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  1. 1. Dead ReckoningAuthors: Mercedes Lackey & Rose marry Edghill Pages:336Genre: Western, Horror, Zombies, Young Adult Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Publication Date: June 2012
  2. 2. Conflict/Plot The conflict of this story is that she is on a journeyto find her brother who she hopes has survived thewar. She travels to the South, dressing as a manand repelling danger (zombies) White Fox is a white man adopted by the "RedEarth People" whose purpose other than protectingthe two girls (Gibbons & Jett) is not altogetherclear. The three meet after a legion of zombies hasdestroyed a nearby town and determined to preventfurther carnage.
  3. 3. Main characters Jett Galletin- is a White Fox- is a mid17n year old girl aged kinda mandressed as a youngadopted by the redman in search ofearth people whosher twin brother. purpose is to protect the 2 girlsGibbons- Gibbons is a kinda older lady whois wanting to find out the mystery of why allthe people are going missing
  4. 4. RecommendationI recommend this book for those who likehorror, a little of teenage romance, andadventure.
  5. 5. BOOK TALKBy. Rickey Thompson