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<ul><li><p>Boost Your Mobile E-Commerce Sales with Mobile </p><p>Design Patterns </p><p>When people shop on their mobile phones they expect an experience </p><p>similar to or better than the one at physical store. </p><p>As more and more people are using smartphones for accessing the web </p><p>for activities like, browsing their favorite sites, banking, playing games, </p><p>shopping and purchasing. As a designer we need to create mobile </p><p>optimized sites to attract as many users as we wanted to shop for our </p><p>products or services. Also if your site is not mobile friendly, Googles </p><p>search engine ranking will suffer. </p><p></p></li><li><p>If you want more traffic or boost sales for your ecommerce store you </p><p>must adopt these design patterns or techniques to meet the </p><p>expectations and improve your sites functionality. Recent research </p><p>stated that people are 67% more likely to convert if a website theyve </p><p>reached on their phone is mobile-friendly. </p><p>In this article, well look at some design patterns and web development </p><p>approaches used for mobile e-commerce functionality, includes the </p><p>following: </p><p> Home pages, </p><p> Site-wide navigation, </p><p> Suggested search, </p><p> Search results, </p><p> Search filtering and sorting, </p><p> Product pages, </p><p> Photo galleries, </p><p> Shopping carts, </p><p> Checking out with an account or as a guest, </p><p> Forms. </p><p>Home pages </p><p>Design your home page with less textual content and help your </p><p>customers to find what they are looking for. Display the promotions or </p><p>discounts you offer. Single column pattern displaying products, list of </p><p>links to specific website areas, availability of search options are </p><p>common design patterns that work favorably. </p><p>Navigation </p><p></p></li><li><p>Thought there are several ways to design the menu but having </p><p>navigation menus in the header section to easily move from one part of </p><p>the site to other without having to return to the home page. Many </p><p>large ecommerce websites balance the visual design of the navigation </p><p>with the information displayed on the website </p><p>Suggested search </p><p>Suggested search or you can say autocomplete display the potential </p><p>results as soon as a shopper has typed their query for this you can use </p><p>the auto suggest pattern that depend on the search engine technology </p><p>Search results: </p><p>There are two most commonly used pattern on mobile ecommerce </p><p>websites table display and grid display. You can also allow shoppers to </p><p>switch between the two views. </p><p>Sorting results </p><p>Common interface patterns for sorting are buttons and menus. </p><p>Filtering Results </p><p>This enable the users to filter their results based on one or more </p><p>attributes, like color, brand and size. Common interface patterns for </p><p>displaying filtering options are menus, drop-down lists and </p><p>accordion displays </p><p>Product pages </p><p>Pages where you can showcase all of your products in detail. It </p><p>includes two approaches one long page showing all products with </p><p>information or a page with collection of patterns such as accordions, </p><p>tabs and photo galleries. </p></li><li><p>Shopping Cart </p><p>Use table pattern for shopping cart products. Also offer other </p><p>functionality, such as, to remove or add products, to save a product to a </p><p>favorites or wish list, apply coupons, change the shipping address and </p><p>so on. </p><p>Checkout </p><p>Limiting the initial checkout screen to two choices could improve </p><p>conversions </p><p>Conclusion </p><p>Due to the increase in internet sales, ecommerce store owners are </p><p>continuously working on improving their online store functionality or </p><p>creating a mobile optimized website design as consumers are more </p><p>willing to purchase from the site which is mobile-friendly. </p><p>You can choose these design patterns for your ecommerce website. Or </p><p>you can install google analytics to analyze your customers behavior to </p><p>boost your sales and in a way your brand image. </p><p></p></li></ul>