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44/3188-A-9,Kaloor,Cochin-682017 Ph: 0484-3914923/24/25 TM. BIZARRE GROUP OF COMPANIES. COMPANY PROFILE. Company is based at Kochi, Kerala. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • 44/3188-A-9,Kaloor,Cochin-682017Ph: 0484-3914923/24/25www.bizabizgroup.comTM

  • Company is based at Kochi, Kerala. Formally registered as (P) Ltd. company On 2nd Nov. 2007 as per Indian Companies Act 1956 in the name of Bizarre Marketing Systems Ltd. And started functioning from 1st Jan. 2008.Company has been uplifted as public limited on 23rd July 2008 in the name of Bizarre Global Marketing Systems Ltd.The Company became Group of Companies and Corporate starting Bizarre Business Corporation Ltd. a sister concern on 8th April 2009.

  • Being a public and corporate company there should be minimum seven promoters and as such Bizarre had seven directors initially and at present has nine Board of Directors.1. Shri.Abdul Arshad - CMD 18 yrs of highly rich experience in marketing and ten yrs experience.2.Shri.George Alexander-Patron Journalist and a Social worker.3.Shri.Gopinathan Nair-CEO Being a govt. servant had held executive posts in different public sector undertaking companies and has 20 yrs of vast experience.

  • 4.Shri.Dayal Menon5.Shri.Kunju Mohammed6.Shri.Noushad K.S7.Smt.Maya Premlal8.Smt.Jisha Baiju

  • Registered as per Indian Companies Act 1956.Functioning as per guidelines of Ministry of Corporate Affairs,Govt of INDIA.Bizarre Business Corporation Ltd.Authorised capital 55 croresPaid up capital 5 crores

  • Bizarre Global Marketing Systems Ltd.Authorized capital 1.5 croresPaid up capital 93 lakhsCompany paid 50 lakhs TDS in the 1st year of its existence.Company paid 1.71 crores as TDS till 31st March 2010.As on June 2010 1.74 crores TDS paid.

  • All these details are available in the websites1.Govt. website - MCA in Google2.Company website

  • 1.Open Google window2.Search MCA(Ministry of Corporate Affairs)3.Click on MCA 214.Click Company Master Data5.Click view Company Master Data6.Type Company name and CIN7.Submit



  • Bizarre desires to start thousands of supermarkets all over in India and abroad in its own premises with public participation by giving the Equity Shares (promoters shares) of the Company and as such creating permanent customer base.

    Wherever there are 400 shareholders the Company shall purchase a land/building and when there are 800 shareholders,shall start construction of building if only land purchased.

  • When there are 1200 shareholders Company shall start the supermarket .This 1200 may vary to 2000-3000 too,but the shoppe shall be matching to the standard of the city/town.

    Further according to the strength of shareholders,Supermarket will be upgraded to Hypermarket,malls.

  • If ready building for supermarket is available at reasonable price,the Company may go for it even though there are only 400 shareholders but shoppe will start strictly when there are 1200 shareholders are created i.e customers base created.

    The company plans to enter into following businesses connecting the shareholders for their betterment. 1. Real Estate 2. Tourism 3. Education 4. Insurance 5. Media

  • The Company started its business from 1st January 2008. 31st Aug 2008 established - 1 supermarket By 2008 end - 3 supermarkets By 2009 end - 10 supermarkets Total 14 supermarkets & 36 own plots at present i.e December 2010

  • It is a record that the Company has paid Rs.50 lakhs as TDS to the Govt. in first of its existence. No MLM company has paid this much amount so far in the history . Till March 2010 Company has paid 11.5 crores payout and 1.15 crores as TDS Till Sep 2010 Rs.2.30 crores TDS paid.We use MLM for out promotion only

  • Out of 36 own properties 4 are in Karnataka i.e. one at Bangalore ,one at Mangalore, one in Honsur and one in Mysore.Mangalore Shoppe inaugurated on 12th of September 2010Bangalore: Construction of five floor building is in progress and the Corporate Office is going to be shifted from Kochi. Mysore:8cent plot purchased nearby Mysore Palace gun houseHunsur:47 cent plot purchased in Mysore Mangalore highway behind KSRTC bus stand

  • BIZARRE 1st SHOPPE at Kottackal, Malappuram, Kerala inaugurated by Mr.Ummarali Sahib (Malappuram MLA) on 31 August 2008 BIZARRE 2nd SHOPPE at Olari, Thrissur, Kerala. Inaugurated by Mr. Therambil Ramakrishnan (Thrissur MLA) on 1 September 2008 BIZARRE 3rd SHOPPE at Alappuzha, Kerala. Inaugurated by Mr. K S Manoj(Alappuzha MP) on 3 December 2008 BIZARRE 4th SHOPPE at Perumbavoor, Ernakulam, Kerala. Inaugurated by Mr. Saju Paul (Perumbavoor MLA) on 12 March 2009 BIZARRE 5th SHOPPE at Adimali, Idukki, Kerala. Inaugurated by Mr.Fancis George (Idukki MP) on 16 March 2009 BIZARRE 6th SHOPPE at Vadanappally, Thrissur, Kerala. Inaugurated by Mr. Abdul Arshad (BIZARRE CMD) on 27 April 2009 BIZARRE 7th SHOPPE at Mannarkkad, Palakkad, Kerala. Inaugurated by Mr.Jose Babu (Deputy Speaker, Kerala) on 27 April 2009 BIZARRE 8th SHOPPE at Vaikom, Kottayam, Kerala. Inaugurated by Mr. Monce Joseph (Hon. Minister for Public Work, Kerala) BIZARRE 9th SHOPPE at Omalloor, Pathanamthitta, Kerala. Inaugurated by Mr. K.Sivdasan Nair (Pathanamthitta MLA) on 27 April 2009. BIZARRE 10th SHOPPE at Vadakara,Calicut Kerala.Inaugrated on 25th november 2009 BIZARRE 11th SHOPPE in Karunagapilly,Kollam district BIZARRE 12th SHOPPE in Mangalore,In Karnataka BIZARRE 13th SHOPPE in Etumanoor,Kottayam BIZARRE 14th SHOPPE in Irinjalakuda,Trichur dist.Kerala

  • Mangalore supermarket

  • Coming up in own building (No rent)Creating customer base and then starts (assuring regular business-no loss)No MLM company has shared its profits so far in the history of MLM. The 1st company which is making the shareholder a real owner and providing profit share as monthly incentive.Bizarre Supermarket shall have FMCG and Home Appliances initially and shall have Electronic Equipments,Textiles and Gold Jewellery when upgraded as HypermarketAll products are branded ones which are available in the local market.Providing 5-15% discount on all products on MRP, thus costing lesser than the open market priceEven walking customers can avail discount facility.

  • CUSTOMER 5500/-


    OWNERSHIP 8750/-1000 shares @8 rupees per share. This will be atleast 100 rupees per share when we get listed in stock exchange next year. So you can calculate how much money you will get after listing. You can sell these shares in share market as you do with shares of other companies. 8*1000=8000+750=8750/- 11 PRIVILEGE CARD - Great discounts from all purchases from our supermarkets REPURCHASE INCOME MONTHLY INCENTIVE 30% of monthly sales profit from where you are purchasing SHARE DIVIDEND SHARE BONUS SHARE FACE VALUE RAISE

  • Firstly, the Company is registering the applicant as permanent customers and then legally issuing the equity share/promoters share making them the real owners of upcoming supermarket. This is issued on private placement basis because this share allotment is not a public issue. Promoters share can be issued only three categories of people i.e 1. Blood relatives of Board of Directors 2. Employees of the company or otherwise the third category should have connections with the Company`s business.

  • Lifetime validityValid in all over India in bizarre super marketsPurchases from this card considered for generating re-purchase incomeCan avail share incentive from all shops if purchases are made minimum for Rs.10,000 from each card from various supermarketsFree home delivery within 5 kms radius of supermarket provided minimum purchase of Rs.500

  • DIVIDEND: 1.Dividend shall be declared after the completion of the financial year.2.Declaration of dividend is the criteria of the management evaluating the overall profit of the Company, not on single supermarket profit.All the shareholders are eligible for dividend and share bonus as and when declared by the Company. Ex:- Company has 10 supermarkets and each makes 3-4 cr of business every month. If we take 2 cr as avg. business (10*2) 20 crs business per month and (20*12) 240 crs per year. Assume net profit @ 5% i.e 12 crs. If declares 20% dividend,20% of 12 crs i.e 2.40 crs shall be equally divided to all the shareholders of the Company according to their holdings.

  • Declaration of share bonus depends upon the profit of the Company and is the criteria of the management i.e Board of DirectorsIt may declare 1:1,1:2,1:3 and even 5:1, 10:1 etc.


    Let us take example of INFOSYS Infosys issued equity share of the company to its employees in 1984 @ Rs.5 1984 Rs.5 * 2000 shares=10,000 Bonus 1985 1:1 4000 1986 1:1 8000 1987 1:3 32,000Down the line in 2005Appreciated as Rs.3400*5,76,000=195.84 crsSimilarly WIPRO, 10,000 in 1980 fetc