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White Hat SEO VS Black Hat SEO- Difference between White Hat SEO Techniques and Black Hat SEO Techniques.


  • 1. Black Hat SEO VS White Hat SEOWhat is white hat and black hat SEO and what is the difference between the two? Beforewe discuss the difference between white hat SEO and Black Hat SEO, let us firstunderstand both the terms:White Hat SEOSEO means Search Engine Optimization. White hat SEO means using the best and ethicalmethods to attain high search engine rankings. White hat SEO companies follow theguidelines of search engines. White Hat SEO Methods work better in the long term withstable. White hat SEO companies take the time to investigate, analyze and rewrite theMeta tags, content, manual backlinks creation etc.Black Hat SEOBlack Hat SEO techniques aim at achieving high search engine rankings but in short runonly. The methods used for Black Hat SEO are not in favor of the guidelines of searchengines. You need to be very careful from SEO Companies who claim that they canguarantee you #1 ranking in Google. Black hat SEO can get your site banned.In short, the white hat is used to describe the techniques that are the guidelines ofsearch engines and black hat is spam indexing which is used achieve high search enginerankings with the unethical ways. It is generally short lived.White Hat SEO Techniques:Following are main white hat SEO techniques:

2. Quality Content Keyword Research and Effective Keyword Use Titles and Meta Data Quality Inbound LinksBlack Hat SEO Techniques:Following are main white hat SEO techniques: Hidden Content Meta Keyword Stuffing Doorway or Gateway Pages Link FarmingRead in detail these White Hat and Black Hat SEO Techniques here: