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    Positive, above ground containment

    Require only five on-site construction personnel to build

    Tanks are 100% water tight, and arrive on site with a factory applied non-porous coating (either epoxy or glass-fused) which will outperform your standard field applied coatings

    Year-round construction (can be built in the winter with minimal impact on cost and schedule)

    Fast delivery we can typically supply a fully commissioned tank to the job site in less than 6 months from date of award


    Cenovus | Suncor Energy | Devon Energy | District of West Kelowna | Vancouver University Research Centre | Canada Malting | The Target Distribution Facility

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    Lets talk tanks.

    IF YOU ARE AN END USERA municipal district or an industrial, mining, or oil and gas company.

    We are Product Focused:Our expertise comes from over 35 years of installing bolted steel storage tanks in Western Canada and the hundreds of tanks weve installed to date.

    IF YOU ARE A CONSULTANT For a municipal, commercial or industrial project.

    We Help Shoulder the Load:Our expertise includes in-house Project Engineers, Techni-cians, Project Managers, and factory-trained and certified Field Construction Crews. In addition, we can arrange and subsidize for a third-party Professional Structural Engineer in your Province to certify the foundation, tank, and roof calcu-lations and loads.

    BOLTED TANKSGlass-Fused-To-Steel or Epoxy-Coated Flat Panel Tanks Ensure a safer construction process jack-built fromthe top down Low overall life cycle cost epoxy coatings last 25+ years and glass-fused tanks 40+ years Tanks can be designed for future expansion, to accommo-date for future requirementsStandard Design and Capacities 11 (3.3m) to 243 (74m) ANSI/AWWA D03, ASCE-7, AISC, IBC, NBCC, FM4020/4021,NFPA22, NSF-61, British Standard 7543:2003, EN1528 20,000 gallons to over 6,000,000 gallons (75m3 to 22,700 m3)

    Chime Panel Tanks Most economical choice in municipal and industrial liquid storage without compromising the tank value and durability Flexible and customizable sizes (specially engineeredcombinations of heights and diameters) Factory applied epoxy powder coating

    Standard Design and Capacities From 9 (2.8m) to 184 (56m) AWWA D103-09, ASCE-7, ANSI, AISC, API, IBC, ISO28765,NFPA22, NSF-61 From 4,000 to 3,600,000 USG (15m3 to 13,627m3)

    FOUNDATION AND FLOOR DESIGNSWe understand that different storage tanks may require different foundation and floor options depending on tank size, location, concrete availability, soil conditions and other variables, we can offer you a choice of: Reinforced Concrete Anchored to Concrete Ring Foundation Coated Steel Floor

    ACCESSORIESWe provide practical solutions to meet your operational requirements. Having the tank supplier add the required accessories to your tank provides efficiency during design, installation and operation. It also cuts down on the number of sub-contractors on the project, and reduces the number of required personnel on site during installation. Baffles Cathodic Protection(Glass-fused tanks only) Ladders Gravity Vents Mixers Nozzles (sidewall, floorand roof) Platforms

    APPLICATIONS Potable Water Wastewater Fire Protection Industrial Liquid Process Water

    Mining Fluids

    Railings Roof Hatches Sidewall Manways Spiral Staircases Walkways and cross overs Level Indicators Immersion Heaters Insulation Cladding

    Tailing Fluids Food and Beverage Slurry Frac Water Petroleum Leachate

    Chime Panel Tanks in the Oil IndustryStandard Design and Capacities 11 (3.4m) to 184 (56m) API-12B, AISC, API-12F 95 to 85,714 bbl (15m3 to 13,627m3)

    ROOFSDo you need a rigid or flexible, steel or stainless, supported or free-span roof? We offer the best design for your application equirements. Steel Roofs Standard 1:12 Sloped Steel Roof Externally Supported Steel Roof

    Aluminum Geodesic Dome Pressure Dome Flat Panel Cover Vault Cover Membrane

    GeoFrame Supported Membrane Cover Dual Membrane Cover Membrane Gas Holder


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