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    Books and Videos Catalog Library Inventory

    Don Mayhew


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    Table of Contents

    General Information Page 2

    Ancients Page 3-4

    Arabic, Islamic and Muslim Page 4-5

    Canada Page 5-6

    China Page 6

    DVD’s, Videos & Tapes Page 6-9

    Errors Page 9

    German States and Germany Page 9-10

    Gold Page 10-11

    Grading Page 11

    Great Britain and the British Empire Page 12

    Mexico and Latin America Page 13

    Miscellaneous Topics Page 13-16

    Tokens, Medals and Notgeld Page 16-17

    United States Coins Page 17-20

    United States Coins - Blue Books Page 21-22

    United States Coins - Red Books Page 22-23

    United States Paper Money Page 23-25

    World Coins Page 25-28

    World Coins-Standard Catalogs Page 28-29

    World Paper Money Page 29

    World P.M. - Standard Catalogs Page 29-30

    Periodicals Page 30-39

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    Albuquerque Coin Club Library Catalog

    This is the catalog of the Albuquerque Coin Club Library as of December 2009. Please note that the ACC Library's

    holdings are constantly changing as new books are acquired and obsolete ones may be de-accessioned at some point.

    Suggestions for new acquisitions are always welcomed, and should be given to the librarian.

    The ACC Library currently contains over 400 items, in the following categories:

    Ancients; Arabic, Islamic and Muslim; Canada; China; DVD’s, Videos & Tapes; Errors; German States and Germany;

    Gold; Grading; Great Britain and the British Empire; Mexico and Latin America; Miscellaneous Topics; Tokens,

    Medals and Notgeld; United States Coins; United States Currency; World Coins and World Currency.

    Using the Library

    The ACC intends its library to serve all of its members and the materials to be shared for the common good. Members

    in good standing may borrow two (2) books and/or videos or DVDs that may be available. A card will be filled out

    when library material is loaned and will include publication information, borrower information signatures and due

    dates. The Library reserves the right to restrict the number of items borrowed by any borrower and to revise check out

    procedures of library material as needed.

    When requesting an item, please provide the ACC catalog number (example: PM-0123), the category (example:

    Ancients) and the title of the item. The books and video material will be loaned during the period from regular

    meeting date to regular meeting date. The Library reserves the right to request that any item be returned before its due

    date if a need arises. It is the responsibility of the borrower to ensure that he/she is aware of the due date of all

    material checked out and that the contact information we have on file are current.

    Care of the library material

    Our books and video material may be heavily used and as a consequence suffer wear and tear. We ask that you treat all

    library items with care and respect. Please do not make notes, highlight or underline comments in books. Do not cut or

    tear pages from the books.

    Any theft or mutilation of library materials denies access to information to all other members. It is also a violation of

    library regulations and as such is subject to disciplinary measures, which may affect your access to the library and/or

    suspension from the coin club. This policy will apply to overdue books or media material. Any overdue library

    material could risk the loss or suspension of club membership and club privileges until the library material is returned

    in good condition. In the event of any dispute, the dispute will be taken under consideration by the club officers and


    How to borrow items from the library

    A list of items that is available as are posted on the club website or available in hard copy as requested.

     Members can contact the person in charge of the library or one of the club officers by telephone or by email at least a week prior to a regular meeting to see if the items are available to be checked out.

     If the items are available, the books will be brought to the following meeting or if an officer is available, they can be checked out at the library location.

     A check out card will be filled out with the appropriate information.

     The borrower must be familiar with the due dates and will sign the form to acknowledge their understanding of the procedures and due dates.

     Once the library material is returned, the condition and date of return will be noted on the original check out card.

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    Bressett, Kenneth

    PM-0400 Money of the Bible; 2005

    Curtis, Col. James W.

    PM-0187 The Coinage of Roman Egypt: A Survey; 1956

    Forni, Arnaldo

    PM-0556 A Catalogue of the Greek Coins; 1964

    Grierson, Philip

    PM-0188 The Coins of Medieval Europe; 1991

    Jacob, Kenneth

    PM-0743 Coins and Christianity; 1985

    Jersey, Philip de

    PM-0037 Coinage in Iron Age Armorica; 1994

    Klawans, Zander H.

    PM-0115 An Outline of Ancient Greek Coins; 1959

    PM-0132 An Outline of Ancient Greek Coins; 1964

    PM-0546 An Outline of Ancient Greek Coins; 1982

    PM-0160 Handbook of Ancient Greek and Roman Coins; 1995

    PM-0114 Reading and Dating Roman Imperial Coins; 1959

    Lhotka, John F. M.D. PhD. PM-0544 Introduction to Medieval Bractates; 1989

    PM-0588 Introduction to East Roman Coinage; 1960

    PM-0545 Survey of Medieval Iberian Coinages; 1989

    Kraay, Colin M.

    PM-0547 Archaic and Classical Greek Coins; 1976

    Milne, J. G.

    PM-0135 Catalogue of Alexandrian Coins; 1971

    Morris, Robert

    PM-0520 The Coins of the Twelve Caesars, B.C. 48 to A.D. 96.; 1877 (Scanned Copy)

    Plant, Richard

    PM-0159 Greek Coins types and their Identification; 1979

    Reece, Richard

    PM-0170 Roman Coins; 1970

    Rynearson, Paul F.

    PM-0589 Byzantine Coin Values; 1967

    Sayles, Wayne G.

    PM-0490 Ancient Coin Collecting IV, Non – Roman Provincial Coins; 1998

    PM-0133 Ancient Coin Collecting VI, Non - Classical Cultures; 1999

    PM-0553 Classified Deception; 2001

    Seaby, H. A.

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    PM-0158 Greek Coins and their Values; 1975

    PM-0079 Roman Silver Coins, Vol. I, The Republic to Augustus; 2nd Ed.; 1967

    PM-0080 Roman Silver Coins, Vol. II, Tiberius-Commodus; 2nd Ed.; 1968

    PM-0081 Roman Silver Coins, Vol. III, Pertinax - Balbinus and Pupienus; 1969

    PM-0082 Roman Silver Coins, Vol. IV, Gordian III – Posthumus; 1971

    Seaby, H. A. and Kozolubski, J.

    PM-0266 Greek Coins and Their Values; 1959

    Snydenham, Rev. Edward A.

    PM-0523 Historical References on Coins of the Roman Empire from Augustus to Gallienus

    (Scanned Copy); 1917

    Sear, David R.

    PM-0062 Greek Coins and their Values; 1978

    PM-0542 Greek Coins and their Values; 1979

    PM-0543 Greek Coins and their Values, Vol. 1 - Europe; 2006

    PM-0747 Greek Coins and their Values, Vol. 2 – Asia & Africa; 1979

    PM-0078 Roman Coins and their Values; 1964

    PM-0171 Roman Coins and their Values; 1974

    Yeoman, R.S.

    PM-0554 Moneys of the Bible; 1961

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    Arabic, Islamic and Muslim

    Album, Stephen

    PM-0124 A Checklist of Islamic Coins, 2nd Ed.; 1998

    Biddulph, C.H.

    PM-0142 Coins of the Cholas, Numismatic Notes and Monographs, No. 13; 1968

    PM-0145 Coins of the Pandyas, Numismatic Notes and Monographs, No. 11; 1966

    Cunningham, Major General Sir A.

    PM-0141 Coins of Medieval India from 7th century down to the Mahammadan Conquests; 1967

    Gupta, Parmeshwari Lal

    PM-0150 Coins, India the land and people; 1969

    Mitchiner, Michael

    PM-0192 The World of Islam; 1977

    Plant, Richard

    PM-0134 Arabic Coins and how to read them; 1973

    Rabino di Borgomale, H. L.

    PM-0151 Coins, Metals, and Seals of the Shahs of Iran, 1500-1941; 1945

    Ramarao, M. M.A., Ph. D.

    PM-0173 Satavahana Coins in the Andhra Pradesh Museum; 1961

    Ramesan, Sri N., M.A., I.A.S PM-0123 A Catalog of the Vijyanagar Coins of the Andhra Pradesh Government Museum; 1962

    Smith, V. A.

    PM-0136 Catalogue of coins in the Indian Museum, Vol. 1- Coins of Ancient India; 1972

    Sultan, Jem

    PM-0143 Coins of the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Republic; Vol. 1 – Text; 1977

    PM-0144 Coins of the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Republic; Vol. 2 – Plates; 1977

    Wright, Nelson H.

    PM-0137 Catalogue of the coins in the Indian Museum, Calcutta Vol. 2,

    Coins of Muhammadan Series; 1972

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    Charlton, James E.

    PM-0357 Standard Catalogue of Canadian Coins, Tokens and Paper Money; 1959

    PM-0428 Standard Catalogue of Canadian Coins, Tokens and Paper Money, 11 th Ed.; 1962

    PM-0320 Standard Catalogue of Canadian Coins, Tok

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