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  1. 1. Big Data Developer Conference Washington State Convention Center Global Big Data Conference is offering 3 day extensive Developer conference on Big Data. Date: August 17th , 18th & 19th Venue : Washington State Convention Center
  2. 2. Who Should Attend Engineers Developers Networking specialists Managers Executives Students Professional Services Architects Data Analyst BI Developer/Architect QA Performance Engineers PM
  3. 3. Click Below Url to Register conference/attendee-registration.html
  4. 4. Agenda Days Big Data Track Day1 Aug 17th (7:30AM 8:00PM) Registration Introduction to BigData Introduction to Hadoop HDFS Deep Dive HDFS Lab Fundamentals Lab: Connect to VM and Install CM + CDH MapReduce Deep Dive MapReduce Lab Developing application and running on Hadoop Amazon EC2 and CDH setup Hive Workshop Use Case/Technical Session
  5. 5. Agenda Days Big Data Track Day2 Aug 18th (7:45AM 8:00PM) Registration Introduction to Spark RDD, DAG, Spark Core Scala Workshop Spark SQL Workshop Spark Streaming Workshop Machine Learning with Spark - MLlib Workshop Spark GraphX Workshop - Graph Data Processing BlinkDB and Tachyon Spark Wrap-up and Q&A Use Case/Technical Session/HBase Workshop
  6. 6. Agenda Days Big Data Track Day3 Aug 19th (8:00AM 8:00PM) Introduction to NoSQL Databases for Developers & Polyglot Persistence (Cassandra, Neo4j, MongoDB) MongoDB/Cassandra Workshop Use Case/Technical Session Data Science with R workshop