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  • 1. TMS ASIA PACIFIC Interview Skills Workshop Boost Your Overall Hirability Presented by Inez Chan 23 June 2010
  • 2. ABOUT US Established in 1994. Today, TMS Asia Pacific is the largest travel HR consultancy firm in the region. TMS Asia Pacific has recently opened a training institute TMS Academy. Asias first specialist recruitment firm dedicated solely to the travel, tourism & hospitality sectors. All members of the worldwide TMS Asia Pacific team are from a travel, tourism and/or hospitality background. MORE THAN JUST RECRUITMENT
  • 3. LOOKING FOR A JOB Where to start?
  • 4. JOB VACANCY Employers are hiring because New position Replacement Change of scope Promotion Etc..
  • 5. FINDING OPPORTUNITIES Traditional Way Newspaper Online
  • 6. THE WAY FORWARD Online (new media, BLOGS, LinkedIn, WIWIH, Twitter, Facebook, Catererglobal, Myspace, hotel/restaurant websites) Search/Recruitment Agencies Word of mouth
  • 7. LOOKING FOR A JOB Position Yourself!
  • 8. POSITION YOURSELF A well written CV it can mean getting an interview or being passed over. CV needs to be concise; easy to read, ideally 3 pages. Up to date with months and years of employment; role, responsibilities and accomplishments. Focus on achievements rather than responsibilities. Avoid fancy fonts, templates, colors or borders. Use bullet points. Include professionally taken pictures of your culinary creations. Dont forget to SPELL and GRAMMAR Check! Highlight your qualifications and skills; i.e. language or computer skills.
  • 9. A GOOD CV SHOULD HAVE 1. Personal Particulars (photo optional) 2. Educational Background & Professional Qualifications 3. Career Objective 4. Career Summary & Achievements 5. Work Experience (in chronological order) 6. Hobbies (only those relevant to the position applied for)
  • 10. Interview Tips
  • 11. INTERVIEW TIPS Employers want to hire as much as you want the job. Show the employer you REALLY want the job. Research and prepare questions. Dress your best and Smile - be happy! First impression is important, decisions are made in the first 10 minutes of an interview. Arrive on time or even better early. Turn off your mobile phone. Be honest with your answers.
  • 12. INTERVIEW DOS AND DONT 1. Be on time. 1. Tell lies. 2. Turn off mobile. 2. Rely on them to do the 3. Pay attention on selling for you. personal hygiene. 3. Act as though you just 4. Firm handshake & sit want any job. upright. 4. Smoke or chew gum. 5. Speak clearly & 5. Look at the time. confidently. 6. Start talking about 6. Research the company & personal issues. prepare questions. 7. Criticize current or past employers.
  • 13. INTERVIEW ATTIRE a) Make sure you have appropriate interview attire and everything fits correctly. b) Get your clothes ready the night before. c) If your clothes are dry clean only, take them to the cleaners after an interview, so they are ready for next time. d) Polish your shoes. e) Bring a breath mint and use it before you enter the building.
  • 14. DRESS CODE MALE Solid color, conservative suit White long sleeve shirt Conservative tie Dark socks, professional shoes Little or no jewelry Neat, professional hairstyle Go easy on the aftershave Neatly trimmed nails Portfolio or briefcase
  • 15. DRESS CODE FEMALE Solid color, conservative suit - the suit skirt should be long enough so you can sit down comfortably Coordinated blouse & conservative shoes Limited jewelry (no dangling earrings or arms full of bracelets) No jewelry is better than cheap jewelry Professional hairstyle Neutral pantyhose Light make-up and perfume Neatly manicured clean nails Portfolio or briefcase
  • 16. How else can I sniff out opportunities?
  • 17. NETWORKING Its not WHAT you know, Its WHO you know
  • 18. NETWORKING TIPS Quality vs. quantity Its the quality of your contacts that counts, not the number. Who are the decision makers? Influencers? Be creative Use new media, social networking sites: Facebook, Blogs, LinkedIn etc. Be Patient - Business relationships take time. Get to know people not only from a business perspective but from a personal one too. Avoid emergency networking - Build relationships BEFORE you need them. Diversity Get to know people across different industries and social groups. Get introduced Seek referrals and get yourself personally introduced. A personal introduction opens doors you otherwise have no way of entering. Introduce others - You get to re-connect with people when you don't need anything and the favor will be returned in future. Make random "hello" calls - When someone comes up in a conversation or to mind. You don't need to have an agenda or reason.
  • 19. Selecting a Recruiter
  • 20. SELECTING A RECRUITER ..who is a natural Networker. ..who has a good reputation/work ethics. ..who is genuinely interested in helping you build a career. ..who understands the clients needs. ..who has a successful track record.
  • 21. SUMMARY - Boost Your Overall Hirability Prepare yourself properly; start networking early, prepare a well written CV highlighting your skills to the employer. Interviews Show the employer you want the job, do some research and be positive; employers normally make a decision in the first 10 minutes. Work with professionals to develop your career. Network!
  • 22. FULL TIME TMS wishes you all the best in your endeavour! Thank you! Regional Director, Business Development TMS Asia Pacific