blogging, podcasting and vlogging: using the internet for public communication by justin bliss

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  • Blogging, Podcasting and Vlogging: Using the Internet for Public Communication By Justin Bliss
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  • Understanding the Internet A global network of computers used as a mass communication tool Links through telephone lines and satellites An endless sea of information
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  • What is blogging? A Web Log is a personalized web page Provides a way for users to share ideas and information through text
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  • Pioneers and the Blogosphere Early 1990's blogging What's New sites Blogosphere: The world of weblogs Pitas, 1999 Blogging skyrockets
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  • New Technology Makes Podcasting Possible Web Radio and audio files RSS feature Mp3 Player importance Apple Ipod
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  • Podcasting: Blogging on the go An audio file made for use with an Mp3 player Audio Blog Easily updated and downloaded via RSS feed Can create news broadcasts, radio shows, etc.
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  • Vlogging Basics Visual representation of a blog Uploaded to the internet using digital media
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  • Vlogging through the Decade First Vlog in 2000: The Journey by Adam Kontras. Dial up connection Slow Start Vlogging quickly escalates to become the future of blogging 2005: Youtube is founded
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  • Vlog Uses and Impact on Society Showcase talents Political rant Hilarious video 2008 Presidential Election Limitless possibilities
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