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    Kholmogors'ka bone carving as a craft has been around for almost 400 years. This is the art of doing the master of the city Kholmogory that is under the Archangel, and its surrounding villages. Their works were of high skill, perfect technique. The best master thread brought to work in the Armory, which carried out work for the royal court.Master thread used for walrus and mammoth ivory, spool, creating from them and luxury items, and everyday things. Customers have Kholmogorsky craftsmen was not only the royal court, but also monasteries, temples.After the start of construction of the new Russian capital, St. Petersburg, the demand for expensive, delicate things increased dramatically. The main part of the range of products holmogoskih masters were all kinds of caskets: large and small, shaped like boxes with a lid and a simple four-sided, with a flat.Produce different kinds of boxes, boxes, trays, knives for cutting paper, glasses, vases, smoking devices and a variety of women's jewelry. Masters used different methods of threading: relief, volume, cross-cutting, engraving used with tincture.Kholmogorsky masters have vivid imaginative thinking and a sensitive national motives, their clever creations are elegant beautiful part of Russian decorative and applied arts.