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By: Dr. Marita Garcia Sanchez

The Book Review Training Lesson 1 is the first series of the Faculty Development Program under the Curriculum Delivery program under the supervision of the Director for Instruction and Delivery at Cagayan Valley Computer and Information Technology College, Inc. Santiago City, Philippines. The participant-trainees are the teaching personnel either full time faculty with 24 units teaching loads or part-time faculty with 12 to 18 units teaching loads in addition to their full time managerial tasks as in the case of Academic Heads and Staff such as the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Director for Instruction and Delivery, Director for Research, Exposure and Creative Work, Director for Community Relations and Extension, Director for Student Services and Support for Students, Program Chairs, College Registrar, College Librarian, School Nurse, and Special Taskforce Student Advisers. Supported by other topics on Effective Construction of Modules in PowerPoint Presentation and Demonstration and Role Playing on Counseling Techniques, the participants will learn to perform effective delivery of lesson plans, improve their confidence as academic adviser to their own students who experience academic problems in their studies and eventually realize institutional goals on building the culture of excellence and quality while students will enjoy the benefit of the intended support services expected of the faculty and teaching personnel.1

There are reasons to initially review the content of books we use in our teaching learning conditions. Enumerated are 4 major reasons. Some books have to be physically scanned by teachers before they proceed to their planning, organizing, and delivering their lessons to the intended audiences. The intended audiences are either diverse, homogenous in some aspects only but in the tertiary education, most classes are found to be heterogeneous due to their culture, intelligence, personality, and previous learning. This is why a review on the appropriateness of book content should be done by the implementer of teaching-learning before making the lesson plans and other instructional materials.2

LESSON OBJECTIVES~Know the what and how on referencing system of book review~Identify at least three focuses of your course/ subject taught ~Fill up at least 3 examples of the requirements of Book Review as needed in the Workshop Form and pick one (1) to serve as your basis in making your story board~Create an illustration of your lesson plan that is appropriate to your specific audience~Recognize the importance of correct referencing system in the implementation of teaching learning~Apply your creativity in making at least 1 slide in your story board for the PPT

Our lesson for today will provide directions to the teaching personnel as to what should be expected at the end of the lesson. This lesson plan for a 3 hours lecture/discussion with write shop/workshop as the activities or strategies to be used in delivering the topics planned will have the following outputs/outcomes: From the filled out Workshop Form 1 where 3 examples of focuses in lesson/topics written in your Workshop Form-1 are your basis for creativity in making your Title page, motivation, and other parts of your PPTs that illustrate what you like to express or communicate visually to your students. 30 minutes will be allotted to accomplish the Form 1, then another 5 to 10 minutes allowance for your description/ illustration using photographs or drawings or both in your story board to depict the essence or meanings of what you intend to communicate. 3

Review on the content of our textbooks or in the absence of prescribed textbook to be used by the teacher and students would lead to positive results. This means that every student should know and understand why the course or subject they enrolled will be beneficial to them as students, future profossionals, or even career persons/ entrepreneurs in the making. General Education Courses and Core subjects in each program such as Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with concentration in Marketing-Management, and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology have specific focuses in studying for example a Core Subject. Lets consider for example Principles of Marketing as a core subject to the enumerated courses: BSA, BSHRM, BSBA, and BSIT. As seen the the illustration, BSA needs to know and understand about foreign markets for them to succeed in their international adaptation on foreign business practices, maxcro environment, international accounting, financial reporting and auditing standards based from international business process structures. On the other hand, The HRM focuses on Project Markets, so there is somewhat limitations to their needs as to specific content. These are ethics in the use of business processesd, functions and practices for international business. For BSIT, they need to understand capital markets and the special forces on fairness on competition Act for them to consider in their conflict resolution especially in partnering with business associates and the business industry. All these should be tackled by the Instructor in Marketing Principles and during his/her valuing or integration of the Whys the specific students in each cluster will understand how important the study of the Principles of Marketing is. This is for them as future professionals or career persons, or as an entry student to their professional subjects.4

Correct referencing is very important not only to the teacher but also to the learner. The direction of some passages taken from a book, workbook, journal and etc. which contains facts or information can be verified by any reader or viewer of the lesson plan placed in Syllabus, or other instructional materials which recognizes the origin of what you said, cited, or mentioned. Hence, the document you made is authentic and original. You presented the evidences of a good material paper that can be publishable and worthy of citation. 5


Garcia, George A. (2003). Measures of Central Tendency. Fundamental Concepts and Methods in Statistics. Manila, Philippines: UST Publishing House. pp. 41-67.

As you can see the example of a Book Reference, the reference contains the corresponding author(s, the Specific Topic in your lesson, the title of the Book, the place or location where the book was published, and the Name of Publisher. The page Numbers should be specific like what was found in the example for the verification of the reader/ viewr of your instructional material(s) made. Any instructional material should bear a complete book reference(s). This can be numbered when used in your citations. 6

The Illustration suggests the use of photographs or drawings or both that will show vividly the measures of Central Tendency. These are: 1. Arithmetic Mean compose of the Simple Mean and Weighted Mean; the Median and the Mode. The formulas such as in the mean is X bar equals Sum of X divided by the n or respondents.


LET US WRITE AND PLAYDIRECTION:Given are examples of accomplished forms and a sample of a Story Board in a Slide form of the PPTs. First, you need to accomplish the Form 1 by writing what were asked in the Form.Second, prepare a description of a slide where you can illustrate best your parts of the Lesson Plan. You can refer to the sample given to you.

At the end of an hour, your workshop materials will be collected and we will proceed with the Generalizations. Each one should share to the audience what they understood about Book Review and how the lecture-discussion and workshop helped in their understanding about Book Review.8

GENERALIZATIONTell something about Book Review.Why do we review the Content of Textbooks/ Reference Books/ Modules we use in our teaching learning?Why is correct referencing of books important?

Book Review is the direction of what and how the teacher can improve his/her teaching-learning engagements. These TL engagements are preparation of lessons where a complete classroom activities should be met at the end with expectations that the students would learn about the topics in the lessons.We review the content of books/ modules because our audience needs should fit the lessons we deliver to students/ participantsCorrect References will guide the teacher and learner on what specific content of the lesson should be read before they attend their class.9

ASSIGNMENTRead the next lesson on construction of Modules in PowerPoint PresentationsEnumerate the simple parts of a Lesson PlanWhy is Good Illustration in a Slide of PPT important?Recognize the required number of Slides should PPT Module Lesson Plan carry in two or more topics to tackleValue the use of a story board in your Slide

Copy your assignment and make an advance reading or review of our next lesson for next meeting. Please refer to your Syllabus on the References you will use in our next lesson. We are going to have a quiz next meeting.10