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Blogging & Podcasting. Creation and promotion. Web Marketing Flore Massoullié. 22/02/13. INtroduction. Building your blog – Do's and Dont's Networking & Promoting a blog Podcasting on your blog. Vocabulary. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Blogging & PodcastingCreation and promotionWeb Marketing

    Flore Massoulli22/02/13

  • INtroductionBuilding your blog Do's and Dont'sNetworking & Promoting a blogPodcasting on your blog

  • VocabularyBlog: toolset with which you write and publish posts that visitors can comment on.

    Ping: a short message sent out to major blogging search engines and directories once a new post is put on-line

    Widget: application, or a component of an interface, that enables a user to perform a function or access a service

  • Purpose : Have a blog followed as more as possible How ?your FOCUS

  • Group of 2-3 studentsFind a subjectExplain why

  • Which platforms do you know ?

  • Wordpress43%Typepad14%Blogger8%DO hundreds of tools and widgets to optimize your blogging experience.DO beautiful, ad-free interfaces.DO easy to utilize ads possibly make money from your blog.DONT mobile blogging features lacking and underdeveloped.DONT use of trackbacks rather than pingbacks.DONT difficult to figure out for beginners.WordPress is customizable, fresh and easy to use -- everything blog software should be.This blogging software is affordable and easy to use.Blogger offers tons of customization options to help your blog look exactly the way you want.

  • Setting up your blog

    Picking your blog look Configuring comments Setting up pinging

  • SimplicityScannabilitySharpness

  • Group of 2-3 students

    Write your 1st post : introduce your subject and explain why you create this blog.

  • Purpose of networking and methods ?

  • PurposeGet involved with the larger communityDevelopp your business (spread information)Simple exemple Sending a polite mail Participating in online communities : social networks & blogs

  • Promote a post : Ping Weblogs, Pinger a short message sent out to major blogging search engines and directories once a new post is put on-linePromote a post : Digg a social voting site if a post is correctly submitted on Digg, Digg delivers server-crushing traffic.1) Publish a new post

    2) The site receives the pig, its software retrieves the next post

    3)The site adds the new post to its index

    4) Users have acces to your new post

  • Recording deviceSoftwareInput deviceBroadcasting vehicle

  • Building your blog Do's and Dont's Networking & Promoting a blogPodcasting on your blogQuiz

    Number of business bloggers in USA ? A blog platform ?What are the 3Ss ?What is a RSS ?

    What is Blogging dans YoutubeA trackback is one of three types of linkback methods for website authors to request notification when somebody links to one of their documents