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A presentation on blogging and podcasting.


  • 1. Blogging & Podcasting What is it and how do I use it?

2. Introduction Blogs and Podcasts can be a very viable and useful communications tool for any organization. The best part about these are that blogs and podcasts are virtually free to build and operate due to the open source software that is available. Anyone can create and distribute a blog or podcast. 3. All AboutBLOGGING 4. Blogging A blog is a personal or corporate website in the form of an online journal, with new entries appearing in sequence as they are written, especially as dealing with reflections or opinion, and typically incorporating links to other articles. Blogs should be written conversationally to speak with the general audience and can be written on any topic by anyone within your organization. 5. Blogging blogs are not only having an impact on the speed and availability of news, but also influence the tone and editorial direction of reporting. (Brodeur, 2008, p. 1) Blogs are a regularsource for journalists. Journalists areincreasingly activeparticipants in theblogoshpere. 6. Blogging Things to consider before making a decision to blog: Culture: Does your company have a particular cultural trait worth revealing, or conversely, a bad reputation they want to repudiate? Transparency: Transparency is crucial to establishing credibility and trust with and audience. Time: It takes time to write a quality blog, a company should be sure to give one person or a group of people the time to make the blog successful. Dialogue: Be able and willing to engage in a greater dialogue with the blogging community. Personalization: Bring a human side to the blog by sharing experiences and opinions. This will help build personal connections with your audiences. 7. Blogging Blogging can be FREE!! It all depends on how in- depth you want to get. There are many different pieces of software that can be used for blogging. Some do require in-depth knowledge of web programming, though. 8. Blogging (Backbone Media, 2005, p. 49) 9. Blogging (Courtesy WIVB, Buffalo, NY) 10. a Public Relation toolPODCASTING 11. Podcasting A Podcast is a digital recording of aradio broadcast orsimilar program, made available on the Internet for downloading to a personal audio player. - New Oxford American Dictionary MP3 + RSS = Podcast 12. Podcasting You can podcast just about anything Speakers Lectures Interviews Broadcasts Or a Podcast Blog 13. Podcasting Guide to Podcasting 1. Plan what you want to say 2. Write an outline and practice it 3. Record in an audio editor/recorder 4. Export to MP3 or other compatible format 5. Upload file(s) to a server 6. Create a post or a web page linking to the mediafile(s) 7. Create and send RSS feed address to podcastdirectories 14. Podcasting Recording a podcast Should be simple and easy Several free software packages can do this Just need a sound card and a 15. Podcasting Podcasts can NOW also be video Advances in cell phones and iPods now make it possible to create video podcasts Require a bit more knowledge and technology News broadcasts now video podcast so that you can download the news and watch it on the go 16. Signing OffCONCLUSION 17. THE END 18. Bibliography Backbone Media. (2005). Corporate Blogging: Is it Worth the Hype? Boston, MA: Backbone Media. Brodeur. (2008, January 8). Brodeur Blogging Survey. USA. Cass, J. a. (2006). Blogging Success Study. Northeastern University and Backbone Media. Free, D. &. (2007, August 19). Podcasting and Videocasting Bootcamp. Mairn, C. (2007, June 1). Podcasting in 15 minutes... FACC Conference, St. Petersburg College.