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Guide to Blogging Print Production Work


  • 1. HARROW COLLEGE Blogging Digipak & Mag Advert Work Advanced Portfolio snorton-taylor [Pick the date] Guide to analysing and blogging print work for advanced portfolio

2. Label Clouds Names of group members must be clearly written on all the blog posts which they have contributed to! Music Video Research Audience Research Music Video Planning Music Video Construction Music Video Post-Production Print Production Research Print Production Planning Print Production Construction Audience Feedback Evaluation Blogging digipak& mag advert work 3. When blogging, BE CREATIVE & USE YOUR IMAGINATION 4. Print Production Research Example Blog - 5. ` Genre: Narrative: Representation: Audience: Location Costume Text Lighting & colour design 6. What is the function of a digipak? What is the function of a magazine advert? 7. DRAFTS