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Boston Techie newsletter from Tech Networks of Boston ( Issue 8, August 2011.


<ul><li><p>Our CEOs Idea of a Vacation </p><p>Susan Labandibar is on </p><p>vacation right now, but you </p><p>wont find her at the beach. Instead, shell be in the </p><p>Borneo jungle. </p><p>Thats because Susans idea </p><p>of a vacation is to help save the orangutans and their </p><p>rain forest habitat as they </p><p>are threatened by </p><p>encroaching palm oil farms </p><p>and other environmentally </p><p>irresponsible practices. </p><p>Two years ago, Susan visited </p><p>Borneo for the first time. </p><p>There, she met Dr. Birute </p><p>Galdikas, the guardian angel of orangutans. Susan soon </p><p>became an active volunteer </p><p>and donor to help Dr. </p><p>Galdikass nonprofit, </p><p>Orangutan Foundation </p><p>International (OFI). </p><p>As part of her effort to help </p><p>OFI, Susan created the </p><p>Hutan Project here at Tech Networks of Boston. </p><p>Did you know TNB donates </p><p>20% of new revenue to save </p><p>crucial rain forest habitat? </p><p>This year, Susans tour is </p><p>even more ambitious. Shell </p><p>continued inside </p><p>In this issue </p><p>Help Desk on Demand </p><p>Our CEO saving orangutans </p><p>Get more donated software </p><p>Meet a Boston techie: Nick Ford </p><p>Preserving trees in South Boston </p><p>Just Make It Work: Introducing Help Desk on Demand </p><p> Were pleased to make an important </p><p>announcement: weve reinvented our help desk </p><p>into a cutting-edge system we call Help Desk on Demand. Its part of our commitment to </p><p>constantly innovate to bring you the highest-</p><p>quality service possible. </p><p> With Help Desk on Demand, you can tell </p><p>us the response time you need when you make your request for support. Whether you need </p><p>help in 15 minutes, 2 hours, 4 hours, or </p><p>8 hours, well respond to your request in the </p><p>time frame you request. Thats right: if you </p><p>need an immediate response, an </p><p>experienced technician from TNB will </p><p>call you back within 15 minutes. </p><p> Well work with you when youre available </p><p>to work with us. With Help Desk on Demand, were scheduling our responses to client </p><p>support needs so well be there for you when </p><p>you need us. If youre on your way to an </p><p>important meeting, well be right there with </p><p>you. If youre available to work with us tomorrow afternoon, well schedule your </p><p>service call for when youre free. </p><p> Youll be updated on your problem while </p><p>work is being done, with the personal </p><p>experience of Help Desk on Demand. Youll be talking to your support team in real time, </p><p>on your schedule. </p><p> Of course, Help Desk on Demand is </p><p>included for all our valued clients. Its just </p><p>another way were improving our service for you. Our commitment to you is simply that </p><p>you will receive the support you need, when you </p><p>need it, every time you call. Youll set the </p><p>expectations by telling us the response time </p><p>that you need for your situation and schedule. </p><p>And well meet those expectations every time. </p><p> Everyone needs computer help from time to time. The next time you need support, </p><p>well see you at our friendly, cutting-edge Help </p><p>Desk on Demand. </p><p>ISSUE </p><p>08 | AUGUST 2011 </p></li><li><p>Get Software Donations from </p><p>Most of our nonprofit clients are </p><p>using to get </p><p>commercial software at a very low cost. What could be a better </p><p>deal than that? If you havent </p><p>visited in a while, </p><p>here are some of the products </p><p>available now: </p><p> Microsoft Office 2010 Standard or Professional </p><p>Plusincluding the latest </p><p>versions of Word, Excel, </p><p>PowerPoint and Outlook, as </p><p>well as useful additional products like Access, </p><p>Publisher, OneNote, Lync, </p><p>InfoPath and SharePoint. </p><p> Intuit QuickBooks 2011 </p><p> Norton AntiVirus 2011 </p><p> Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Design Premium </p><p> Microsoft Windows 7 Upgrade </p><p>Get Genuine! </p><p>If you have a copy of Microsoft </p><p>Windows that is not genuine, </p><p>Microsoft is offering nonprofits and libraries a one-time donation </p><p>of a full Windows 7 installation </p><p>(not an upgrade). You can place </p><p>only one request, for up to 50 </p><p>licenses. </p><p>Find out more about these </p><p>low-cost upgrades at </p><p>, or call us at </p><p>Tech Networks of Boston! </p><p>Good News! Improved Benefits from the Microsoft Software Donation Program This article is reprinted courtesy of </p><p> TechSoup connects nonprofits </p><p>with donated software. Visit for </p><p>more information! </p><p> Beginning July 27, 2011, organizations </p><p>now have more flexibility regarding when </p><p>they can request Microsoft software </p><p>donations and in the product donations available. </p><p>How These Changes Benefit Your </p><p>Organization: </p><p>Request what you need, when </p><p>you need it: Organizations can now request Microsoft products as needed, </p><p>not just once per year. Also, there is no </p><p>longer a five-seat minimum requirement, </p><p>so an organization can request just one license if that is all it needs. </p><p>Get more complete solutions: Now you can request from up to 10 </p><p>different Microsoft title groups in each 2-</p><p>year cycle, so you can build more </p><p>complete solutions that help you meet </p><p>your mission. And with Microsofts Get Genuine Windows offer, you can ensure </p><p>youre running genuine versions of </p><p>Microsoft operating systems (see sidebar). </p><p>Easily see Microsoft details at a </p><p>glance: To help organizations manage their Microsoft donations, TechSoup has </p><p>created the Microsoft Donation Center </p><p>(accessible on from the </p><p>Donation Request/History page under My Account), where nonprofits can get all the </p><p>pertinent details in one place. </p><p>Existing Microsoft cycles have </p><p>been reset: If youre already partici-</p><p>pating in the Microsoft Software Donation Program through TechSoup, your cycle </p><p>has been reset! Your 2-year donation </p><p>cycle will start again when you place your </p><p>first Microsoft request after July 27, 2011, </p><p>and will reset every two years on the anniversary of that request. Requests </p><p>placed before July 27 will not count </p><p>against your new donation allotment. </p><p> With these improvements from </p><p>Microsoft and the new Microsoft Donation Center, now is an excellent </p><p>time for another visit to TechSoup! </p></li><li><p>Meet a Boston Techie Nick Ford, IT Consultant </p><p>Our CEOs Idea of a Vacation </p><p>continued from cover </p><p>meet the founders of several </p><p>grassroots nonprofits, as well as </p><p>scientists from the Center for </p><p>International Forest Research in Jakarta. Shell help them rescue </p><p>endangered animals, and publicize </p><p>the plight of the orangutan amid </p><p>rain forest destruction. </p><p>Susan will finish her trip at the Orangutan Care Center and </p><p>Quarantine in Borneo, in the </p><p>happy company of the Centers </p><p>long-term volunteers and </p><p>intelligent, hairy residents. </p><p>Susan will be back in the U.S. on </p><p>August 31, inshaAllah. (That </p><p>means God willing in Arabic.) </p><p>Susan wont be doing much </p><p>eating during the day, either: this month is Ramadan. </p><p>Help Susans Friends Save the Orangutans! </p><p>Orangutan Foundation Inter-national needs to raise $640,000 to save crucial orangutan habitat in the Rawa Kuno Legacy Forest. Your help is vital. Please visit </p><p> </p><p>right now and Adopt Acres! It only costs $100 per acre to save this precious old-growth forest.</p><p>Working Together to Save South Bostons Trees TNB staffer Jennifer Brundage spends </p><p>her mornings working with Southie </p><p>Trees and Action for Boston </p><p>Community Development (ABCD) </p><p>to advocate for the preservation of trees </p><p>throughout South Boston. Jen helps the youth workers at ABCD to compare </p><p>architectural drawings with trees present, </p><p>taking scientific measurements and </p><p>entering them into a database. </p><p> Jen has produced an up-to-date inventory of all trees in the Old Colony </p><p>housing community, which is now being </p><p>redeveloped. Advocates will use this tree </p><p>inventory to educate the community and </p><p>the Boston Housing Authority about the importance of preserving them. </p><p> Urban Trees in Perspective: Can you guess where the photo </p><p> above was taken? Hint: its within a </p><p> few blocks of Andrew Square. E-mail </p><p> with your guess! </p><p> Nick Ford is one of our highly experienced IT </p><p>Consultants, specializing in </p><p>servers as well as desktop </p><p>systems, and providing a </p><p>full range of computer </p><p>support to end users. </p><p> Whats a typical day </p><p>for Nick? He makes the </p><p>rounds to organizations </p><p>like Boston Day and </p><p>Evening Academy, United South End Settlements, </p><p>and Community Servings. </p><p> During a client visit, </p><p>Nick will check all IT </p><p>equipment to ensure server, network, and </p><p>workstation health. Hell </p><p>also work with client staff </p><p>members when they need </p><p>deskside support. </p><p> Nick brings serious </p><p>experience to our clients, </p><p>along with his friendly smile and helping hand. </p><p>As a member of Network </p><p>Services at the Museum of </p><p>Fine Arts, he ran a </p><p>complex multi-server </p><p>system supporting over 800 users. </p><p> Nick has served three </p><p>tours in Iraq and </p><p>Afghanistan as an Assault Team Member with the </p><p>U.S. Army Rangers, </p><p>where he earned many </p><p>commendations including </p><p>a Purple Heart. </p></li><li><p>Retail Specials! The retail store Tech Computers of Boston offers specials to all TNB </p><p>clients and their employees. Visit the </p><p>store at 574 Dorchester Ave. to get </p><p>these great benefits! </p><p> 15% off all labor for repairs </p><p> Virus removal, $136 (regular $160) </p><p> Operating system restore, $127.50 (regular $150) </p><p> Diagnostic, $42.50 (regular $50) </p><p> One-hour tune-up, $68 (regular $80) </p><p>Refurbished desktop computers </p><p>from $150 to $350; refurbished </p><p>Dell 630 laptops, $325. Products </p><p>all come with a 180-day warranty. </p><p>Tech Networks of Boston partners with businesses and nonprofits to create and maintain sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly IT operations. </p><p>574 dorchester avenue south boston, ma 02127 </p><p>Services: </p><p>Benefits for Nonprofits: </p><p> Cloud service packages tailored to your needs Computer network setup and maintenance Hardware selection, service, and warranties Help Desk on Demand and emergency support Planning, budgeting and strategy for the long term </p><p> Features in our monthly Boston Charity Events newsletter Listing on if requested Special referral incentives </p></li></ul>