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DESCRIPTION Need more blog traffic? Get access to the simple strategies that I use to generate an unstoppable stampede of blog traffic daily. This free report will give you steps to building a blog that makes money, generates leads and generates massive passive residual income. Stop struggling to get traffic to your blog. Blogging for leads has never been easier and I'm going to show you how to boost your online business it easy methods anyone can do. If you want to pump 1000 new subscribers into your site and get 1000+ visitors a day get the answers in this free report.


<ul><li><p>BlogTrafficBootcamp</p><p> sponsored by http://empowered.blogtrafficbootcamp.comcopyright@2012andreabolderallrightsreserved</p></li><li><p>WelcomeToBlogTrafficBootcamp:7UnstoppableWaystoGetTargetedTrafficToYourBlog Youve purchased a domain name, installed wordpress, chosen a killer theme and you may have even written your first couple of blog posts.</p><p>Youre excited to launch your site and even more motivated by all of the money youre going to be making online!</p><p>But a week goes visitors.</p><p> think. Im new, lets give it time, Ill write some more posts and the visitors will come.</p><p>A week turns into a month...</p><p>a month in 90 days...</p><p>90 days turns into a year...</p><p>Still no traffic!!</p><p>...and even worse. No money!</p><p>The few subscribers youve managed to scrape up are just that -subscribers- and most of them havent purchased one thing from you.</p><p>Is this hitting close to home?</p><p>Whether you are a newbie or been around the online block a few times, to survive you have to be able to generate traffic fast. But you dont just want any old visitor you want people who will: </p><p> Be interested in the products, services and content you have to offer. Sign up for your mailing list and love the value you provide. Be able and willing to pay for your products, services and opportunity offers. Turn into loyal customers and super fans who tell their networks about you.</p><p> If you dont have these 4 things itll be extremely hard to make any consistent cash online. </p><p>But how can you turn it all around?</p><p>BlogTrafficBootcamp</p><p> sponsored by http://empowered.blogtrafficbootcamp.comcopyright@2012andreabolderallrightsreserved</p></li><li><p>Here are 7 unstoppable ways to make sure you are 1) generating traffic and 2) attracting the right type of traffic to boost the profits from your blog!</p><p>1.MagneticContent Now before you wrote one word and published one blog post I know you had a clear marketing message and solid marketing plan that targeted your ideal prospect right?</p><p> skipped this part did you?</p><p>I see.. you must have thought that if I build it..they will just come...right?</p><p>Wrong!</p><p>One of the biggest mistakes people make is writing content they think their ideal customer wants...and leave it at that. </p><p> They dont do any targeted keyword research. They dont create content that readers want to read and share. They dont produce enough quality content that keeps readers on their site and </p><p>coming back for more. Yes, you need fresh, high value material that: </p><p> Tells your audience what they need and want to know Helps them achieve a dream or goal (immediate or long) Reveals something no one else has (unique solutions) Includes strong calls to action But even if youve done all that, youve only done half the job. </p><p> You also need to aim your material at an ideal audience who will share your content and create buzz around it. What type of people are most likely to participate in viral sharing? Let me give you a hint...</p><p>Got a Facebook Page?</p><p>What about Twitter followers?</p><p>Social networkers are the gatekeepers to turning a nobody into a gotta have resource overnight. So not only should you ask your audience to share, make it easy for them to do so by including social network sharing badges on your blog posts and web pages. </p><p>BlogTrafficBootcamp</p><p> sponsored by http://empowered.blogtrafficbootcamp.comcopyright@2012andreabolderallrightsreserved</p></li><li><p>Lets take a look at this blog post below as an example. Youll see there are actually five invitations to share this piece of content. And not only does the author include simple badges he use badges that help promote social proof. He has included three of the top social networks Facebook, Twitter and Google+ along with buttons that not only allow people to like but the send to post on friends timelines as well.</p><p>Notice how successful this tactic has been for him 248 people tweeting his post and 7300 people sharing it on Facebook. What else can you do to make sure your content is being shared... </p><p>Make sure your content is Search Engine Optimized. That means you are creating content that is designed to attract one type of person and one type only - your ideal customer. </p><p>There is no point in creating content and hoping it will stick or find the people its meant for...</p><p>No! In order to tap into the people you need to make your business grow you must force the issue. You have to make sure you are creating content that is going to attract the people who are most likely to enjoy your content, spend to get more of your content and share your content with others.</p><p>Using keyword tools like Google Keyword Tool or Market Samurai will help you push your content to the top of the search engines where you can capitalize on tons of organic traffic. </p><p>BlogTrafficBootcamp</p><p> sponsored by http://empowered.blogtrafficbootcamp.comcopyright@2012andreabolderallrightsreserved</p></li><li><p>While some are obvious, you should have specific keywords in the following places on your blog (or pointing back to your blog)</p><p> Domain name URL of your website pages Blog title tags of your web pages Meta description tag First sentence of the 1st paragraph of your page In the body of copy on your page Alt text in images In hyperlinks in the body of your copy pointing to internal pages of your site In links pointing back from your external articles. press releases and social media </p><p>sites Used in your blog commenting efforts Forum signature file Pay-Per-Click ads In your bookmarked URLs Titles and tags of your Video Submissions</p><p>2. ViralSEOVideos</p><p>Video is one of the most effective ways to drive targeted traffic back to your blog. Why? </p><p>Adding video to market your business can help you: </p><p>1. Generate Leads 2. Raise awareness 3. Generate viral social proof 4. Improve search rankings 5. Increase sales 6. Personalize your brand </p><p>Effective video marketing is about showcasing your personality, providing useable solutions and inspiring your viewers to take action on whatever it is that you are promoting.</p><p>QuickTip:Tocreatesomeseriousbuzzandgreatexposuretrytocreateandupload2-3videoseachweekonYouTubeandFacebook.</p><p>YouTube and Facebook help your videos get viral exposure and massive attention. If you are sharing valuable content to your target audience you have the potential to build a huge loyal following! </p><p>But...</p><p>BlogTrafficBootcamp</p><p> sponsored by http://empowered.blogtrafficbootcamp.comcopyright@2012andreabolderallrightsreserved</p></li><li><p>To maximize your exposure and the volume of traffic you can drive back to your blog you must make sure your videos are search engine optimized.</p><p>If you are using or want to use video marketing to drive traffic to your blog so you can sell more of your products, services and affiliate programs, people need to find your videos first and you need to know how to optimize your videos for MAXIMUM exposure. </p><p>Most bloggers and online marketers using video marketing will typically upload their videos to all of the popular video sharing sites such as YouTube, Viddler and Vimeo but pay little to no attention to their title, descriptions and tags. </p><p>Then they wonder why their videos arent getting viewed and generating any traffic. </p><p>When you upload your video and you do it properly you only have to SEO your video one time andyoull find over time your views will continue to grow. </p><p>Whats so awesome about video is that it works for you 24/7, 365 days a year and when you can get your videos on the first page of google you are able to generate leads for free because you took a few extra minutes to optimize your video for maximum exposure! </p><p>So how do you land your video content on the first page of google by optimizing your videos description, title and tags?</p><p>How-to videos are probably the best way to start generating blog traffic but its important to find hot keywords related to your niche. When doing keyword research there is a tool many online marketers use that will analyze and choose the best keywords for you - keywords that will get you clicks and traffic to your site but dont have a lot of competition. </p><p>You can also use this tool when creating a blog post, article or video that you want to get ranked on the 1st page of google for. The tool is called market samurai and you get a free trial by clicking the link here. Lets walk through a few ways you can upload your videos to make sure they are SEO optimized. </p><p>Step1</p><p>Title: Create a title that invokes curiosity and also includes the keyword or keyword phrase you are targeting. (Use google keyword tool or a tool like market samurai to choose a keyword that will get you traffic but does not have a lot of competition) </p><p>QuickTip:PutBrackets,starsorquotationsaroundyourkeywordphrase.</p><p>BlogTrafficBootcamp</p><p> sponsored by http://empowered.blogtrafficbootcamp.comcopyright@2012andreabolderallrightsreserved</p></li><li><p>Step2 </p><p>Description: Add a link to wherever you want to direct your traffic. Ideally you want viewers to go to end up on your sales page where they can check out a related product or service. </p><p>If your video is about a product that you are an affiliate of, you can put your affiliate link, but the best place to send your traffic to is a capture page so you give them the opportunity to enter their contact details in exchange for more information. This allows you to convert that viewer into a lead and build up your email list, because that is really where the value is. </p><p>Then you want to add a keyword rich, content rich description sharing what your video is about, that includes your target keywords and a few related keywords. </p><p>You also want to make sure that you are asking your viewers to rate or comment on your video in your call to action at the end of your videos because this will also boost your rankings on the search engines. When people are commenting and leaving feedback google sees this as relevant content. </p><p>Step3</p><p>Tags: Make sure you put in keyword rich tags, put in your main keyword, and any related keywords. Also include your name, the name of the product you are promoting and company name as a tag so that you and or your company pops up when people start searching for you. </p><p>In addition to putting a link to your website in your description, give your viewers a way to connect with you on other social media platforms such as Facebook ad Twitter. So make sure you are leveraging the social networks.</p><p>TypesofVideoThatDriveTraffic</p><p>You dont have to be a hollywood director to create a video your target visitor will appreciate. In fact, a video of one minute or less can be far more powerful (and incite more views) than one that runs for five or 10 minutes as long as its providing value.</p><p>You can make videos where you speak directly into the camera (and let readers feel even more like they know you by hearing your voice and seeing the way you interact in real life). You can create how to or instructional videos that provide step by step solutions to problems your target audience may be facing. </p><p>BlogTrafficBootcamp</p><p> sponsored by http://empowered.blogtrafficbootcamp.comcopyright@2012andreabolderallrightsreserved</p></li><li><p>You can present Power Point slides; using screen capture software like Camtasia to show people how to use certain online services and software; and even draw cartoons, if youre creative. 3. OptimizingYourOptinOffers</p><p>Every blogger that has the intent to make money needs to have an opt in form on their site. In fact you should have a number of options where visitors are invited to opt in to receive additional information from you.</p><p>If you dont have a web form on your blog or site, inviting people to sign up for updates, include one right now! In order to create sign up forms that work, however, you need to provide a strong offer. People just arent going to hand over their name and email address for nothing! The good news is your offer doesnt have to be a fifty-page eBook or a full-blown video course. It can be anything that your ideal prospect overwhelmingly wants right now! </p><p>The key is to put yourself in your visitors shoes and ask yourself: What would I part with my contact information over, if I was my visitor? What can I give to help him/her the most? Your irresistible offer may be something as simple as a cheat sheet, report or a one-page template. I guarantee that youll increase your opt ins and sign up rates by offering something that provides a specific solution rather than some generic catch-all like Find this blog post useful? Subscribe to my RSS feed. </p><p>Now while you do want people to subscribe to your RSS feed (dont get me wrong here) the more specific and targeted you are with your calls to action the better response youll get and the higher quality the lead. Where to place your opt in forms</p><p>I include opt in forms in the following places on my blog:</p><p>1. Above the fold in the top-right corner of my page current studies cite the top right as your prime real estate the spot people always check out first. </p><p>If you dont already have an Autoresponder get one! (Aweber is the industry leader. At only $19.00 per month with the best live help customer support system and a number of powerful features that make email marketing a breeze, you cant afford not to use it. (Take their $1 trial and see for yourself.) </p><p>BlogTrafficBootcamp</p><p> sponsored by http://empowered.blogtrafficbootcamp.comcopyright@2012andreabolderallrightsreserved</p></li><li><p>2. In the footer - I always make sure I have a way people can opt in once theyve scrolled down to the bottom of the page. Youll be surprised just how lazy people are and instead of scrolling back to the top (even though they may be interested in learning more from you) they wont do it and you could lose a potential prospect forever.</p><p>3. After every blog posts - people will be entering your blog from different pages and posts you have scattered across the web. Make sure you have a strong call to action at the end of every post you publish. If they enjoyed your post - which they should if it was quality and useful - then they wont mind taking you up on your offer to get more advice by subscribing to your email list.</p><p>4. Pop-up - depending on where visitors enter your site a great (yet controversial) way to scoop up subscribers is to have a pop-up opt-in box. Ive personally had love hate relationship with pop-ups but no matter how annoying some people say they are, they reel in the leads. Just make sure that the offer is irresistible. Really make someone not care that they have to go through one extra step to get to your content. </p><p>While you can create a generic pop-up using Aweber, I prefer to more stylish and professional feel so I use PopUp Domination. It dramatically increased my opt ins and you can have a super fly opt-on box in less than 5 minutes flat. </p><p>Remember:Unlessyouhaveawayofsigningpeopleuptoyourlist,allthetrafficintheworldwonthelpyou.Andonceyouvegotthemsignedupstayintouchviaregularemailupdates.</p><p> 4.GuestBlogging This is a blog traffic technique that Ive only recently implemented but has had a great impact on the growth of my business. Guest blogging has worked very well for me. One of the most powerful and speedy ways...</p></li></ul>