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<p>CONTENTSi. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. INTRODUCTION PROBLEM STATEMENT VALIDITY OF THE PROJECT AIM AND OBJECTIVES SCOPE AND BASIC REQUIREMENTS METHODOLGY</p> <p>vii. SITE ANALYSIS viii. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE PROJECT ix. x. PROTOTYPE STUDIES SOURCES AND COLLATION OF DATA</p> <p>INTRODUCTIONOver the last hundred years, the Indian Film Industry has grown by leaps and bounds and has undergone amazing technological changes. It is also becoming global and corporate thus arousing immense international interest. In keeping with global standards and preserving the rich cultural legacy of the film industry Filmcity is interested in establishing a World Class Bollywood Museum. The Bollywood Museum is dedicated to educating the public about the art, history, technique, and technology of film, television, and digital media and to examining their impact on culture and society. Bollywood is the informal name given to the popular Mumbai-based Hindi-language film industry in India. The term is often incorrectly used to refer to the whole of Indian cinema. Bollywood is only a part of the Indian film industry. Though Bollywood is one of the largest film industries in the world, it does not have a museum dedicated to it. Last year, percept production announced that they will be setting up a Bollywood museum near Film City. The museum has plans for a permanent exhibition of Bollywood memorabilia where new generation Bollywood aficionados can get a peek into the earlier decades of Mumbai's prolific film industry. "We want to provide a unique experience of revisiting Bollywood in its original historical grandeur and showcase various memorabilia of Indian cinema," says Shailendra Singh, Jt MD, and Percept Holdings, which is setting up the project.</p> <p>PROBLEM STATEMENTThis part deals with the relationship of cinema and culture in different context. It also reflects how cinema, in its various forms or type acts as an indicator of the common behavioral system of society. A proper understanding of this relationship would go a long way in comprehending several other relationships in term of space, activity, castes, religion, sexes, etc. as well as the social response of the people. To conserve the bollywood history and scripts, archives of Indian cinema. To preserve the glamorous film sets of Indian cinema. To set an example and study for struggling actors and students for reference. To show the glamorous and filmy background of Indian cinema to public and tourist To generate revenue for films for Maharashtra Film, Stage and Cultural Development Corporation from foreign tourist and visitors.</p> <p>CLIENTMAHARASHTRA FILM, STAGE AND CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION LTD. (A GOVERNMENT OF MAHARASHTRA UNDERTAKING)</p> <p>VALIDITY OF PROJECTFILMSANDARCHITECTURE:Once the background study in terms of cinema and culture is done, a relationship in terms of space and the other related elements of the former with architecture is established. In the world of films medium of projection or structures that house the projection system is very important. In that context, auditoriums, open air amphitheatre and such spaces are studied to provide a proper infrastructure to a good film. Such infrastructure affects the effect of a movie to a great extent</p> <p>AIM &amp; OBJECTIVESFeaturing works from pre-independent India to the present day, Bollywood museum charts the historical, political and cultural changes experienced by the country, as seen through the eyes of the Indian film industry. The exhibition brings together some of the most remarkable examples of Indian cinema art. From large-scale hoardings and posters, to photo cards, booklets and original film trailers, the exhibition will display landmark images and explore major themes which outline the stylistic and historic development of Indian cinema. Posters from many classic films are represented: the Oscar nominated epic Mother India; Sholay and recent blockbusters such as Lagaan and K3G, Slum dog Millionaire, etc.</p> <p>Apart from a museum, the new complex will offer services like a library with computerized facilities, offices to administer the old cine artist pension scheme and a conference room for foreign groups coming to city to study Bollywood. The complex could also have medical room, video library and recreation space. Suniel Shetty said, "We all in the process of building this for all those artists who have been a part of the industry." To educate the new generation about the film history, culture and tradition of Indian cinema for the better growth of the Indian film industry As there is no such combination and complitation of Indian film archive in India , so there is a big need of Bollywood Museum to Indian film industry The museum will have a lot of information on old films. Be it Hollywood or any other film industry, every industry has an archive of their popular films, costumes and props. it is of a similar level. Visitors can access Bollywood museums, sets, memorabilia, even Bollywood tours, souvenir shops, Bollywood cafes, walk through, a Hall of Fame, event arenas, simulator experiences, 3D virtual gaming booths etc . To develop as a research centre focusing on the effect of cinema on the mind and society To encapsulate the socio-cultural history of India as revealed through the evolution of cinema.</p> <p>ARCHIVES</p> <p>POSTERS</p> <p>SCOPE &amp; BASIC REQUIREMENTSThe various components can be detailed as:</p> <p>MUSEUM FOR CINEMATIC RESOURCESClassical films in various languages &amp; related information. Posters &amp;stills of films both old &amp; new Handwritten manuscripts of films, lyrics etc Vintage equipment related to films Items like sets, costume and other materials of significance</p> <p>RESEARCH CENTRELibrary containing relevant material and facilities Seminar Room for showcasing research work</p> <p>STUDIO AREASRecording, Dubbing, Editing Studios for museum purpose</p> <p>AUDITORIUM (with cafeteria)to hold film previews &amp; shows I-NOX auditorium with 4-D systems and technologies</p> <p>NIGHT CLUB FOR PAGE-3 &amp; FILM STARS ADMINISTRATIVE AND SERVICE AREAS FOOD COURT &amp; CAFES</p> <p>METHODOLOGY</p> <p>SITE PARTICULARSSELECTION OF THE SITE</p> <p>The site is located beside the Vihar Lake in the film city, Goregaon, Mumbai. It is well connected to the main city by film city road. Mumbai film city is the heart of the Indian film industry. From 75 years Mumbai is the movie capital of India. But the city does not have a proper place to display this great journey. Film City is today second only to Hollywood, the celebrated film industry of United States. The Film City has pioneered the whole concept of Hindi film making in India.</p> <p>SITE AREA: The site area is approx. 49040 sq m or 12.1 acres.</p> <p>LOCATIONThe Mumbai Film City is a well-known place; based in the outskirts of the city (19 9 n &amp; 72 53 e) limits at Goregaon (East).The place can be reached by road. There are several transport services that connect to Film City. Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport and Santa Cruz Airport is quite near to Film City. Nearest rail station is Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus.</p> <p>ACCESSThe main road that is film city road runs along the North West side of the site. So the site is easily accessible to people from the neighboring areas.</p> <p>CLIMATEMumbai is an ideal example of hot and humid climate. It has heavy rainfall in mid-summer and carries on till autumn. The winter months (November to February) are the best time to visit Mumbai, when temperatures range between 23c and 30c. The spring and summer months are uncomfortably hot with humidity and temperatures often reaching 40c. The monsoons arrive in July and august and these months should be avoided if possible.</p> <p>SITE ANALYSIS</p> <p>1.SITE ORIENTATIONLonger axis is in east-west direction &amp; shorter side along the north-south direction</p> <p>2.TOPOGRAPHY</p> <p>The several rocky outcrops on the site as well as generally rocky undulating topography offer an interesting architectural structure. The site is situated on an undulating landscape, gently sloping towards the Vihar Lake and offers an exciting landscaping foreground for the proposed complex. The site has two slopes, one is towards the Vihar Lake at south - east &amp; other is towards south - WEST</p> <p>3.SITE SURROUNDINGSAbutting the site there is following functions: The grand Vihar Lake at the along the south east side of the whole site. The Mumbai film city is situated at the west side of the site. And rest is surrounded by swamp &amp; dense forest area.</p> <p>4. INFRASTRUCTURE &amp; SERVICES ` The electric supply line is distributed to nearby film city which can supply power to the site.The site is located on the bank of Vihar Lake; one of the largest lakes of Maharashtra s water supply is not a problem for the site. Ground water table is high. The surface run off is directly to the lake.</p> <p>5.VEGETATIONThe site is full of short height vegetation cover. Low height trees and bushes are all over the site</p> <p>6.LANDMARKS, VIEWS &amp; VISTASThe site is basically a part of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. It is full of shrubs &amp; short trees. From the site entry at the north-west side there is an excellent view of vast Vihar lake. The entry of the site is in between two slopes are very interesting.</p> <p>7.SEISMIC CONSIDERATIONThe site mainly falls in seismic zone -III land. So earth quake prone area. Measures should be taken.</p> <p>8.SIGNIFICANCE OF THE PROJECTThe significance of this project is very glamorous in nature. At present there is no such bollywood museum in India. This museum will begin d bollywood showcase for the Indian film industry. It will guide the struggling actors and students to for research works. It will generate revenue for Maharashtra Film, Stage and Cultural Development Cooperation Ltd. Hence the project is significant to the Mumbai Filmcity because it is the origin of bollywood stars and actors.</p> <p>THANK YOU</p>