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Bolton SMART. Wendy Reddington – Bolton Council Adam Smith – Squidcard. Agenda. Background Current Scheme The Scheme Plan Working with eMoney Where Next. Background. National Smart Card Project WP7 Cross Boundary Authentication E-money Transport WP9 Software SmartConnect Licence - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Bolton SMARTWendy Reddington Bolton CouncilAdam Smith Squidcard

  • AgendaBackground

    Current Scheme

    The Scheme Plan

    Working with eMoney

    Where Next

  • BackgroundNational Smart Card ProjectWP7 Cross BoundaryAuthenticationE-moneyTransportWP9 SoftwareSmartConnectLicenceUser Group

  • Blackburn/Bolton Pilot Key Facts

    Services - Library, Leisure and Transport TicketingOne bus route ITSO tehnical trial with STRDates - Enrolment began Nov 2004 and continued until end march 05.500 cards issued.Pilot ended 31/10/2005 Citizens involved still using cards.

  • Current SchemeStaff IDOver 6000 IDs issuedChargingSecurityDriver permitCitizen scheme12000 cards issuedEnrolmentLibrariesOSSServicesLibraryLeisureITSO shell

  • The Scheme Plan

    E-MoneyOpen purse for use on low value high volume transactions in BoltonFor everyone over 11Purse to be able to have funds directed to STR (ITSO shell) for use on bus travelFor bus users over 11Bespoke purse for use on positive activities and to be used as apart of the EYPP project for 13-16 year oldsFor young people 11-16

  • The Scheme Plan

    TransportConcessionCommercial ticketsPayment cardCouncil taxRentSocial inclusionHome visits

  • Working with eMoneySelection criteria

    CompatibilityAble to operate on Bolton Smart card platformIndependenceeMoney relationship between card holder and service providerSocial inclusionOpen to all stored value, prepaid applicationNot a bank application

  • sQuidcardA flexible platform for local authorities

    Simple on-card applicationCo-resides with Bolton SmartIncreases functionality and usability of the cardMulti-purseeMoney; transit purse; youth purse; loyaltyWeb-centric thinking for top-up and managementIndependent relationship with retailsQuidcard directedEmphasis on local initiatives

  • YOC cardBolton Card Registration and issuingTransit pursesQuid purseValue upload of transit purse Direct to card Online Top-upsQuidcard hostFSA FrameworkReporting and adminsQuidcard payments engineUploadValidationMerchant accountUser accountSettlementAuto top-upFraudManage-mentITSO STR AND HOPS FRAMEWORKPurse schemaBolton Smart cardValue transfer to purseHOPS API extensionsQuid to HOPS routing moduleInterface contracts to allow receipt of ITSO messagesAssociation to ITSO STR ProductHOPS InterfaceTransaction settlementLoyaltyTechnology frameworkMerchant

  • Marketing

    UsersPromotion of Bolton SmartAwareness of sQuidcardMerchantsIntegrated actionsBolton CouncilRetailer forumsCouncil facilitiesLibrary/leisure

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