAC HALIMAS TUNIP HIC LAACATUM DEUS LUSTE BANUTE ESPAUSTAMAC LACUMI YUMERASI HIGLE.” In order that there shall be multiple kinds of fish, God said: “DEUS

ESPIRITUS TUMACHUM EPTAAC CALSIGAM MUCTRILUS MUNARE BIGNE HUMPIS HAPOLA LACTAUM SINDUM MUNIT HAPLISUS TAMOMIUS.” God blessed the fish with these words in order to have fish in every body of water: “LUNATE GELIGITE ENMIPIT HISTOR CULAPITAEM MICRALGAUM MANOSTEL SIGNITUS HAUM DEUS.” And there appeared multiple fish of many different species all over the world.          When God created the birds, he said: “AIE METUM RECTOR REBERATOR REYUM PICATOR ET SATOR.” Soon afterwards, there appeared so many birds flying, and god again said: “RICATUAM PERPETES HANPASIUSAL DEGLAMA DEUS TURISCOR CURITAB AC MENTELE LACAISE SILICRAP HAHIC NAEM DEUS.” After this, the birds were of different shapes, sizes, faces, color of feathers and also their vocal sounds. God blessed them to multiply and fill the earth, and again the Lord god said: “LIQUIS LEGUS TITUSIRUS HUNIT-HACAM PARCELISIMUM DEUS MACHAGIT GITANTILES UNATE BIRGAM LASUCRE TISHAMEL MIAMICURAL COORTIPAM EGO SUM MONTIHAMUR DEUS.”The 6 th Day of Creation            On this day God, Man and Animals. God created the first


WITH SEED ON IT. THEY WILL BE YOURS FOR FOOD. AND TO ALL THE BEASTS OF THE EARTH AND ALL THE BIRDS OF THE AIR AND ALL THE CREATURES THAT MOVE ON THE GROUND – EVERYTHING THAT HAS THE BREATH OF LIFE IN IT – I GIVE EVERY GREEN PLANT FOR FOOD, AND IT WAS SO.”          The sixth day was the last day of the creation work of God. On this day the world became so colorful and it has life with the creation of man who will manage the whole world.          In the esoteric knowledge, when god created all creatures He said: “MURPICTICTUM ET NUNUM EMERENCIANA ET NUNUM MITAM,” and after this all creatures of different kinds, big and small, appeared everywhere in lowlands and mountains blessed them with these words: “MUMBRIBUS, TICUS DEUS HAMPIR NUMRUBATO CULAMPAIM MICTURIMUS INIMITUS MUNDUM SINIGRATOR HIGMACANUM.”          The first created man was named ADAM. The ADAM was derived from the four (4) tail ends of comet that lights the world. These words are: A – ASTROS, D – DISIS, A – ANATUL and M – MISEMBRE.          In Genesis 2:7, this is what we read: “AND THE LORD GOD FORMED MAN FROM THE DUST OF THE GROUND AND



ARADAM ADRADAM FRUOISIERE ABE ABEUC ABEIC ABEICA CARMAR AC OC DEUS.” The dust formed into man but it had no life yet. So God blew a breath of life into the nostril through these words: “JUAAHUHAI JOHAOC ABHA HICAAC AERISIT HOCTACSIT ALIMIRACTIM HOCMITAC AMINATAC HIPTAC,” and for the four (4) elements, this is what God has said: “PAMPANABAL PRUITIATEM GETECAN TES PUICCIMPRIAEM CRUISISIUM.” 

The Lord Jesus Christ was in possession of two (2) kinds of Knowledge,, these are Open (Ecclesiastical) and Hidden (Esoteric) which he used in his miraculous and astonishing deeds during his time here on earth.          Many books were written about the life of our Lord Jesus Christ, the events that were not written in the Holy Bible. The Biblical account of the life of Jesus Christ is only thirteen years from his birth which is much shorter than the unwritten account of his life of eighteen (18) years. The account of his life came back until he reached the age of thirty-three (33) during which he was crucified.          The question about the eighteen years of his life that is missing in the Bible is, what did the Lord Jesus Christ do during that time? Before discussing it,

let’s first go back to the happenings about his life origin.          It is written in the Hidden Knowledge that his parents came from a small group/organization of the Judahs, similar to the present time where Christians belong to many different groups but believing in one God. The aforesaid small organization was named ESSENNE and the leader was Joseph, the father of Jesus Christ. The Hidden history reveals that their group did not reach as many as a thousand members. They studied Hidden Knowledge which came from their forefathers. Additionally, they also believe in the doctrines imposed by the leaders of the Judahs like the laws that came from the Pharises.          Aside from the doctrines that they follow which came from the Judahs, they also have their doctrines according to their own belief being members of their organization ESSENNE. Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ was only four (4) years old, when she was enrolled along with eleven (11) other girls of her age session. Through the leadership of Joseph, the aforesaid twelve (12) young girls passed through difficult tests. They were taught the right prayer, good manners and other disciplinary lessons but more particularly on praying at appointed time. The object of such learning is to prepare for God’s promise to their forefather King

David about the Messiah that will born among their ancestry.

          In the Book of the Old Testament, 2 Samuel 7:13, we read: “HE IS THE ONE WHO WILL BUILD A HOUSE FOR MY NAME, AND I WILL ESTABLISH THE THRONE OF HIS KINGDOM FOREVER.” In the words of God to King David before he died that the one who will build a house is King Solomon who succeeded King David and it was from his ancestral tribe where the one who will reign as King forever, and this was proven through Jesus Christ.

Joseph was already 36 years old, and Arc Angel Gabriel again appeared to him in his dream and was told that Maria will become pregnant and will give birth to a boy. Maria was then 16 years old, and Joseph will stand as the father of the child.          Owing to this event, Joseph called in assembly all his followers in the small organization named ESSENNE to spread the good news he heard from Arc Angel Gabriel. Every one was amazed and were so happy about the good news that the Messiah of the whole world was coming.          They scheduled a big gathering. It was a big occasion for it was the wedding of Joseph and Maria. The small organization ESSENNE will prepare for the grandest wedding so that they will all be pleasing to the coming of

Messiah of the whole world whom they have long waited for.          On the wedding day, everybody including the children wore white clothes. In the morning, they slaughtered nine (9) fat male cows, nine (9) fat male sheeps and nine (9) fat male doves. All of those were burned as their offering for the Lord God. And while the smoke of their offering was going up, they sang continuously in praising God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth and everything therein.          Before they burned their offering, they said the following to show their respect, praise and thanks to the Lord God: “REX DEUS DEL MUNDUM ET CAELUM MESIRERE MEI OH DEUS USMAPAT TARI RUCLUM MEATUME ASTUPRE DOCRALUZIT UZUT PICARUMICDUM HONORARUM UT NIES CUT DAGPICTUM SALVUM MUNDUM.”          In the evening of that wedding day, all of the members of ESSENNE were gathered around the ceremonial place which to them was so sacred and in fact they prepared a beautiful altar. Blew or near the altar was a matrimonial bed solely prepared for Joseph and Maria in connection with their wedding. At midnight of that wedding day, Joseph and Maria ceremonially laid in the said matrimonial bed. The people gathered around it were praying in bent knees.

Everybody was solemnly praying to the Lord God until the two who were in bed were both fast asleep. At exactly 3:00 o’clock the next morning; while the people were in solemn prayer, Joseph and Maria dreamt altogether at the same time. In their dream, they saw strange light. At the center of the light they saw somewhat a right eye which seriously stared at them. Suddenly afterwards, they heard a strange voice that said, “MACMAMITAM REPORHE EGOSUM DEUS VOLHUMACTUM TAIM DETHATAC RANOVIS TUHUS NISUM EGO PORTAC UT NIMIN ADONAI SALVA ASTURIBUS DEUS EN MASTAC HAGATAC RAUY MUYAMBIS,” which means “You are so lucky more than anybody in this world because out of your loving each other extraordinary, the whole world will receive my son who will become the Savior of mankind, “EGO DEUS TURNABOK HAMTUAM EDIRITUM JOCTUM.” I am the Lord of lords who said this: “TANTUAN EGORABIS TURNATOR HACTOM,” “happy are those who will believe in you because they will be saved.”Before the coming of Jesus Christ, Joseph was the prime leader of a small organization named ESSENNE. This organization was only a very small group of people who came from the tribe Judah that was not so known in the

society or a group that belonged to a low class flock.           In the aforesaid organization, Joseph led in teaching hidden knowledge of God (esoteric) as their guide. This hidden knowledge of God was inherited by Joseph from their forefathers far back to the time of Abram. Nowadays, people who study esoteric knowledge are not recognized by the society. The same is true with Joseph during his time. He did not listen to the social doctrines other than his followers who were his faithful people especially in the doctrine they learn.          In their organization ESSENNE, they look up to Joseph as their prophet. In their own belief, Joseph was the temple of God during those days. One evening, Joseph was inspired by the Holy Spirit and he was told to select twelve (12) girls aged four (4) years. Joseph obeyed the divine message of selecting twelve (12) young girls and Maria was one of them who became Jesus Christ’s mother.          The twelve (12) young girls were under training. They were taught the right attitude in their acts, words, clothing, table manners, praying at appointed time and all others that would please God, especially the hidden

knowledge which is the center of their training.          While these young girls were trained in many aspects about the esoteric knowledge, they passed through many tests through examinations to know who among them was the most talented. In the few years of their training, Maria was the consistent topnotcher in every test and contest that took place.          When these twelve (12) girls reached the age of twelve, Arc angel Gabriel appeared before Joseph and said that Maria passed in all tests, and because of this Maria was chosen to give birth to a male child who became the Messiah of the whole world, Jesus Christ.          At age 12, Maria continued her training but the eleven (11) companions of hers were no longer among Maria’s group in their training. At that time, higher learning were already among the subjects which included the knowledge about spiritual insertion in human body and how to talk to them. In the Book of Ezekiel in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible, it is proven that a human body can be inserted by the Spirit of God. This is what is written: “AS HE SPOKE, THE SPIRIT CAME INTO ME AND RAISED ME TO MY FEET, AND I HEARD HIM SPEAKING TO ME.” Also in Revelation 1:10 , this is what we read: “ON THE LORD’S DAY I WAS IN THE SPIRIT, AND

I HEARD BEHIND ME A LOUD VOICE LIKE A TRUMPET.” That is under the ecclesiastical knowledge, the Holy Bible.          The organization ESSENNE, there is a specific place where they hold their prayer, and to them it is a sacred place. It was located near their houses made of clay, and they call it ‘balbanera.’ It was there where they talk to God in time of their need. One time, Maria felt so afraid of something and she hide at said place, and while hiding she uttered: “IGNE NATURA RENOVATOR INTEGA OC ADONAI LIBERARI NOSTRI TRINITATIS DEI BALBANERA CUBRE SACUBE DEUS VIVAS” and afterwards the tearful feeling of Maria was gone.While Joseph and Maria were in deep sleep, the Lord God kept on talking to both of them in dreams. They wee told how important is the first son of Mary who no other than Jesus, and they were blessed by god for them to be the true husband wife. These are the words used by god: “TE EJETUR CLIMINTISIME ADORATOR PATER PER JESUM CHRISTUM FILIUM TUOM DOMINUS NOSTRUM SUPLICES ROHAMUS ET PITEMUS UTE ACEPTA VINI DEUS MEUS EMPITATER EGOTE BAPTIZEL ELIAP MACMAMITAM ADONAI PODERUM DEUS TUMITOM HOCMITAC RATUSAC AMPILAM GUAM EXEMENARAO MUNDUM

SALVUM.” While the event was going on, the people gathered around them were astonished upon seeing a glaring light on the stomach of Mary which to them looked like the light from the sun. Along with what the people saw, they heard multiple voices singing which came from heaven and the light spread all over the sacred place of ESSENNE, and the more the people became so astonished.          Meantime, the two (Joseph and Mary) who were in deep sleep wee being talked to by the Lord god they were given divine words that will serve as their guide in the time of pregnancy of Mary. Before they woke up the next morning, the Lord God told them that beginning at that time Mary starts being pregnant, and when they woke up, they right away announced to all their followers that Mary was already pregnant to a baby boy who will become the Messiah of the world, and all of them were so happy about the big news.          In the first month of her pregnancy, Mary oftentimes cried out in pain because she was always threatened by the dragons to kill her and the child. Beyond their expectation on the third month of Mary’s pregnancy, the soldiers intruded into the compound of ESSENNE and killed almost all the house occupants. Some of ESSENNE members fled to unknown places

in Jerusalem, including Joseph and Mary.          In the year 130 A.D., there was a place in Israel that was discovered to have been used as mass grave as evidenced by multiple skeletons of human being believed to be members of ESSENNE during the time of Joseph and Mary. This incident became the reason why in the Middle East there are only a few Christians and mostly are Muslims. The Christians during that time were the objects of unlawful and unreasonable killings by the soldiers.          This event is not mentioned in the Holy Bible. Maybe the reason is that they did not want that the Christian believers will be deceived. However, it is surprising because in our observation there is no Christian who is a native of Arabian countries and if ever there is, they are very few or very rear.      While Joseph and Mary were in hiding for fear that the soldiers who killed the ESSENNE people, Arcangel Gabriel appeared before Mary and told her that her cousin Isabel will soon become pregnant ahead of her, and despite Isabel’s old age she will give birth to a baby boy and shall be called John (John the Baptist). On that night, Arc Angel Gabriel greeted Mary with the following divine words: “AVE MARIA GRACIAS PLENA DOMINUS TECUM” which means “HAIL MARY, FULL OF GRACE, THE LORD IS WITH YOU.” This

greeting of Arc Angel and Isabel formed part of the prayer HAIL MARY while the latter parts were added by the Christian churches.          Joseph and Mary then prepared to go in hiding, passing through mountains and hills in their journey until they reached the house of Isabel who was also hiding because at that time she was a member of the organization ESSENNE.          Isabel was so triumphant and full of happiness upon seeing them because she knew that the Mesiah was in the womb of Mary. Isabel greeted Mary with the following divine latin words which she learned from their former organization ESSENNE, “BENEDICTATU IN MULIERIBUS ET BENEDICTUS FRUCTUS VEN TRIS TUI JESUS” which means BLESSED ART THOU AMONG WOMEN AND BLESSED IS THE FRUIT OF THY WOMB JESUS.” Isabel added: “Who am I to be visited by the mother of my Lord”? Spouses Joseph and Mary stayed with Isabel in her house for a period of three years. Joseph and Mary left and lived in Nazareth after Isabel gave birth to John.          There came a time for Mary to give birth already. At that time the whole world was ruled by Roman Emperor Augusto Cezar, and included under his leadership were the hires of Judah. The emperor ordered that all these under his leadership must register

for him to know their number. Joseph and Mary belonged to the tribe of King David t hat is why they registered in Bethlehem.          It was winter during that time. Joseph and Mary journeyed for three days before they reached Bethlehem at night time. They found no house to stay in because the houses were full of other persons. They continued going around to look for a place to rest until they saw a cave which served as resting place for tamed animals. Joseph and Mary stayed there to spend the night.          At midnight, Mary woke up because she felt pregnancy pain in her womb and then she gave birth to a baby boy Jesus. It was a too cold night and the newborn baby cried so loud. Mary wrapped the child with thick cloth and laid the baby on the straw in the manger of cows.          In the middle of that too cold and silent night, no one knew the very important and wondrous happening. On the hills outside Bethlehem, there were shepherds who were watching and tending their sheeps. Suddenly there appeared bright light of multiple colors and then an angel appeared before the aforesaid shepherds. They were so afraid but the angel told them not to be scared because the angel had an important message.          The angel said to them: “Go to Bethlehem because Christ the Lord was already born. Pay him a

visit there on a manger of the cows.” Aside from that event, the shepherds heard many different voices in praising the Lord God. The shepherds visited the infant Jesus and they were the first ones to witness many different miracles made by God during the birth of Jesus Christ.During the birth of Jesus Christ, in the East which is far away from Jerusalem, there lived the three kings. They had the wisdom and with deep knowledge about the hidden knowledge of God and each had their individual organization. As organization leaders, they taught their members about the hidden knowledge entrusted to them by the Lord.          These three kings had their organizations located in different places. One night these three kings saw a new star that shone with very delighting light very much different from others. Through the hidden knowledge, these three kings perceived that the star they saw was a sign that the Mesiah of the whole world was born. Soon afterwards, they rode on camel and they brought their individual offering. To their surprise, they met on the way because of the star that each of them followed. When they arrived in Jerusalem, the star that they followed suddenly disappeared.          They asked every person they met as to the whereabouts of the newborn king of Judea. King

Herod came to know about what the three kings had said, and he was worried about the fact that there was a king that will overthrow his kingdom.          King Herod called for a meeting all the Pharisees and King Herod asked them where the new Mesiah was born. They told him that the new Mesiah was born in the town of Bethlehem. King Herod caused to call the three kings and told them to go on with their journey to look for the newborn king and told them to let him know right away because he wanted to visit the newborn king and give him an offering, but in his inner desire was not to pay homage or worship the child but have him killed.          The three kings left Jerusalem and again they saw the guiding star up to the entrance of the cave where the Mesiah was. They got near the infant child and knelt in worship and presented their gift of gold, myrrh and incense.          On that evening, while the three kings were fast asleep. God told them in their dream not to go back to King Herod to tell him where the child was. In obedience, the three kings passed another way in their return home to avoid being seen by King Herod.          Meanwhile, King Herod was so confident about the return to him of the three kings. However, King Herod’s long wait turned into

anger because the three kings finally did not show up. Owing to that, King Herod ordered his solders to kill all the small boys in Bethlehem aged two years and below and by this, the newborn Jesus would also be killed.          The solders left to carry out or implement the “heartless” and unreasonable king. They unmercilessly killed the sinless children.          King Herod’s solders were not able to kill Jesus Christ because on the night before, Arcangel Gabriel appeared before Joseph and told him to bring the newborn baby and his mother to Egypt because King Herod wanted that the newborn boy be killed. Joseph got up and prepared to leave for Egypt. But before the Angel left, there were divine words left by him to Joseph to avoid the enemies. These are: “INSDUM INDUSUM PUCHAN PUSHAN GATFAEL GATSALIA TRAETE VIVAT DEUS SPIRITO SANCTO LUMEN CRISTE SANCTE DEUS MEDROAM LIENO ACO BERE REY DEL CIELO Y TIERRA SALVATORUM”. By this, Jesus was saved from the order and desire of King Herod to have all the very young boys in Bethlehem killed.          When Jesus was only three years old, Joseph started teaching him the hidden knowledge of the Lord. He was first taught this prayer: “SPIRITUS SANCTI

SALVATOR SAR MUNDI ECAM PATER DEUS AECAM ASTROS DEL MUNDO VAECAM SALVAME ELUM JUB ELIM JUCAC ENJEDRET VAITO SPIRITO SANCTI SALVAME VERAGA HECOA QUE HE OC ECAM VAICAM AEICAM ADONAY SANCTI EVE SALVAME.” That was the first prayer known by Jesus.          While Jesus was growing up, he learned more hidden knowledge from his father Joseph, including self discipline.          When Jesus was already twelve years old, he was brought by Joseph and Mary to Jerusalem to attend the fiesta. At that time all the Judes who had time and opportunity went yearly to Jerusalem for fiesta dedicated to celebrate the freedom of the Israelites from the enslaving custody or hands of the Egyptians.          After Christmas, Joseph and Mary went back to Nazareth. They were with many of their relatives and friends. While walking, they were confident that Jesus was among the several others but when the night came, Jesus did not arrive home and he was nowhere to be found. They were in search for him and asked all their companions but not one of them saw Jesus. Jesus’ parents were troubled and bothered so much. So they went back to Jerusalem. They looked for Jesus for two days in Jerusalem but

were in vain. On the3rd day, Joseph and Mary entered a temple to pray. There they saw Jesus in the company of the wise men and scholars who were all teachers and whose responsibility was to study laws and teach them to the people. The said teachers were all praises to the kind of questions asked them by Jesus and they could hardly believe that despite his age of twelve, Jesus was already in possession of such kind of knowledge, but it was not known to them (wise men) that Jesus had known hidden knowledge which he learned from his father Joseph. The following were the divine words used by Jesus while having discussions with the wise men or the Judah teachers: ‘ISEM IBAM ILAUM.”          Joseph and Mary became extremely happy upon seeing Jesus, and because of that, Mary uttered: “DEUS MEUS JEOS JUS JESUS JESUS JESUS JERUSALEM” and Mary got near Jesus and in very low voice, politely said: “SON, WHY DID YOU LEAVE US, WE WERE SO SAD AND IN GRIEF.” Jesus answered like this to his mother: WHY DID YOU LOOK FOR ME, DO YOU NOT KNOW THAT I HAVE COME TO FULFILL THE COMMAND OF MY FATHER?”          At the age of twelve years, Jesus begum talking or speaking in his being Son of God. However, this was not given attention to by his parents and kept it from the

knowledge of others because they knew before hand that would be the beginning their son’s Calvary.          After that, the story about Jesus is lost or not found in the Bible. Beginning at the age of thirteen years until the age of thirty years, there was no biblical account of the life of Jesus. Wise men and scholars were/are in search of the truth about this but they were/are in vain because the story was purposely kept because there is a specific right time that such will be made known to the whole Christiandom.          In the succeeding series, the account of the 18 years of Jesus’ life story which is not told in the Bible will be discussed.  When Jesus was exactly 13 years old, Arkangel Gabriel again appeared before Joseph in his dream and was told this: “Joseph, it is very necessary that the boy should learn to knowledge that he must know. It is almost time for him to begin doing the mission given him by his Father in Heaven. Bring him to the Middle East outside Israel. In that place, there is a man who is so faithful to God. Leave the boy to him there for him to learn many things.                   Not long afterwards, Joseph obeyed what the Angel has said. Joseph brought Jesus to the place pointed or referred to him. Upon arrival thereat, they came to know a man who was very well verse of the commandments of God especially

the hidden knowledge of God. This man was the first man to write the life history of Jesus which we read in the bible. He is no other than Mathew or Saint Mathew in other Books.          Mathew was a leader of a small organization. Like Joseph, he taught his people the hidden knowledge of God. He was trusted by God in many hidden things (knowledge). Jesus learned many things from Mathew. Mathew and Jesus became very close to each other.          Mathew taught Jesus the origin of God’s power. It is recalled that in the early series of this revelation, we learned that God, before He created heaven and earth and many others, was alone and He felt so lonely. Owing to that condition, God medicated so deeply and soon afterwards there appeared five petals of flower on His right forehead. On every end of the petals, appeared letters which read “MARIA”. MARIA in Syrian dialect is Meriam which “flower” in Filipino language. Maria is not an ordinary flower both on earth and in heaven. In latin words, we read: “GUMAMELA CELIS MUNDUM ET CAELUM.”                   Based on the story related by Mathew to Jesus, MARIA is the case of knowledge of God, the knowledge which is the origin of all knowledge of God. That is why MARIA is the sweetest to the Lord God. Also,

until now there is a school in West Virginia (U.S.A.) named MERIAM COLLEGE OF MYSTERY where they teach how to make mysterious happenings and things.          Another thing that Jesus has learned from Mathew is the story about the 10th planet which is DIES MUNDUS in latin words. In school, we have not learned that there is the 1-th planet. We learned the nine planets only. Today, we come to know that scientific learning wanted to erase in record the 9th. When this happens, only eight will be left to orbit around the sun including our planet earth. During the time of Jesus Christ, Mathew advanced the learning in the hidden knowledge. Accordingly, when God has not yet started doing anything, he used t o talk to MARIA. One time, God told Maria that he will go down to the most bottom to do something there. God told Maria to watch the case containing His power and knowledge and not to have it opened while He was away.          So God left and went to the bottom of the endless outer space to make a world which He called AVIERNE in Latin words which is IMPIERNO in Filipino language. This means that IMPIERNO or AVIERNE was the first thing God has done before anything else.

About two years have passed since that time. Modern scientific technology discovered a

new planet which also orbit around the sun. The story about this was featured in newspapers, shown on TV and heard over the radio all over the world. Accordingly, they heard noises from this planet while a giant telescope (Hubble Telescope) was focusing at it. They heard many voices which seemed to be coming from people in very deep agony and in extreme pain and hardship.

Under the esoteric knowledge, it was already believed that there is already the existence of the 10th planet in the universe, but it was purposely kept by time because there is a specific and certain time for this fact to be divulged or revealed. Fact is, there is a book which is read by few people only it contains scary warnings under forbidden knowledge. An example of this is sorcery or witchcraft, magical power to gain love charm or attraction, and power to fraud others via dishonest dealings. The aforesaid book is called or bears the name DIES MUNDOS or 10th

planet.The 10th plant or DIES

MUNDOS was the first thing the Lord God did much ahead of everything else. May the Lord God purposely did so as a place for the         unbelievers and sinners.

While the Infinite God was so busy in creating or making the 10th planet or DIES MUNDOS. MARIA was in close watch of the

treasure box which was entrusted to her by the Lord God, but because of her too long watch over the said power box, MARIA entertained in her mind a decision to open it. Despite the warning, given her by God not to open it. She disobeyed God’s commandment. Soon after the box was opened, to the great surprise of MARIA, she saw three letter Bo’s and each one flew to different directions and then, MARIA did not see them again. According to the hidden history, the three letter Bs borne three virtues with purposes bearing on the future of the world. Accordingly, when these three Bs would meet again, it will be a sign that the world is getting nearer to its end.

Then the Infinite God after He finished making the 10th Plant (DIES MUNDOS), returned to where He left MARIA. Upon arrival, He was amazed upon seeing that the “box of power and knowledge” was opened. God told MARIA that there will come a time when he will send her down to earth to suffer hardships along with other sinners. The true meaning of the three Bs are BIM BAM BAU. These three are considered as one of the most secret power of God which form a major part in making the earth and other planets move along their access in the whole universe.

          At that time this story and knowledge were only a

few among these imparted by Mathew as the teacher next to Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ had passed through many teachers before he started his mission as god’s representative on earth. His knowledge is not of his own. He learned them from is teachers who were Messiahs of God ahead of him.

Mathew was one of the best known writers during his time. His work included the foremost part of the New Testament. Aside from that, he was so knowledgeable about the hidden knowledge which he also taught to his followers like Moses who wrote ten books, five of which are parts of the Bible while the rest were purposely kept because they contained hidden knowledge which he used during his time. He did many miraculous deeds, an example of which is the splitting of the sea.

Like Moses, Mathew also wrote works about the commandments of god especially the hidden knowledge which he imparted to his followers and Jesus Christ when he was yet thirteen years old.   Days and months have passed and after one and a half year, Jesus Christ had learned many things under the teachings of Mathew, things that are parts of the hidden knowledge of God. One day there was a man introduced by Mathew to Jesus Christ. His name was Mark.

Mathew informed Jesus Christ that Mark was also a writer and very knowledgeable about the hidden knowledge. Truth is, Mark was also a leader of a small organization that was studying the hidden knowledge of God.          Mark is the author of the second book written in the New Testament. From the time Jesus came to know Mark, he frequently went to the place where Mark lived along with his followers. By this, the knowledge of Jesus Christ about the esoteric knowledge increased considerably.          One of the Knowledge learned by Jesus Christ from Mark is to make miracle through magic. There are two kinds of magic. One is BLACK MAGIC while the other is WHITE MAGIC.          Black magic is used to have advantage over another, and other bad intentions. However, this fades and has an end. This means that the change in form or situation from normal to abnormal, after a short time, they revert back to normal.          White magic remains permanent in form and in condition. Our earth was made out of magic by our Infinite god. Not only that but also all the things in it including man. In the Bible, man came from dust and was breathed on by God and became man. In other words, man was made out of the magic of god.

          Although Mark had knowledge about God’s esoteric knowledge, it was all white magic and were taught to his followers and Jesus Christ. Fact is, through the Bible we know that Jesus Christ was able to make many miracles like water which he formed into wine which happened during the wedding party that ran short of wine; through magic, few pieces of bread were multiplied and fed them to 5,000 persons but were not consumed; Jesus Christ himself walked on the sea; made the storm to stop and several other miracles and they were made to happen through white magic, but they had no concrete explanation.          Aside from Mathew and Mark, there was another author in the Bible who wrote the third book in the New Testament. He was Luke who became part of the knowledge learned by Jesus Christ. Luke was the one who taught Jesus Christ about the knowledge and laws implemented by the people of Judah from the time of their ancestors. Many books were written in the Old Testament. They were the events written by people who were inspired by the Holy Spirit of God in the old days. The first five books written in the bible were written by Moses, the man used by God to bring his people to the promised land. Moses wrote ten books but the last five were not included in the bible because all

those pertain to the hidden knowledge of god.          The first five books written by Moses and made part of the bible were ecclesiastical knowledge of god while the second five books are not written in the bible because they are hidden. Luke was considered scholar in the two knowledge of God and he taught them to Jesus Christ including the knowledge directly received by Luke from God.Jesus Christ’s studies of both the esoteric and ecclesiastical knowledge of God was with the full knowledge of his parents and people who knew him well at that time. Fact is, Joseph was the first and foremost among those who taught him, but it became a reason for many people not to believe in him until he was crucified.          In Mathew Chapter 4, it is written that Jesus fasted for forty days and forty nights, and he had reason to do it. For those people who study the hidden knowledge, fasting is ordinarily done for a simple reason that there body may be inserted by the spirit of God, but it has to be developed first to avoid being inserted by bad spirit which really happens as we witness through the TV’s and print media concerning the human body inserted or possessed with evil spirits.          Nowadays, it is of positive knowledge that there instances

that people are inserted with bad spirits. If so, it is not impossible that people may be inserted with good spirit, however it disappointing to note that nobody believes it. In the event a person is inserted, people who know the open knowledge only, make it a point that the insertion is bad spirit.          In the Holy bible, we read that almost every prophet and messiah of god are inserted w it h holy spirit, like John who wrote the past chapter of the Bible. In the Book of Revelation 1:10, this is what we read: “ON THE LORD’S DAY, I WAS IN THE SPIRIT, AND I HEARD BEHIND ME A LOUD VOICE LIKE A TRUMPET.” It was at t his point when Jesus started being the Messiah of God in order to write the Book of Revelation. Through the divine inspiration of the holy spirit in his body, Jesus can always possibly do anything that come from God and can hear the words from the mouth of God himself which is quite impossible for a normal person to do.          All the true Messiah of God has this kind of learning and their material bodies are used by the holy spirit until now. But nobody believes for reason of too much learning about the material things which they learned through many different studies they came through in their worldly lives. Aside from this, there are many people who pretend to be messiah of God but they do things that do

not conform with Godly works. They indulge in all forms of vices and other forms of sins.          In Bible Mathew 12:33, we read: “MAKE A TREE GOOD AND IT S FRUIT WILL BE GOOD, OR MAKE A TREE BAD AND ITS FRUIT WILL BE BAD, FOR A TREE IS RECOGNIZED BY ITS FRUIT.” That is why for people who have this kind of learning they are easily known through their deeds. If any are says he is inserted with spirit but his acts are in violation of God’s commandment, it is certain that this insertion is bad spirit.          The Lord Jesus Christ had passed through fasting to develop his material body. The Lord Jesus Christ is also like us. He was a normal person, but at the time when he started being messenger of His God in Heaven, it was mandatory for him to go fasting for him to see what a normal person cannot see and to hear what we cannot hear. Fasting is a way to remove the dimension that exists between man and spirit.When Jesus Christ was already 16 years old, he still continued his research of ecclesiastical and hidden knowledge of God. It was at that time when he started reading the books of Moses and those of other prophets mentioned in the old testament of the Holy Bible.          In John 10:34-35 Jesus said: “IS IT NOT WRITTEN IN YOUR LAW, ‘I HAVE SAID YOU

ARE ‘god’/ “IF HE CALLED THEM ‘gods,’ TO WHOM THE WORD OF GOD CAME – AND THE SCRIPTURE CANNOT BE BROKEN.” God’s commandment as mentioned by Jesus Christ is written in Psalm 82:2 which we read: “I SAID YOU ARE ‘gods’; YOU ARE ALL SONS OF THE MOST HIGH”.          Additionally, in Mathew 24:15 we read: “SO WHEN YOU ARE STANDING IN THE HOLYU PLACE “THE ABOMINATION THAT CAUSES DESOLATION,” SPOKEN OF THROUGH THE PROPHET DANIEL. (LET THE READER UNDERSTAND). Jesus Christ was citing what is written in the book of Daniel 12:11 which reads: “FROM THE TIME THAT THE DAILY SACRIFICE IS ABOLISHED AND THE ABOMINATION THAT CAUSES DESOLATION IS SET UP, THERE WILL BE 1,290 DAYS.”          Many believed that Jesus did not undergo training or studies believing that almost everything is already in him being Son of God, but this cannot be denied because it is the scripture itself can attest through the stories involving the many works and acts of Jesus. It is clearly said in the early explanation that Jesus had read the books of the prophets mentioned in the old testament of Holy Bible. It is a fact that Jesus really studied not only the esoteric but also the ecclesiastical knowledge of God.

          While Jesus was studying the ecclesiastical knowledge in the old testament of the Holy Bible, he went to Tibet and enrolled in the Tibetan Monastery. Tibetan Monastery was an institution at that time that taught some knowledge about the mysterious events of nature and human lives, like astrology and astronomy. Up to now, Tibetan Monastery still exists as a big institution.          Jesus had left in the said monastery a writing which up this time is manuscripted and being preserved as a token of Jesus’ five years of study in that institution. Accordingly the writings of Jesus was done with a certain black item, somewhat paint, and used it with brush forming Aramaic characters which were being used by the Palestinians at that time.          The first educated people in the whole world were the Romans and the Spaniards that is why they are the foremost countries that wanted to rule the whole world. At that time these countries were able to rule and control the countries in the Middle East including the birthplace of Jesus Christ. They were so popular in the whole world because of their ability in warfare through their big military force very well known as Centurion Army. It is read in the Bible that Jesus himself was apprehended by the Centurion Army. In their teachings and

belief, the earth is a wide land and they are afraid to go to the farthest end of the earth for they might fall into the depthness. And accordingly, the world or the earth was only carried on the shoulder of Atlas. According to their belief Atlas was too big in form like a human being and was too strong. But that belief at that time among the people in the early days had changed when in the year 1521 Magellan (the first man to explore and rounded the whole world) proved that the earth is round.          During the time when Jesus Christ was studying at Tibetan Monastery, the people was already believed through the teachings that the earth is round based on what they read in the books particularly the book of Isaiah in the old testament of the Holy Bible.After the five-year stay of Jesus in Tibetan Monastery, he proceeded to India and while there, he studied one kind of learning both esoteric and open knowledge called in India as BUDHARMA, a kind of knowledge that originated from Hindoism belief. Jesus was known in India by the name VIKATA until the present time.          BUDHARMA is learned by a certain group under the Hindoism that believed in the Hidden Knowledge of God. It was taught to their members for them to use as their spiritual defense from bad attacks and in their aim to spread

the Hindoism religion not only in India but also in the whole world.          Knowledge in karate, kung fu and other martial arts in Japan and china originated from BUDHARMA. In the early period, Indians had their strong belief in God through Hindoism. They wanted to spread this religion not only to the Indians but also throughout the world. They learned self-defense arts from others.          Through BUDHARMA, they learned the habits and movements of animals, birds and insects in forest lands and were adopted by people who study BUDHARMA. During the present time, Kung Fu among the Chinese is patterned after the movements of animals which could be done through dancing motion among the martial arts students and experts.          The Indians, while in forests, saw the movements of the animals and insects and made them as their martial arts rhythm. BUDHARMA people taught not only martial art but also amulet (charm against evil) which they learned from the sixth and seventh book of Moses. They preserved what they have learned and injected some ways and procedures and give them to their followers who spread them to their neighboring countries under the Hindoism doctrine.          BUDHA who was identified as the prophet to the people who

believed in Budhism was born from the group of Budharma. He was a rich man belonging to Budharma but he was a true believer in God. Budha went through trials by way of selling all his properties and gave them to the poor. Owing to this, God made him a prophet when up to the present time is believed in by the people under the Budhism religion.          Clearly, Buddhism came from the religion Hindoism. When God commanded Budha, they separated and regrouped with their Budhism belief. Like Jesus Christ, He came from Judaism belief. But later, he separated from it and became Lord among the Christians.          Also from Budhism, a group particularly in Japan separated and shifted to Sintoism belief. They glorify the Sun. The knowledge of the Japanese about karate are revisions only of the Budharma in India.          Jesus Christ had learned many things after his five-year stay in India. After that, he went to an uncertain place or continent near the countries in the Middle East. There, he studied the doctrines and knowledge left by Ismael (son of Abraham by Jagar) which was the origin of religion Muhammedanism or Islam, through Prophet Muhammad.          There were other places Jesus Christ had gone to. Among them was also an uncertain place

in Asia where he studied an Eskaya Language. No one can be sure if this has some relations with the language Eskaya taught by Mariano “Anoy” Datahan in Bohol, Philippines some years ago.          However, there is a strong possibility also that Jesus Christ had come to the Philippines during the time when Philippines had no name yet until the time when it was discovered by explorer Magallanes on March 16, 1521 A.D. After the tireless journey of Jesus to many different places and countries to study different languages and knowledge coming from various scholars and experts, he went back to his own place where his parents and brothers and sisters lied. He was already 29 years old and as human being like anybody, he helped his father Joseph as a carpenter.

          When he was 30 years old, he heard about John who taught Godly wisdom and perform baptism. Jesus looked for him and submitted himself for baptism.          Jesus was a man who was fond of things that he did not know especially those that have connection with God that is why when heard about John he did not waste time looking for him having in mind to study under him to increase his knowledge which he learned from many different

teachers in the past years. At the time he was baptized by John, Jesus saw the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove with a message for Jesus to begin the mission given him by God as God’s son on earth.          Jesus did not expect that at that instance there was something he did not like to do but it must be done. In Mathew 3:16-17, we read: “AS SOON AS JESUS WAS BAPTIED, HE WENT UP OUT OF THE WATER. AT THAT MOMENT HEAVEN WAS OPENED, AND HE SAW THE SPIRIT OF GOD DESCENDING LIKE A DOVE AND LIGHTING ON HIM. AND A VOICE FROM HEAVEN SAID, “THIS IS MY SON, WHOM I LOVE; WITH HIM I AM WELL PLEASED.” AT THAT MOMENT GOD’S COMMANDMENT TO JESUS BEGUN. After that, Jesus went into fasting for 40 days and 40 nights.          Fasting is a requisite among those that study esoteric knowledge, the purpose of which is to develop the material in preparation for insertion of the holy spirit. Jesus was also a man like us that is why he had himself baptized in order to turn back to earthly sins and repent for the sins done. This happens to every human being on earth. In Mathew 3:11, we read: “I BAPTIZE YOU WITH WATER FOR REPENTANCE. BUT AFTER ME WILL COME ONE WHO IS MORE

POWERFUL THAN I, WHOSE SANDALS I AM NOT FIT TO CARRY. HE WILL BAPTIZE YOU WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT AND WITH FIRE.” If we try to analyze this, it turns he had himself baptized in order to turn back to sinful deeds.          While Jesus was presently in fasting, the spirit led him into the desert to be tempted by the devil. In Mathew 4:1-4, we read: “THEN JESUS WAS LED BY THE SPIRIT INTO THE DESERT TO BE TEMPTED BY THE DEVIL. AFTER FASTING 40 DAYS AND 40 NIGHTS, HE WAS HUNGRY. THE TEMPTER CAME TO HIM AND SAID, “IF YOU ARE THE SON OF GOD, TELL THESE STONES TO BECOME BREAD. JESUS ANSWERED, “IT IS WRITTEN: ‘MAN DOES NOT LIVE ON BREAD ALONE, BUT ON EVERY WORD THAT COMES FROM THE MOUTH OF GOD.”          Jesus had experienced many forms of test and temptations from the devil, but have surpasses all of them. Among them was fasting which was so difficult to do. But since it was a commandment from his God in Heaven, he did it well. This fasting of Jesus within 40 days and 40 nights was done with the use of hidden words given him by God. In the hidden knowledge, the following were the words used by Jesus during his fasting. NAGE-ED AEI-OU SACMA FARTIS

TUMRI RANUCE DEUS MEUS ESPIRITUS QUIRE ERUBI JACME PARTAAB ACSAAM EGO SUM.          When Jesus cast away the devil to stop it from tempting him, he said the following: CURATIS ET VERBUM CUIA EGOSUM JESUS EGOSUM MARIA TRAJOME AMPEC MIBEL GAYIM JESUS EEMENERAU EGO SUM MICCIONEY EMPURO MECATIONEM DIORUM NOR NOT NOD NUN SICUT DEUS. After uttering those words, the devil suddenly disappeared. After Jesus Christ fasted for 44 days and 44 nights, he begun his mission given him by God the Father, as His only begotten son on earth.

          If we try to analyze all what Jesus had done during his time basing on the Bible, his mission was composed of three categories evidently as HEALER, TEACHER and as EVANGELIST.          The healing mission of Jesus was not only for the sick. It was also for the dead through bringing them back to life. Above all, Jesus healed the sinful souls through leading them to righteousness. Jesus also drove out evil spirits. He taught his followers about many different things but most of his teachings are not written in the Bible for reason that they are hidden and

sacred. The evangelism of Jesus became the center point of the Bible which become the basis of hope of every person who read it, up to this time.          Jesus had done many amazing events, foremost of them all was the turning of water into wine at a wedding party that took place at Cana in Galilea. In John 2:1-5 we read: “ON THE THIRD DAY A WEDDING TOOK PLACE AT CANA IN GALILEA. JESUS’ MOTHER WAS THERE. WHEN THE WINE WAS GONE, JESUS’ MOTHER SAID TO HIM, “THEY HAVE NO MORE WINE,” DEAR WOMAN, WHY DO YOU INVOLVE ME?” JESUS REPLIED, “MY TIME HAS NOT YET COME.” HIS MOTHER SAID TO THE SERVANTS, “DO WHATEVER HE TELLS YOU.” Understandably, Jesus talked not as himself. We see that Jesus called his mother “WOMAN”. It clearly indicates that it was not Jesus who spoke but the spirit of God that was in him.          We also see that Jesus’ mother gave words to the disciples to “do whatever he tells you.” In short, it is understood by Jesus’ mother his situation at that time.          So, in John 2:7-9 this is what we read: “JESUS SAID TO THE SERVANT, “FILL THE JARS WITH WATER”; SO THEY FILLED THEM TO THE BRIM. THEN HE TOLD THEM, “NOW DRAW SOME OUT AND TAKE IT

TO THE MASTER OF THE BANQUET.” THEY DID SO, AND THE MASTER OF THE BANQUET TASTED THE WATER THAT HAD BEEN TURNED INTO WINE.” HE DID NOT REALIZE WHERE IT HAD COME FROM, THOUGH THE SERVANTS WHO HAD DRAWN THE WATER KNEW. THEN HE CALLED THE BRIDEGROOM ASIDE.”          In the esoteric knowledge, here is the story: At that time, there was a wedding party that took place in Cana in Galilea. The bride came from a rich family and the bridegroom was an officer in the Roman Army. They were united as husband and wife in a grand wedding ceremony followed by dignified party with prominent persons in attendance including Jesus’ family and his disciples. Owing to the big volume of people that attended the party, the host/hostess run short of wine in the middle of the party so Jesus thought of something to do.In a wedding party in Cana, Jesus was among the many visitors that attended. Jesus performed the first mystery he made. The wine prepared for the party was not enough for the visitors. So Jesus Christ thought of making water into wine to make the party happy and more wholesome.          Jesus prayed to the Lord God to give him the necessary power so that whatever he wishes would be fulfilled. Soon after that, he uttered: “PEC BEEC

PESABAO PEMEI” while looking at the water inside the jar and added the following words: “JESUS MEUS PURMATAR ACTEO DEUS MIRAT AMAT CAM HUM HUM HUM.”          Jesus told the helpers to serve wine to the visitors. They answered: “there is no more wine.” Jesus said: All the jars are full of wine, not water.” The helpers looked at each other and obeyed Jesus Christ.          The people wondered when they tasted the wine in its very special taste. They asked one another as to where the wine came from. Not one of them revealed that Jesus was the one who made the mysterious deed.          After that event, Jesus Christ thanked his Father in Heaven through these words: “ELOI BALOE PARAR SAMUTIM EGO SUM HUMBILATAUM DEUS EGOSUM RITSAUC HIC TARDIC LUMA LUMA DEUS MUNDUM ET CAELUM.” That was the first occasion where Jesus was attested by few people that he possessed the power coming from God.          Jesus begun his mission given him by God as Christ on earth. The first step he did was to select 12 persons to become his followers who are known in the Bible as “Disciples of Jesus.” At that instance, Jesus talked to his Father in Heaven with these words: “PATER DEUS CAELORUM EGO MEUS HUS

TURSICUP PEOC RICUP HAUC SABOC MONASTER ETERNUM MURMURLUM EGOSUM,” and Jesus left to look for people to become his disciples.          When Jesus arrived in a certain place, he met a man named Mathew. Jesus knew this person when Jesus was only 13 years old. Before Jesus talked to this man, he whispered with these words: “ARAM ADAM ACSADAM VUC VOUC VAUC TAUOC.” When Jesus talked to Mathew about his purpose, Mathew readily accepted to become a disciple. Since then, Mathew remained Jesus’ companion.          In the new testament of the Bible in the book of Mathew, we read in Mathew 9:9: “AS JESUS WENT ON FROM THERE, HE SAW A MAN NAMED MATHEW SITTING AT THE TAX COLLECTOR’S BOOTH. “FOLLOW ME,” HE TOLD HIM, AND MATHEW GOT UP AND FOLLOWED HIM.” It is very evident that under the hidden knowledge of God and owing to the power words of God uttered by Jesus before he talked to Mathew, he did not refuse.    Jesus Christ was very well known for the many miraculous deeds he had done. Jesus changed water to wine; walked on water; made the blind man received his sight; Lazarus who had been in the

tomb for four days, was brought back to his life; cast out demons; stopped the rain and the big waves; healed the sick, and many other miraculous deeds which is so impossible for an ordinary man or person to do.

          At that time, while Jesus was performing his miraculous works, his followers/disciples were keenly watching, and they were convinced that Jesus was truly son of God. Nevertheless, some of the disciplines did no totally believe in him. In Mathew 14:28-31 we read: “LORD, IF IT’S YOU, “PETER REPLIED, “TELL ME TO COME TO YOU ON THE WATER. “COME,” HE SAID. THEN PETER GOT DOWN OUT OF THE BOAT AND WALKED ON THE WATER TO JESUS. BUT WHEN HE FELT THE STRONG WIND, HE WAS AFRAID AND, BEGINNING TO SINK, CRIED OUT, “LORD, SAVE ME!” IMMEDIATELY JESUS REACHED OUT HIS HAND AND CAUGHT HIM. “YOU OF LITTLE FAITH,” HE SAID, “WHY DID YOU DOUBT?”          Many Christians have full faith in Peter despite the fact that he was not a full believer in Jesus. An example of this is his denial when he was asked if Jesus was his companion. In Mathew 28:19-20, Jesus ordered his disciplines, and this is what we read: “THEREFOREGO AND MAKE

DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS, BAPTIZING THEM IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER AND OF THE SON AND OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, AND TEACHING THEM TO OBEY EVERYTHING I HAVE COMMANDED YOU, AND SURELY I WILL BE WITH YOU ALWAYS, TO THE VERY END OF THE AGE.”          One of the commandments of Jesus the baptism in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, but Luke has wrote the sermon of Peter in Acts 2:38: “PETER REPLIED, “REPENT AND BE BAPTIZED, EVERY ONE OF YOU, IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST SO THAT YOUR SINS MAY BE FORGIVEN. AND YOU WILL RECEIVE THE GIFT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.” The baptism as commanded by Jesus was not in his name. therefore, we see that Peter did not follow or obey Jesus which indicates that Peter was not loyal or faithful to the commandment given him.          Let us see a few of the miraculous deed, done by Jesus at that time. In Mathew 15:29-31, we read: “JESUS LEFT THERE AND WENT ALONG THE SEA OF GALILEA. THEN HE WENT UP INTO THE HILLS AND SAT DOWN. GREAT CROWDS CAME TO HIM, BRINGING THE LAME, THE BLIND, THE CRIPPLED, THE DUMB AND MANY OTHERS, AND LAID THEM AT HIS FEET; AND HE HEALED THEM. THE PEOPLE WERE

AMAZED WHEN THEY SAW THE DUMB SPEAKING, THE CRIPPLED MADE WELL, THE LAME WALKING AND THE BLIND SEEING. AND THEY PRAISED THE GOD OF ISRAEL.”          Under the esoteric knowledge of God, the healing work of Jesus was not as easy as that. Jesus used mud in healing the blind before they were able to see. Aside from that, Jesus uttered divine words to heal the sick. In healing the sick, he used the following Aramaic Latin words: “CHRISTUS SANCTA-TRINITAS OMO DAUB JESUS” . . . and soon all the sick were healed.  The whole Christiandom celebrate the Holy Week reminiscing the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ around 2000 years ago. The Christian believers who embrace the two knowledge of God (Open and Hidden) are one and united during this period.          In celebrating this Holy Week, let us discuss the story in the Hidden Knowledge of God about the cross on which Jesus Christ was nailed on Mt.Calvary. This story started during the time of Adam, the first man created by God according to the Holy Bible.          The first men on earth were Adam and Eve. God allowed them to live in a place called paradise, where in the beginning they had no sensual feeling. However, because of sin after having been

tempted, they were commanded by God to leave paradise.          They went away from that place where they had no sickness and pains. They lived in a place along with hardships and difficulties. They lived through their toils and sweats for living. They bore two (2) sons – Kain and Abel. On account of envy, Kain killed Abel. Kain left and went far away because he committed sin to the Lord.          Adan and Eve felt terrible sorrows owing to what had happened. They prayed hard to God to have children and this was heard by the Lord. One of their children was named Set. Set helped spouses Adam and Even in all their daily work.          There came a time when Adam became sickly owing to his old age. He sent Set to get three leaves in paradise as medicine for his sickness. The name of the tree is DEGNUM CRUCIS. Nevertheless, Adam died at the age of 930 years.          Adam was buried at the foot of Mt.Libano. (The name of the country Lebanon originated from it). While the grave of Adam was being prepared or dug, the Infinite God sent angel Gabriel to deliver a branch of the three DEGNUM CRUCIS to the grave site of Adam. This tree was the source of leaves taken by Set as medicine for his sick father. Set received the branch of DEGNUM CRUCIS given her from Angel Gabriel and

planted it near the head side of her father in the grave yard.          1,656 years have passed from the death of Adam when the time of Noe came. The whole world was flooded for 150 days. At that time, only the family of Noe was left alive. The tree DEGNUM CRUCIS continued to grow big and bloomy and stronger until many years have passed.          Many years have passed until the time of King Solomon. The King thought of building a temple as his adoration place, including his followers. He ordered his men to fell the DEGNUM CRUCIS to be used as posts of the temple to be erected.          However, the wood was not used because of mis-measurement, God’s reason to be so may be because the tree was not for the purpose of building a temple.          The King decided to throw the wood into the AdriaticOcean. By-and-by after the wood was thrown into the sea, the people were so astonished for what had taken place. In just a wink of an eye, the wood disappeared and was not seen anymore in the area. The people left the place with wondrous feelings resulting from what they have experienced.Soon it was a Friday. One of the king’s men again saw a piece of wood floating near the docking area of the king’s sea vessels. Almost every one went to the said place to witness the strange

event. The people discovered that since that time they can see the piece of wood floating thereat during Fridays only. Later on as the days went by, the people no longer paid attention to it and gave no importance to the “wood”.          The days went by and the king remained wondering about the said “piece of wood.” He ordered to get the said piece of wood from the seaport and had it buried in the patio near the temple. However, an amazement again took place. The said piece of wood approved on top of the soil where it was buried. Owing to that, the king made it a point to burry the wood every Friday.          In the long run, the king ordered to build a bridge over the NileRiver using the said wood for the king’s queen named Saba to pass in horse-drawn vehicle (calesa). (the name Saba was the origin of a country’s name Sabah). However, many people including the queen were so amazed because the horse used to pull the calesa with the queen riding in it refused to step on the said wood. At this point, Queen Saba heard a strange voice of an angel of God saying “DO NOT . . . “DO NOT STEP ON THAT WOOD BECAUSE IT IS NOT INTENDED FOR THE SINNERS TO STEP ON IT.” “THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN STEP ON IT IS THE SON OF GOD WHO IS COMING ON EARTH TO SAVE THE SINNERS.” Aside from        those,

many other words were heard as an advance message pertaining to the coming of Christ. This indicates that the first one to know about the wood DEGNUM CRUCIS and its purpose was no other than Queen Saba.          All of those were kept secret by Queen Saba. But not long afterwards, she revealed them to the king. But the king did not pay attention or importance to it. In later years, the queen forgot almost all that she knew about the wood (DEGNUM CRUCIS) along with the many changes and developments which were all beyond her comprehension.          The king, on his own, had his mind the many amazing events he witnessed about the wood. After several years, he ordered to destroy the bridge which was built out of the wood and throw away the wood to a big river near Egypt, but like as usual before, the wood appeared to be seen by the people every Friday.Many years have passed until the time of Pilate. Accordingly to what we already knew, this is the time when Jesus was crucified. At that time, Pilate ordered to get the wood that was thrown into the big river at the command of King Solomon, which was readily picked by his soldiers known as centurion Army, and make a cross out of it.          Pilate’s soldiers picked the wood known as DEGNUM CRUCIS near a house at the river

bank. The house was owned by a woman named Beatriz.          Owing to the length of time that had passed that the wood was soaked in water, shells have dwelt on it. According to hidden history, Beatriz ordered for the manufacture of nails to a black smith named Almacio purposely without pointed end in order to feel the pain when used. Further, Beatriz ordered only seven (7) nails for unknown reasons. Three (3) of those nails were missing. It was known that Almacio was the father-in-law of Peter and was the one who sent the hammer to the Jews at the time of the crucifixion.          While the cross was being made/prepared. Pilate received a message from God through an Angel. By such message, Pilate was able to know the names of the remaining four (4) nails and the accompanying divine words to be used when the nails will be used. The meaning was INRI which in the beginning were six (6) letters, but for unknown reasons the two letters “E” and “M” were missing. Before these were missing, the word was read “INERIM.” There were many writings on Jesus’ cross attesting to his holiness, words that were not perceivable but the purpose of God for them was for Jesus to be remembered everlastingly.          In the cross at the crossing point of the two pieces of wood, was written the first and foremost name of God called ANIMASOLA-

AC, on the horizontal form of the wood, written is ACNO-AMICIOTAM, on the standing position, written is IPOCSO-CAMAD, at the foot, written is HAP-HAP, behind the cross (horizontal) is written the word ICOB-LEPAUS back to back, at the standing position of the cross we read ROCOB-BAIO, behind the cross, written are the three names of an Angel which have a bid role on the life of man and these are SADAC-SIRAC and SODEM. On the top end of the cross, written is the name of an angel that got near Christ at the time when the crown of thorns was being lay on his head. This is NAPRAP. The same angel was the one that stopped the bleeding of blood on the head of Christ caused by the thorns.          According to the Criminal Justice system which is taught in criminology course, crucifixion was being used to punish any one that committed serious offense.