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Copyright Trinity Fitness 2009
Here is a super fast, super easy workout that you can use if you’re pressed for time and can’t make it to the gym during the holidays.
We understand that not everyone has equipment at home for exercising. This first workout is a body weight exercise circuit that hits every muscle group for maximum bang for your buck.
No, this isn’t a typical exercise routine we perform at Trinity. However, if we or our clients are on the road and can’t make it to or find a gym, this is the basics to keeping up with a fitness program and not falling off the wagon.
Before beginning this exercise circuit, please make sure you warm up properly. For example 10-15 minute brisk walk, jog or if you have a piece of cardio equipment at home use that for the warm up segment.
Also, if you haven’t been working out or aren’t under the guid- ance of a fitness professional, please make sure you’ve con- sulted your doctor before starting this or any other exercise rou- tine.
Make sure to perform each exercise one time through before starting the same exercise again.
Home Workout
Put your hands on hips or behind your head.
Push your hips back and bend your knees.
Keep your back straight, knees in line with your toes. (Make sure your knees don’t pass over your toes)
Copyright Trinity Fitness 2009
Reps: 10 – 15 each leg
Anterior Reach:
From a standing position, you will stand on the left leg and touch a spot on the floor or an object with the right hand.
Use opposite hand and foot to perform the exercise. Try to complete 10-15 reps with the right leg up, off the ground. Re- peat the exercise on the other side. Right foot on the floor and touching with the left hand.
Be sure to keep your stomach tight.
A slight bend in the knee of the supporting leg is fine.
Trinity Fitness 2010©
Reps: 10- 25
Modified Push Ups:
Modified pushups are performed the same way as regular pu- shups but you are on your knees rather than the balls of your feet.
Push Ups:
Start with your hands underneath your shoulders or a little farther out. Your feet are a shoulder width part.
Bend at your elbows until your arms reach 90 degrees. Once you reach 90 degrees o(or less if you can’t perform a complete pushup) Press back up to the start position. Be sure to keep your back straight throughout the entire exercise.
Copyright Trinity Fitness 2009
Lunges: Alternating or Walking
Start from a standing position with your legs a shoulder width apart.
Step out with the right foot bending the front knee. The left leg (back leg) knee should not touch the ground.
Important: make sure you step for enough out with the front leg so that your front leg knee doesn’t travel past your toes.
Keep your back straight.
Step through with the back leg to the start position and begin again by stepping out with the opposite leg.
Note: if you don’t have enough room to perform walking lunges, instead of stepping through (forward) to the start position, step back to the start position.
Reps: 15 reps each leg 30 total
Trinity Fitness 2010©
Start by lying on your stomach legs out straight and your hands above your head.
Raise your feet and arms off the ground at the same time. Hold the position for less than 5 seconds then return to the start po- sition and repeat exercise again.
Reps 10 - 15
Elbow Plank:
From a laying position on the floor, come up on the balls of your feet and your forearms.
Keep your back straight and hold your abs tight through- out the exercise.
Beginners: 15 – 30 seconds
Intermediate: 30 – 60 seconds
Trinity Fitness 2010©
Body Bridge:
From a laying position on the floor and hands by your sides for support, bring your knees up and place your feet flat on the floor.
Press your hips up until you have a straight line from your knees to your shoulders. Hold for 5 – 10 seconds then lower your hips to the floor and perform the exer- cise again.
Copyright Trinity Fitness 2009
Start from a laying position on the floor, legs out straight arms above your head. Keeping your abs tight, begin to bring your arms over your head as you sit up and bring your knees into your chest.
At the end of the exercise, you should be in a seated position. From the seated position push your legs out; bring your hands back over your head as you lay back down. You should finish in the start position.
You should feel no pain in your lower back. Keeping your abs tightened during the exercise should prevent overuse of the lower back muscles. If pain or discomfort continue. Stop the exercise immediately.
Rowers – 10- 25 reps
Trinity Fitness 2010©
We hope that you enjoyed this quick home workout to keep you on track when you can’t make it into the gym. Please see our website at or call us directly at 404-966- KICK (5425) for more information about our programs.