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BLOW is delighted to partner with ABSOLUT Fringe on an exciting new photographic project as part of this BRAVE NEW WORLD. The community of photographers carefully picked and gathered around BLOW Photo Magazine essentially became an official and exclusive photo partner of ABSOLUT Fringe. Team of seventeen Dublins most talented photographers will capture the magic, spectacle, drama and bravery of the festival events and their work will be published as a collection in six special editions of BLOW Photo Magazine. These special on-line magazines will be available to download from this site during the festivals dates: 10-25th of September. The magazine will come out three times a week Monday, Wednesday and Friday, starting from Monday afternoon (12th of Sept.) At the end of the festival you will be able to download a collectors edition of the best of all published work.


  • BLOW | ABSOLUT FRINGE Foto Magazine | issue three 2011


    It is with great pride that BLOW has partnered with ABSOLUT Fringe 2011. We have assembled fifteen Dublin-based photographers to capture this Brave New World as it unfolds in our city.

    Our community of photographers will document all the magic and the mystery of Dublins largest multi-disciplinary arts festival. These images will be published in six online editions of BLOW Photo Magazine available to download throughout the festival. These editions will go live every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the duration of ABSOLUT Fringe.

    A collectors edition of the finest images will be available to download at the end of the Fringe festival.

    Join us in celebrating this Brave New World.

  • CHANGING ROOMS | photographer: simon curran

    company GrandBoy

  • natural ORDER say Hello | page 2

    hand me down the MOON | page 6

    luca & the SUNSHINE | page 14

    bird with BOY | page 18

    the bright side of the MOON | page 24

    CULT | page 30

    paper DOLLS | page 40

    the flamboyant BIRD | page 44

    the TEAM | page 46

    contact blow46 north great clarence st, dublin 1, phone: (01) 4304905 | |

    advertising enquires+353 1 4304905,

    Acknowledgments with big thanks to all those who have contributed to this issue: the whole AF team and specially to Wendy, Tom and Kamil.copyright

    All material appearing in blow is subject to copyright. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission from the editor is prohibited.BLOW is published in Dublin by D-light Studios and Stargaze Productions

    cover | jammie tanner

  • issue three 16 september

    PAGE | 5

  • hand me down the MOONcompany Women In Space: Bairbre Ni Chaoimh and Aideen Barry

  • You dont have to let go of your dreams.

    In a timeless old house on Eustace Street

    a ten-year old, space-obsessed girl wants

    you to share in her quest to defy gravity and

    journey to the stars. Voyage with her into the

    past through rooms filled with photographs

    and treasured objects, dramatic fragments and

    stories, music, animation and film. Discover

    a lost era, a time when we dared to dream big

    dreams about leaving our own tiny blue planet

    and venturing out into the distant cosmos.

    PAGE | 7

  • hand me down the MOON

  • PAGE | 11

    HAND ME DOWN THE MOON | photographer: david mannion

  • withour souls


  • WHENEVER I GET BLOWN UP I THINK OF YOU | photographer: diarmuid cooney

    company Molly Naylor

  • luca & the SUNSHINEcompany donjuandemonaghan

  • LUCA & THE SUNSHINE | photographer: max staroniewicz

    PAGE | 15


    IF YES

  • send us

    Take the best of your shots picturing the spirit of ABSOLUT Fringe and you will get published in one of the six special editions of BLOW Photo Magazine.

    Send your favorite images, but more than three in web ready resolution (up to 150dpi, jpeg format) to

    your picturesFROM ABSOLUT FRINGE

    PAGE | 17

  • bird with BOY

    PAGE | 19

    company junk ensemble

    In one buried room, twenty boys are running.

    Our hands are dirty. A performance dance

    installation made from birds, boys and snow.

    A piece about things that end before they should.

  • bird with BOY

  • BIRD WITH BOY | photographer: jammie tanner

  • BLOW Photo Magazine

    Established in July 2010, and published quarterly, BLOW is Irelands first large format photography magazine. Aimed at photographers of all disciplines, BLOW has set out to offer a platform for both Irish and international image makers to have their work seen, debated and discussed.BLOW endeavors to unite seasoned photographers and passionate enthusiasts by providing a carefully selected collection of images to challenge and excite. The running theme of this magazine is photography itself, in all its guises.

    BLOW is being distributed in various locations in many galleries, art spaces and cafs around Ireland and internationally. It is also available on-line on BLOW Photo Magazine website.

    The magazine runs competitions for single image and editorial (3-6 images). Submis-sions are free of charge if posted with the special coupon attached to previous issue.

    The next issue will be landscape and architecture issue and is coming out at the beginning of October.

    For more information please visit the BLOW Photo Magazine website and join us on Facebook.

    PAGE | 23

  • company Beyond the Bark the bright side of the MOON

    As a child, Lucy admired the evil Queen far more than the fairy princess.

    Who held the keys to the kingdom? Who had everyone jump at her command? One day, Lucy would.

    20 years on she has fulfilled her dream, becoming head of her department at Harper, Harper and Harperson.

    All is well in her kingdom until a ghost from her childhood plunges Lucys world into shadow.

  • PAGE | 25

    the bright side of the MOON

  • the bright side of the MOON

  • the bright side of the MOON

  • PAPER DOLLS | photographer: simon lazewski

    PAGE | 29

  • co



    y D

    iet o

    f W


    s P



    d b

    y L

    ily P





    Five devotees wake up

    in a remote barn following

    their cults mass ascension.

    Disorientated and confused,

    they cant understand why

    they are still down here and

    not up there. Now these

    five followers without a leader,

    five sheep without a shepherd,

    five dimwits without a clue

    must choose a new Chosen

    One but cant decide who

    to choose.

  • PAGE | 31

  • CULT

  • PAGE | 33

    CULT | photographer: david mannion


  • pop centre PLUScompany Frisky and Mannish

    photographer: richard walshe

  • changing ROOM

    company GrandBoy

  • CHANGING ROOM | photographer: simon curran

  • in-spi-rat-ion.

  • Stumble upon a dark pathway, twisting and turning to

    a hidden world where beautiful and unsettling creatures stir.

    Manipulating and embellishing their realities, watch as each of them

    creates their own universe. Bodies radiate with energy and colours

    explode, drenching the space with sensory-overloaded abundance.

    paper DOLLS company Paper Dolls

  • PAGE | 41

  • paper DOLLS

  • PAPER DOLLS | photographer: simon lazewski

    PAGE | 43

  • THE FLAMBOYANT BIRD | photographer: anna karwowska

  • the flamboyantBIRD

    company Damian Kearney

  • OUReyes





    anna diarmuid


    aleksandra richard

    paulsimon david



    John Monika Chmielarzphoto editorJohn Karolina Schlagnerproject manager

    John Filip Dawidzinskigraphic designer

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    Richard Walshe photographer Hugh McCabe photographer

    Maciej Staroniewicz photographer Vanessa Carvalho photographer

    Jamie Tanner photographer

    Paul Gaffney photographer Dorje de Burgh photographer

    Aleksandra Kaluza photographer Michelle Geraghty photographer

    Simon Lazewski photographer

    Simon Curran photographer iamacosmonaut.comDavid Mannion photographer

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