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WIth so many blogs out there who is going to read yours? And, how are they going to find you? We consider your content, getting links, search engines and social networking.


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2. A Visual Presentation by Geo McDonald and Book Rapper Copyright Copy this the right way. You have permission to post this, email this, and print this for free to anyone you like, as long as you make no changes or edits to its contents or digital format. Pass it along and make many copies to contribute to an inclusive world. 3. Book Rapper tracks trends digs up big ideas presents them visually creates actions for you to do 4. weblog A list of entries, similar to a diary, posted regularly on the internet. 5. weblog 6. we blog 7. we blog 8. How to Create Your Own Media Channel 9. The Book 10. We Blog is derived from... 11. The RAPs 12. Each RAP comprises...RESOURCES : anything you use to generate wealth.ACTIONS : an act of will, a deed completed.PROFITS : to gain an advantage or benefit. 13. The We Blog RAPs...We Blog Intro Blog Why? Blog Medium 12 14. Blog Money Blog Trac Blog Being (This one!)3 4 5 15. Blog About Blog Life Blog Resoures67 7 16. Blog Trac RAP4 17. With so many blogs on thenet, whos going to readyours? Blog Trac 18. And, howare theygoing tond you? Blog Trac 19. Great ContentGet LinksFour Ways to Attract an Audience and Build a ReadershipSearch EnginesParticipateOnline 20. Content RAP4.1 21. The best thing you can doto attract readers is to... 22. Drum roll please... 23. The best thing you can doto attract readers is to... 24. Write good content... 25. ...and... 26. it regularly. 27. Thats it. 28. Write good content... 29. ...and... 30. it regularly. 31. Do it! 32. How to Write Well... Action 33. Action Stick to your niche,passion or interest. 34. Be consistent and reliable. Be consistent and reliable.Action Be consistent and reliable. Be consistent and reliable. Be consistent and reliable. 35. Action Focus on your topic. 36. Be timely and newsy.Comment on current eventsand top of mind topics. Action 37. Action Take a stand. Be provocative. 38. You have a licence to... Action...speak your mind. 39. ActionThis will help you stand out from the crowd. 40. ActionMake it visual. 41. Your posts will look way more Action interesting if you include... 42. Action, illustrations or diagrams. 43. Action Oops, I mean... 44. Action 45. Links RAP4.2 46. The web is based on linking and... 47. ...your blogging success is... 48. ...connected (sic) to this idea. 49. As others link to you... 50. ...youll attract and expand your readership. 51. Build your links. Action 52. ActionRead other blogs. 53. ReferExpandAction CommentRefutePromote or... 54. ...your online sources by Action providing links to them. 55. Cross link to your earlier posts. Action This will... 56. ...draw readers to other Action content you have written. 57. Action Link to things you reference. 58. Action For instance if youre talking about... 59. to his page on Wikipedia Action or his website. 60. Action Connect the dots for your readers. 61. If you write well... Action 62. ...other bloggers will be far more Action inclined to link to your blog. 63. Action Link to people oine also. 64. Tell them about your blog... Action Stick your blog address on your email signatureand your business card. 65. Action www.bookrapper. com/blog.html 66. SEO RAP4.3 67. SEO The story of Search Engine Optimisation for blogs can be summed up in four words: 68. Some do, some dont. 69. #@&?! Some bloggers swear by it as a means to building an audience. 70. Theyre happy to buy trac whilst others... 71. ...refuse to have anything to do with it because... 72. ...they believe good content will suce. 73. You choose. 74. Design Your SEO Strategy Action 75. Typically, blogs gain trac more Action than most websites because they... 76. ...add new content regularly. ...add new content regularly. Action ...add new content regularly. ...add new content regularly. ...add new content regularly. 77. Even if you only post a few Action blog entries you may still get... 78. Action ...minor trac from Google. 79. Links from other bloggers are the keyActionto SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). 80. Improve your rankings by lling your Action blog titles with keywords. 81. Participate RAP4.4 82. As in life... 83. ...its not who writes the best blog that wins... 84. ...its who has the best 85. The blogosphere is a chance to... 86. and interact with like-minded souls. 87. We can... 88. learn from them, and... 89. ...maybe even learn to love them. 90. Connecting with otherbloggers can be good for... 91. YOU 92. ...and, for your trac. 93. Make Friends Action 94. Action Start making new connections. 95. Action Comment on other peoples blogs. 96. Action Ask a question in your posts that... 97. ...invites comments and feedback. Action 98. Action Build a discussion forum to extend the conversation. 99. Build a network of blogging friends Action and build up a link list between you. 100. ActionCross-promote viaSocial networking sites. 101. For instance, form a group aroundyour niche on Facebook. Action 102. Want More? 103. The We Blog RAPs...We Blog Intro Blog Why? Blog Medium 12 104. Blog Money Blog Trac Blog Being (This one!)3 4 5 105. Blog About Blog Life Blog Resoures67 7 106. BR Members can get the complete set of We Blog RAPs 107. Email Me!Geo McDonald...Book RapperBook Rapper providesAuthor. innovation + leadership workshops and keynote presentations basedupon the hot trends inthe books we RAP. We can help you prot from the ideas in this RAP. 108. More Book Rapper Resources... 109. Read the Book Rapper Blog... 110. Look out for more slideshows at...