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  • BMC Database Automation Cloud Database Services Extend BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management to automatically create ready-to-use database services in public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.


    Key Benefits

    Automates deployment of complex enterprise databases in the cloud

    Supports public, private, and hybrid cloud environments

    Integrates with BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management

    Delivers cross-platform provisioning, patching, and upgrades for simple and complex databases

    Deploys changes across multiple databases and clusters

    Business Challenge Enterprises are looking to cloud computing for self-service provisioning, efficiency, repeatability, and accountability. Currently, building and managing databases on public or private cloud infrastructures requires a great deal of manual effort on the part of the database administrator (DBA) to properly install, configure, patch, and load database servers. While database vendors may offer prebuilt, preconfigured virtual machines, the challenge remains in transforming that 'plain-vanilla' database into something end users can actually start using.

    With public or private clouds, companies need a solution that creates immediately useful database services that conform to enterprise requirements, while also reducing demands on DBAs.

    The BMC Solution BMC Database Automation creates ready-to-use database servers even complex Oracle RAC servers quickly and automatically. Unlike other solutions that require DBAs to maintain scripts to deploy, patch, configure, and load database servers, BMC Database Automation, part of the BMC BladeLogic Automation Suite, delivers comprehensive out-of-the-box content that handles the majority of operations required to stand-up a useable database server. It even handles special cases present in cloud environments.

    The integration of BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management and BMC Database Automation lets business units focus on defining their particular standard for cloud database services. Because BMC Database Automation has the know-how to successfully execute the user request, enterprises can maximize their return on investment in cloud automation by removing the need to create and maintain libraries of scripts to implement cloud database services.

    Support for Hybrid Cloud Delivery Delivering new or changing existing cloud services involves more than just managing instances of an operating system (OS). Initial clouds are often conceived with reasonably homogeneous x86 environments in mind. However, over time, cloud diversity creeps in from many places. Multiple hypervisors are increasingly being co-mingled in data centers, and cloud services often span physical and virtual servers, where virtual servers may be privately managed or provisioned in public clouds.

    BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management can provision, configure, patch, and manage dynamic, full-stack implementations in public, private, or hybrid cloud environments.

    BMC Database Automation extends BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management to instantiate, patch, configure, and maintain database servers per user specifications and comply with enterprise policies from initial provisioning to service retirement.

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    BMC Database Automation automates the following critical areas to drive value from databases in the cloud:

    Policy-driven automation Deploy databases according to your company provisioning standards

    Intelligent database patching Avoid downtime and lost data for business-critical applications

    Schema definition and data-loading support Enable instant usability

    DBA task automation Relieve very expensive and highly trained resources from routine and mundane tasks

    Data Migration Move data between on-premise and cloud databases

    BMC Database Automation provides a single console for all your databases, wherever they are running. Cloud resources automatically appear in the console ready for database deployment, patching, and other common database activities that BMC Database Automation supports without scripting.

    So whether you are interested in a capacity-on-demand database model, need to create remote backup servers, or want to provide test environments for custom application development, BMC Database Automation eliminates the time and pain of implementing and configuring databases in the cloud.

    Configurable Cloud Database Services BMC Database Automation is built to meet the needs of organizations building cloud environments. Recognizing that each organization has its own unique user base, set of database service offerings, operational best practices, and cultural context, BMC solutions are created to be configurable to meet your specific needs.

    BSM for Cloud Computing BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management brings the best of Business Service Management (BSM) into the cloud environment. By hastening the path between business need and IT delivery, the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management and BMC Database Automation solutions extend the best practices of enterprise-class IT processes to the flexible and dynamic cloud, ensuring IT meets the growing needs of the business.

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    BUSINESS RUNS ON I.T. I.T. RUNS ON BMC SOFTWARE. Business thrives when IT runs smarter, faster and stronger. Thats why the most demanding IT organizations in the world rely on BMC Software across distributed, mainframe, virtual and cloud environments. Recognized as the leader in Business Service Management, BMC offers a comprehensive approach and unified platform that helps IT organizations cut cost, reduce risk and drive business profit. For the four fiscal quarters ended March 31, 2011, BMC revenue was approximately $2.1 billion.


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