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<ul><li><p>8/3/2019 bilingual buyer or bilingual merchandiser or bilingual marketing</p><p> 1/1</p><p>Yingying Wang5606 Temple City Blvd, Unit A,Temple City, CA 91780yw123c4aa@westpost.net631.579.7620</p><p>Career Profile* Fluent in Mandarin and English.* Over 6 years sales and marketing experience in media, advertising and events sponsorship including 2 years sales team managing.* Successfully signed and cultivated high profile clients such as Pepsi, GE, Visa, Dell, and KFC.* Proven ability in and management. Successfully closed deals by advising clients on creative strategies and maximizing advertising dollars.</p><p>ExperienceTicketmaster China, Shanghai, ChinaManager, Events and Sponsorship, 2007 to 2009Led a team of six associates in selling sponsorship of live events throughout China.* Successfully sold sponsorship packages of 18 live events in China including Black Eyed Peas, Christina Aguilera, Celine Dion, Linkin Park, Avril Lavin, NBA China Challenge Games and Harlem Globetrotters.</p><p>* Responsible for 20% year to year growth in revenue for 2 consecutive years, for a total of $3M in 28 months.* Established and maintained firm relationships with key accounts.* Interviewed, recruited and trained 2 sales assistants for account service purpose.* Received Ticketmaster's 'Star of the Year' Award 2009</p><p>Tulip Mega Media, Shanghai, ChinaSenior Account Manager International Division, 2005 to 2006Handled outdoor LED screen media sales in major city centers throughout China.* Contracted A level clients including New Balance, Mont Blanc, and Credit Suisse exceeding annual sales goals by 30%.* Tailored clients advertising solutions to best meet their needs while increasi</p><p>ng annual average client spending by 20%.* Designed customer service kit including spot rotation report, CPM report, andon site photos.</p><p>Methinks Advertising (acquired by WPP China in 2008), Shanghai, China</p><p>Account Executive, 2004 to 2005Worked as liaison between clients and all the departments of the company to ensure client's requirements were fulfilled.* Successfully assisted the company to conduct nationwide campaigns: BMW Golf Tournament China 2005, Auto Shanghai 2005, and Buick Golf championship 2005.* Formulated all events execution plans based on the scale, time, location and budget of client's commercial event.</p><p>* Coordinated with events execution team by briefing them on clients' commercialcampaign details.* Cooperated with financial team in order to stay on budget and meet timelines for deliverables.* Acquired high quality vendors at lower costs, reducing costs by 25%</p><p>EducationB.A., Law Shanghai University, China</p></li></ul>


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