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International Activist Blogger Scholarship Recipients at BlogHer '12


  • 1. Sex and the Philippines: Madonna Whore Syndrome BlogHer 12 International Activist Panel Ana P. Santos www.SexAndSensibilities.comAccess code: [Goes here] Session hashtag: ##BH12IntActivists:Login/password: [Goes here] Conference hashtag: #BlogHer12:
  • 2. 4 BABIES BORN EVERY MINUTEAccess code: [Goes here] Session hashtag: ##BH12IntActivists:Login/password: [Goes here] Conference hashtag: #BlogHer12:
  • 3. 3.4 Million Pregnancies Every Year More than half are unwanted or mistimed ~Guttmacher Institute
  • 4. 10% of girls, 15-19 get pregnantPhilippines:highest teen pregnancy rate in the region ~UNFPA 2010 Study
  • 5. The Philippines one in seven countries where HIV countries to rise. Eleven mothers dieeveryday from pregnancy related complications. Gonorrhea rising among Filipino men.
  • 6. PHILIPPINES: One of seven countries in the world where HIV continues to rise Global AIDS Report 2010 Concentration of infection at AGE 15 to 24 years old
  • 7. Three in every tenyouths think thatjumping after sex prevents pregnancy. ~Remedios AIDS Foundation, 2005
  • 8. Sexual Healthin the Philippines
  • 9. Sexua l
  • 10. Politic al
  • 11. Religio us
  • 12. HEALTH
  • 13. Make the un-sexy SEXY
  • 14. Unafraid to do somethingcontroversial, but with a purpose. Fun, smooth and easy: Health Worker Demonstrates Safe Sex
  • 15. Other people see a condom.I see a choice.
  • 16. What do you see?
  • 17. Facebook:SexAndSensibilities.comHappyEvenAfter Twitter: @dash_of_sas