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1. Buying Behaviour of Passenger Cars: A Study in South West Haryana VOLUME XXXVIII NUMBER 5 MAY 2008Indian Automobile sector is high on growth trajectory. According to auto industry experts Indian Automobile sales will grow at a CAGR of 9.5% to 13008 million by 2010. From 2006 through 2011, India will be the fastest-growing auto manufacturer among the world's top 20 car-making countries. The present study is conducted in South West Haryana which consists of Bhiwani and Mahendragarh districts. The study endeavor is to investigate empirically customers preference towards passenger car brand. Pre-purchase and post-purchase behaviour of the customers is evaluated and factors influencing the customers are determined by Perceptual mapping obtained from Multi-dimensional scaling. Overall results indicate that in south west Haryana region customers are more influences by friends and relatives than dealer and salespersons. Maruti dominates the market with three of its brands namely Maruti 800, Alto and Wagon-R. Brand name, fuel efficiency and price were found to be primary determinant for buying car in this region.

Dr.V.K.Kaushik Asst Professor Dept of Management Studies TITS, Bhiwani, Haryana

Neeraj Kaushik Sr.Lecturer Dept of Management Studies TITS, Bhiwani, Haryana

2. Impact Of Celebrity Endorsements On Brand ImageVOLUME 42 NUMBER 2 FEBRUARY 2012Celebrity endorsements have been established as one of the most popular tools of advertising in recent times. It has become a trend and is perceived as a winning formula for product marketing and brand building. It is easy to choose a celebrity, but it is tough to establish a strong association between the product and the endorser. While the magnitude of the impact of celebrity endorsement on brands remains under the purview of gray spectacles, this paper is an effort to analyze the impact of celebrity endorsements on brands. The objective of this paper is to examine the relationship between celebrity endorsements and brands, and eventually, its impact on consumer's buying behavior as well as their brand preferences. The paper also proposes a 20 point model which can be used as a blue-print criterion and can be used by brand managers for selecting celebrities and capitalizing the celebrity resource through 360 degree brand communication, which is regarded as the foundation of the impact of celebrity endorsements.

Keyword : Celebrity Endorsement, Celebrity Credibility, Controversy Risk, Brand Personality, Brand Image.

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Debiprasad Mukherjee Senior Business Analyst, Business Process Management Cognizant Technology Solutions, Kolkata.

3. Factors Affecting Consumer Purchase Decision of LaptopsVOLUME XL NUMBER 10 OCTOBER 2010A comparative study of the various sales pamphlets of different laptop producing companies seems to suggest that almost all the laptop brands offer nearly the same configuration (processors, RAM

and graphics cards) and features (webcams, fingerprint scanners) in their products to the consumers. None of the brands can be seen as enjoying their product as exceedingly superior to its competition. With all things virtually equal within the box, what is it that makes a consumer choose one brand over another (Brand Preference and Product Differentiation)? Is it still within the box or outside of it that drives the decision? What is it that compels a consumer to purchase the Dell laptop instead of the HP when a consumer is comparing them side by side? Is it just the price? Did the consumer previously had a bad experience with HP? Are the Dell commercials intriguing enough to make consumers buy their products? Does a younger family member, with a higher degree of technical competency, tell an older family member that Dell is the only thing to buy? While the evaluative buying criteria consumers use when purchasing these products maybe known, what was not known was the impact each of them have in contributing to that decision.

Ravi Soni Student,5th Year Dual Degree(B.Tech+M.Tech) Computer Science Department IIT Delhi Delhi

Rohit Lohani Student,Textile Department IIT Delhi Delhi

Mahim Sagar Faculty Department of Management Studies IIT Delhi,Delhi

4. Effect Of Retail Sales Promotion On Buying Behaviour of Customers: An Empirical StudyVOLUME 41 NUMBER 7 JULY 2011

The Indian market is currently witnessing a retail boom with Organized Retailers offering a whole assortment of goods and services to consumers under one roof with congenial shopping ambience. With the Indian retail boom, many players are entering the market with different retail formats. As a result, competition is becoming very tough. Each player is trying to attract more customers through different sales promotional activities. But, the exact picture of the impact of sales promotion on consumer behaviour is yet unclear to the retailers. This paper tries to find out the impact of demographic parameters on retail sales promotion and overall buyers behavior on retail sales promotions.

Key words: Attract customer, Buying Behaviour, Organized Retailers, Retail Sales promotion

Gopal Das Assistant Professor, NSHM College of Management and Technology, Kolkata,West Bengal

5. Measurement and Valid


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