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Billboard Magazine Deconstruction

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  1. 1. Billboard MagazineDeconstruction
  2. 2. Front CoverLady Gaga is seen as aquirky, eccentric popartist; on this coverher sophisticatedblack clothing iscontrasted with astatement vibrantpurple wig. The choiceof clothing displays aserious side to her,perhaps representingthat she is seriousabout her music. Onthe other hand, herwig representsperhaps herpersonality and thatshes not like othercelebrities that yousee on magazine frontcovers.The cover lines on thisparticular magazine area very light grey whichis a similar colour to thebackground which isntvery effective as itblends into thebackground and doesntcaptivate the audiencesattention. When I do mymagazine I will makesure my cover lines arebold and bright colourswhich can easily standout when you first lookat the magazine.Lady Gaga is covering the mastheadof the magazine Billboard whichreveals to the reader that its a wellknown magazine. Also its easilyrecognizable by the blue a andyellow d which feature every issue.Lady Gaga is using adirect mode of addresson this front cover asshe is looking directly atthe audience,connecting with themand drawing them intothe magazine.
  3. 3. Front Cover (cont.) The house style forthis magazine is quitebland and not manycolours have beenused which draws theeye immediately toLady Gagas purple wigand the block coloursin the a and d in themasthead. I think thatthe colours are toobland for themagazine and doesntattract my attentionmuch as you cant seeany of the cover linesclearly as it all blendsinto one. However, themagazine is Billboardwhich is a verypopular magazine, soperhaps people willstill purchase themagazine.The large amount of jewellery on her right hand makes this areaof the front cover stand out and therefore catches peopleattention to her pulling her clothing to the side revealing herchest. Also having one hand covered in jewellery and one otherwith no jewellery on couldreveal a different side toLady Gaga.Lady Gaga is exposingsome of her chest asshe is pulling herclothing to the side ofher body which isprovocative andattracts the maleswhich also attractswomen to purchasethe magazine as theywant to appeal to menlike Lady Gaga doesbeing on the frontcover.
  4. 4. Contents page The contents page includes amasthead as it has the brandingof the magazine title Billboardon the top corner. This links thefront cover to the contents pageand makes it clear to the readerwhat magazine they are reading.The main image isplaced on the right handside of the page so thatwhen the reader turnsthe page from the frontcover that is one of thefirst things that they see.The mise-en-scene ofthis woman shows thatshe is trying to beportrayed as glamorouswhich may relate to thegenre of music she isrelated to.On each of the picturesfeatured on the contentspage they are anchoredwhich reveals wherethese pictures arefeatured within themagazine which ispromoting the page.The colours used on thecontents page are grey,black, blue and yellow. Allthe colours run throughfrom the front coverwhich reveals theparticular house style ofthe magazine and again,shows a clear link to themagazine.The contents title is in abold style this takes up asmall top section of thepage and is in simple backbut works well as some ofthe people in the picturesare wearing black so itblends in well. Its also incapitals and the font usedlooks like its been stencilledwhich is effective.
  5. 5. Contents PageThe same font used forthe title Contents isused for the headingNo1. This font is used inspecific significant placesto draw the audiencesattention in.The chart section ispresented in a small leftsection of the contentspage. The chart displaysthe no.1 of albums,songs and the weeksmusic. Having thecharts on the contentspage displays thatBillboard is a musicmagazine that focus alot on the music ratherthan the celebrities.Each image shows a particular musician but none of thepictures show them performing. This perhaps suggests that thefeatured articles are about well know musicians who dontneed a picture of them performing as people will be able torecognise just their face. The mainsinger is wearing black clothes agai-nsta white background so shestands out more.The layout of thecontents page is clear. Itsbeen split up into manysections e.g. upfront,music etc. This iseffective as it allows thereader to navigatethrough the magazineeasily. Its also veryorganised which revealsthat its a professionalcompany that has createdthis magazine. This is verysuitable for the targetaudience of young adultsas they wont want to bewasting time trying tofind a particular page.
  6. 6. Double Page SpreadThe main headlineis found on the leftwhich is where themain text for thearticle also is. Thefont links well withwhat the words areactually saying forthe main title ofthe DPS. Fiercelyis put in a verybold font whichstands out andcreative is put in afont that isnt atypical font and iscreative. Both ofthese words standout a lot as theyjuxtapose the girly,dark pinkbackground.The main image onthe DPS is on theright hand page. Sothat when the readerturns the page overthat is the first thingthat they will seewhich may makethem want to readthe article they arefeatured on. It alsoautomatically allowsthe reader to knowwho the DPS is about.Her makeup, hair etc.are all statementwhich stands out tothe reader which inrelation to the title itlinks as the title saysfierce. Herstatement hair andmakeup reveal herforcefulness.In the top right hand corner there is acaption for the article saying Woman ofthe year this tells the reader that thearticle is going to be about a womanwho is most likely famous.There are two columns of writing for thisarticle. They are both on the left page as a lotof writing may intimidate some readers andnot attract them to read the article. Thats whythe main image is put on the right instead.