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Presented by Rossella Tesch, Director, Chadron Public Library (NE) on February 28, 2013 as part of the Big Talk From Small Libraries Conference.


  • 1. A journeyYOGA AT THE LIBRARY

2. Yoga at the Library 3. Chadron Public Library is a small library.Like many other librarieswe have book sales twice a year,we are part of the BTOP grant(and we love it!). 4. Book Sale BTOP Grant 5. Our community:is located in North WestNebraska,population is 5,500 more orlessCPL is a Carnegie Libraryestablished in1913,currently we are workingtoward the Renovation andExpansion of our building. 6. About Yoga 7. Yoga-noun- is a Hindi word derived fromSanskrit. It means: union.Union of mind, body andspirit. Union of the individual with the universal. 8. More about Yoga Yoga is an ancient philosophy of life. It is circa 2,500-3,000 years old. In the last millennium bce, Patanjaliwrote the first known text about yoga: theYoga Sutras of Patanjali. It was acompendium of ascetic practices and thoughts. In 900 ce, several scholars compiled the first written records regarding the physical aspects of Yoga. Called Hata Yoga, this is the portion of yoga that has penetrated most successfully Western culture. 9. A smidge of Yoga history inthe WestYoga was first introduced to Europe and the USat the end of 1800s by Swami Vivekananda. Inthe 1960s and 1980s knew two revivals. Since2001 the numbers of those interested in yogahas grown considerably. 10. How Yoga at the Library came to be:In the Spring of 2004 CPL begun promoting a new Summer ReadingProgram for adults.The idea was to increment the numbers of the kids participating inthe Summer Reading Program by offering interesting opportunitiesfor the adults to be at the library. Yoga was not as popular as now, butthrough the years, several individuals from Chadron had visited Indiaand brought yoga home. Students from India, Pakistan and Nepalhad lived in the community while attending Chadron State College.There was a certain interest already there. 11. About Yoga at the LibraryWhere: in the Childrens room of CPLWhen: every Thursday evening at 5 p.m. (patrons picked the time)Equipment: mats, bricks, strapsPreparations: carpet and floor cleaningmoving of furniture 12. Childrens Room 13. s 14. Yoga Room 15. A yoga session consists of10 minutes breathing and centeringexercises10 minutes stretching10 minutes warm up30 minutes asanas 5 minutes dead man pose10 minutes meditationTotal 75 minutes 16. Equipment:6 maths9 bricks6 strapscandel holdertea candles 17. The gifts of yoga through the years: Patrons that would not have come underother circumstances have discovered CPL People from different cultures and nationshave met during the program People have formed friendships Some patrons have become volunteers andhelped with other programs CPL was mentioned in a national journal People of neighboring communities havestarted to use our library Community people have become moreaware of the programs offered at CPL 18. Namaste