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Blending learning with employment support programmes using John Stewart National Adult Literacy Co-ordinator, NALA Tel: 01 4127913 086 826 0011. Background. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Blending learning with employment support programmes using

    John Stewart National Adult Literacy Co-ordinator, NALA Tel: 01 4127913 086 826 0011

  • BackgroundDevastating impact of crises on employment of under 25 year olds and people with basic skill needs. Hard to get a job with little/no experience or low qualifications. NALA and Southside LES collaborated on a Momentum project Personal Pathways to Employment for 60 under-25s. Blends distance and online learning and 1:1 job supports. - web-based learning - level 2 & 3 certification - personalised supports to find work (jobs coach, guidance counsellor, work placements, employment supports).

  • Summary Profile of group Work experience - 1/3 had none, 1/3 had less than a year.Average participant was 3.7 years unemployed. Education standard - 50% had Level 3 or less, 17% level 4.25% reported specific learning needs or difficulties.

  • Aim: to support 60 participants towards employment or further education / trainingOutcomes: Of the 60 participants, 58 achieved at least one Momentum project outcome.12 achieved awards, completed placements and progressed to FET or a job. Over half progressed into training or employment.

    60 participantsCertificatesWork PlacementsFET ProgressionJobOutcomesAchieved over 1 year46

    Achieved Level 3 awards44 40 placements, 4 internships22 Went into further education or training10 Got jobs.

  • Personal Pathways to Employment LessonsProfile of group not well served before.Momentum - difficult to apply to cohort.Southside LES / NALA collaboration worked!!Cost effective way to provide learning, qualifications and confidence.Southside LES now blends with other programmes (Women returners)May be of interest to other LESs and partnerships (e.g. TS)

  • It is a web-based distance learning resource. Purpose of writeon.ieTo allow learners to improve their reading, writing, numbers, ICT and personal development skills and pursue accreditation if desired.Developed for independent distance learningNow used it as a blended learning resource by 180 centres to support their programmes.Also a system for recognition of prior learning.Supports available tutoring / materials.

    What is ?

  • QQI Awards available on Progression to Level 4

    No awards through

    Learning resources in Communications Mathematics Digital Media

    Level 2 Major Award - choose from 12 Minor awardsLevel 3 Major Awards Employability, ICT and General Learning- choose from 14 Minor awardsReadingCommunicationsWritingMathematicsListening and SpeakingApplication of NumberPersonal Decision MakingFunctional MathematicsSetting Learning GoalsComputer LiteracyQuantity and NumberInternet SkillsPattern and RelationshipDigital MediaShape and SpaceCareer PreparationData HandlingHealth and Safety AwarenessQuantitative Problem SolvingPersonal EffectivenessUsing TechnologyPersonal and Interpersonal SkillsComputer SkillsManaging Personal FinancesSelf AdvocacyEvent Participation

  • NALAs

    Over 35,000 learning accounts on Provides for self directed learning plansA blended learning resource for providers Provides certification at NFQ levels 2 & 3 Acts as stepping stone to further learning Cost effective, quality assured.

  • Recognition of Prior Learning - RPLIntegral part of, formative and summative assessment against national standards.Provides RPL at NFQ levels 2 and 3.Only RPL system at these levels in Ireland.Example: Project with Southside LES used RPL to support aims and qualifications.

  • How to use as blended learning resourceRegister and agree terms - Become a member of NALA (50 150 p.a.)Plan blended learning to enhance your programmes Or support learners to learn independently or with NALA telephone tutors. Attend free trainingSupport people to achieve and provide national qualifications.

    NALA will support you to plan and blend into your programmes.

  • Terms and ConditionsBecome a member of NALA.All passwords will be recorded and maintained securely by the Centre Contact Person named on page 1No learners password will be revealed to another learnerOnly one learner will access using any given passwordThe centre will try, as far as is practical, to ensure that submissions are the work of a single learnerThe centre will ensure that all work submitted meets the required standardThe centre will ensure that all information supplied by learners is accurateCentre-based tutors will make themselves aware of NALAs interpretation of FETAC Specific Learning Outcomes and support learners accordingly Centres will ensure that learners do not use insulting on inappropriate language while using the forum and chat functions while in the centreNo fee shall be charged for any learner using writeon for accreditation

  • 14 Steps to Accreditation

    Step 1: Learners log on to writeon.ieStep 2: Learners select an area of studyStep 3: They complete an Initial Assessment for each award they wish to work towards. (Initial Assessment identifies learners who have demonstrated all standards for a particular award, and learners proceed directly to Step 6. Such learners are treated as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) learners)Step 4: An individual Learning plan is shown based on the outcome of the Initial AssessmentStep 5: Learners complete learning if they need to. Step 6: Learners complete a Summative Assessment onlineStep 7: Additional assessment activities are completed in an online portfolio for those outcomes that cannot be assessed by elearning alone. These activities involve real-world tasks with evidence uploaded into the portfolio

  • 14 Steps to Accreditation

    Step 8: NALA verifies work, contacts learner to let them know they can apply for award.Step 9: Learners fill in an online form, verify they have completed the work on their own and then submit for the awardStep 10: NALA completed an 'Internal Verification' process where we check learners' work and verify it meets agreed standards and followed assessment processesStep 11: NALA complete an 'External Authentication' process where an External Authenticator reviews evidenceStep 12: Learners whose submissions have been deferred have access to a Results Appeal processStep 13: NALA approves results and requests awards from QQIStep 14: Awards received by NALA, checked and posted out to learner or centre

  • Step by Step Guide

  • Step by Step Guide

  • Step by Step Guide

  • Step by Step Guide

  • Step by Step Guide

  • Step by Step Guide

  • Step by Step Guide

  • Step by Step Guide

  • Step by Step Guide

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  • Step by Step Guide

  • Step by Step Guide

  • John Stewart National Adult Literacy Co-ordinator, NALA Tel: 01 4127913 086 826 0011

  • Try It Out L2 www.writeon.ieRequest a password note it downGive yourself a unique username (test_johnLES)Add in (real or fake) informationSelect Level 2Pick any awardStart workingCheck out portfolio

  • Strategies for Improving Participation in and Awareness of Adult Learning European Commission, 2012NALA listed as one of top 16 case studies for Written Off -TV series and distance learning

  • OECD Adult Skills Survey 2013

    42% of Irish adults score at or below Level 1 on the problem solving scale 825,000 people.

    25% of Irish adults are at or below level 1 of numeracy 754,000 people. Almost 18% of Irish adults are at or below level 1 of literacy 525,000 people.

    CSO Figures 18% of labour force have qualifications at level 3 or less.

  • Project Stages Personal Pathways to Employment project - NALA SSP LES Recruitment & promotion Recruit 60 unemployed U-25s and local employersInitial assessment Initial assessment identifying needs and strengths, and ongoing supports for learning and employabilityDistance learning - tutoring support, FETAC Level 3 certification, with a choice of 14 Minor and 3 Major awardsJob preparationA jobs mentor from Southside LES - supports career preparation, work experience and matching to particular jobs.Work experience Integral - with supports from jobs mentor and guidance counsellorEmployment Assistance to find and sustain jobs, with on-the-job supports ProgressionProgression plan - employment & further education and trainingEvaluationAssess relative success and potential for national mainstreaming

  • Blended Learning BenefitsNALA experience suggests benefits:For learners:Facilitates independent learning and learning in different ways and styles. Learners may require more support than you can traditionally provide.Integrates literacy and numeracy into other content learning.For providers:Expands learning time and optimises learning and tutoring resourcesSupports learning to meet the needs of a particular learner.Shares content rather than reinvents the wheel every time.Provides for certification and RPLFor policy makers Can provide greater outcomes and achievement Optimises resources

    35tutors working from home for a min of 5 hours per weekLearner gets up to 1 hour per week

    11.15*NOTES Maths = 22 SLOs, FM = 20 SLOs, ANN = 12 SLOs. Need to consider value and content.Maths is tough. Tutors should complete award themselves first. Dont assume you know content because its Level 3.SA and EP went live before Christmas 2012. *NOTES: Site is recognised by FETAC as valid RPL