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The pursuit of happiness doesn't have to be complicated. By reading this book, become inspired by a selection of some short testimonies of how folks find their true happiness. Created by Alli Harlow & Matt Higgins.


  • Merriam-Webster defines bliss as Bliss /blis/ noun Perfect happiness; great joy. Something providing such happiness. Synonyms felicity - beatitude - blessedness - happiness 5
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  • Pretty Great Painter / 21 years old Alex Olivier Photo by: Sarah Ayer 12 I see bliss as a moment, and not just a feeling. Bliss is that moment where I dont think about anything at all, Im just sitting and feeling that moment of happiness. Bliss is more ethereal; an experience. But Id say that my most sincere joy and pleasure comes from enhancing the glory and kingdom of God. I think of personal happiness, and everything that goes with that, as more temporary. My happiness and pleasure comes from knowing and growing in my knowledge of the
  • Lord. And I think others see joy [in Christians] by seeing that we know Christ, and are reflecting His love. The things that make me really joyous are more long term, and produce long term effects. I was on a mission trip to Melilla [Spain], and I was on a prayer walk through Bliss is in that time when Im just not thinking about anything else at all; Im sitting there quietly and feeling that moment of happiness. the city. I was walking and praying and praising the Lord for everything and everyone that came to mind as I walked. And as I was walking, I caught eyes with this woman on the street. She was an older woman, and I had never seen her before. 13
  • I had no idea who she was, and I dont think she knew who I was. But we caught eyes, and she looked so happy to see me. I cant even describe the look on her face, but it was so kind and happy. And I immediately prayed for her and her family and everyone she came in contact with. But praying for her was more like praising the Lord than just praying. 14
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  • Professional Nerd / 19 years old Kailee Roark Photo by: Alexis Lynn Ellis 18 I feel like bliss is when Im able to sing as loud as I can and no one will hear. Or maybe its more like Im not caring whether or not people hear me. I guess I feel most happy whenever I feel like social norms can be disregarded, like singing loudly, or having tangled hair, or not caring what your clothes look like. And you can just be comfortable being who you are in that moment. And in the moments that you can just sit and enjoy time, without any places to be, or deadlines, or
  • pressure. So, being able to enjoy the breezes on hot days, curling up in your bed when there are clean sheets, sitting in nature, or that first jump into the swimming pool at summertime. And its in the little things too, like lattes, laughing really loudly with friends, my familys cabin in Colorado, and milkshakes. Milkshakes! Underline it, capitalize it, say it again. Milkshakes. If I had all the time in the world I would fill it with more things like that. Its interesting to think of what really makes us happy versus what we fill up our time with instead. Bliss also comes from companionship, like friendship and relationships. I think that also comes from other peoples happiness. Like 19
  • when you hear from someone that they feel the same way about you. Its hearing that your relationship means just as much to them as it does to you. I was talking to my younger brother the other day, and he just I feel like bliss is when Im able to sing as loud as I can and no one will hear. Or maybe its more like Im not caring whether or not people hear me. out of the blue told me how much he appreciated me as a big sister and a role model, and that he loved me just as much as I loved him. And that was the most amazing thing to hear. That made me so happy to hear. 20
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  • Professionally Awesome / 22 years old hope hellberg Photo by: Sarah Ayer 24 I would say bliss is utter joy, the creme de la creme of happiness. The idea of it is almost inconceivable to some degree. Its a sense of being totally at peace in all aspects of life: mentally, physically, spiritually, and relationally. Bliss can come from the little things. I have to find these moments of happiness throughout the day. Like getting up for an eight a.m. class and having those ten extra minutes for a cup of coffee. Putting on a great song when Im stuck in traffic. Spontaneous
  • baking, and a group of friends hanging out together. Coffee dates, and working with my hands. Thats happiness. I find happiness in anything that can make you laugh, or put that big ole stupid grin on your face. Give me a cup of coffee and a good amount of time... I can conquer the world. And its going to sound super pretentious, but thinking, and discovering, and finding something new makes me so happy. Trying to understand the way the things around us, like our bodies, or the universe, look and work. I love learning all the time. And doing all of this over a cup of coffee. 25
  • Give me a cup of coffee and a good amount of time, and I can conquer the world. Id say the time I was most happy was when I was traveling through Europe. I loved trying new foods, learning new languages, discovering the cities, and spending time with people. All the coffee and gelato under the sun! The new things are what bring me the most happiness; discovering them, trying them. New adventures, and then a long deep, thought provoking conversation. All the things I dont have time for right now. But maybe someday I will. 26
  • BLISS IS IN THAT TIME WHEN IM JUST NOT THINKING ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE AT ALL; IM SITTING THERE QUIETLY AND FEELING THAT MOMENT OF HAPPINESS. letterpress pinterest single-origin coffee pickled aesthetic. Banjo pop-up hoodie, wolf bushwick street art Austin meh truffaut next level. Pinterest trust fund synth seitan sartorial. Wolf food truck mcsweeneys thundercats, meggings williamsburg fingerstache chillwave. Twee butcher vice typewriter, ably havent heard of them, photo booth single-origin coffee mustache selvage deep v sartorial irony williamsburg fixie tonx selfies. Organic ethical retro DIY, typewriter small batch letterpress pour-over butcher neutra 27
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  • Graphic Designer / 21 years old Cofounder of Bliss Alli Harlow Photo by: Alexis Lynn Ellis 30 This might sound a little weird at first, but to me, bliss can be summed up in two words: tangled hair. Every time in my life that Ive been most happy, my hair has been unbelievably untamed. Camping, road trips with the windows down, days at the beach. Times that youre just so happy that social conventions, like how you look, just dont matter anymore.
  • When I started out making this book, I didnt realize how profoundly the research portion of it would affect me. Reading quotes from famous authors, talking to lots of different people about their interpretations, and visually exploring the idea of happiness made me analyze what my own definition is. Taking time out of our busy lives to be happy. It was so interesting that, when asked the same questions, I received answers from the people I interviewed that were surprisingly different, and yet similar. Everyone I talked to mentioned being in relationships or community with other people, being outside, 31
  • and taking time out of our busy lives to be happy. And not one mentioned sitting inside alone and watching Netflix. (Which makes me want to kick myself, and get up and fill my time with things that will actually make me happy, not the cheap and lazy substitutions behind laptop and TV screens.) I want to fill my life with more meaningful and memorable experiences. I think Ill do just that. Deuces. 32
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  • Aspiring Worship Leader / 20 years old Cofounder of Bliss Matt Higgins Photo by: Alexis Lynn Ellis 34 Bliss is an unmatched happiness. For me its that moment in worship, whether thats in church or in my own personal time, when we come to realization that an awesome God loves us more than we can ever imagine! The feeling is like an overwhelming flood: refreshing, humbling, and rejuvenating.
  • Through this exploration of happiness and what it truly means to find Bliss, my life has forever been impacted. This brand of Bliss was created to solely promote and encourage pure joy in all things. We hope that through the products we put out