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The use of Social Media to enhance Student Experience on a BA Hons Teaching Degree Course, given at Edge Hill University, June 2014 as part of the Researching Education: Theory, Method and Practice conference


  • 1. BLURRING THE LINES, BLENDING THE LEARNING. Paul Smalley SOLSTICE Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Religious Education Using Social Media to Enhance the Student Experience
  • 2. BLURRING THE LINES, BLENDING THE LEARNING. RE Blog Twitter Learning Edge Delicious Whatsapp Student Blogs Youtube Prezi Flickr Facebook
  • 3. INTERVIEW THE BLOG Overview Advertising Videos Placements
  • 4. TWITTER Current Buzz Wider Reading
  • 5. TWITTER Wider Reading
  • 7. DELICIOUS Social bookmarking
  • 8. STUDENT BLOGGING Linked to RE blog Used as part of assessment
  • 9. CREATIVE ASSESSMENT Blogs Youtube Poster Websites Prezi
  • 10. FLICKR Social photo storage
  • 11. WHATSAPP Cross-platform social text/media Groups
  • 12. WHATSAPP Organisational Social Sharing Knowledge/Advice/Help Feedback Quick Wins
  • 13. PLACEMENTS Organising contact with Mentors Staying Connected
  • 14. POST- GRADUATION NQT Support Job offers
  • 15. PEDAGOGICALLY Lines of communication
  • 16. PEDAGOGICALLY Constructivism Face to Face
  • 17. PEDAGOGICALLY Connectivism (Siemens) Virtually stretching the classroom Whatsapp
  • 18. Clearswift (2011) Work life blur If Im writing an essay might go on Twitter a few times as a break. Times of Whatsapp messages BLURRING THE LINES
  • 19. CONTACT Paul Smalley SOLSTICE Fellow & Senior Lecturer in Religious Education Twitter: @PabloPedantic | Facebook: /PabloPedantic | Email: Office: 01695 584383 | Mobile: 0795 2884 795


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