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  • 7/31/2019 BNU Final Report 01


    Strategic Marketing Audit Report

    Introduction to BNU

    In this immensely competitive and dynamic world, qualitatively superior education is an

    imperative for success. Over the years, higher education has assumed a pivotal role in

    the development of the required acumen of the students to better equip them to meet

    the emerging challenges. Universities and higher education institutions are thriving

    social and cultural centers with much to offer students of any age, nationality or social

    background. A modern university aims to provide its students with a wide array of

    courses and degrees to choose from, according to their embedded career interests and

    aptitudes. At Beacon house National University (BNU), we offer our students broad-

    based education in which a student studies a variety of different subjects in order to

    gain a better working knowledge of the world around him or herself, thus preparing them

    for lifetime of opportunities and challenges.

    BNU is the first Liberal Arts University of Pakistan. Chartered by the Government of

    Punjab, the BNU was established in 2003 for the purpose of imparting education with

    modern and rational course content while ensuring that the history and culture of

    Pakistani society are respected. BNU is planned as a non-profit, private university

    disseminating learning and encouraging research in diverse areas where the essential

    focus of the programs offered has been determined by the type of the work force

    identified for the future economic, business, academic, cultural and technological

    advancement of the country. As such, BNU offers students a range of subject areas

    which are of immense relevance to the countrys economy.

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  • 7/31/2019 BNU Final Report 01


    Strategic Marketing Audit Report

    Over the years, Liberal Arts education has assumed a vital role. One armchair

    philosopher once said, "When the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see

    every problem as a nail." All knowledge is one, a unified wholeness, and every field of

    study is but a piece or an angle or a way of partitioning this knowledge. Thus, to see

    how one's chosen area fits into the whole, to see the context of one's study, we at BNU

    believe, liberal education is not merely desirable, but necessary.

    The diverse body of knowledge that a student gains at BNU, together with the tools of

    examination and analysis that one learns to use, will enable him or her to develop

    opinions, attitudes, values, and beliefs, based not upon authority or ignorance, whim, or

    prejudice, but upon ones own worthy evaluation of argument and evidence. We foster

    the development of an active engagement with knowledge, and not just the passive

    reception of facts.

    At BNU, the knowledge disseminated will help you learn new subjects by one of the

    most common methods of learning--analogy. As George Herbert noted, people are best

    taught by using something they are familiar with, something they already understand, to

    explain something new and unfamiliar. The more you know and are familiar with, the

    more you can know, faster and more easily. Many times the mind will create its own

    analogies, almost unconsciously, to teach itself about the unfamiliar by means of the

    familiar. The education at BNU creates an improvement of perception and


    This is done by a number of unique, innovative practices at BNU:

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  • 7/31/2019 BNU Final Report 01


    Strategic Marketing Audit Report

    An academic format which encourages the student to read across the curriculum

    allowing for cross registration in courses offered at Schools other than the one

    the student is registered in. These courses may be taken as minors or electives.

    The University underscores the importance of the creative and performing arts

    which form an integral part of any liberal arts education. Open workshops and

    seminars are offered where students interact with scholars and practitioners of

    international repute.

    Each student works with an academic adviser who helps design a program of

    study most suited to the individual students talent and is also available for

    personal guidance throughout the students stay at the University.

    A system of education in which students learn in small, interactive class


    A system of student evaluation based on frequent written assignments and

    research projects rather than a traditional method of examination.

    At Beacon house National University, education is enriched through a free exchange of

    ideas and debate which is expertly guided by qualified faculty. Most courses are

    intensive and year long in which students are encouraged to question assumptions,

    listen to diverse opinions and challenge convention. This strategy is further developed

    through disciplined and motivated work on the students part and the evaluation of

    individual progress through written reports and ongoing interaction between students

    and teachers.

    The University is fully cognizant of the fact that the formative years of a young adults

    life i.e. the years spent at university must be enriched through a variety of experiences,

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  • 7/31/2019 BNU Final Report 01


    Strategic Marketing Audit Report

    both within and outside the classroom. Study tours therefore, form a regular feature of

    University life and serve as a means of research and exposure to life in other regions of

    the country and varied socio-economic groups.

    BNU is a non-profit, apolitical, non-sectarian, equal-opportunity institution offering

    undergraduate and graduate programs in modern disciplines, many of which are not

    offered anywhere else in Pakistan.

    Mission Statement:

    BNU's mission is to promote the Liberal Arts education in Pakistan. It wants to create

    liberal space where students from different school of thoughts can learn values

    prevailing within different cultures.

    Mission of BNU is to carry out career oriented, financially viable vertical and horizontal

    expansion of the schools to deliver quality education with the support of distinguished

    faculty and through improvement in quality of student intake. Schools also aims at

    making significant research contribution associated with the most pressing issues at

    local and national level in Pakistan.

    Vision Statement

    The vision of BNU is to produce graduates who can compete academically, technically

    and professionally with the best in the country.


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  • 7/31/2019 BNU Final Report 01


    Strategic Marketing Audit Report

    We want to provide an opportunity for students to enhance their personal and

    professional development through highly supportive academic atmosphere so

    that they are in a position to play leadership role in economic management and

    resolve critical public policy issues of the country.

    BNUs objective is to provide liberal arts education, to promote an understanding

    of diverse cultural foundations while stimulating social responsibility.

    We in vision to be a world class liberal art university. And we want to protect and

    extend the liberal art

    We want improved access to be in academic environment.

    We also want to become the institute with original features.

    We aim to get comprehensive support from the entire stacks holder.

    BNU aims to create a magnetic attractiveness together stack holders under one


    1. Corporate mission and objectives

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  • 7/31/2019 BNU Final Report 01


    Strategic Marketing Audit Report

    The mission statement of BNU is giving clearly guide to the product market because as

    BNU's mission is to promote the Liberal Arts education in Pakistan and BNU is creating

    liberal space in the environment, so people who come to BNU feel free and they have

    liberty in doing whatever they want to do in their respective field of interest which makes

    them professionals and expert afterwards. In this manner one (Product-market) can

    have a clear idea about the organization at the time of selection this is because the

    Product market is clear what mission statement provided.

    The objectives have been established for the organization as mentioned in the report,

    considering the goals of organization as together and the different schools and institutes

    prevail within the organization. So collectively they tend towards the objectives of the


    As BNU has different schools and each having its own management team which deal

    with their issue or problem then there is a top management committee who reviews the

    performance of all schools and institutes before and at the end of each semester (semi

    annually) either it is progressing towards the objectives or not.

    Corporate strategies are essentially about what the business wants to achieve and how

    those corporate objectives are to be achieved. As the nonprofit organization

    (Foundation) BNU is achieving career oriented, financially viable vertical and horizontal

    expansion of the schools to deliver quality education in a liberal environment as defined

    in their objectives.

    As within the educational industry there is a potential in market to grow in the Liberal

    arts education and until now BNU is focusing on quality to attracts the students which