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  • 1.Hackathon Lets do it! #DevCon13 #BbInnovate13

2. WHAT ARE WE DOING TODAY? 3. YOUR ORGANIZERS Noriaki (Nori) Tatsumi Director, Learn Engineering Blackboard Danny Thomas Principal Engineer Blackboard 4. YOUR EXPERTS @ HACKSPACE David Ashman Chief Architect, VP of Technology B2 development, Blackboard API Mike McGarr Director, Learn DevOps Test Driven Development, Continuous Delivery 5. YOUR SECURE B2 EXPERTS @ HACKSPACE Stephanie Tan Director, Security Franco Antico Security Architect Matthew Saltzman Security Engineer 6. HACKSPACE 7. EMAIL THE EXPERTS 8. PRIZE! 9. LAPTOP STICKERS! 10. COURSE SITES 11. GET STARTED! 12. YOUR ASSIGNMENTS Deadline: July 9th 10:00am Project entry Building Block Development Tutorial (optional) Demo Submission 13. LET THE WORLD KNOW Tweet your activities (#DevCon13, #BbInnovate13) Publish your work on GitHub - Not a requirement 14. THINGS TO REMEMBER Learn something new A good hack/innovation doesn't need to be a big thing Tackle the hard problems first Find things that already work mashup You only have 24 hours Expect the unexpected 15. GET SOCIAL 16. MAKE THINGS 17. REALLY FAST!